15/05/2017 Reporting Scotland


Extended edition of Scotland's national news programme rounding up the latest from the election campaign trail, with studio guests and analysis.

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On Election Reporting Scotland tonight.


It's all about Brexit tonight - the SNP say if they win in Scotland


it'll give them a stronger hand, something the Tories,


And we'll be in Moray - which was the most divided area


in last year's EU Referendum - to find out what issues


It's almost bedtime but not before we take you through Monday's events


on the election campaign trail in Scotland.


Today has been all about Brexit after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon


told BBC Radio Scotland an SNP vote would strengthen her hand


Our Political Correspondent Glenn Campbell reports.


In Hamilton, Nicola Sturgeon is reviving an old song


for this election campaign, renewing an earlier call for the UK


An election gives an opportunity for people to back those proposals


so that whether you are for or against leaving the EU,


you can make sure the way in which we leave the EU doesn't


crash the Scottish economy and sacrifice thousands of jobs.


Nicola Sturgeon 's first proposed single market membership


as her bottom line back in December, when it became clear the UK


Government wasn't prepared to entertain her ideas she demanded


the power to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence.


Theresa May rejected that call and has committed to taking


all of the UK out of the single market and negotiating


The Tories are not convinced the SNP wants those talks to succeed.


Nicola Sturgeon said she wants a place at the table negotiating


Brexit but she also says she wants to be out of the UK and in the EU


so it begs the question what side of the table does she want to be on?


At the weekend the SNP leader said if Scotland became independent


market as a staging post to getting back into the EU.


In a Borders butchers, the Liberal Democrats said voters


would not buy the SNP's approach to Brexit.


They are now selling out pro-Europeans in order to get


Brexiteers back on board, watering down the policy on Europe


Visiting a food bank in Glasgow, the Labour leader said the SNP's


position on EU relations was far from clear.


I think it is embarrassing for SNP on the issue of Europe,


Sometimes they say Scotland would have to apply to Europe,


sometimes Scotland would automatically stay,


other days we would go for the Norwegian example.


This is the First Minister's entire justification for a second


Today, she says the more immediate priority is getting a Brexit


deal that keeps Scotland in the single market.


So Brexit matters to politicians, but is it a major issue in this


Nowhere in Scotland was more divided on the subject than Moray where less


than 122 votes separated leave and remain in the EU referendum.


Our political correspondent Nick Eardley has been


in the constituency to find out how Brexit might impact


I am right on the north-east coast of Scotland, still a small


VOICEOVER: On the Scottish north-east coast, home of a famous


soup, and electric made up of different political voters.


Service personnel, agriculture, tourism, like here at the hotel,


Nobody knows what Brexit will be like.


Iain Watson voted remain, his view now?


We have got to make sure that we get the best resolution for everyone.


It is either going to be me, as MP, or it is going to be a Tory


who is going to give a blank cheque to Theresa May, I don't think


Given what the single market means to the economy of Moray.


We took a Whisky Trail to test the area.


In many ways, I would naturally support the Conservatives,


But this is driving me in other directions.


I was keen on leave, I remember the days when we were not


in Europe and we seemed to do well then.


Douglas Ross is campaigning, he will be hoping to appeal


to voters like Nigel, the SNP has a 9000 majority in 2015,


the top Tories think their message to voters is getting through.


We are concerned that the Scottish Nationalists will keep us out


of Westminster in an independent Scotland will go straight back


into Europe, majority of people who voted remain are also concerned


that their vote is taken as a proxy to hold another second divisive


Along the road, others are vying for Moray's vote as well.


We will fight this hard Brexit because he think it will be very


damaging to the economy, especially as Moray relies


upon exports in his food and drink industry.


We are the only party that can offer that other opportunity,


an opportunity to look at how we best fit in Europe long term,


and how we can remain in Scotland and in the UK.


And some more views on how Brexit will influence the vote here.


