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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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for the club and the player. Plus, we will round`up day one of the


Grand National Festival. That is coming up in 15 minutes.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With me are the financial analyst Louise Cooper and


Michael Booker, deputy editor of the Express. Tomorrow's front pages. The


Express says all of the smog hanging around could be a taste of things to


come, with pollution levels likely to rise in the future. The Telegraph


says MPs conspired to protect the Culture Secretary Maria Miller from


serious censure over her expenses. The Guardian says Labour claims that


by the time of the next election the average family in Britain will be


nearly ?1000 more worse. The Metro says lights on tablets and mobile


phones could be keeping Britain awake. The Mail leads on the smog


and says scientists blamed the government's failure to improve our


air quality. The Times says the controversy over Maria Miller's


expenses have left a question mark over Parliament's ability to police


itself. Vince Cable has warned of a bubble in the housing market in an


interview with the Independent. The Miramax is the killer of Milly


Dowler has won compensation after he was attacked in prison. `` the


Mirror. Starting with what's been leading the news bulletins


throughout the day. Smog misery. Experts warn more killer clouds to


come. I thought the forecast was that it was going to improve? In the


future. OK. Potentially, there could be more. We were told today it would


be better but it didn't turn out that way. Things can change. But


this is more about the future because of the pollution problems.


The diesel we are pumping into the atmosphere. This one has been


slightly more freak because we have the perfect storm, the Saharan dust


covering everyone's cars and things like that. We have one third of the


country's 4 million asthmatics have suffered an asthma attack since


Tuesday, with 84% using their inhaler more often. I have a touch


of asthma and I have felt a tight chest all week. People who haven't


got respiratory problems have noticed a sandpaper feel at the back


of the throat. It has been a very serious thing. We've done this


story. The Mail and they take, very similar, but they also say David


Cameron, who said he wasn't going for a job today, has been criticised


because he has dismissed `` dismissed it as a naturally


occurring phenomenon. But they say scientists say the health crisis is


to do with the government's failure to do with air pollution in this


country. They always like to have a bit of a dig. But there's probably a


case for that. It's not been high on anyone's agenda. And we can see at


this time. The pictures have been interesting. The Daily Mail has


chosen to put the lovely Chris Seda on the front page, the potential


fiancee of Prince Harry. That I think the pictures are more much


impressive. Some of the pictures are truly extraordinary. And not just


London. It seems extraordinary they didn't put a picture on the front.


They must be able to get on. In a remote you have to have a balance.


He wants a pretty woman on the front page. I think that headline gets


across the story. We are all aware of the smog. Great pictures! Your


paper has some great pictures. People are going out running with


face mask song. That is a commitment to fitness. It's almost a fashion


thing. David Cameron didn't want to do that. He wasn't committed. Boris


Johnson got out there. He was on his bike. Didn't care, apparently. The


particles can't get through his hair. Onto the Independent. He has


been the doomsayer as far as house price rises have been concerned. The


housing bubble worse than before the crash, according to Vince Cable. He


has warned that in the 1990s the average price of a home was three


times the average earnings and he now says it is about 5.5 times. You


have to look differently at the London and south`east market,


especially the London market, because quite clearly the date of


the rest of the country doesn't show a housing bubble. It's very much a


London problem. Made far worse by international investors, buying


London property for investment purposes. The other thing a lot of


people get wrong is the idea that the recovery is all based on a


housing market rubble. That's also not true. If you look at the 80s and


90s, the big booms in consumer spending will all driven by people


using their houses as cashpoints. They call it equity withdrawal from


your house. That's not the case now. In fact, en masse, Britons are


paying back their mortgages at very high rates rates we haven't seen for


30 years. So, don't get it wrong. There's not a house price bubble


outside London and possibly the south`east and the recovery isn't


based on a housing rubble. He is talking nonsense? `` housing bubble.


I wouldn't say that. What he says here, the business secretary warns


most families aren't able to afford homes at average prices. Failure to


build more homes condemned for producing unsustainable property


boom. Isn't he write? there are many people saying we can't get on the


housing ladder. `` he right? But the Conservative Housing Minister said


rising house prices are a good thing. To a lot of people, who


aren't totally into every milk and cranny of interest rates and things


like that, they do see a story on the front page of a national


newspaper that says house prices are going up and people think it's a


good thing and they feel good. That's the natural perception.


