23/09/2012 Sunday Politics East Midlands


Andrew Neil and Marie Ashby with the latest political news, debate and interviews, including chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander and communities secretary Eric Pickles.

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Canon Nick Clegg Bristol the furniture inspired a Liberal


Democrats? And had get don't for the summer's


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 2022 seconds


contributions for keeping this I was outside does have a jolt


Armando. There is a cross country campaign and this first step deeper


came from Cambridge to come over. It is important that people are


coming together, acquiring for a review of this decision. Our


review of this decision. Our survival rates for some of the best


survival rates for a step it is really important that MPs by


booking together with this. Will it make any difference? Are we are


hoping that this new evidence will be looked at. We are hoping Jeremy


Hunt will agree there will be a wider review. It is really


important that everybody books together - the clinicians, a


patient groups MPs. The decision to close the unit is a wrong one.


Mickey, you hosted a meeting, looking at keeping this unit. What


looking at keeping this unit. What came up to that meeting. We have


looked at additional evidence. Things like the expected numbers of


patients, a mortality rate of the unit, the additional pressures on


the beds already in Birmingham. The view is that the review team do not


know the whole picture. Liz, John and I sat down with these people,


representing other MPs, and we have spoken to Jeremy Hunt already.


is the opposite case - you on this in your backyard, but your


government is responsible for making these cuts. This is not


making these cuts. This is not about cuts. This arises from the


Bristol Heart scandal forced up it was all to do with having bigger


and save the unit's. The argument we are making is we have at a


world-leading, specialised service end Leicester. Doing really want to


put in jeopardy? Can start as a same do not ruin it. This is not a


party political issue. There are plenty up NHS policy areas I


disagree with. This is not party political. That is what we are


working together with this, trying to get this decision reviewed.


What is that sound? That is the sound of the Liberal Democrats and


the East Midlands! The party may be in government in Westminster, but


right here, it has been losing power and seats. Nick Clegg came to


the region ahead of this week's Lib Dem conference to raise support


cost up they could all hear him, but what they are listening?


Limp -- Nick Clegg knows that the message of them gets a sceptical


hearing. The party faces a struggle. But Nick Clegg believes long-term


decisions, taken by the Lib Dems in government, will win back voters.


government, will win back voters. Whether it is the big tax changes,


Whether it is the big tax changes, whereby you will not pay tax on


your first �10,000, whether it is the fact pensioners have the


largest tax increase in the state pension, where there it is the


biggest number of new apprenticeships and the East


Midlands and the last 20 years, the pupil premium, a lot of these


things have taken up at a time to come through. That Deputy Prime


Minister had been invited by the Nottingham poster face an audience


of its readers. He took questions of the calf. He won prizes for


honesty and been prepared to face voters. It was interesting, did not


anything you. Was not overwhelmingly convinced. I got the


feel of this is a government not listening well enough to the real


people. It was really nice to hear from Nick Clegg himself, first hand,


without the purse having third taken up. Not too keen on his


opinion. There was an even more hostile reception from Nick Clegg


at Trent Bridge, as the Deputy Prime Minister met Liberal


Democrats inside, outside, unions staged a protest. It is to get the


message across to Nick Clegg and his allies that it is about time


they stopped backing this Government and stuttered to stand


up to it. By now, he is used to the criticism. Where people want to


criticise Liberal Democrats, we should take it on the chin, but we


should also hold our heads up high for stepping up to the plate when


the country was on the brink, back in 2010. We have done this


painstaking, unpopular will go to prepare and reform the British


economy. It has also boosted jobs and the Green economy, making sure


children from poor backgrounds could do better start in life,


giving pensioners a decent state pension. Nick Clegg was once an


East Midlands MEP. He knows it could take time the Lib Dem for a


chance to improve and the region. You were at that meeting at Trent


Bridge with Nick Clegg. What did he say to you? He did not need to say


too much, because we already have a love to have that morale. The


members in the East Midlands are fairly positive and energetic. We


have had a few setbacks and the local elections, but we still


control two local authorities. he did not apologise? No, but we


discussed a buzz of issues around the coalition and Hank will we need


to cement are so put in the region. After the meeting, it did you say


anything that prompted that pilot she? There was a discussion on a


range of issues, and one of the was a student tuition fees. Nick Clegg


has been up and down the country, and Martin was the last stop.


