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time to draw a line under the row over Maria Miller 's expenses. It


follows claims that she tried to intimidate the Parliamentary


watchdog investigating other. `` her.


Welcome to our lookahead to the papers. With me are Vincent Moss and


Martin Bentham. Let's have a quick look at the front pages. The Sunday


Telegraph reports on reaction to expenses claims by Maria Miller and


more detail by `` about the signal from the black box of MH 370. The


Mail on Sunday says that 80% of respondents to their survey say that


Maria Miller should lose her job. The Observer says it has a document


outlining Michael Gove 's strategy on free schools. Independent on


Sunday reports on supermarkets encouraging shoppers to waste food.


The Sunday Times says the army is considering lifting the ban on women


serving in combat units. The Sunday express has search teams on the


brink of finding missing flight MH370. The daily Star reports that


some feature packages to see England at the World Cup could cost fans


?60,000. A real mix of stories coming through tomorrow. Maria


Miller dominating the coverage. Let's start with the Sunday


express, dedicating almost its entire front page to the missing


plane. The picture there of the winner of Of the Voice. A classic


newspaper tactic' is around the keyword. Obviously this signal has


been detected by the Chinese. It may on not be the black box. Let's hope


that it is. It is certainly not definitive. Found suggests it has


actually been found but that is not clear. It says that search teams are


on the brink of unlocking the mystery. Sadly, they are a bit


further away than that. Let's move on to the Observer. A picture there


of able Seaman Stefanie went. Just that picture gives some sense of the


scale of the search. How do you find the black box? She has these


binoculars. It is not in the right area, this ship. The Chinese are in


a different area. A vast ocean, Perak binoculars, you might find


some debris but yes, it seems ridiculous. You hope that they have


foundered, for the sake of those passengers. There will not get their


ones back. The Observer also reports on Michael Gove, the education


Secretary, and in particular some paperwork that he would not have


wanted them to see. It is a story that they are claiming that they


have a leaked document which suggests that his key education


policy is failing. Free schools have hit the headlines and done badly in


the message seems to be, particularly in the run`up to an


election, that if there is a problem step in fast and sort it out. What


is the problem with free schools? There has been a couple of


high`profile failures. It's depends on your political view. The Labour


Party did not like the fact that they are independently run. The


practical problem that this is talking about is that they operate


in temporary sites which leads to instability, new, inexperienced


trusts. The head teachers can change so it is in stable. `` unstable.


There are plenty of free schools that have not gone wrong so far and


some seem to be doing quite well so... That is why I asked you,


because you are an impartial journalist. It is taking two or


three years to set up a school and the children they are guinea pigs.


Michael Gove is determined that these will succeed at all costs and


sometimes in a school is failing the best course of action is to take


drastic action. This is not as scandalous as people might like it's


to be. With an existing school you have quality control mechanisms


designed to pick up schools are now failing so there is a method that.


But there is not that method there for these free schools. Clearly, you


want problems to be sorted out instantly if your kids are involved.


The Sunday Times reports that women may get the right to fight on the


frontline. Some remarks from one of the top generals in the UK. The army


should look like more the rest of society, he is saying. We have had


this issue with minority communities and he said we should look at women


on the frontline. It is something that should be considered, other


countries have done it. It seems a sensible idea but I do not get the


sense that this is imminent. On the other hand, there should be no


objection down the line to this if there is a debate about the ability


of women to pass physical tests. That may be the case but there are


some which will definitely pass. That is very thin ice. Even the


correspondent adds that his intervention will lead to the debate


of women to pass some of the gruelling physical tests required.


There might be some people who cannot pass it as there are men who


cannot, but there will be some who will reach the threshold and be able


to do it. Is he warns about risks to team cohesion, which is a polite way


of saying that might be fights. Diesel is deadlier than petrol


apparently. Years of official efforts to encourage motorists to


switch to diesel cars have backfired. As a cyclist, I am


conscious of this because one problem is particular to in the air.


One of the causes of that is the prevalence of digital `` diesel


engines. A lot of the recent pollution is to do with the Saharan


dust but one of the day today problems is the particular its and


nitrogen and outside coming from diesel engines. The Times has links


to the recent spot very cleverly which has little to do with diesel


what, of course, it is highlighting that for years we were encouraged to


switch to diesel and now it looks as if that was wrong.


It is now more expensive than petrol. It didn't used to be. Let's


move on to the Independent. It always tries to lead with something


a bit different and this will shock a lot of people. According to them,


the West throws away 220 million tonnes of food per year and that is


as much as is produced in sub`Saharan Africa. We are talking


about a huge amount of food wasted. There was another report about the


amount we throw away in our bins. It makes the point that we are


encouraged to buy too much and that buy one get one free deals. It is


all there tempting you to buy more. It also highlights that farmers, a


lot of the waste is being pushed onto their books because the


supermarkets are cancelling orders at the last minute or, because of


the penalty system, are encouraging farmers to produce but therefore


they then have too much and they have to get rid of it because they


cannot sell it. That is all contributed. This is a report from a


committee of peers, and the controversial element is that it is


saying that supermarkets should abolish buy one get one free deals.


But what is the difference between a use by dates and sell by dates? Food


is often edible long past its sell by date. As long as you are not


pregnant or vulnerable medically, you should think about eating it.


Maria Miller. Many of the papers continue to ask whether the minister


should resign after having to apologise about her expenses. The


Sunday Telegraph says that Mr Miller should go. The mail on Sunday makes


it more blunt. Sakho. `` Sack Her! The Sunday Times says that MPs


cannot be trusted on expenses. That was what led to a coalition


government. That is not the prime ministers saying this. I realise


that. It is the chairman of the parliamentary expenses authority who


is making that obvious point. The Prime Minister will be thinking that


it sends its rural message that yet again we have had an example of MPs


in trouble with expenses. They have been let off by other MPs. He has


said that MPs must not be allowed to mark their own homework. He has to


get that trust back. Finally, the daily Star on Sunday. ?60,000


tickets for England matches in the World Cup. That has to be a


package, right? They are talking about corporate hospitality for


group games but that is a huge sum. They will run many stories about the


World Cup. The final is ?15,000 if you want to buy a ticket. We have no


idea who will be in the final, well we have a fair idea. Ticket prices,


even at that price, are huge. There has to be some concern that there is


not many fans going to Brazil because of the overall costs


involved. People tend to find their way there. We have a lot of


dedicated fans. Brazil is also a nice country to go to. Fans might


have a lot of spare time to enjoy them. They have made it difficult


for the other papers because they have set the bar at ?60,000. Thank


you to both of you. Stay with us here on BBC News. More on the search


for each 370 and news that Australian authorities confirmed a


signal detected by a traineeship is consistent with an aircraft black


box. Coming up next, the film Review.


Hello and welcome to the Film Review and BBC News, what have we got? As I


am sure you know, this is the week that Noah opens, the great big


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