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manifesto has leaked, we will have an extended peep at what is in it.


Join me on BBC Two. On BBC One it is Good evening on Election


Reporting Scotland tonight... Will Brexit have an


impact on GP services? Like my patients to have access to


GPs whenever they need to. And the Scottish Greens reveal just


how many seats they'll In the run up to the general


election next month, we're bringing you an extended


late-night Reporting Scotland but that hasn't stopped it creeping


into the general election The Royal College of GPs


is concerned that doctors from EU countries may not be allowed to stay


in the UK after Brexit. And they say that could mean


Scotland losing more than 200 GPs. Let's hear first from our political


editor Brian Taylor. Millport, on the Clyde for violent.


A local MP, originally from Poland. Talk of Brexit leaves her and fellow


EU nationals nervous. Their concern extends to her patients. I would


like my patients to have access to GPs whenever they need to. In


emergency situations as well as appointments. I'm not sure what will


happen to that, so that could be potentially dangerous. And the issue


took centre stage in the election campaign today with the focus on


Brexit. He weighed all the pies? Nicola Sturgeon did in East Martin


should. She said the issue proved the need for a big SNP presence in


the Commons. This really highlights the dangers they had, reckless


Brexit, and that makes it important that this election delivers MPs from


Scotland who will fight Scotland's corners. Spend all your time...


Kezia Dugdale here the... That is for Holyrood, not Westminster. They


say they have the... For doctors, Labour says things can only get


worse. There is a workforce crisis amongst GPs, but letters not pretend


that did not exist before Brexit. It will get worse with independence.


that did not exist before Brexit. It Dingwall, this man dresses his case.


He says the concern over doctors says this is a blunder. This is one


of the many reasons that we are discovering to why we should be


remaining at the heart of Europe, because it is going to damage our


NHS with the loss of MPs. We're going to lose many nurses from the


NHS, too. But what is it all mean for the price of fish? This man in


Peterhead says the industry will gain from escaping the EU rules. The


SNP fears UK ministers will strike a deal to maintain access for EU


fleets. On today's other European topic, the Tories say they want an


agreement to keep EU doctors here, but they diagnosed other health


problems. We have got to look about NHS are for the future why is it


that there is an effective cap on the number of Scots going to


Scottish medical schools, why is there a cap on the doctors of the


future? That is something we can sort right now in Scotland. Student


numbers for medicine have long been controlled, but competition is eased


slightly in recent years. Back in Millport, this doctor has elevated


her first year as the island GP. She hopes for many more. Taylor,


Reporting Scotland. Well, with me now is the health


journalist Pennie Taylor. Good evening to you. Is the Royal


College of GPs are right about this? Not just by GPs, but for NHS staff.


We have known since the Brexit discussion started long before the


vote that the potential for harming our health workforce is there in the


decision to leave Europe and to prevent the free movement of people.


The doctors unions are saying one in 25 GPs working in Scotland currently


is a European national and that if it means that that they would leave


or they are not allowed to stay, then that is potentially very


alarming for the NHS in Scotland. The Royal College had already warned


before this that Scotland had lost 90 GPs in four years, and we would


need another 800 by just 2021, so actually it is a pressure point


anyway. The problems with general practice are very long-standing.


