19/03/2017 Reporting Scotland

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The latest news and weather from BBC News Scotland.

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Dick did United the result that had Jose Mourinho jumping for joy --


gifted United The Scottish Conservative leader


Ruth Davidson has accused the SNP of acting against the wishes


of the majority of Scots with its plans for another


referendum on independence. Speaking to the BBC,


Ms Davidson said the independence campaign was not about Brexit -


claiming the nationalists are utilising whatever is at hand


to try and end the union. But Nicola Sturgeon says her


plan is about giving With the latest,


here's our political After a week dominated by the debate


over a second referendum, Ruth After a week dominated by the debate


Davidson took to the airwaves with her message, Scotland does not want


another vote. The SNP is not Scotland and they are acting against


the majority wishes in their proposition on Monday. Scottish


Government ministers disagree. Brexit has changed the game they


say. The Scottish Conservative leader is not buying it. This is not


abrupt Brexit. This is about using whatever is at hand to break the UK.


A breakfast pitch from the First Minister. She sees this differently.


Nicola Sturgeon says this is about choice. She wants it to be a


European future. An independent Scotland in your mind, would you be


looking to join the EU! I do believe it is right for Scotland to remain


within that European family of nations. Not won but two pitches. Ms


Sturgeon is adamant a referendum must be before Brexit but she had


this message for the Prime Minister on timing. It is for her to say what


timescale is appropriate and then I am happy to have that discussion.


Both sides are holding firm. The Scottish parliament will vote during


Both sides are holding firm. The the week and Nicola Sturgeon hopes


that will put more pressure on the UK Government, but with little sign


of a breakthrough, this debate will continue potentially for some time.


Scotland's food and drink exports rose to a record


?5.5 billion last year, according to new figures


Whisky has made a small recovery from a previous dip


Business is brisk at this Edinburgh market. As well as selling here,


many producers are trying to tap into bigger markets. Exports rose by


8% overall last year. We have cold smoke as well as hot smoke. The


seafood sector surged with sales to Asia. People are looking for premium


products with a strong story behind it. Whiskey makes up most of our


food and drink exports. Its figures are up 4%. Food exports have doubled


in a decade. Smaller producers are keen Scotland's retains diversity in


its products. All food related agencies need to enable us and the


curtailment is causing an issue where food producers have been


curtailed in what they are doing. We want the whole food industry and


policy to see if from the same hymn sheet. Growing sales are welcome but


there is concern about Brexit. Over ?2 billion of Scottish food and


there is concern about Brexit. Over exports went to Europe last year.


That compares to 8.5 billion to the rest of the UK. Later this week,


plants will be unveiled to make food and drink Scotland's biggest


industry by 2020. Celtic need just one more win


to take the Premiership title again VT? after beating Dundee 2-1


at Dens Park this afternoon. Jozo Simunovic got the first


just before half time. And this Stuart Armstrong header


from a James Forrest cross gave the visitors


a seemingly unassailable lead. A spectacular solo effort


from the Moroccan striker Faissal El Bakhtaoui kept Dundee's


hopes alive, but the visitors left, Taking part in sport is well known


for boosting confidence and fitness. Now, people who've lost


a limb have a chance Training is always hard work


especially if you are next competitive game is a week away. No


shortage of skill on display. People come here with different stories but


they find fitness and friendship. It has done wonders for my confidence.


It has got me into a sport I would never have tried before and I would


like to get more ladies involved. Rebecca is the only female player in


the Great Britain amputee football league. Over the last year I got


involved with this team. The disability is not a bad area in a


sport like this. Amputee football is played all over the world. The goal


is to get other teams involved and create a vibrant league here.


Balance and strength are key. Brian lost his leg to cancer aged ten but


has now rediscovered a love for the game. I wish now looking back I had


not let it stop me and I could have done more. That is what I want to


give to youngsters, don't let anything stop you, go for it.


Now let's find out what the weather's going to be


like overnight and for the start of the week.


Not looking too bad. Initially we saw some lovely sunshine today.


Lovely blue skies and blue sea. Over the next few days it is set to turn


colder and showery. A quiet night tonight with clear skies, showers


will push him towards the West and they will turn into more prolonged


spells of rain. It has been quite breezy today but winds strengthen,


touching gale force along the West Coast and temperatures of around


five Celsius. Tomorrow starts off on a cloudy, windy node. Outbreaks of


rain, gales along the West Coast. The rain does clear quickly followed


on by blustery, showery conditions but also we've will see brighter


Scouse and fewer showers towards eastern areas. Showers for Northern


Ireland, the North of England, a weather front bringing outbreaks of


rain for Wales, the Midlands. The weather front becoming confined to


the south-east. I think it will be quite a breezy day for the self.


Noticeably colder back in Scotland. Today we saw 14 Celsius and by


tomorrow we are looking closer to 9 degrees. Frequent showers and quite


blustery. By Tuesday it is looking pretty similar, turning colder as


well. Our next update's just


after the ten o'clock news. Until then, from everyone


on the team here in Glasgow,