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have to finish his quarterfinal in Naples tomorrow `` Aaron Ramsey is


back after a three`month lay`off for Arsenal.


Welcome to look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow.


With us are they right are ample caster with a green highlighter


Penn, breaking with tradition, and with the blue highlighter pen, the


economics editor of the Independent. It is there a exciting!


There are claims that Maria Miller used threats to silence the


watchdog. The independent has more evidence of missing documents at


Scotland Yard. The Mail claims Chinese investors are pricing


home`buyers out of the market here. We will begin with the Guardian and


another warning about how bad things are in the NHS. Top doctors warning


on NHS overload. This is the president of the Royal Oak `` Royal


College of Music 's. `` College of physicians. It is a constant drip


feed. It is not reviving the patient. I feel this does not tell


us anything new. Another person saying we don't have enough money or


resources. This is talking about hospital resources. What successive


investigations have shown is this is a management problem. Frankly I


would not mind if I am not getting the best of everything, as long as


somebody is showing a duty of care and explaining what is wrong. And


what I might do. This is not dealing with a human interaction, which is


what has caused so much upset. People not looking after people, not


being fed. This is dealing with the medical side, the next step. I feel


we are constantly missing the point, which is that all of this comes down


to management. In Mid Staffordshire, one part of the hospital was a


disgrace and another part was functioning quite well. This


morning, I have forgotten who was saying it but they were saying you


can have two awards next to each other, dealing with the same type of


patient, one which does brilliantly and one which does badly. `` two


wards. We have to stop finger pointing and find solutions. Is it


about how they are deployed and the expectations made? There are big


management problems in the NHS but the story is still significant


because David Cameron made such a big thing about protecting the NHS


and the quality of services. He nominally rejected it in real terms,


spending due to go up every year, rather frozen every year, unlike


every other department. If senior doctors are saying there is a


funding problem, regardless of the points you make, it is difficult for


a Conservative government which has said it has pledged to protect


quality of the services, if they are not protected in that manner, it is


difficult for the Prime Minister and the government. Is it a case of the


hospital is doing well needing to show the others how to do it? I


suppose it is. What confuses me is it is a litany of complaints and


excuses. What I am not getting, beyond give us more money, is the


solution. This debate has been going on for so long, if you are a health


correspondent, you should be trying to find the solutions. Where is this


overload of distress, from the users of the NHS and the suppliers? Where


is it going to end? How and where do we intervene to make it happen? My


complaint is that for a front`page story, it is just yet another


whinge. Isn't it the case that has always been a desire form of funding


in the NHS? It is a bottomless pit if you let it be. It is. He makes


the point about elderly patients. We are an ageing society. I think that


is part of the problem. It is not all is the best solution for people


to be in hospital, then it's been more treatment in local health


centres `` there needs to be more treatment. It goes back to the


question of management. Are there other alternatives where they could


be better cared for and hospital doctors would not have to be looking


after 70 at a time which is the complaint he makes, running around


like a scalded cat, as he describes it. I think it is a valid issue to


raise and I agree it is only a part of the problem, describing one


aspect of the problem. At the heart of my complaint is that where there


are convex problems, there are so many components of every problem. I


kind of want our newspapers to start linking and joining up the dots for


us, if those at the heart of it cannot. Maria Miller is on the front


page of many of the newspapers tonight, one of them being the


times. The minister used threats to try to silence the expenses


watchdog. The newspapers are not letting this go. No, and you can


understand why. It is an overlapping story. It has the question of the


Prime Minister's judgement in backing Maria Miller when it seems


like she was caught red`handed, and the reduction in the fine. It is


about the integrity of the accountability structures within


Parliament for MPs and also about press regulation, because the


accusation is that the government, the Downing Street figures try to


shut this down by saying, we're looking at Leveson, press


regulation, perhaps you might want to reconsider this story. Lots of


this print aspect is going on. `` lots of different aspects. This


relates to the structures. Saying the culture secretary was trying to


put pressure on the independent standards Commissioner, saying you


should back off, you shouldn't investigate me as assiduously as you


are doing. She was suggesting the investigator was going into too much


detail, demanding records going back for too long and being unreasonable.


She has apologised. She did do 32 seconds. My children


when their crayons a wall used to do a full minute `` when they used


crayons on a wall. The one thing I have not minded about David Cameron


is his honouring loyalty to people he likes, Andy Coulson, Rebekah


Brooks, now Maria Miller. It puts his friends before his country. For


that, one actually quite admires him but what I have started now thinking


is, what terrible choices he makes when he decides who his friends are.