During that time, he has been listening to members up and down


the country. Surely, some of them are painting quite a gloomy picture.


We do not have any Lib Dem MPs and the East Midlands. We don't, do we


have an active MEP. We are the strongest opposition in two county


councils. So, you are comfortable with the situation as it is? We are


not comfortable. We want to do better. We are not completely


complacent about the situation, but we are also not at a loss with


morale. Are you worried that disaffected Lib Dem voters would be


turning to Labour? It will be interesting to find out where the


Lib Dem voters to go. Local by- election results tend to suggest


they are split over the place. Some go to Labour, some come to us, and


some will stay with the Lib Dems for a step in Loughborough, a lot


of people went to the Lib Dems because of the Iraq war, and the


question will be whether that will still be an issue. What about this


took of a Lib Dems turning to Labour? There will be relations


between all sorts of politicians. There will be Labour politicians,


Lib Dems, Conservatives. I am not sure what the country will think of


it for a stab at the moment, we would try to go for a majority


government. Would you party work with the Lib Dems? We need to


rebuild trust with the British people. If it but you back under


government? And that all happen in the next election? With people who


we have strong sympathies with, like Linda -- Vince Cable, or we


will work with him. But let us be clear with Nick Clegg's apologies -


he has apologised for making the pledge and the first place. It is a


rather cynical manoeuvre, would you think back to the general election,


they used this as a campaigning tool. This was not a casual pledge.


This is what they campaigned on. could be said you are haemorrhaging


support in the East Midlands. Is that the man at the top who is to


blame? No. The apology he has made, we have to respect somebody who, in


politics, feels that mistakes have been made. There are not many


politicians to make apologies on public platforms. Tony Blair and


never made an apology for the ruck or, and golden brown did not make


any apologies for selling gold reserves at half-price. Patricia


Hewitt never made any apologies over the commitment she later


Lister Hospital. It takes a certain level of politician... A OK, but we


have heard, on the doorstep, people are campaigning. When they go to


the disturbed and say Nick Clegg's main, people do not want to know.


knock and us every week. Things are getting progressively better. Since


we lost our local councillors, we are not getting the service we used


to have before from local Lib Dem councillors. That is where Labour


had taken control. Labour take local communities for granted.


