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In current circumstances, I'm not how many votes will get.


On Election Reporting Scotland tonight:


The Scottish Greens plan to field fewer than ten


Are they bowing to pressure from other parties?


To me I am actually asking people to vote for me, to put their trust in


me... And the verdict on the Prime


Minister's One Show appearance, covering the election campaign


in Scotland so you don't have to. Today has been all about energy,


independence, and immigration, The Scottish Greens will only


field a limited number and none at all in the


Highlands and Islands. So how might the absence


of the Greens play out at the polls? Let's take Scottish


Secretary David Mundell's In 2015 the Conservatives won


Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale The SNP came second


with 19,961 votes. The Greens were in sixth


place with 839 votes, but take them out of the equation


and add their pro-independence votes to the SNP and they win the seat


with a majority of 41. So what lies behind this decision,


and what might it mean Here's our political


correspondent Nick Eardley. I am in Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale


and Tweeddale, a constituency that has argued that tactical voting by


pro-independence supporters could have had quite an impact last time.


In 2015, the Scottish Secretary David Mundell narrowly beat his SNP


challenge here, but if everybody who voted for the Greens had switched


support to SNP, the Nationalists would have won narrowly. That has


perhaps caused the Greens to call for nobody to stand here this time


around. We don't know where the Greens plan to step aside this time


around, but we know it is rapidly scaling back its presence in this


election. The Greens have confirmed that they intend to stand fewer than


election. The Greens have confirmed ten candidates, which is


considerably less than the 30 plus they stood in 20 15. They Greens say


those decisions will be made by local parties, some of which wanted


to focus their energy on local issues, spend their money and time


focusing on those issues. The Greens are standing in seats where they


think they have a decent following, but it has led to some criticism,


and the Conservatives and Labour Party have both said it makes a


mockery of an idea of the Greens as an independent party that is


relevant in this campaign. Here is Ross Greer.


The Green Party stands on a basis different from all other parties.


Our members make decisions at a low level, and have decided on the basis


of what is best for green politics to focus on local campaigns, not on


the basis of what any other party is telling us to do.


The party would be entitled to party election broadcast, like the ones


after Look North, but their leader Patrick Harvie will still take place


in the BBC debate, which is between the five largest parties in the


Scottish Parliament. The BBC says it does not base its decisions solely


on how many candidates are standing. It is also down to the


representation at Hollywood, and do their past performance in other


elections. So that means the Green Party will still be part of the


debate ahead of the 8th of June, which means most people in the


Scotland won't be able to vote for them.


Now, we did ask the Scottish Greens to join us to explain their decision


So, instead, let's hear from the other parties.


Pam Duncan-Glancy is a Labour Party election candidate.


In Edinburgh, we have Liam McArthur, who's a Scottish Lib Dem MSP.


Jamie Green is an MSP for the Scottish Conservatives.


Callum McCaig is an SNP election candidate,


Callum McCaig, had you done a deal with the Greens to ensure you are


the only pro-independence party in key constituencies?


Absolutely not. From your video clip there, the Greens have decided they


are not particularly interested in running red across the country, and


that is up to them. It would have been nice if there was someone on


from then to talk about that, but the SNP will not put pressure on the


Greens to step down, it is clear that even if we had tried it would


not have been particularly keen on that. As we have seen with Patrick


Harvie standing in Glasgow North, they are keen to have some presence,


but they are focusing their fire where they think... Probably where


they think they can hold their deposits.


And they effectively now just a support mechanism for the SNP, the


Scottish Greens? I would not say so. I had a Green


candidate run against me when I was elected in 2050 and I thought he


brought an enormous amount to the debate in the local area -- that was


in 2015. I do not think that they will say because they voted Green in


2015, had they not been a Green candidate they would have voted


SNP... Yes, we are two pro-independence parties, but


particularly in somewhere that Aberdeen we have different policies.