These problems have been seen coming for the last 15 years that the very


least and they have been various efforts to mitigate the problems,


but they are not working. You are seeing people pulling out of general


practice, people, young doctors not wanting to take it up as a


profession, and there is an issue here with how we manage primary


care. I think things have to change pretty fundamentally from the way it


has been done. We have general practice working the way since


before the NHS was formed in the 1940s, and you have to ask yourself


whether it is fit for purpose and whether we are brave enough about


looking at other models. And very quickly, GPs will be at the centre


of the community-based health system that is hopes for foot in the


future. But there is a lot more to community-based health care then


GPs. There are fantastic nurses that are piloting new ways of working


which are thought to be extremely effective and a more mixed economy


would benefit patients. Pennie Taylor,


Well, to discuss the issues in the studio is Phillipa Whitford,


an SNP candidate and the Scottish Labour MSP Anas Sarwar,


Good evening to you both. I will come to you first. This is not


directly about health, is it? That relates to Brexit and that a hard


Brexit will lead to the loss of doctors from EU countries. Can


Labour make a commitment to protect NHS staff, do you think, in this


eventuality? Absolute. I would wish that every political party can make


that commitment in this campaign because they are right to highlight


the crisis in general practice. The reality is that this crisis has been


in place way before Brexit, but the reality is that if we lost hundreds


of GPs because of leaving the EU, that would only amplify the crisis


and not minimise the risk. That is why I think every political party


should guarantee the rights of all EU nationals to remain here and


across the United Kingdom. We should thank all of them that have come to


make Scotland, the UK their home and wanting to work for the NHS. I think


political parties should be saying that special arrangements should be


in place, should attract people from right across the EU, to come and


make Scotland their home and work in the NHS, particularly in an time


during a workforce crisis. Philippa Whitford, critics say the SNP has


been in Government for ten years already with responsibility for the


NHS, so any problems with GP numbers, which we already know


exist, it should have been locked out before now, before this issue. I


think as was said, the issue around attracting more young doctors into


general practice is something that has been going on for a long time,


and some of that is within the profession itself. General practice


has to be more respected and students encouraged into it, not


seen as some sort of second class specialism, which is something is a


case during my time as a doctor. Why is it still not appealing,


especially in rural areas? I think that has been a lot of attempts,


creating more trainee praises. But I think in the universities, our young


students and doctors when they just graduate need to spend time in


general practice and then they actually see what the whole point


that is. By husband is a GP and despite all the articles that say


how awful it is, he loves what he does. The other side of it, he is


German, and he has worked in our NHS for 31 years, and 11 months on has


no idea what his future is this country. Let me come back to you


quickly, because Labour's draft general election manifesto has just


reportedly been leaked this evening among plans, nationalising energy


industry, scrapping tuition fees as well, Labour also says committing to


renewing the UK's nuclear weapons system Trident. As a something that


Scottish Labour would be behind as well? As you said, the manifesto may


Scottish Labour would be behind as have been leaked. You may have a


good opportunity to read it. He plans to released on Tuesday. We are


around health and social care which is my brief in the Scottish


parliament. We have a clip a patient on opposing the renewal of Trident.


Kezia Dugdale when she became lead on opposing the renewal of Trident.


was very clear that policy decisions would be made in Scotland by the


Scotland Labour Party and that would be made in Scotland by the


remains a policy position on Trident. Going back to GPs for a


moment, letters not pretend that GP cases do not happen for accident. We


have had ?1.6 billion cut out of primary care. I welcome the reversal


of the courts. But that isn't too little too late. OK, Philippa? I do


not think it is too little too late. There has been a big increasing


community investment, but we need investment in GPs. Brexit is to hit


health in much wider ways than losing our European health insurance


health in much wider ways than card, European medicines agency, and


the research we do right across Europe as part of the EU. And these


things are really important, it is not just about trade. Thank you both


very much for joining us this evening.


More from the campaign trail coming up, but first Anne Lundon has


A BBC investigation has discovered girls are being repeatedly


trafficked to Scotland by Eastern European


One Slovakian girl was discovered to have been trafficked


Others have been sold to Asian crime gangs and forced


And the pursuit of profit has opened up diverse forms of trafficking,


as Sam Poling reveals in this exclusive report.


What you are watching is an illegal organ deal. How much do you want?


