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On Election Reporting Scotland tonight.


Labour launch their UK Manifesto but what does it mean for Scotland?


The SNP celebrate 10 years in power at Holyrood.


Plus we're on the campaign trail with the Liberal Democrats


Bedtime soon but not before your nightly guide


We're here until 8th of June covering the campaign


Today felt a bit like Groundhog Day with the official launch


Thanks to last week's leak it sounded a bit familiar.


And in case you hadn't noticed, today also marked


Here's our Political Editor Brian Taylor.


One among many, crazier Dugdale joined Jeremy Corbyn to launch the


Labour manifesto. On stage the court tax-and-spend offer plus the public


ownership of real and Royal Mail and renews trident and supports gas and


ownership of real and Royal Mail and constitutional Convention for the


UK. Jeremy Corbyn stands firmly against independence because of the


yesterday it would bring. 15,000,000,000 lb of additional


cuts. We stand against austerity and understand the damage it can do.


Nicola Sturgeon rejects that forecast.


Today marking a decade in devolved power.


Today is a very special day for the SNP.


She says Scotland needs the SNP again at Westminster to counter


Conservative austerity and die-hard Brexit.


She says Labour has lifted policies like free tuition fees from the SNP,


I don't think anyone believes Labour is going to be in government


and so the question for Scotland is how to best protect Scotland


against an increasingly hardline Tory government at Westminster


that we know would like to impose more cuts and more austerity


and we can only do that by sending strong SNP MPs to Westminster


In Dumfries Ruth Davidson decries Labour's recipe.


She says the financial plans would leave a bad taste and she says


Labour is still not firm enough on the Union.


People across Scotland know that the party that will stand up


for the decision that we made as a country and that will tell


Nicola Sturgeon to think again is the Scottish Conservatives.


Cheery fun here, but he reckons that Labour's offer is simply a mess.


Labour are not capable of providing a competent opposition in this


country and that is very clear from the performance


of Jeremy Corbyn and he doesn't seem to know his positions on Brexit


What we need is a clear and a compassionate and fair voice,


a competent voice for our country and the Liberal Democrats


Labour will launch the Scottish manifesto next week.


We've got a panel of top pundits tonight to discuss


I'm joined in the studio by Paul McNamee - the UK Editor


of the Big Issue and the SNP activist Suzanne McLaughlin.


In Edinburgh tonight is Duncan Hothersall,


here is the Labour manifesto. A traditional fixture of the campaign


and the matter to the politicians and the media, the public here?


Absolutely. I think it is always a mistake to underestimate voters.