To assume that one party support that just because someone vote for


independence that they would vote for another party that support


independence, I think that is taking voters a bit for granted and perhaps


naive around voting intentions. But you welcomed the move?


If there is the opportunity to get a pro-independence voice, to get


someone standing against the Tories who will do things... And the Greens


think that the SNP are the best place person to do that? I agree


with them. I think the SNP are the best placed in the last two years at


Westminster where we have shown that we are presenting Scotland at


Westminster and we have made yourself and's voice has been heard


loud and clear. Regardless of what the Greens do I do not do in this


election, we are clear that our message to voters is that we as the


SNP will look to continue that and stand up for Scotland and stand up


to the Tories. Ledger some other voters. Jamie


Green from Scottish Conservatives, you will now face a united


pro-independence vote in some places, a major setback to the plans


you had in places. Not at all. I think it is very


telling that the Green Party relying on the SNP to try to defend their


position about why they are too scared to run candidates across


Scotland. Anybody sitting at home watching this who voted for the


Green Party must be dismayed that their party are not even putting up


candidates. How can you take a party like that credible or seriously?


Will get on with the job we said we would do, put up a strong is


opposition to the SNP red across Scotland.


That is why... The convener of the Green Party... Tommy Sheridan told


them not to field candidates and that is what doing.


What they say they are doing is targeting resources where they will


be effective and that is what every single party does, the reality of a


election. But less than ten seats, this is a


party that does not get enough coverage in the media. They complain


they take them seriously, but had you take a party seriously that does


not even fight an election? We are all politicians and we want to fight


and win seats. They clearly have no confidence that they will win any


seats in Scotland at all. Liam McArthur, the Greens' decision


not to contest the Highlands and Islands matters to you. Your leader


Willie Rennie was there today and there tomorrow. He says the Lib Dems


will save the Highlands from the SNP. If that is your aim, it has


become more difficult? It begs the question as to what


respect the Green Party has for people that have voted Green in


recent elections, denying them a choice. I don't think anybody would


doubt that every party target its resources where it feels that it may


make the most significant gains. And a big anybody on this panel would


dispute that. But to deny voters across the Highlands and Islands any


opportunity to vote Green at all begs the question whether or not


this is a national party at all. But you are targeting. Willie Rennie


was in the Highlands and is there tomorrow. Every party target


resources where they think they have the best chance.


If you are a National party, I think it is beholden on you to stand


candidates and give people who want an opportunity to vote Green an


opportunity to vote Green. For the Liberal Democrats in the Highlands,


I think we have been very good. They know the choice an alternative to an


SNP candidate or an SNP MP taking for granted... As a cheerleader for


independence rather than a defender of the region, to centralise


services out of the region... Bugging of the best opportunity is


to vote the Liberal Democrats, so we fight hard for that.


Top of the border, the Greens are helping Labour by standing aside to


keep the Tories at bay in seats like Ealing Central. So presumably you


don't have a problem with them doing the same here in the SNP?


The dreams at the same, working to the Scottish budget they by the SNP


in order to get cut across our local authorities... Hundred and ?70


million of cuts to our local authorities and services were passed


as a result of the Greens are siding with the SNP, not news to me. What


is clear in this election is that people cannot take another moment of


austerity, another assault on our jobs, on our economy, on our human


rights. The only way to send a message about this and to Theresa


May is to get Theresa May out of Downing Street, by voting Labour.


Given the state of Scottish Labour at the moment, you must be


strategically targeting certain seeds, throwing resources in the way


that the Greens are submitting to do as well?


We are standing candidates and every single seat in Scotland, every seat


across the UK, because we are standing enough people, as the only


other party who will be able to kick out the Tories at Westminster on the


8th of June. That is why we are putting as much effort into every


seat as we possibly can, because we believe the people need a real


choice. There are two choices in this election, the end of the day,


you will either have a Labour Government or a Tory Government.


