12/03/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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A runner has died after falling ill during a night time


She had been taking part in yesterday's Mighty Deerstalker event


It was billed as the biggest race of its kind in the UK.


2000 people took part in the race was much being staged for the 11th


time. The 48 jewel took ill just before six o'clock last night about


a mile after starting the race. Organisers say it happened close to


one of their safety marshals along the route and they had a member of


the medical team on site within minutes. They work to treat the


woman along with an off-duty paramedic until the ambulance


arrived. Police confirmed the run-up was taken to Borders General


Hospital but passed away on route. In a statement, event organisers


said they gave full assistance to the appropriate authorities and


their condolences are with the family and friends of the deceased.


Today the camping field has been cleared and the festival is being


direct. The UK's outgoing terrorism advisor


has warned that there's a real threat of terrorists crossing


by ferry from Northern David Anderson claims police


officers at Scottish ports told him they had incomplete and unreliable


information from His report was written before


he stood down from his position A ceremony has been held


in the north of Shetland to mark 100 years since


the loss of a Royal Navy E-49 was leaving Baltasound harbour


when it hit a German mine The event organiser says the memory


of the crew's sacrifice was starting These men went out and gave their


lives for the country. It is 100 years ago and this needed


commemorating, it is the greatest loss of military life in Shetland's


history, so it needed to be done. Rangers held Celtic to a 1-1


draw in today's Old Firm It's only the second time this


season Brendan Rodgers' side And as our senior football reporter


Chris Mclaughlin reports, The familiar security operation


outside but a new face inside. The new Rangers manager in the stand


today. He will start for real tomorrow but his new players working


to impress. They could and probably should have taken the lead. They


miss followed by this mistake and Celtic took advantage in familiar


clinical style. Stuart Armstrong giving the fans what they wanted and


probably expected. But the visitors just would not buckle and with


minutes to go, this. The save wasn't enough and Clint Hill hammered home.


Celtic 's's penalty claims fell on deaf ears. So it is a share of the


points but this feels like a victory for Rangers. They have been living


in Celtic's shower and few gave them little hope for the domestic


trouble. They have proved that they are up for the fight.


Well, it's over to Kirsteen now with the weather outlook


Good evening. Tonight cloud will continue to increase from the West,


followed by light and patchy outbreaks of rain with mist on high


ground. Temperatures continued to recover after a chilly evening.


Tomorrow dawns cloudy with delight and patchy rain, however this will


clear into the North Sea leaving mostly dry conditions behind it with


plebgate of brightness. Beginning to cloud over again from the West.


Light rain moving in from the Northwest accompanied by


strengthening winds. Across much of the mainland, winds will be light


and highs of 11, 12 Celsius. Tuesday the mainland, winds will be light


will bring blustery showers with Gail or perhaps severe gales in the


far north. Our next update's at 6.25 tomorrow


morning during Breakfast. Until then, from everyone


on the weekend team, enjoy the rest But from all of us here,


have a good night. Good evening. For many places it was


a fairly cloudy day on suspend but there was sunshine for western areas


during the