18/03/2017 Reporting Scotland

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The latest news and weather from BBC News Scotland.

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The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has repeated her call


Addressing her party's Spring conference in Aberdeen, she said


the will of the Scottish Parliament "must and will prevail".


Our Political Correspondent Nick Eardley reports.


Nicola Sturgeon teams of signing off on it. The ironworkers back at the


top of Scotland's political agenda. And on the issue that included her


perky supporters like no other, she is not budging. There will be an


independent referendum. APPLAUSE


The UK Government disagrees. There is no sign it is about to change its


mind. But Sturgeon knows she will win the Scottish Parliament's


support next week and argues that can be ignored. To stand in defiance


of that would be folly Prime Minister to shatter beyond repair


any notion of the UK as a respectful partnership of equals. Let the Prime


Minister be in no doubt, the will of our Parliament must and will


prevail. Agreeing the referendum is only half the battle. Her side lost


last time. She says she knows she had to do more to win votes, but he


hits her proposition. It is down to us to make the economic case for


independence. That is clearly the questions that people ask, and we


will. But we should also be clear about this. Those who argue for


Scotland to stay in the UK have big economic questions to answer to.


There was also some policy, money for mental health care, digital


skills and to pay childcare workers the living wage. But by far it was a


skills and to pay childcare workers constitutional pledge that won the


most passionate response. Scotland's future would be in Scotland's hands.


Haas support is guaranteed, but what happens next? That is not so clear.


The former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has called


for a new form of federal home rule for Scotland, to avoid


what he called the "extremes" of independence and


But the SNP and the Conservatives dismissed the idea.


At the same time we shouldn't lose a membership of the British single


market and that is not the SNP's policy, to take it out of that, 1


million jobs depend on that. He says Scots must have more control of


farming, fisheries and environment as well as banking and packs. The


Conservatives say more powers will come to all part of the UK when we


leave the EU. Mr Brown's speech does is highlight, they say, is widely


bad for a referendum is so inconsiderate. Nasa has argued the


Labour Party is so divided in Westminster and so weak in Scotland


that they are in force. -- not a force.


Rugby now, and the Scotland head coach Vern Cotter says he got just


In his last match in charge, Scotland defeated Italy 29-0.


Kheredine Idessane reports from Murrayfield.


A full house roared its approval as Finn Russell scored just if for the


half hour to add to an earlier penalty by Stuart Hogg, and in


Scotland went on to have a 15-0 half-time lead. In this outscored


and in perhaps the best was saved half-time lead. In this outscored


for last as Stuart Hogg laid in Tommy Seymour 44 Scottish try and a


29-0 win. Folly and going head coach Vern Cotter. I was a supporter


before I came here and I will be a supporter now, but with additional


emotional attachment. Vern Cotter's last match in charge of Scotland


three wins and a six Nations campaign for the first time in over


a decade. He hands over to Gregor Townsend feeling that he is less


Scottish rugby in a much better position than he found it.


Football,and here are all today's Premiership results.


Aberdeen's victory over Hearts means that Celtic cannot


Elsewhere, there were wins for St Johnstone and Rangers.


Now before we go, let's get the weather outlook for tonight


Invaded evening. We are looking at outbreaks of rain crossing the


country tonight. Low pressure to the north of ours, generating these


trailing whether France, updates and brains, and this is the remnants of


storm Stella that not all that snow to America earlier this week. Try


initially, but here is a band of rain sweeping and across the country


tonight, accompanied by strengthening south-westerly winds


in the south-west corner. When spec up in the north and as we head


through the night in the rain does become confined to the south west


but showers farther north and some rain across Shetland. Clear


conditions feeding end but it will turn colder across more northern


part around the four Celsius, milder in the south. A tale of two halves


tomorrow, dry clear whether in the north with one or two showers, rain


any south sinking southwards, a much improved day across south-west


Scotland, the sunshine coming through. Across the UK, that weather


front responsible for the rain is sinking southwards into the north of


England, Northern Ireland and parts of Wales, but ahead of that a lot of


dry weather, bright sunny spells and temperatures mild across the south,


1314 Celsius. Colder in the sunshine across northern Scotland, but we


will see its sunny spells coming through. Showers coming towards the


west and the north, a lot of dry weather to be had to, and as we had


was beginning next week. Sunshine and showers at times, it will turn


notably colder as we head to next week. Hazard


And that's all from Reporting Scotland for now.


Our next update is tomorrow evening at 5:50pm.


Until then, from everyone here, good evening.