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Secretary tried to intimidate the parliamentary watchdog that was


investigating her. Welcome to our look ahead at what


the papers will bring us tomorrow. Whitney is a regular face, Vincent


Moss, political editor of the Sunday Mirror. We are also joined by Martin


Bentham. Let's look at the front pages. More detail on the possible


signals from the black box of the Malaysia airliner.


The Sunday Times says the Army is thinking about lifting the ban on


women serving in armed combat units. One story, as expected, still


dominates. That is Maria Miller. Calls


increasing for her to go. The Telegraph `` the Sunday Telegraph


broke the story. These are the other headlines.


The Observer pushes the story down to the bottom corner, but it is


still there, support ebbing away from the league administered. Those


headlines despite support still coming out of Downing Street. We


heard from Grant Shapps today, the Conservative chairman, the Prime


Minister supporting her. But it is not going away. The Sunday Telegraph


has spoken to a minister saying her position is incompatible and she


must go. Most are speculating that she will go at the next reshuffle.


There is not a huge amount of public support. Grant Shapps you, you would


expect to publicly support. So if the row trundles along, she will be


an trundle that she will be in trouble. If she can get past the


spring forum, she will be fine in the short term. Do you think,


particularly when the Mail On Sunday say that 80% of the public thing,


will they be worried? David Cameron might think it will blow over


although if you leave a sour taste. As far as her actually going in the


short`term, one of the things about the stories is that there is no


dynamite new revelation. That is what with sink in the next few days.


Cameron wants cling onto her. They are not named ministers, either. The


Telegraph 's talks about speaking to 50 activists who said there was no


support. But they cannot get a major named Conservative minister to talk.


She has also not had a huge amount of public support, either. But


Vincent, you have to remember it was mainly the expenses scandal which


led to such a low turnout in the last election which is why we are


left with a coalition government. That's right. If this was somebody


fiddling their benefits, they would probably get a jail sentence. The


way that she has behaved over her housing expenses it is hard to see


why she has got so lightly. I completely agree. Any normal member


of public would think there was something not right here. Her


apology was lacking in grace, to say the least. Her conduct in trying to


put pressure on, argue with, not cooperate with the enquiry was also


distasteful. More than the actual thing itself. If she had said it was


an error and she thought she was applying the rules, but to behave as


she has following all that is, that leaves a sour taste. The person who


might gain most from this is Nigel Farage as the outsider. It does not


cast a good light on politics. It has been terrible handling by


Downing Street. When the Prime Minister says that we are drawing a


line under this, you think, no we are not!


The other story that dominates is the signal, not confirmed, from the


black box. The Malaysia airliner that has been missing for some time


now. If you find that black box, you could find the plane as well. That


is covered on the front page of the Sunday Telegraph. You think about


the relatives of those lost on the airliner. They just want answers.


All the answers lie in the box at the bottom of the sea bed. We have


had a lot of false alarms. This looks like it may not be. The


Chinese themselves put it out directly. That suggest that they are


quite confident. The frequency is right and if they can track it down,


that will allow them to eventually locate the black box and have some


indication, maybe not definitive, as to what happened. But it will be a


little clearer. The problem is, the suggestion is in the Telegraph, that


the black box could be as deep as 4500 metres. And recovery vehicles


only go down 3000 metres. And the pinger only goes on for a certain


amount of time and we may not find it in time. It has all the elements


of a race against time. We do not know if they will find it in time. I


think somebody was saying it dies out after 30 days because `` so


we're running out of time. I was speaking to a salvage master. He


said that finding the black box was difficult enough, try getting it to


the surface. Staying with the front page of the


Sunday Telegraph, a tiny box but a shocking story. A Britain is shot


dead in Brazil carjacking. `` a British man. Lots of stories about


violence in Brazil. This is not a tourist case, he has lived there for


some years. It may be just an example of violent crimes against


people in Brazil as opposed to the tourist areas, so it might be


different. Obviously, we will got a lot of this kind of profile for this


kind of story about anything in Brazil because of the World Cup


coming up. Lots of people travelling out there and potentially at risk. I


have just come back from there and the divide in Brazil between those


living in human misery and turning to crime, and those not, is quite


shocking. There will be a lot of stories like that coming up in the


build`up to the World Cup about just how safe British people will be in


Brazil. Let's move on to the Independent on


Sunday. A story there, a story you have written about as well, Vincent.