Notably people can no longer take a Tory Government, and the people of


Scotland do not want another divisive referendum. The only way to


kick the Tories out and give us from another referendum is to vote


Labour. On that, Jeremy Corbyn launched a


national campaign today, saying the UK will leave the EU if we win the


election? If that what Scottish voters wanting a? Della protracted


negotiations, we do make sure that we protect human rights, jobs and


the EU nationals... All of those things will be


absolutely important for Labour in All of those things will be


June. If you do not vote Labour in June we will have a hard Tory


Brexit, and goodness knows what that means for the people of our country.


Thank your for joining us. More from the campaign trail


coming up, but first Suzanne Allan has


the rest of today's news. BBC Scotland has been told that two


men who died after their speedboat went missing off the Galloway coast


at the weekend, were known to authorities for their involvement


in the illegal trade Sandy Hamilton and Kevin McKinley's


bodies were recovered on Sunday. Sandy Hamilton and Kevin McKinley


were from Larkhall. Their bodies were recovered


from the Irish Sea on Sunday. They were found after a major air


and sea search when their speedboat was reported missing off


the Galloway coast. BBC Scotland obtained this footage


as part of an investigation He was questioned by welfare charity


on a ferry from Northern Ireland. These puppies were found


in the boot of his car as part On that occasion, he was allowed


to continue on his journey Now BBC Scotland has been told


both men who died at the weekend were known to the authorities


in connection with the illegal Sandy Hamilton for sourcing,


and Kevin McKinley for selling. A route for this dealing


is across the Irish Sea to Scotland. They could have been on their way


to buy puppies when they left. In the past 18 months, Dumfries


and Galloway Council has given the SSPCA powers to inspect


dogs and puppies brought into Scotland and to act


if there are irregularities. They say they have


identified a route between Designer dogs can be bought


in Ireland in the North and Republic cheaply,


hence the illegal trade. The RSPCA, the UK charity,


says over 1,000 dogs are brought into the UK each week,


and it is claimed illegal trafficking could be worth up


to 300 million in the UK every year. He had been due to stand trial for


that in July. The Scottish Government says


reforming education is now an imperative. Its opponents described


the figures as shameful. Here is education correspondent.


These youngsters are learning how to listen carefully.


It is a crucial part of learning language and literacy.


The school is in a disadvantaged part of Edinburgh.


We have had children coming into primary one,


and there is roughly a two-year vocabulary gap where we would expect


The school has brought in a specialist to help,


and she is already making a difference.


The money came from the Scottish Government.


The Education Secretary is full of praise for this school,


but the national figures in literacy are simply not good enough.


These figures demonstrate there is significant improvement


that requires to be undertaken to ensure young people


and their educational needs are met at each stage in the system,


and the Government is determined to do that, but we have to see these


While most youngsters are doing well, the trend is often


The starkest figures concern writing in secondary schools.


Of course, the political climate is highly charged.


We have had 4,000 fewer teachers under the SNP,


and that must impact on the ability to deliver in the classroom,


and that is something the SNP needs to get hold of.


I think we have a Government that, for all its protestation that


education is a priority, has had an obsession


with independence from the moment it got through the doors of Bute House.


The surfer who was found drifting near his surfboard in the Irish Sea,


after more than 30 hours in the water,


has been discharged from hospital in Belfast.


Matthew Bryce from Airdrie was rescued on Monday evening,


He praised the medical care he received at the Ulster Hospital


privacy and limits her media appearances, but tonight all that


changed when Theresa May swapped the front bench for the One Show


appearing alongside her husband Philip.


In coming weeks the other party leaders will feature


I settled down to watch with popcorn and TV critic Paul English.


Someone who has famously been called a difficult woman. In negotiations,


you need to be tough and it's right to be tough sometimes. One European


institution, I am sure you are firmly behind, is your vision. We're


not leaving that as well are we? Know. Although I'm tempted to say


I'm not sure how many votes we will get! They're doing what you would


expect them to do, smiling and being polite, don't imagine the ball into


into any riposte debate at any stage. The marketing is very much


been about you, how comfortable are you, it's quite presidential in that


way? It's about a strong and stable government... Been being! Strong,


stable. What are the downsides in being married to the Prime Minister?