They are not stupid. They absolutely care and I actually think this is an


interesting manifesto. It has people talking. Is this the recognisable to


people in Scotland because they already have most of these policies


in Scotland. Put in place by the Scottish Government. I think people


care about is when you are on the doorsteps and talking to people and


meetings, the care about a way out poverty and austerity, that is what


they want. The people of Scotland are lucky enough that there is hope


and a way out. I think this is a step forward for people and the rest


of the UK. It was Jeremy Corbyn's big moment to sign after the leak


last week Digital out of? I thought it was very competent and he spoke


without tripping up and he got through all the policies that we


knew were coming. It's not a ringing endorsement. The thing with Jeremy


Corbyn is that today there are a lot of policies that people like. Nobody


is going to argue about trying to do more for the health service or


education, or workers in low income. Nobody is going to argue with any of


that. There might be an appetite for higher taxes for higher earners and


that agenda but the bottom line is it doesn't matter. He is not good to


get elected. There is a certain amount of a dance going on here and


I think it is fascinating because Jeremy Corbyn obviously at some


place in his heart of hearts I am guessing knows he is not good to be


prime ministers saw what he is doing essentially a sitting at an agenda


for the next people coming along seeing as you go to be this labour


that people want even if they didn't want me? That is the crucial


question, can you believe in this manner as prime ministers? Did he at


least close the credibility gap? I think he has had a terrific few


least close the credibility gap? I weeks in the campaign. I think he


has presented a very solid and strong Labour set of policies and I


think probably for people in Scotland the critical statement in


that manifesto is the clear opposition to independence as to a


second referendum. We have a situation in Scotland and the


general election the Conservatives and the S are essentially


polarising the country. We have to move past constitutional politics


and reset that line, we have had the referendum and you move onto other


things. Applicant a really strong set of Labour policies. He has


clarified the constitutional question, Labour opposes a second


referendum, it is unwanted and unnecessary. A clear no to that of


its also a promise to set up a People's Constitutional Convention


its also a promise to set up a to consider the option of a more


federal UK. Is that kicking devolution powers into the long


grass? Let's be clear, policies are all one thing but you have to enact


them and you have to be empowered to do that. This federalism issue, we


have Jamie Cobham pondering it and people don't believe Labour any


more. Didn't believe Jeremy Corbyn to be any position to enact any


progressive policies. The people in Scotland want that they have one


choice and that is SNP. Stronger for Scotland or the way. Jeremy Corbyn


is a Democrat and he is playing the game to a certain degree, she has to


say this to pander to middle England but the subtle fact of the matter is


that she is a Democrat and he is not to ignore the will of the Scottish


climate. She also has to walk a taken on Trident, renewal supported


by the National manifesto but still opposed by the party in Scotland.


And also it was a slightly wishy-washy approval because he also


said he wants to talk about some kind of talks for multilateral


said he wants to talk about some disarmament globally so it is


something he has never quite got hold of because of his past and this


is the problem with the credibility of Jeremy Corbyn that has passed


each coming back or just on one point there, the idea that the only


alternative at the SNP, I think that is slightly troublesome because we


need a full rainbow of approach and ideas rather than just one kind of a


monolithic organisation. Duncan, the ideas rather than just one kind of a


Trident issue, how are they going to ground this problem with London and


the Labour manifesto? People and the labour movement have always had a


range of views on this issue, and I think what is interesting in the


discussion is this criticism that if you do take the view that Labour


can't win the election, not a view I take, you can then put against


Labour the option of an SNP that is only standing and 59 out of 650


seats. Literally standing in 600 plus seats and could form a


Government. SNP isn't even trying to plus seats and could form a


form a Government so adamant that Labour mini couldn't win if you hold


that view, it was the S out of the water. Like very much.


More from the campaign trail coming up, but first Suzanne Allen has


After the longest trial in UK criminal history, a husband and wife


Edwin McLaren from Renfrewshire was found guilty of property fraud


His wife Lorraine was convicted of mortgage fraud.


Some knew him as Adrian, David or Evan, his real


name is Edwin McLaren, and today he became


The homeowner thinks that he is paying money into her account.


But the court found he had sold her house -


little did she know he was not putting money in,


helping himself to the proceeds of the house sale.


This was an advert he put in the paper but he didn't


Instead of a loan until the house was sold in the future,


the court heard he had the trust of vulnerable people and told


them to sign documents and the house was his.


This woman said her father had a heart attack when he found out.


He just wants to curl up into a ball and die after what Edwin McLaren has


effectively done to him and as far as the family is concerned


Edwin McLaren is scum who basically preys on people


In the case of one couple Edwin McLaren turned up here,


at the cancer centre to get a document signed, the homeowner


said he was so weakened by his cancer treatment


that he did not even know what the document was.


It turns out that he and his wife were signing over their house.


Of the cases that made it to court, there were more than 30 victims,


the length of Scotland and one in England.


This is Edwin McLaren's own home with a yellow Bentley in the garage,


he lived there with his wife Lorraine who was also found guilty


of one count of fraud, both husband and wife


We had over 200 people involved in the investigation


and in my experience this is one of the most complex property


When this woman made an agreement with Edwin McLaren he called himself


Evan and she said she was struggling financially and also


As I say, I was really unwell, suicidal.


And then he came forward as quite a nice person.


And not this animal that he turned out to be.


Text messages between the conman and the homeowners are evidence


of how they had to beg for the money he hadn't paid them.


And today's verdict is not the end for the victims,


many have got to go to the civil court to try to get


Edwin and Lorraine McLaren now wait to hear their sentences.


Fiona Walker, reporting from Glasgow.


The Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown has told a court that former TV


weatherman Fred Talbot tried to sexually abuse his


friend on a camping trip to Scotland in the 1970s.


Mr Talbot denies assaulting several boys in Moffat


in Dumfries and Galloway and on the Caledonian


Edinburgh council has denied bullying property owners to recover


debts arising from the capital's controversial system


A number of owners claim officials have repeatedly brushed aside


concerns about work - typically worth hundreds


But the council say difficult cases have been independently reviewed


and insist their approach is reasonable.


in order, to suddenly receive a bill for ?24,000 was frightening.


In tennis, Andy Murray is out of the Italian Open


He lost 6-2, 6-4 to Italian player Fabio Fognini


The world number one has struggled in form since topping the rankings


He keeps his number one status despite being knocked out


That's all for now - back to Stephen.


As we saw earlier, the First Minister has been


marking a decade of SNP in power at Holyrood.


If a year is long time in politics, an awful lot can


Alex Salmond let out of his helicopter and into power. A


surprise result after years of Labour dominance in Scottish


politics, the SNP had a lot to prove. That is the end of. Meanwhile


at Westminster there was another changing of the guard as Tony Blair


stood down as Labour leader, to be succeeded by Gordon Brown. The


Liberal Democrats are elected a freshfaced young MP, Nick Clegg as


party leader. The day of the Scottish elections was also the D3


three-year-old Madeleine McCann was reported missing while on holiday in


Portugal. Ten years on, what happened to her remains a mystery.


The biggest news story of the year in Scotland was the failed terrorist


attack on Glasgow airport. A flaming car was driven into the terminal


entrance, five people were injured and the attacker died. It made a


tabloid star of John Smeaton. I personally ran up and attacked him


along with five people. And on television, we said goodbye to Jack


and Victor as the last series of still game was broadcast. Or was it?


That was then but this is no. -- now.


With me now our nightly political panel, this evening its Labour MSP


James Kelly and Lib Dem candidate Alan Reid, in Dundee


tonight Stewart Hosie - who's a candidate for the SNP -


and Conservative candidate and MSP Ross Thomson is in Aberdeen.


