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All of Scotland's NHS boards, except Lothian, Orkney and Shetland,


have been hit by the cyberattack which has also disrupted


The Scottish Ambulance Service has also been hacked.


Most of the disruption has been to GP practices.


The Scottish Government's resilience committee


The Health Minister says there's no evidence of any breach


At hospitals in Lanarkshire tonight 's staff are still unable to access


patients' medical histories by computer. In Monklands, and Wishaw


patients' medical histories by hospitals, there was a cyberattack


this afternoon and since then they have had to rely on paper records,


fine for current patients are problematic for new arrivals, so


they're asking for public help. If people have an emergency


situation over the next couple of days, it would be helpful to bring


with them a list of their medications and their current


medications, to help us in terms of understanding what their clinical


history is, and also if they attend... If they had an opportunity


to bring a member of their family with them who could help provide


that collateral medical history to help us in these difficult


situations we find ourselves in. NHS Lanarkshire refused to be the


only area in Scotland were hospitals have been affected - apart from


Lothian, Orkney and Shetland, all of Scotland's health boards have been


breached in this massive cyberattack, but in most areas it


has been just a small number of GP surgeries which encountered


problems. The thing I want to make clear is that there is absolutely no


evidence of any breach of any patient data at all, so we were able


to give that level of assurance to patients out there that there is no


evidence of any patient data being breached at all.


So everybody is working very hard and are IT people are working hard


through the night and over the weekend to help to resolve these


issues. Though the Scottish Ambulance


Service was also hacked, it has not affected their operations. The next


resilience meeting chaired by the Scottish Government takes place


early tomorrow morning. Proposals to ban parents in Scotland


from smacking their children have been opened up


for public consultation. At the moment, there is a legal


defence of "justifiable assault". All it takes is a firm voice


from Mum to let a child know they're misbehaving,


but, for some parents, a smack can be an effective


way of disciplining, and banning it could


send the wrong message. It's risky and it could criminalise


parents who are genuinely, Smacking children is not


something I agree with, but maybe a better approach


would be educating people. If your child is old enough


to reason with them, then do that, and if they're not enough,


then they don't understand A plan is being set out today aiming


to close the legal loophole of "justifiable assault",


which enables the It still allows parents or carers to


use physical punishment when disciplining a child. The proposed


bill wants to bring Scotland in line with many other countries and give


children full protection from salt, the same that adults currently have.


Attitudes have changed and research shows that people,


in reducing numbers, are using alternatives.


It is not about criminalisation but equal protection for children.


For some, an outright ban on smacking is unnecessary.


There's already a ban on hitting with implements


It doesn't make much sense because if you say all children


should treated like adults, you don't say to adults, go up


It doesn't make any sense. To me it is a virtue signalling and a waste


of time. Members of the public now have


until August 4 to respond Confidence in the ability


of prosecutors to convict for crimes against birds of prey


is being undermined, Our rural affairs correspondent


Kevin Keane reports. A dead pheasant is placed


on what looks like the top Next, the man fumbles


with a line, possibly a spring, designed to hold any bird


which tries to grab the bait. This type of trap has been


illegal for a century. It won't kill the bird,


but hold it until someone The loop is laid on top


of the pheasant and set. The next day he's


back to do it again. This film was to be used


as evidence in the trial of Craig Graham, a gamekeeper


from Angus, but the case It seems to send out a message that,


even if there is an overwhelming piece of evidence that links


an alleged suspect with a crime, it In that way the law is being


undermined. a protected bird is shot


at its nesting site. A man carrying a shotgun


and then walks over to where Out of view, he picks up


the carcass before walking over He reaches down and


clears up the site. Again, this film was to


be used as evidence, These charges were against Stanley


Gordon, a gamekeeper from Murray. This legal expert says


it's important to know If it genuinely was research and


they record a crime incidentally, But if there's any hint that


surveillance was set up in order to prevent wildlife crime,


that would be inadmissible. This is a trapped goshawk


being trapped into a bag. We don't see what happened to it.


But on this occasion we do see the fate of the bird...


This video was used in court and he was jailed for his crime.


RSPB Scotland says the court should have been allowed


The Crown Office says it has to apply the law fairly.


A former Catholic priest charged with sexually abusing children


in the 1970s and '80s is set to go on trial in December.


Francis Moore, who was a priest in Ayrshire, and known


by his second name Paul, is also accused of abusing


He is alleged to have committed offences at various locations,


including at a primary school and Irvine Beach.


The boys were aged between five or six and 13 years old at the time


Father Moore denies all the charges against him.


An exhibition of robes worn during the coronation of George VI


has opened on the 80th anniversary of the ceremony.


Robes worn by the then Princess Elizabeth and her sister Margaret


form the centrepiece of the display


The castle near Forfar was the childhood home


The robes from the ceremony at Westminster Abbey in 1937


are the personal property of the Queen.


She was so kind and I think enthusiastic that it was in memory


of her mother. And I think it is truly lovely, and I am thrilled with


the exhibition. In football, Celtic secured a 3-1


victory at Aberdeen tonight. In a frantic opening spell,


all of the visitors' goals came Dedryck Boyata's opener


followed swiftly by a second from Stuart Armstrong,


and a third from Leigh Griffiths. Jonny Hayes pulled one back


for the Dons two minutes later, Now let's go over to find out


what the weather's going to be


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