There isn't really a downside but if you are the kind of man who expects


his tea to be on the table at six o'clock every evening, you could be


his tea to be on the table at six disappointed. Why do they do


programmes like this? The importance of personality in politics is huge,


programmes like this? The importance that can sway people's votes, that's


the reason they are taking the opportunity to appear on a show like


this in a slot which is normally reserved for people panting and


album, a tall, a book. I like my shoes, it gives me a reason for


buying some more. This happened for five years ago, I was in the lift in


the House of Commons and there was a young woman in the lift, and I said,


nice pair of shoes she said, I like your shoes initiative can we a


comedian me involved in politics. What's the verdict? I think exactly


what you expected it to be, the opportunity to personalise


themselves, to play to the viewers emotions, wouldn't be analysed as


something like question Time, or other political programmes, where


people are more inclined perhaps to analyse the political content of it.


This feels like flicking through a magazine and that's why they are


there. But did it work? Let's find out with our pundit panel.


Well, tonight my panel consists of the managing director of the PR


company Weber Shandwick, Moray MacDonald, who is also


Would you have advised the Prime Minister to do this? I think so,


she's in a strange position, she doesn't have the kind of very high


public profile, she has gone out of her way to maintain a relatively low


profile in some ways. But she is realised that she has to do well, to


connect with a lot of people, particularly people who aren't


natural Tories, in labour or Ukip areas, she needs to somehow connect


with them a bit more. There is a need to put that personality across.


What do you think, has it helped engage any better with voters? I


guess the exercise tonight was just not look nasty. That's what the


Tories are trying to shrug off, sitting on a sofa, looking quite


comfortable, a bit of a novelty, the Spitting Image sketch of John Major


did come to mind, nothing controversial was said, nothing


interesting was said, it was just a vacuous piece of what passes for


personality politics, which think will almost people rigid. The timing


was interesting, not at the end, but when we are on the verge of


manifesto launches and should be talking about policy. This is going


to be the problem, here we are the night, talking about a bit of a


nonevent, and a media bidding war in which the bidding to lead BBC


managed to get her in any format, dictated on her terms, I think a lot


of Scottish viewers will read between the lines and say, this


isn't a woman who wants to meet the public. What the appearance does do


is write and share away from certain things and criticism today of the


energy cap policy which has been called a simple bribe by some but


also stolen from Labour by others. I don't think it's designed to draw


attention away, I think it is designed to put their own agenda and


have them drive the agenda for a couple of days, we have talked about


appearing on this programme for couple of days, we have talked about


couple of days, it'll probably be on the papers tomorrow, that is three


days, she has got on the agenda, with something not really about


days, she has got on the agenda, policy. Whether that's right or


wrong is a different matter but it demonstrates somebody who's getting


a PR programme done quite well. Shares in Scottish and Southern


energy down now, bad news for them but surely this energy cap is good


news for millions of hard-pressed households struggling to pay energy


bills? For those of us old enough, we can remember the private session


of the electricity industry and since then, we haven't seen anything


but a whole string of court cases where company after company has just


managed to overlook that they have verbally charged ancients and the


poorest in the country, putting a cap on that kind of behaviour is not


actually changing terms of trade, I would want to hear somebody talking


about nationalising aspects of energy production and I would like


to hear Scottish political parties looking at that because we have a


different energy profile, a much richer mix than south of the border.


Will this work with voters? She is tried to show a softer side to the


Conservative Party but also to capitalism, she recognises people


are concerned about big business, and she was to find ways to


are concerned about big business, demonstrate she has ways of dealing


with that without going down the path Leslie is talking about. Thank


you. Nowadays, a constant diet of photo


opportunities from our politicians, the standard choice from us, Willie


Rennie with a selection of vegetables in the Highlands. What is


the caption? That's it from us. Join us tomorrow night.


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