Supermarkets in the dock over waste. Quite a shocking headline. The rest


throws away 222 million tonnes of food a year. That is as much as is


produced in the sub Saharan Africa. This report is coming up tomorrow


from a committee of peers in the House of Lords. We have looked on


food waste and they have astonishing figures. ?5 billion a year wasted in


England `` in the UK. This controversial report will suggest


that supermarkets are in the dock and one of the problems is buy one


get one free. It encourages us to buy fresh fruit which we don't use


and throw away. It's a supermarkets are also terrible for getting us to


buy food and then they cancel the order and the farmers are forced to


plough it into the ground and it goes to waste. Europe should do more


to tackle this, food waste is going `` is a growing problem and it is a


good report. Why do they end up cancelling the order? Because they


don't know what the demand will be? Yes, they can't sell the order


because it is misshapen, consumer demand changes, they then tell the


farmers they do not want it and it ends up being wasted. This also


makes the point of the fact that producers have big penalties if they


don't deliver the right amount. So they overcompensate so that they are


not caught the right way. They produce more than they need to so


the result is that food is wasted. It says here that the European


Commission estimates that 5% of food waste comes direct retailers, 42%


from consumers and 39% from this `` from producers. But the onus is on


the supermarket because some of the practices encourage us to buy too


much. Or with the producers where are encouraged to produce more by


cancelling late and they are throwing it away so it goes on their


books as a waste rather than your books as the retailer. What a


shocking about this, it was not that long ago that there was a report


about how much food we throw away. The price of food is shocking, it is


not cheap! Supermarket food is not cheap, is it? The food bill is


really high for everyone. So you would think people would not be


throwing it away. It is tempting though, when you see a special


offer. They are quite right to apply pressure on supermarkets and


consumers to think about it. Also sell by dates. Ignore those little


bit and actually just look at things. They are smart packaging.


Rather than use by date, have a date that you really should not have it


by. Extend the period that you can eat it. And also, although I need to


look in this `` look at this in more detail, if you think about it, if we


are expecting the most perfect looking fruit, that'll bump up the


cost. You will throw away food, and the cost of that must be somewhere,


so that put up the cost in the supermarket as well.


Finally, in the Observer, revealed, Michael Gove's build `` bid to limit


fallout from failing free schools. It looked like he is after damage


limitation. They are making this out to be a big scandal. Free schools


are a big political divide between the Tories and the Labour Party. It


is saying that this document says that in the Department for


Education, they have asked for any problems with free schools to be


flagged up and rapid action taken. The contrast with the normal local


authority school where often has to declare them to be failing. That


this is somehow all about politics. I think it is probably just reality,


as it says in the story, as free schools just having been setup have


specific problems like the new sites and people running the business.


They have had one two failures and they need to protect parents by


taking rapid action. That is not a bad thing. That is true, but that is


generous to Michael Gove. He cannot have his flagship measure `` policy


failing in the run`up to an election. There will be schools


which have had issues about setting up, but there are schools which will


be badly run and that should be highlighted. I am not sure that it


is saying they should not highlight it, they are saying that action


should be taken to sort it out. If you were a parent, you would want


something to happen pretty rapidly. But they should do that with all


schools. But there is a structure with all schools. Thank you to you


both for now. Thank you for watching. Vincent and Martin will be


back at 11:30pm for another look at the stories. Stay with us. Here on


BBC news at 11, more on the search for MH370. Australian authorities


confirmed that a signal detected by Chinese authorities is consistent


with a black box. Welcome to Reporters. From here in


the newsroom we send


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