That makes me more worried than anything else, quite frankly.


Chinese fuel UK housing shortage. Far east spec you later 's price


Britons out of the market and we thought it was the Russians `` far


east speculators price Britons. The accusation is that the huge boom in


prices we're having at moment, prices rising 10% annually, part of


the problem is that there are too many foreign buyers, particularly in


city centres, this report suggests it is Manchester and Birmingham as


well as London and other cities. Isn't this a compliment, that


politically we are stable, our currency is reliable? I think it is


loads of people wanting to launder money from overseas, they want to


get it out of their home countries buying property. They buy off plan.


I live in cancel rise. No offence to anybody but it is a dust bowl in the


inner`city. They will put up gold clad residential blocks in the


middle of this high street and they seldom overseas as central London


flats. `` they sell them overseas. Nobody ever lives there? There is a


tree on one of the balconies. It pushes property up all around. The


whole thing is a ludicrous exercise... It is a posh way of


moving money around the world. Can we stop it happening? I take a


different view. The problem is essentially too little supply. If


you solve that problem, if you build more holes, if you build 250,000 a


year, which is what we need, and we are building about 15 at the moment.


15,000? Sorry, yes. If you bring it back into balance, a lot of the


foreign buyers would melt away. It would put them off would it? They


would still be there but there wouldn't be as much pressure on the


average price. They wouldn't be at such extortionate levels. Rather


than single out any foreign national group... I think it is dealing with


the symptoms rather than the real cause of the housing dismention. It


is a way of having a pop. None of these flats are going to be built by


UK nationals. They are boxes, overprized. Let's look at the Daily


Telegraph. I have to claim an interest in one of them. Maybe both


of them. Pay licence fee even if you don't own a TV, says BBC, as shows


go on the iPlayer for longer. At the moment they are on for a week but


later this year they will be available for 30 days. Should the


BBC charge if you use I player but don't use a telly? I think the idea


is that it would be a universal charge, so it would be a tax on


every household, as I'm reading it. I suppose it would be added to your


council tax or council charge. Is that any better than the licence


fee? Some people get cross about that. Apparently the biggest number


of civil cases going through our courts are nonpayment of licence


fee. So if it was added to your council tax, those at the bottom end


would get a discount anyway, because would be able to have it discounted


and your benefit would pay it for some people. Should it be


subscription? The question is how is this going to be levied? The Dev


sill in the detail. If people are consuming BBC content they should be


paying for it, otherwise they are getting a free ride on other people


who do pay the licence fee. That doesn't seem right. It is a


neuralgic issue, the licence fee, among some sections of the


population. It takes up quite a lot of my time on social media, having


to field those comments. Let's stay with the Telegraph and look at the


Mirror, Sir Bruce Forsyth is departing Strictly there. He is next


to Tess Daly and he's been hosting the show for ten years. He's also on


the Daily Mirror explaining why he's quit, saying the rigours of hosting


a live show at the age of 86 have become too much. Difficult shoes to


fill. You have to be able to hoof a bit yourself haven't you? I have to


say, I'm not a great fan of Tess Daly, so the only saving grace is


Sir Bruce Forsyth. I'm not a great fan of Strictly actually. Sorry, but


there we go. I'm so glad we invited you tonight! He ` all the cliches,


he is a living legend. He is so magical I think anyone who replaces


them, however good they are, just like Larry Grayson replaced him on


the Generation Game, they are great but they are not Bruce. Big shoes to


fill, but he isn't retiring. He makes this point, so don't go out


and throw yourself off bridges yet. Brucie's still going to be a


national treasure and on our screens. From time to time, for the


odd special. He will star with Wilnalia, won't he? I hope so, if


the good weather continues. We'll be back with the papers at 11.


30pm. Stay with that if you will. And we'll have the latest on the


journalist who was shot dead and another who was wounded in


Afghanistan on the eve of the country's presidential elections. Up


next it is Sportsday. Hello and welcome to Sportsday, I'm


Lizzie Greenwood`Hughes. The headlines this evening: Beaten by


the light ` Andy Murray's Davis Cup quarterfinal match is stopped in the


second set. Michael Schumacher shows signs of


waking up. The seven times F1 champion has been in an artificial


coma since the New Year.


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