It is a bit of a mix up here, I have heard positive and negative.


Or will Moray turned Conservative blue?


There are five candidates standing in Moray.


Here they are and you can find details of all the candidates


standing in the General Election in every constituency


More from the campaign trail coming up, but first Catriona Shearer


How to deal with a growing number of elderly and disabled prisoners,


It's a problem the Scottish Prison Service is now trying


to address with a report to be published tomorrow.


One idea could be a secure old people's home where elderly


and infirm prisoners could be cared for while serving their sentence.


Our Home Affairs Correspondent, Reevel Alderson reports.


Behind barbed wire and high fences are those who have


forfeited their liberty because they have committed crimes,


This murderer serving 37 news will be 106 before


The number of older prisoners in Scotland has risen dramatically.


Most recent figures put it to almost 1,000, up


down to the increasing historical sex offenders in jail.


The figure is now 1100, 15% of the total prison population.


Former Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill says prisons are not


designed to home older prisoners, he says a secure old folks


It was never designed for septuagenarians


or octogenarians, so we need institutions able to look after them


It is better for them, for the staff and for other prisoners who have


to have their own challenging needs dealt with.


This prison has narrow stairs and bunk beds,


unsuitable for prisoners who would require social care


packages in the community because of disability or dementia.


Even modern jails with lifts built in are not geared up to deal


We have prison staff able to deal with prisoners,


but there is a gap in the middle for social care, which we


are currently having to fill with agency staff.


The cost in the current year for those agency staff something


The report says there is a case to be made that elderly or disabled


prisoners can be considered as a distinct population


After a frantic weekend of work to secure NHS IT systems,


the Scottish Goverment says it warned Health Boards in February


11 boards across the country were affected


One expert has warned the NHS in Scotland is vulnerable to future


attacks unless it invests far more in updating its systems.


The Scottish Government says it's looking at what lessons


A court's heard that a lawyer who handled Craig Whyte's takeover


of Rangers told him he'd be "mad" to do the deal.


Gary Withey told the High Court in Glasgow that he advised Mr Whyte


to walk away after being shocked about how little


financial information was provided by the sellers.


Mr Wyte denies acquiring Rangers by fraud in May 2011.


He denies a second charge under the Companies Act.


More than 500 people have signed a petition calling on NHS Shetland


to reverse plans to force patients to travel


by ferry for hospital appointments in Aberdeen.


As part of a cost-cutting measure, many patients face a 14-hour


overnight boat journey, instead of a 50-minute flight.


NHS Shetland is to hold a special meeting next week to decide


if the new travel policy should go ahead.


The number of empty shops in Scotland is at it highest level


The vacancy rate of 9.2% comes as figures


from the Scottish Retail Consortium suggest that footfall


in high streets and retail parks has increased,


although it has fallen in shopping centres.


Now to one of the key battlegrounds in the campaign.


Last week on this programme we heard from the Liberal Democrats,


who are targeting the constituency of Edinburgh West.


Today we sent our political correspondent Niall O'Gallagher


to look at how each of the candidates are doing


In the capital Scotland's political parties are looking west. The SNP


won here last time but their MP resigns amid allegations of fraud.


Michelle Thompson denies wrongdoing. Edinburgh West is now a top target


for the Liberal Democrats. We feel there is a move towards us and an


anti-SNP feel about the seat and people see us as the most likely


threat to the SNP. And they say the bigger issues are at stake. The SNP


candidate claims only they can stand between Scotland and the


consequences of leaving the single market. Edinburgh West voted to


remain in the EU but whether you voted to remain or leave, now it is


about getting the best deal for Scotland. And who will stand up for


Scotland in these negotiations with Brussels if not the SNP? Now more


than ever we need a strong opposition to Theresa May.


Conservatives seek their opponents have taken a wrong turn. People are


clearly what a change and the SNP generally is reducing, the on the


slides and I think that they are not clear of their position on a number


of questions, not least about the EU and whether we are to go back in or


not. They are confused on this and people are seeing through them now.


