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BBC One it's time for the news where you are.


Good evening on Election Reporting Scotland.


We'll have the latest from the campaign trail.


And if you're suffering from election overload -


we'll have some top tips on how to survive the next four weeks.


Keep calm. Centre yourself in the morning. Do some yoga. Some hippy


nonsense. Then turn the TV on and throw it out the window.


Welcome to a shorter Election Reporting Scotland tonight -


we're making way for Question Time, which is on next, from Edinburgh.


Nominations have closed for candidates standing


Our political correspondent Nick Eardley is here.


Nick, what do the nominations tell us?


They close this afternoon. We have the numbers. A a few days before we


sift through them. We know tonight that everybody across Scotland on


the 8th of June will have the choice of voting for someone from the SNP,


Lib Dems, Tory and Labour. They stand in all 50 90s. We have spoken


quite a lot about how Weans are outstanding and very few. You could


buy standing in eight more. -- Greens is standing in very few.


Theresa May will be taking her pitch to Labour's heartland?


She will be on Jeremy Corbyn's one. She will argue in the north-east of


England that Labour are abandoning working people. It's not the first


time she has made a unashamed pitch to Labour voters. She will say


tomorrow that you respect them and understands where families have


voted Labour the whole lives. She asks them to change their mind.


Libraries agrees and say that bills will go up under the Conservatives


for the same families. -- labour disagrees and says that bills will


go up. The Nationalists say it is disingenuous.


Now Graham Stewart has the rest of today's news.


A lawyer who handled Craig Whyte's takeover of Rangers in 2011


has told a court that the club's owners were desperate to get


Gary Withey's comments came as he gave evidence


in the trial of Mr Whyte, who's accused of acquiring


Our correspondent David Henderson reports.


Gary Withey, the London lawyer at the heart


He was back in court today, giving evidence for a second day.


Six years ago, his client was a company run by Craig Whyte,


which launched a takeover bid for the Ibrox club.


Mr Whyte is on trial for fraud and accused of funding


most of the deal with the club's season tickets.


Rangers was being sold by the Murray Group,


controlled by this man, Sir David Murray, and Mr Withey told


the jury he came under pressure to get the deal done.


One Murray Group director, he said, wanted reassured that this didn't


turn into an almighty mess and embarrass everyone.


Mr Withey said the sellers didn't ask how Craig Whyte's team


They didn't seem to care, he claimed.


This is the only deal I know where the vendor, the seller,


He said, I have never been pushed so hard on any deal.


They were desperate to get the deal over the line.


Mr Withey said he was repeatedly asked for assurances that


Craig Whyte had the money to buy Rangers.


If I didn't trust my client, I would have walked away.


But the prosecution claims the deal was mostly funded


through the sale of Rangers' season tickets to accompany.


-- tickets to a company called Ticketus.


The prosecutor asked Gary Withey, were steps taken to conceal it?


Gary replied, I was told that Ticketus must not be shown.


Mr Withey told the defence advocate it was impossible to keep


the involvement of Ticketus a secret when so many people were involved.


Mr Findlay asked him, were people coming up to you saying,


I hear you are in with Ticketus to do a deal for Rangers?


Gary Withey returns to the witness box on Monday.


Craig Whyte denies the charges and the trial continues.


A former Catholic monk in Australia accused of abusing boys


at a boarding school in the Highlands is eligible


for extradition to Britain, according to a magistrate in Sydney.


The decision whether to send Father Denis Alexander back


to Scotland for trial now rests with Australia's attorney general.


Father Alexander denies allegations of sexual abuse at the former


He's been refused bail and remanded back into custody in the hospital


Hopes are rising that there could be a resolution to an industrial


Today, lecturers across the country have been holding their fourth


one-day strike over pay and conditions.


The EIS says progress is being made in talks with the colleges


More strike action is still scheduled for next week.


Poorer people are more likely to die or become ill


Researchers at Glasgow University examined the health records of


They say the stress of poverty can lead to a less healthy lifestyle,


The reason that poor people experience greater levels of alcohol


harm is not because they are drinking more.


Actually, it seems that even if someone who is more


disadvantaged in society drinks the same amount of alcohol


as someone who is richer, they are still at


Even accounting for things like binge


Now lets take a quick look at how the campaign's been


The major offence in Scottish politics and they were First


Minister's Questions and the close of nominations for the general


election. Confirmation that Greens will only run if he candidates in


the election and a point of order was raised in the chamber saying


that they should not have a question if they are now a wholly owned


subsidiary of the SNP. Ross Gray hit back at this and said that the


Tories, Mr Fraser's party, are a owned subsidiary of Ukip. The other


Tories, Mr Fraser's party, are a point of interest was the Labour


manifesto leaking in entirety. Alex Salmond is familiar follows is an.


He treated that Labour have become a magpie party copying key policies


the SNP. I don't think Labour would agree that those years have been


such a success. Kezia Dugdale wasn't very impressed with the league. She


was thinking more about dogs and magpies. She took this self of


contenders often. Another party taking ideas from previous campaigns


was the Liberal Democrats. They make reference to Ed Miliband's stone.


That was at the end of the general election campaign in 2015. Finally,


we are used to seeing the Presiding Officer ringing order to unruly


proceedings but we saw him don a republic and glasses for Stroke


Scotland. I would suggest he keeps the wake for future proceedings in


the chamber. Four weeks tonight,


the polls will have closed Maybe you can't wait


for the prospect, but if electioneering


is getting you down... Here's political satirist


James Devoy with his top tips JAWS THEME PLAYS. We did this last


week, there can be another election. Fine, let's do it. -- there can't be


another election. Yes, we are having another general election. Here are


my top tips for surviving. I protection. Seeing so many


miserable politicians grinning as enough to give anybody eyestrain.


Neck support. No matter what side of the argument you're on, you will


either be nodding or shaking your head. Constantly until the next


general election. Bend at the waist. Look stupid, keep


your neck twisted. Don't bend at the waist for your shaking. Just shake


the head for that one. Keep calm. Listen to someone else


on, do some yoga or some other hippy nonsense. Before turning on your TV


and throwing it straight out the window.


Stay hydrated. Remember fruits and vegetables. This is a good trip


because I care about your health. Yup, stay hydrated.


And the number one top tip for surviving this snap general election


is just be nice to everybody. It's not hard. Just a bit of basic


civility. Yes, Twitter will say things that you don't agree with but


keep your cool. Depending who brings obviously! -- depending who wins


obviously! Just before we go our


picture of the day. This was yesterday's,


with our favourite caption. We'll have another


picture on Monday. We will be hosting a series of


special as clearly do debates with elite before the general election.


If you'd like to put your questions to the party leaders, visited the


next. Back on Monday. I buy for now. next. Back on Monday. I buy for now.


-- goodbye for


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