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for one matter. -- Juan Mata. It could be a brilliant day for the


Industry Minister they look to retain the Ashes. That is all. -- it


could be a brilliant day for the English women as they look to retail


the Ashes. Hallow. Welcome to our look ahead to


what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. Bring me are the political


editor of the Daily Mirror and the political correspondent of the sun


on Sunday. Many front pages are in. In the daily Telegraph, claims from


Iain Duncan Smith that the coalition 's welfare reforms will make Britain


great again. Pictures of protesters throwing petrol bombs in the centre


of care. A striking image of anti-government demonstrators and


police in the Ukraine. That is on the front of the Guardian. In the


Daily Mail, a different story. It claims Nick Clegg is struggling to


contain another sex scandal. That is after allegations against Nick


Hancock. Markets are braced for a pre-election rise in interest rates


at the drop in unemployment figures announced today. And the Metro,


which you can get in 50 cities around the country, has views of


parents being fined ?60 if children are late to school. I will stop


benefit Street Britain. This is what has been reported. Iain Duncan Smith


is saying that minutes released by the monetary policy committee


suggested that tightening in the eligibility requirements for some


state benefits might have led to an intensification of job searches.


Basically, because of his benefit reforms, unemployment is going down.


I am sure he will be suggesting that. I would like to look at the


minutes in full. I thought this was the result of a fantastic economic


boom the Government were supposed to be creating by letting house prices


rocket in the south-east. This story comes off the back of the fantastic


job figures out today. It is a really welcome fall in unemployment.


What is not mentioned is the double sting in the tail. The same set of


figures showed the value of peoples wages is still going down in real


terms. Wages went up by only .9% in the year to November, which is half


the rate of inflation. Further down the line, there is the prospect of


an interest rate rise. The Bank of England has said that when


unemployment hits 7% of the Bank of England has said that when


unemployment hits 7%. To think about rate rises again. I goalposts. -- I


suspect they will be moving the goalposts. It has been the biggest


fall in unemployment, which is great news. That is what Iain Duncan Smith


is highlighting in part in his speech. He is also saying the


benefit reforms are transforming the country. He is the kind of the


cuddly side of the benefit crackdown to George Osborne. Compared to


George Osborne, who is the nasty side. He has always believed that


changing the benefits actually transforms lives. That is the most


important thing. People trapped on benefits, it is bad for them and it


is bad for society. It is not just about fixing the benefits. It is


about transforming lives. Most people would agree with that. We


have Benefit Street in the headlines. The Channel 4 show has


been very popular. It does not actually mention Benefit Street


anywhere in the speech. He does go on to talk about these hidden


ghettos that nobody sees. If you live on your father-in-law 's


country estate, M Iain Duncan Smith, any get ministerial limo to work


every day, you're not going to see it. Let's move on to the daily


express. It is claiming that millions are still trapped in these


ghettos. Craig, this is suggesting that Iain Duncan Smith has not gone


far enough. It is from the exact same speech. A totally different


reading of the exact speech. In Duncan Smith says that if people are


trapped on benefits, at the very worst, it makes them turn to


criminality. Iain Duncan Smith was someone who said he did not want to


demonise people on benefits, except. He is making a link between benefits


and criminality. I am aware of quite a few people who commit crimes who


are on very decent salaries. I'm not quite sure why he is raising this.


Is he definitely raising this or is this an extrapolation from the Daily


Express he is saying the present system makes criminals out of those


trapped in its clutches. Too many end up in the shadow economy or


working cash in hand. He is not saying they are going out rioting, I


he is saying that when you go into work you get penalised by the tax


system and it is not worth people working. They end up doing a couple


of shots behind the bar and taking cash in hand. That is a criminal


offence. It might not be crime as we think of it but they are criminals.


They would be a not more pleased with what the Daily Telegraph has


written. We are going to stay with the daily express. Tories face


backlash on EU migrants. There are dozens of Tory MPs plotting to rebel


next week and two folk to try to put work permit restrictions on


Bulgarians and Romanians migrates. -- and to work to try. Anyone who is


prepared to get on a plane and change countries to look for a job


on New Year's Day, deserves it, frankly. This is the immigration


bill coming back, which they delayed through this parliamentary fudge


before Christmas, precisely so that Nigel Mills, who put down this


amendment which was supported by some Tories would no longer apply.


