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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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player. Plus, we will round up all the day 's action from day one of


the Grand National Festival. That is in 15 minutes after the papers.


Hello. Welcome to the look ahead at what the papers will be bringing us


tomorrow. With the other financial analyst, Louise Cooper. In the


Express, it says all the smog hanging around could be a taste of


things to come with pollution levels are likely to rise in the future.


The Daily Telegraph says MPs conspired to protect Maria Miller


over serious censure over her expenses. In the Guardian it claims


the average family will be ?1000 worse off every year by the time of


the general election. In the Metro, the lights on tablets and mobile


phones could be keeping Britain awake. In the Daily Mail, they lead


on the smog. It talks about the Government 's failure to improve air


quality. We will start with the Express. It is going so well


tonight. We'll start with the Express. Smog misery hits millions.


A good story for you. On Monday morning when I wake up, there was


some dust on my car. I thought, how did that happen? Later on, I find it


is from the Sahara and it is still around. We do not know everything


about the world. You can still amaze us and cause a huge problems. We are


told tomorrow that this cloud will go. We thought it would go away


today. What is interesting and amazing is that a third of the


country 's 5.4 alien sufferers of asthma have had an attack. For us,


we have had older readers. Quite a lot will have respiratory problems.


It is a very serious story. We laugh about it. It is hilarious. It is a


very serious problem. Three people die of asthma every single day. This


is without the toxic smog from the Sahara. It is dust from the Sahara


and desist from factories and homes here in the UK. And diesel emissions


as well. Talking about the health implications, pretty much all the


909 services in those affected areas are reporting increased numbers of


calls. `` 999. You love to tease Michael about putting weather


stories on the front page of the Express. I have been here when you


have done that. I agree. I am not an editor of a national newspaper but


he is. I would have put this on the front page. As you said, this story


does affect millions. What many people who do not suffer from asthma


do not realise, it is a killer illness and it is a very serious


illness. You can see that from the statistics.


What I particularly like is that David Cameron did not go for his


morning ran and Boris Johnson ignored all the experts. I quite


like Nick Clegg. You quoted him in the paper as saying, he had not been


playing his usual games of tennis because he concentrated on a


different game back and forth Nigel Farage. I've thought this was a


London centric story to start with. It has spread all over the country.


We have got pictures of Liverpool. It is all across the north`west as


well. We did worry that it was just around here but it is everywhere. We


have all got sore throats. We had a piece this afternoon from the


Midlands area and the guy with cystic fibrosis cannot leave his


house. I live on a hill in London. You could definitely see it this


morning. Sign you are posh, living on a help. You are posh, living on a


hill. And interesting story about saving Miller. MPs overruled an


official enquiry into the Culture Secretary 's expenses planes. The


Parliamentary Commissioner had said she needed to pay back ?44,000 but


MPs said she did not. Reading through all the wire and the papers,


I have not got to the bottom of it. What I find interesting is that it


was not a secret that interest rates were cut. It was pretty much on


every single national paper and in very Bedi broadcast news. Either she


lived in a sealed box and did not realise interest rates were cut


which I cannot believe, or she clearly does not read her bank


statements. It is obvious when your mortgage interest rate goes down.


She does not bother reading her bank statements. The allegation was that


interest rates when damage she continued to claim a certain level


for her payments. Either she did not know that interest rates went


down... You did not know that? Or, she does not read her bank


statements. This is a woman as part of the Government who is getting


tough on government spending, cracking down on posterity and


supposed to ensure that every penny is spent wisely. All, she delivered


he did it. That cannot be the case. She could have been paying down a


higher level of interest, couldn't she? Normally you have to tell the


bank, I will overpay on capital. You actually have to tell your bank you


are overpaying capital. How can you not know that rates were cut 2.5%?


That has been the big story in the news. MPs are conspiring to save, in


that opinion. We have had this investigation from the standards


commissioner and said she would have to pay back 45 thousand pounds. She


apologised, apart from the fact she was prevaricating. That is why she


has apologised. She has said, I have dealt with the matter. 832 seconds


statement of apology in the House of Commons, it is said. The Daily


Telegraph push this story initially. They are like a dog with a bone. It


was just after the Levinson enquiry and she was the Culture Secretary.


They are a dog with a bone because her aide said, you do know she is


involved with looking forward to a new press commission, or whatever it


is going to be. Therefore, you do not want to print this sort of a


story. She was involved in the regulation of the press. It is


probably best if you did not investigate. You get the impression


the Daily Telegraph will not leave this alone. The Labour Party will


not leave this alone. They say she should resign over this. Listening


to our deputy political editor, he was saying there are whispers that


Mr Cameron cannot lose another one from his Cabinet. `` another woman.