tie your tactics for when East Midlands come back? We have to


continue to work go have a strength - hour care ended up communities in


the upper community politics for a step Liberal Democrats are the


strongest under work at your local people for a step you're no putting


anyone up for Police Commissioner - is that Pat of a plan for a step


that a share it is do we feel that local people make a decision for a


step numbers and the East Midlands felt that there was none needs for


a step this is the first Sunday politics since the summer break, an


older, they have for us is that we Has a back and the party


conferences are a planners, it is time to prepare the garden for the


return. It has been such a memorable summer. Now, back to a


routine, and in the political undergrowth, it is not that


difficult to find and uncovers some familiar political problems. You


wheeze Minch was first of the block. Her surprise resignation gave ppm


and early summer headache. The result? An unwelcome parliamentary


by-election. She stated families being the prime reason, but she


also felt she had not been rewarded for her media appearances and


supporting government. What was the Prime Minister's reaction? They are


upset. A clubby by-election and the election of the year police and


crime commissioner as well give us an insight into the political mood


of the East Midlands. Them and his disappointment. David Cameron came


in to do with the deficit and promote growth, and growth is non-


existent. Then there was David Cameron's reshuffle. The others, a


case of a political pruning. Out winds Edward Garnier a, Ken Clarke


was shunted a tough justice. Grantham and Stamford's MP is now


planning minister. Prime Ministers are strongest in the first up to a


three years of government. It would be hardest for him in the future to


stamp his political will in the future. By at a time, a Sunday


politics Dutch as Archbishop at the medals. So there goes to reach


mention for his sprinting over the finishing line by resigning as


clubby MP, to Madrid is into the job. And go to - Richards the third,


who offered his kingdom for a close and produced a comeback of the


summer. Arguing that just have unearthed to what they are


convinced of the remains of the former King of England buried in a


car park in Leicester for a step if it does turn out to be Richard the


third, he would likely to have be state funeral?


I would come and I would like him to be buried in Leicester Cathedral.


We heard it there that Cameron is very upset at Louise's resignation.


How do you feel about it? I think Louise had been a good MP, but I


feel sad and. She tried very hard to juggle all the different bits of


her life, and being an MP is so hard if you have young children.


it too much for her? The difficulty was she met and married somebody


last year, who was based in the States. What I have heard is the


Prime Minister did everything he could to try to make it possible


for her to juggle things, and it did not work. It is not good to


lose a fellow woman MP. Absolutely. She made such a remark in


Parliament. She was changing the perceptions are politics. Louise


engaged with the public. To lose someone like that is a great shame.


It has been an inch a stink reshuffle. We now have a health


minister here. Nicky has been made a blip, and I am delighted for her.


I do not understand why Edward Garnier got the sack. But I have


got to say, he was decent. He go to a knighthood. Were though, it there


was nothing for the women. We have been hearing this week about the ex


MP for Gedling, the new Chief Whip, cooling the police plebs! It has


grossed a behaviour. And as soon brie is already making the


headlines are disturbed by a big part of your new job to rain


colleagues in? I am not sure whether that is possible. That


interview was just an hour through him through. People want to see


personalities in politics. There were undersea ministers to listen


to what people are telling them. I know she will be doing that. It is


a massive task. There are lots and lots of changes. The whip's Gerber


is a mixture of administration, planning what goes through


Parliament and dealing with MPs. And listening and working with all


sorts of personalities. Will that take you away from the constituency


and constituents? We spend more time with Westminster paperwork?


The good thing about being a wet is that there as though a little


paperwork. My PHI does come a week hence, of the assessors are here to


be spent in Loughborough. When I was elected, I wanted to put the


leftovers in the heart of Westminster. That will make that


two Job harder? Representing Loughborough? But then goes back to


Women in politics - and we did it multi-tasking and juggling? You can


I put a minister. And that is how a good to speak to Jeremy Hunt. The


links will continue. Joan, what is at the top of you to do list?


same issue is has been for the last 12 months - economy and


unemployment. Although, actually, unemployment came down by 13 in my


constituency. Youth unemployment is still too high. We need a problem -


- proper government scheme. What about you, Nicky? Journeys write


about jobs and skills. The my other great passion is mental health.


all happened about that? I let the debate in June. Last week, we saw


the men to hurt discrimination book at his second reading in Parliament.


We have got to go further. I hope that I am other colleagues can work


with our local health services and see how they are looking after


people for a step let us catch up on the other name Stowers of them


In a 19% Swing Glenn that Labour has won a County Council election


for a step or 2000 jobs could be crude a day and had business


package bed Baker ended up to 50 companies are attracted by the City


does my Bignell a manufacturer's first step Nigel says much for us


and the East Midlands have shown to spare tape since the defection of


Conservative MEP for a stab Rach -- road show left at the Conservative


Party for a step closer our plans anything over a government decision


not to do it protected status to a PCSO chip!


A 19% swing to Labour. Is this a sign of things to come? It is a


sign that results are all over the place. There were always local


factors at play. It is a big swing. It was an independent who died in


caused the by-election. There all sorts of factors. People are voting


on local candidates, local factors. It is very hard to discern any kind


of overall movement. You should be picking up votes. A spectacular


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