Because, these days, it is more money in the bank in your mind,


plus, as you get older, it's something to leave the kids, it's


good for inheritance. Also, it's good to pay care homes and things. I


can see the criticism, if you get into the fine detail. But what he is


saying is what people think. I love salted chocolate. But if I eat too


much, I know what will happen. I didn't get the link! Salty


chocolate? It feels good but ultimately pop goes the bubble. Rowe


if you eat too much chocolate... `` if you eat. Maybe it was a bad


analogy. But it's all very well feeling now, this is the criticism


of are constantly rising market, but bubble burst. It creates consumer


confidence, people feel more confident about spending money, and


what has clearly happened is the construction industry has now


recovered. That's happened since last year's budget and all the help


for the housing industry. Treaties are getting work, plasterers,


allocations are getting work. `` electricians. I remortgaged recently


to do a bit of building work. UI one of those using your house as a


cashpoint. It was so strict, compared to when we had mortgages


recently. It did take a while. The way they are going through every


little budget now... The criteria is street. But they are getting looser


as well. 100% mortgages and so on. When you talk about the average to


earnings, yes. At interest rates are at record low levels. If you look at


the mortgage deals, in terms of fixed rates, they are some of the


best deals you have seen forever. In terms of average earnings, yes, it


may look expensive, but due to interest rates in some areas they


are affordable. The Times, few regrows as expenses row minister


things to job. Ethics chief warns MPs. Earlier we were saying certain


papers would be like a double bomb. They won't let it go. She did 30


seconds of an apology today. MPs who looked at this and have the final


say ruled they demand she pay back ?45,000. Instead, she has agreed to


pay back ?5,800. That's what the taxpayer had been overcharged in


expenses for the interest of the mortgage. A five bedroom home in


London. You get the impression that these newspapers will keep on going


and, as you can see, it says, the need for a free press. Certain


newspapers will say that newspapers under her might not be able to look


after their own... Look after the sort of thing. But won't be able to


police themselves. Whereas MPs in this case seem to be able to police


themselves. The front page of the Telegraph as well. You do think this


is going to keep running. They wanted to go away, you see that, as


you can see with the 32nd apology. She is pleased and wants to let it


go. She would be. The suggestion is that David Cameron, by his critics,


cannot lose a female minister from his Cabinet. My problem is where is


the difference between ?45,000 and 5000 `` by,000 ?800. The


decision`making doesn't seem to be that transparent. My other problem


is clearly interest rates have gone down. Everyone knows they have. It's


been massive in the media, in newspapers. She cannot have not


known that interest rates were going down and yet she is saying that the


reason why she did her expenses wrongly. Because she didn't realise


interest rates had gone down. How she could not know that is beyond


me. Also, it comes out in your bank statement every month. I find it


very difficult to believe, although clearly we have to believe it,


because we are told to believe it, that somebody can do this.


Interesting. The Daily Mirror. Furia at Miller's killers. Prison attack


compensation. `` fury. The man found guilty of murdering Milly Dowler.


This is at the `` the front page that will upset a lot of people. A


great story but a very sad story at the same time. Yes, ?4500 given to


him after being attacked in prison. A lot of people will say this is


disgusting. The family of Milly Dowler have been dragged through


everything over the past few tears, with hacking and this is just... ``


few years. Prisons do owe a duty of care. Yes. They do. The Ministry of


Justice didn't want to pay it and have been fighting for three years.


But, on Wednesday, this cash was awarded at the County Court after


they had to admit full liability. They were just going to get more


costs. But when you see things like how apparently he will give funds to


his relatives, he wants to use it on his caravan. `` will not give funds.


It has a car to off a US border immigration official and he is


questioning a bloke. He says, have you ever tried one of Nigella


Lawson's pastor recipes? She faces a drug test now. It is a bit tricky to


be on top of that. The US immigration is incredibly strict as


anyone who has travelled to America will know. We have spoken to the


embassy and they say she is now entitled to come and speak to them


and apply for a these are. So there is one rule for Nigella Lawson and


one rule for everybody else? When I travelled to the US, I felt out the


immigration card slightly wrong. I did that go into New Zealand after a


25 hour flight. You are supposed to take no. I ticked yes, yes, yes to


everything and they still let me in. That was New Zealand. It has been


great having you in. Many thanks. Stay with us here because at the top


of the hour we will have much more on all of that pollution that has


been clogging the air over the last couple of days. Time for Sportsday.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday. I'm John Watson. On the way tonight.


Blackburn Striker DJ Campbell is one of six players rearrested as police


step up their investigation into match fixing.


Sunderland are fined


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