Also, she may be reshuffled to the Welsh office but that is just


rumour. In the Guardian, heavy drinkers will be allowed liver


transplants. This is a very emotive story. The classic one here is


George Best. He had a transplant and then died of the illness. This is


very difficult. It is very problematic and emotive. Anyone


waiting for a liver transplant that needs a liver because it is an


illness not of their own fault with look at this and say why would


someone with alcohol problems get a liver ahead of me. It is very


difficult. They are saying this is just a trial of 20 patients, a pilot


scheme. They are saying it is young alcoholics who have not realise the


damage they have done to themselves. Once they get a new liver they will


then stop drinking and therefore it is worth doing. Now, in this


country, we have a problem with signing people up to donate organs


as it is. I think this needs to be handled incredibly carefully. We


cannot afford to lose public support for organ donation. This is a very


difficult decision. It is a trial. The organ transplant service says it


is a pilot scheme and it is worthwhile. The reason for this is


because there are so many people who are dying of liver disease. It seems


as if there are so many people. They cannot leave them. They will say


there are so many people who are drinking too much he will get liver


disease. You cannot leave them all. The head of the NHS Blood and


Transplant service said, we transplant humans and not angels.


You are not refused cancer treatment because you smoke. You're not put


back together because you skydive. Those with the Bay City get treated.


Sky they have tried to stop people from drinking. Certain shops have


stopped stocking up of four counts of very strong lager which certain


people were going in and it was cheap. They have increased ranges of


craft beers and things like that, which have more alcohol in them. You


move it from there and it goes over there. It is still fairly cheap. If


people want to drink, they will drink. That is the problem. They


will need to tackle it and give people like this transplant


otherwise there would be huge numbers of people dying. ) it is a


pilot scheme and it will be interesting to see what comes out of


that story. We will stay with the Guardian. The US created Cuban


twitter network to create an arrest. I think they do it for laughs. It is


a bit of fun. They have tried everything else. They have created


their own form of Cuban twitter. The associated press have been doing


some digging on this found out that this was deliberately set up to


encourage Flash mobs in the Communist country and social media


`based protests. So we will have a Cuban spring. It's a great idea.


It's hilarious. They drag up this memo. There would be no mention of


the US government involvement, said this member. It will give the


appearance of a commercial enterprise. And man was quoted on


behalf the US government, Idaho he managed to save this about laughing,


and said it was not a covert programme and it was a development


assistance programme. They said it was discreet, note covert for the


better difference. This is weird than trying to blow up the Dell


Castro with his own cigar? It's on a par. They say that's not what they


were aiming to do. It will be a comedy Trojan horse. That's so


funny. Such a great story. Let's go back to the express. Cracking photo,


this. It was the best photo, actually. The Queen and the Pope


make all the front pages. They are the most famous people in the entire


world. I wonder, I'm God 's representative on earth, no, I am.


I'm sure there was. I love the fact Prince Philip is holding the risky.


It has to be said, the Pope does have very beady`eyed bunnies looking


at that. He's thinking, that's my whiskey. He has got sick of


communion wine. Piquancy Balmoral whiskey. The alcohol is from a


hamper which was the Queen 's official present to the Pope and


included grandad's chutney. Venison and beer. Will she be allowed to


give Scotch whiskey, if Scotland votes to leave us? If Alex Salmond


allows her into the country to visit Balmoral. OK, the same picture, but


a slightly different take on it, actually. No alcohol on the front of


the Guardian. Interesting, though, the first foreign visit for three


years. Yes, she likes to meet the Pope, and the Queen does that.


There's Pope, particularly, Francis, seems keen on these opportunities as


well. Hands across the ocean. He has been the good PR Pope. This serves


to help him and the Catholic Church change the image that had over the


last few years. Relations between the two have improved since Henry


VIII because they didn't get on them. They've had a testy


relationship recently. You will be back in one hour. Many thanks for


that. Stay with us here on BBC News. We will get more on all that high


pollution and the problems there. Look at that. That's what it's all


about. But coming up next it's time for Sportsday.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday. I'm John Watson. On the way tonight.


Blackburn Striker Deejay Campbell is one of six players rearrested as


police step up their investigation into match fixing. Sunderland are


fined by the Premier League for fielding an ineligble player this


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