Legacy it is time to emerge from the constitutional maize and debate


local issues. That's right Labour say. People in this idiot had been


badly let down by Michelle Thompson and the SNP and need NNP -- the


people in this area the meet someone who's interested in jobs, health and


schools are not somewhat fighting for another independence referendum.


Margaret Maxie they want to keep the constitutional afloat. -- but the


group macro. Of Nicola Sturgeon wants to stand up for Scotland in a


seat the SNP cannot win the SNP must stand down so Scotland's referendum


party can fight the only viable independence option for this


election. Whoever is sent to Westminster by voters the winners in


Edinburgh West will claim a significant victory.


There are five candidates standing in Edinburgh West Here they are.


And you can find details of all the candidates standing


in every constituency on the BBC News website.


Joining me now is our nightly panel of politicians.


In Inverness we've got Lib Dem candidate Jean Davis,


in Dundee is the SNP candidate Stephen Gethins,


we've got Scottish Conservative candidate Miles Briggs -


who's also an MSP - in Edinburgh,


and in Aberdeen is the Scottish Labour MSP


Thank you for joining me. Let's start with Brexit, Stephen, is


Theresa May correct when she says a Tory landslide will strengthen her


hands with negotiations? Absolutely not an one thing the SNP has been


hands with negotiations? Absolutely doing in opposing the Tories is


scrutiny and let's not forget over the next parliament it will be


critically important we have got a strong voice for Scotland when


critically important we have got a negotiating our food and drink


industry, research, young person's opportunities and we cannot give the


Tories a blank cheque. The relationship we have with Europe and


the future will impact on everyone of us and it looks like she is


scared of parliamentary scrutiny and it strikes me she does not know what


scared of parliamentary scrutiny and she is doing.


If a strong majority does not stress in her hand why should it strengthen


Nicola Sturgeon's position on Brexit? This is about getting the


best deal for everybody. That is what Theresa May would also say.


Bill-mac and when you have been, but Bill-mac and when you have been, but


-- our European partners have said this election does not make a


difference to them and the UK Government is in a week situation.


If you have a Parliament if you bother having a Parliament then you


want one that questions the Government of the day and puts them


under scrutiny. That is why the SNP have been described as the effective


opposition to the Tory Westminster, we are asking difficult questions


and making proposals and that is something we need is across the UK


but in Scotland we have the benefit of having that effective opposition


to the Tories and the people asking the difficult questions of Theresa


May. Nicola Sturgeon said today voting


SNP would allow her to argue for a seat at the negotiating table. What


do she mean by that? If you look at the impact this will have, look at


universities... But what does she actually mean, does she want a seat


at the actual negotiating table? We should be part of the formal


negotiating team. That happens in should be part of the formal


other European countries when it comes to relationships with Europe.


That Scotland should have a seat at the negotiating table. Our research


institutions, food and drink industry, all these areas not a


priority for Theresa May but are a priority for the SNP.


What is the most important issue for the Lib Dems and this election? I


think both wrong hand in hand and side-by-side but instead of talking


about the Brexit, the SNP talk about a seat at the table but what they


are actually talking about is independence. We are strongly for


being in others close to Europe as possible and we are against


independence. Sort your 42nd Brexit referendum not a second independence


referendum? -- you are for a second referendum not a second independence


Brexit referendum. What we're talking about is asking people to


make a decision when they know what Brexit means. We have heard from


Theresa May Brexit means Brexit but that is meaningless and we need to


know what the outcome of the discussions she has with the EU are


and whether they are reasonable to us. We want to be in the single


market and in the customs union. But we need to wait and see what she


says and then people need to look at that and what it means to them and


their day-to-day lives. Bruce McDonald from the Labour Party, if


the SNP gets a massive majority McDonald from the Labour Party, if


Scotland is an Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister would he give her


that seat? It would certainly beat the nightmare Stephen has conjured


up. What we would want to see would be Jeremy Corbyn and your staff are


taking forward the chase for the be Jeremy Corbyn and your staff are


kind of Brexit that protect Britain's interests... But no seat


from Nicola Sturgeon in those talks? A Labour Government will engage all


the regional Government and seek to include them in the process and


bring them along to ensure what we are doing is negotiating and half of


the whole country but we can only do that if we win the election -- on


behalf of the whole country. We can only do that if we win the election.