Welcome to you all, thank you for joining me. A big day for the SNP,


ten years in power. The Tories say you have peaked and the only way is


down, how will you prove them wrong and what will be the measure of your


success? We set out in 2015 to win the UK election in Scotland. We set


out in 2017 to win the UK election in Scotland. We are campaigning very


hard in every seat, the manifesto has not been launched yet but when


you see it it will be an exciting and vibrant proposition, a real


opposition to the deep austerity, more cuts and hard Tore Brexit


promised by to leave me and the Conservatives. More seats on the 8th


of June? I won up put a limit on it. I am convinced we will do very well


indeed. According to traditional political wisdom, the SNP should be


in decline after ten years and the opposition in ascendancy, instead of


that, you have collapsed as a party, quite a turnaround? After ten years


of the SNP in power, people will reflect on the division and the


obsession with the independence reflect on the division and the


referendum... How come they are doing so well and you are doing so


badly? There has been ?1.5 billion of SNP cuts, 4000 less teachers and


education, 1000 less support staff. People are fed up with the effing


Tories... We are sending a message to the SNP. -- fed up with the SN


PE. Even the gloomiest predictions suggest they are by far the biggest


party at the general election. The SNP no doubt will amend a good


number of seats but there is an opportunity across Scotland to send


a clear message to the First Minister that there are things to be


getting on with such as her so-called priority of education when


we have children leaving school who cannot do the basics of reading and


writing. The economy is on the brink of recession. The waiting time


targets forced hospitals are being breached. But Conservative to send a


message to the First Minister, ditch the referendum, forget the


divisiveness of the referendum. You are accepting there will be an SNP


landslide on the 8th of June? I think there will be a good number of


colleagues who will be joining David Mundell on the benches. Labour


collapse should leave space for effective opposition and that should


be you but it has turned out to be the Tories and said, what have you


done wrong? That is definitely an effective opposition in Scotland but


that is a large number of seats where the Liberal Democrats are


second to the SNP and we are confident that those people are fed


up with a second independence referendum and will vote for a


Liberal Democrat candidate... What are you basing that on because the


tide seems to be turning towards the Tories and not to you? Time after


time that people are saying they want to stop the SNP and the second


independence referendum and I am confident they will vote for the


candidate best placed to defeat the SNP and in several constituencies


that is the Liberal Democrats. Let us talk about the approach in


that is the Liberal Democrats. Let general terms, Bank of Scotland


growth showed a slight improvement but we remain behind the UK in terms


of business growth. Increasing corporation tax, hammering their


higher paid, how will that encourage their Scottish economy? Because the


central theme of the very successful man of Haass talks launched today is


the promotion of public services. -- successful man of five -- manifesto


launched today. There will be extra money for the Scottish project.


Every programme for education, reversing the cuts the SNP have made


we will produce skilled students who will contribute to a growing


Scottish economy. That is a positive action from a positive Labour


message today. You have considerable powers of attacks which you choose


not to use, is it time to use them? You heard the Finance Secretary this


week talking about the tax rates for future budgets. All this talk of


independence, the second independence rather ignores the fact


that this is a UK election. On the point of the labour kept -- launch


is that those in -- earning over ?50,000 should pay a tax of 50%


rather than 45%. I have never heard an argument to half the threshold so


that someone would be paying a tax rate design for multimillionaires. I


think Labour have got this wrong and I would like to see the back of the


cigarette packets on which the analysis which gives them a 6


million spent in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. He bundled them


altogether which shows the paucity of ambition Labour have for this


country. The top rate of tax used to be higher than what Labour are


proposing. Margaret Thatcher was prime minister then. Is there


anything wrong in principle with increasing tax when it is required?


I actually wasn't born in 1979 so I cannot remember those days. Take my


word for it. Jeremy Corbyn is bringing forward plans for 48


billion more in spending and the people will be paying for that and


that is the ordinary hard-working people and businesses in terms of


the huge hike in corporation tax which will put businesses of


investing and cost jobs. The very people Jeremy Corbyn says it wants


to help other ones he will hurt, ordinary hard-working people in


Aberdeen. You want to end the ordinary hard-working people in


sector pay cap, how much of the tax increase will go towards meeting


this pay cap? In Scotland, where income tax is devolved to the


Scottish Parliament, our policy is to spend it on education and mental


health because education standards have fallen badly in Scotland and


people, children for example are waiting 600 days for a mental health


assessment which is completely unacceptable so more money has to go


into education and mental health which is why we believe the Scottish


Parliament should increase tax. We're out of time no, thank you very


much for joining us today. -- time now.


Now just before we go, our image of the day.


It's not nice to laugh at a colleague so that's


This is the BBC's Ben Brown keeping viewers abreast of the situation


and getting a bit of a slap for his trouble.


And that's Election Reporting Scotland.


Tomorrow on the campaign trail Kezia Dugdale takes listeners


questions on BBC Radio Scotland and the Lib Dems launch their UK


Manifesto, plus there's childcare and ice cream.


Laura McIver is here tomorrow at 10.30 for all of that.


Good evening. The week ahead is fairly unsettled. Low pressure is


whirling around us at times. Longer spells of rain and breezy but


equally some sunshine, May sunshine is quite strong when it comes out.


To end the day, dry and cleared and chilly overnight. Much cooler than


my site. A dry and bright day. A few showers across the Hebrides with a


breeze. Around eight in the morning, temperatures are around ten or 11


Celsius, colder than this morning. Largely dry and bright but there


will be a few showers across the west coast but mainly in the


Hebrides. Winds generally light. Through the course of the day, it


will remain la -- largely dry and bright. The showers holdall in the


south-west, edging inland. A different story south of the border,


they have a lot of rain and it will be a wet day through the wheels, the


Midlands and Central and southern England. Humid temperatures in the


south-east. That rain will be with them for most of the day. For us and


for Northern Ireland it is a case of sunshine and showers. Showers are


few and far between tomorrow, focused on the north and north-west.


Temperatures down from today but pleasant with light winds. The rest


of the afternoon into the evening, little change for us but downsize


the rain remains, quite heavy in the Home Counties and East Anglia. Come


Thursday, sunshine across the board with


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