That did not put them. We think it is coming next week. Must be dawning


on David Cameron that he cannot win with these people. -- it must be


dawning. He has encouraged Euroscepticism. He needs to do that


with UKIP now, doesn't he? Let's move on. Several front pages


carrying dramatic photographs of the clashes in Ukraine. In the daily


Telegraph, there are events which are being described over there. Here


is in flames. That is like a scene from Dante 's Inferno. In the


Guardian, we go forward together to face bullets. The opposition has


been meeting the President this evening and those talks did not get


anywhere. The opposition leaders have said to their comrades, we are


going to go back out onto the streets. That story could develop


over the next few days and has in fact been dominating. We should


explain it all started because the president was seen to push forward


with this to take the country bit closer to the European Union. He


decided not to do that. He decided to get closer to Moscow. Was it not


a voluntary move? This is a serious point. It is on the doorstep of


Europe or in Europe depending on geographical definition. It is


serious stuff. People are getting killed. There is a bizarre impasse.


They keep going into one square with demonstrators are congregating,


clearing it out and letting them back in again. The demonstrations


have developed over the past couple of days because the Government


decided it would clamp down on people having a right to join


together in the street and protest and stuff. A situation is


developing. Let's go on to the Daily Mail. Further embarrassment, it


seems, for the Liberal Democrats. A new sex storm shames the Lib Dems.


That is the headline. This is a terrible week getting even worse for


Nick Clegg. He needed this like a hole in the head. This is Mike


Hancock, who had had the whip taken away from him but he is a Lib Dem


councillor in Portsmouth. Some frankly horrific allegations that


have come out in a report by a QC which is probably best not


discussed. It comes after Lord Wren Arndt, the scandal which is less


graphic than this but it does not paint Lib Dems in a particularly


good light. These allegations have been floating around for almost four


years. The party has failed to do anything about them. We must say


there is a criminal case to answer. This report that was leaked today,


into the allegations about Nick Hancock, the local Lib Dems voted to


suppress it. I think there will be big questions asked about why Nick


Clegg has not got involved in trying to sort this out beforehand. It


comes of course as they are desperately trying to close down the


Nick Reynold row. We saw the wife of Nick Clegg coming out today denying


she was fuelling the problem. There is now an investigation into


the investigation which could rumble on for 14 weeks. It could go on to


the next election. So it is the leadership's handling of the crisis


which is that the four here? They are trying to play catch up. In both


of these cases, nothing happened. This is 2011. The Lord Rennard


allegations are also fairly historic. It is now a case of it is


all out in the open. It will rumble on and on and on, unfortunately for


the Lib Dems. An interesting story on the front page of the Guardian,


this is an exclusive and it is saying a repeat of Afghanistan or


Iraq invasion ruled out for the war weary UK. This is an interesting


story. What it seems to be saying is the top brass in the MoD who think


not only is Britain very sick of intervention abroad, after Iraq and


Afghanistan, but the changing make-up of Britain is also making us


less prone to intervention. This comes at a time when people who


think we should be intervening more abroad are pointing to Syria and the


horrors happening there and saying this is why we cannot afford to


stand back. It is a dilemma. Is it because there are more people from


different countries and backgrounds. Exactly. It is not just it is the


ball from areas where you might be taking military action, more so that


it is the global outlook that there is. Any time you see a leak from the


Ministry of Defence you have to wonder what the agenda is. This


looks to me like either top brass or senior officials coming up with


America and the new way of saying, if we say it is this reason,


actually hides the fact that we cannot afford to do another


Afghanistan or Iraq. The other thing is it comes on the day we find out


another 1400 soldiers are getting their marching orders. Some fancy


deflection there. So, the Guardian, you have been had. Thank you. You


are going to be back in an hour's time for another spin around Fleet


Street. Stay with us because at the top of the hour we will have much


more on the biggest fall in people out of work for 14 years, according


to the Office for National Statistics. Stay with us here, it


will be an eventful Sportsday. Hello, I am Olly Foster. Here is


what is coming up on a very eventful Sportsday. United pay the


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