45. Euros or sterling? This roaming in is selling the kidney of the one


beside him. He says she is his wife. People and now the most lucrative


commodity and to drugs, sold with labour force tech shall expectation


of our organs. We discovered criminal gangs are now specific --


targeting specific areas with women trafficked from abroad. There is a


link between European crime gangs with human trafficking being one of


the things they do, but links with organisation gangs in Glasgow, so


Eastern European crime gangs will provide the victims and Asian crime


gangs will provide accommodation. I went to Slovakia to try and track


down some of the victims, including one girl who was trafficked twice


previously to Glasgow first up when we get to the house, we are in for a


shock. Where has she gone? Glasgow. Maybe is she is back to Glasgow. You


think your daughter is trafficked back to Glasgow? Other victims


appear to have been trafficked a game. We know there are three girls


currently missing who are back in the UK in Glasgow? Yes. And inside


this house, this girl was sold for a sham marriage. The marriage allows


the groom, pop commonly Pakistani or Indian, to allow for citizenship as


she is now married to an EU citizen. If IS the questions I really want to


ask, the men will get angry? This is a transit house where they are kept


before being transported to Glasgow for sham marriages. How many girls


will have come here? Five, ten? Hundreds? More than 100. Really? I


searched Scotland's marriage records and found numerous suspicious


marriages between young Eastern European brides and old Asian men


with same addresses used on multiple occasions, and yet little trace of


any of the couples living there. The EU's law-enforcement agents said it


was being targeted by the trafficking trade. Samantha polling,


Reporting Scotland. A lawyer who handled Craig Whyte's


takeover of Rangers Football Club has told a court that Mr Whyte


was presented as a man Gary Withey also defended


the assurances he gave ahead of the deal that Craig Whyte had


the funds available to buy the club. He also told the jury that


after he met Mr Whyte he began taking instructions from him


on the Rangers takeover. Mr Whyte denies fraud in connection


with his acquisition A man has been convicted of abusing


a girl aged between three The High Court in Glasgow heard


videos and still photographs made by 39-year-old Hugh Sim


from Renfrew were seen during a police investigation


in New Zealand into This established one of the users


had logged on from the UK, and it was revealed


the subscriber was Sim. The jury found him guilty of five


offences and he'll be The Scottish Football Association's


former compliance officer has told BBC Scotland a zero tolerance


approach to betting within football has to be maintained


to prevent match fixing. This comes a day after the SFA took


action against a player and a chairman for gambling


on football matches, Last night, we told


you the Scottish Greens were fielding a limited number


of candidates in the election. Today, we found out it's


only going to be three. Our political correspondent


Nick Earldey reports from Byres Road in the Glasgow North constituency,


which is one of the Green's We knew that the Greens were going


to stand fewer than ten candidates in Scotland. Today it has been


confirmed it will be just three. Voters here in Glasgow North will


have a candidate, so too in Edinburgh North and Leith and in


Falkirk. Why are they standing in so few seats? One they argue is the


system. First past the post makes it less likely that the smaller parties


will do well. The other is cash. Because of the size of the deposit


and the thought that some local branches of the Greens are


cash-starved after local elections. But some smell a rat and thank the


Greens are standing aside because they feel that their coalition


partners the SNP could face a tight race. There are calls from the


Conservatives for them to stand down from the television debate they were


going to stand in on the BBC. Now, the results of the council


elections last week created a bit of a shift in the local


government landscape, Is there a Tory surge


after 20 barren years? Can the Lib Dems and Labour improve


on their solitary seats? I asked Matt Singh -


the founder of Number Cruncher Politics -


a bit earlier. I think we need to exercise a good


deal of caution. Local elections are different from general elections and


they have different candidates and issues. There are quite a lot of


caveats in terms of the difference but it gives you a clue as to


whether the geographic spread of the voting goes at the moment.


What did that show because it seemed to suggest SNP supporter still very


strong and central belt but that changed in the different regions of


Scotland. Talk is that it what you so.


The SNP support in absolute tempters well above its electoral average.


