12/03/2017 Reporting Scotland

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The latest news and weather from BBC News Scotland.

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There's more throughout the evening on the BBC News Channel,


A runner has died after falling ill during a night time


She had been taking part in yesterday's Mighty Deerstalker event


It was billed as the biggest race of its kind in the UK.


2000 people took part in the race, which was being staged for the 11th


time. The 48-year-old Google just before six o'clock last night, about


a mile after starting the race, here in the avenue of trees outside the


house. Organisers say it happened to close to one of their safety


marshals and they had a member of the medical team on site within a


few minutes. He worked to treat the woman, along with an off-duty


paramedic, until the ambulance arrived.


Today at the site, the camping field has been cleared, and the festival


is being deviated. The UK's outgoing terrorism advisor


has warned that there's a "real" threat of terrorists crossing


by ferry from Northern David Anderson claims police


officers at Scottish ports told him they had "incomplete and unreliable"


information from His report was written before


he stood down from his position The Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell


has told the BBC that a second Scottish independence


referendum isn't "relevant". His comments are in marked contrast


to those of the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn,


who yesterday said another vote Yesterday, Labour's UK leaders were


in Glasgow, but they got a mixed message with them. First, the


in Glasgow, but they got a mixed leader Jeremy Corbyn told the


journalists it was absolutely fine ever second independence referendum


took place. Stands completely different to Scottish Labour's


agreed view. The party's on the MP in Scotland took to social media to


see his leader was destroying the party that so many deed. But also in


Glasgow was the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell. He told BBC Scotland


that another referendum wasn't relevant. To press for an


independence referendum at this time when we're having to deal with the


concrete problems are facing, such as the threats of Brexit to our


economy, the fact that wages are still falling, I think it's a


complete distraction from the bread and butter issues. This morning,


complete distraction from the bread Scottish Labour issued a message


confirming their opposition to another vote. Scottish Lib Dem


leader said MPs would block any move at Westminster to grant a second


referendum. Rangers held Celtic to a one


all draw in today's Old Firm It's only the second time this


season Brendan Rodgers' side And as our senior football reporter


Chris Mclaughlin reports, The familiar security operation


outside, but a new face inside. New Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha in


the stand today. He will start the real tomorrow. But his new players


work clearly keen to impress. They could and probably should have taken


lead. A mess followed by this mistake, and Celtic took advantage


in familiar clinical style. Stuart Armstrong giving the home fans what


they wanted, and probably expected. But the visitors just wouldn't


buckle and with minutes to go, this save wasn't enough, and Clint Hill


hammered home to the delight of interim boss Graeme Murty. Celtic's


penalty claims fell on deaf ears just moments later. It's a shade of


the points, but this feels very much like a victory for Rangers. We have


been living in Celtic's shadow, and few give them any hope against a


side on course for the domestic treble. They proved to the fans here


and to their new manager that they are up for the fight.


Tennis, and Andy Murray has lost in the second


round of the Indian Wells Open to Vasek Pospisil.


The Canadian world number 129 beat Murray after a second-set tie-break.


Those of us with disabilities have been encouraged to venture out more


Disabled Access Day, which has now been extended across three days,


encourages people to try new things and raises awareness


Our reporter Ian Hamilton travelled to the seaside


The MacDonald and his daughter Hope I often hear for the day. For Ryan,


it's about thinking ahead. It doesn't take much planning and


Oliver going by car, but if we may be going by train, we have to put


assistance in advance. Having arrived in air, the weather is less


than favourable. Shall we go to the beach? Let's go. Soft play seems a


better option. With no letup in the weather, it is time to take refuge


in the bowling alley. Brian recognises that not everywhere is


perfect, but many businesses are trying their best, often on a


limited budget. It's unrealistic to expect that any venue is going to be


absolutely accessible from any one construe the door, but I think as


long as there is a willingness from staff members and management to ask


the people what it is that they need and what it is that they need them


to do to make it a pleasant experience and an enjoyable


experience, then that's all we can ask. Ian Hamilton, reporting


Scotland. Let's get the weather


prospects for this evening - and the start of the week -


and Kirsteen Macdonald It has been a mixed bag of weather


today, and also the warmest day of the year so far. This evening, drive


with clear spells in the east, perhaps allowing some frost to


develop. Generally, though, it becomes cloudy from the West during


the night, with light and patchy outbreaks of rain and mist over high


ground. After a fairly chilly evening in the East, temperatures


will continue to recover as we go through the night. Tomorrow starts


on a cloudy note. Light and patchy rain for a time, quickly clearing


into the North Sea. Behind that, it becomes dry for most of us, with


spells of brightness and sunshine. Just one achieves showers papering


western coastal areas. The rest of the UK tomorrow is in the same boat.


Dry conditions with plenty of brightness and sunshine, becoming


locally warm in the south-east, with highs of 16 Celsius. Temperatures


climbing into double digits for lovers and with mostly light winds,


battlefield pleasant in the sunshine for the time of year. Back on home


turf tomorrow evening, cloud increasing once again with clouds


and rain in the north-west. By Tuesday, we will have blustery


and rain in the north-west. By showers and the winds will reach


deal if not severe gale force, especially across the far north.


Our next update's just after the ten o'clock news.


Until then, from everyone on the team here in Glasgow; enjoy