What we need is a Government representing the whole country and


will go into talks with Europe in good faith, not what the SNP is


proposing what is somebody should be included in the negotiating team at


the same time they say we should have an independence referendum.


That makes no sense. The SNP got it wrong when they demanded the right


to hold another independence referendum because they then cannot


with any credibility is say they want to be part of the Brexit


negotiating team. It makes no sense. They should abandon their claim for


independence referendum if they They should abandon their claim for


seriously want to engage with an incoming Labour Government.


Scotland did not vote for Brexit so is it not important for Scotland to


have a voice protecting our interests and Nicola Sturgeon is


surely do the person who can deliver that? What I agree with Stephen and


is what is key is getting the best possible deal for Scotland and the


whole of the UK and it is clear from what we have heard from the other


candidates do not they have a programme for how they will do that.


Theresa May and the UK Government are moving far-off to deliver the


best possible deal for the whole country -- they are moving forward


and that is key for growth and future opportunities. Ruth Davidson


give a speech today emphasised the difference between patriotism and


nationalism. Is that not seeking to create the kind of divisions you


have spoken against? I think it was a good speech and what was striking


was how paratroopers is completely different to nationalism. In what


way? -- patriotism. You can be both Scottish and British and proud of


both and that is important and that was her message, people should be


proud of that and this election for a lot of people who voted no on for


too long have not been spitting up they will do. Stephen, is there a


difference between patriotism and nationalism? Ruth Davidson has some


brass neck, at the time that she's taking away opportunities for young


people and I were food and drink industry struggling and we do not


know about our research industry she hits out at the SNP and our


partnership which is sharing sovereignty over areas like working


together on climate change and in the single market, they are moving


away and turning their back on our partners which will have a huge


impact on jobs and the economy. Argue with the Tories or the SNP,


patriotism versus nationalism? Certain that neither the Tories nor


the SNP. We need to get away from all this flag-waving, whether


British Scottish. Neither makes any sense -- British are Scottish. What


I believe most people in Scotland voted for is to remain as close


together as possible and remain in the UK. Flag still not matter,


policies matter. We need to protect policies matter. We need to protect


-- we need to protect workers' rates and maintain a close relationship


with Europe and the idea we do that by having a referendum on leaving


the UK and casting off is absurd. It is interesting to listen to the SNP


the UK and casting off is absurd. It because an Edinburgh West they talk


about rejoining EU... Jean Davidson, one thing to ask you, all the


parties have done a bad job on one thing and that is getting young


people the vote, the number of school leavers registered to vote


has fallen by 35% in the past oh years. They do not seem to be


interested in anything politicians are offering. -- past four years. I


believe they have been disenfranchised by changes in the


voting system and we need to persuade them to go out and vote and


register. At the moment we have an election which is very important to


them, 75% of young people voted to stay in the EU, they need to make


some decisions in this particular election as well. We have to leave


it there. Thank you for your time. If you still haven't registered


to vote you have just seven days Just go the website


on your screen now. And that's Election


Reporting Scotland. Tomorrow on the campaign trail


Jeremy Corbyn launches Labour's manifesto, the Lib Dems will


be discussing business, the Tories will demand an end


to calls for a second independence referendum and the SNP


will celebrate 10 years So, join us again tomorrow night


at 10.30 for all of that Good evening. For most of us it was


a cloudy day and


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