But he much unchanged from 2012. In terms of geographic patterns, very


strong in the central belt and areas where Labour has traditionally been


dominant but there have been significant shifts. In the


north-east in particular and others where the Conservatives were strong


a few decades ago, there has been a shift there. In council areas like


Aberdeenshire, Angus, Moray. There has been a drop away from the SNP


and games for conservatives. It seems like the Tory surge came at


the cost of the Labour Party when you look at the numbers so in terms


of trying to unseat current SNP MPs, that is going to be difficult in


terms of the Labour vote is moving toward conservatives rather than


coming away from the SNP. It is for that reason and also for


the fact that some SNP incumbents have quite big majorities. One


interesting aspect of the realignment of Scottish politics


around the Constitution is the shift from Labour to conservative and that


is putting the Conservatives with good chances in places like Stirling


and East Renfrewshire, where there is a much bigger Labour vote. But


even north-east areas, some people who voted for SNP but voted no in


the Scottish referendum or lead in the EU referendum, some of those


voters seem to be coming over to the Conservatives. There is evidence of


that even if they didn't change seats in local elections, there were


a pretty big swings. With lots of Jade possible, do you


think it is likely we will see targeted campaigning for these


seats? -- lots of change possible. It is difficult to say. They have


big ambitions. We saw Ruth Davidson and a couple of places in the


north-east today. They were in Banff and Buchan at one point, which the


Conservatives haven't had for some time. They are targeting these seats


but whether they will do so or not we will have to wait and see.


Well, we've got two politicians in Edinburgh tonight -


the Scottish Conservative MEP Ian Duncan and the Scottish Lib Dem


I wonder how much of this apparent surge is people abandoning Labour


rather than may be embracing the Conservative Party.


I think up in somewhere like Perth and North Perthshire agency quickly


that the swingers from the SNP to the Conservatives. There is a swing


but also a switch and the switch is caused by Brexit, weariness, people


who even though they naturally support the nationalist cause cannot


win another referendum right now so the move is to the Conservatives.


Why are you targeting particular seats?


For 20 years we represented the people of Edinburgh West. With


Spielberg be served them well. We -- we feel that we serve them well. We


narrowly lost the seat and since then there has been moved back the


Lib Dems. We won five seats just within Edinburgh West in the Council


elections last week so we feel there is a very strong move towards us and


a kind of anti-SNP feel to this seat. People see us as the most


likely threat to the SNP so we're getting support not just from


disillusioned SNP supporters but Labour supporters and some


conservative supporters as well. To what extent do you think the Lib


Dem votes are becoming localised? There seems to be successful in a


few areas, Edinburgh West possibly being one. Is it the party image or


the national leadership that is failing to break through to people?


If you look at any of the Unionist parties in the selection, you see


that we all come from a localised base because of what happened two


years ago. The Labour Party in Edinburgh South, our cells in


Edinburgh West, North East Fife and eastern branch. It is a case of


building back each of the Scottish party 's -- each Scottish party has


to pull back and strengthen local areas. Nicola Sturgeon we heard in


the BT talking about her she wanted Scottish MPs to go and speak up


Scotland. Not only SNP MPs do that. All do and they speak up for their


constituents and not necessarily their party but the SNP was put


their party first. To what extent do you think that


personality comes over party? 10% of candidates last week voted and were


personality comes over party? 10% of independent. You could also see the


victory of the new French President as an example of that.


You want a good counsellor because they are gold dust. That is where


most of the rubber hits the road. The SNP has been mostly focused on


an independence referendum and that is no use. We are seeing a shift


across Scotland. There is a movement and that will be a breath of fresh


air. Focus back on the day job and getting on with the business of


making people's likes better than constituencies through this general


election. In constituencies like the -- Lake


East Renfrewshire, do you think you In constituencies like the -- Lake


were to split the vote and the Conservatives will take that seat


again? No, and that that not happen in the


local elections. There was reward for hard work and endeavour and


effort and that is no bad thing. We sought not just in places like DEFRA


pusher but in places like Ravenscraig and Paisley, places


where you don't expect to see Conservatives.


Thank you both for joining us. Just before we go our


picture of the day. This was yesterday's


with our favourite caption. And that's Election


Reporting Scotland. Tomorrow on the campaign


trail: Poverty and Good evening. Our dry conditions


continue tonight with a mixture of cloud and clear spells. Perhaps late


rain across the far north and Orkney.


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