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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


bringing us tomorrow. With me are theologian and writer Vicky Beeching


and broadcaster Henry Bonsu. We will be speaking to them in a moment.


Here's an old of mine! We will look at the front pages in brief first.


The Independent leads on the Labour leader Ed Miliband promising to


rescue Britain's struggling middle classes.


The Telegraph has Maria Miller on its front page. Miller faces


questions over the tax on her home sale.


The front page of the Metro has The Hunt For Costa Killer, The story of


an ex`pat millionaire shot dead in Spain.


The Guardian also leads on Maria Miller. PM At Odds With Top Tories


As Pressure Grows On Miller. The Mail leads on To Polite To Make


A Fuss. Elderly people enduring appalling NHS care. They are afraid


to speak up. Here is the son which has an EastEnders exclusive on its


front page. You are back on the BBC! I will become yours one day! You


will. The Maria Miller saga continues even though Grant Shapps


has asked us to draw a line under it which is possibly the worst thing a


politician can ask the press to do. She faces question of attacks on a


home sale. Is this a new revelation? A bit more information.


She is in the sights of the Daily Telegraph because they feel they


were bullied by one of her advisers a couple of years ago and they feel


that she is vulnerable and they smell blood so they are keeping the


story going and the latest leg of it is that she may have questions to


answer over precisely the designation of her home. For the


vast majority of her time in that house, 19 years, it was designated


as her second home and then just before she sold it, allegedly, it


was designated as her first home, avoiding 28% capital gains tax,


netting her a profit of ?1 million, they say. There are also calls for a


resignation. What we have seen in the papers over the weekend is


unnamed ministers coming forward, junior ministers coming forward and


now they are getting more senior. It is putting David Cameron and the


government in a difficult position and it is also the wider position


which the Daily Telegraph going to and also other papers. The Guardian


has PM at odds with top Tories as pressure grows over Miller. It is


not just about her any more. This is about public trust. The public


Standards Committee is under scrutiny, whether or not politicians


can mark their own homework and whether the public have trust in


them to uphold things. To see the figure that she owed reduced from


45,002 under 5000 seems a bit mind`boggling, especially to hear


Iain Duncan Smith defending her when he leads the department that is


responsible for benefit cuts. People are struggling with benefit cuts and


if they fiddle their own books they are looking at having their house


repossessed but in her case she gets a slap on the wrist and she can walk


away. We are all feeling a huge sense of empathy for people who are


dealing with low incomes and benefit issues so this is particularly


inflammable in that environment I think. Iain Duncan Smith has also


been saying, and he is quoted in the Guardian saying, that he thinks


there should perhaps be a review of the independence of the


investigators, will that be enough to get public trust back? Well, if


we consider the way we have tried to reform the way the police are


policed cop with the police complaints authority being a


toothless tiger and now we have the IPC see that people would like to be


reformed. If we do not allow that, why should we allow a broken system


to continue when you have the Parliamentary standards commission


and even their chairman says it cannot work with the MPs marking


their own home work any more. A lot of MPs think if only the public knew


what a great job they all do then in order for that to happen they need


this stuff to be eradicated. Iain Duncan Smith has been calling it a


witchhunt and saying that Maria Miller has done such great work with


Leveson Report same`sex marriage and that is why she is under fire but


you cannot bring these things into it. This has to be treated in its


own merit. There are other stories as well. We will stay with the


Guardian. Number ten plans a curb on betting machines. We have heard


David Cameron talking about this before. Yes, I do not bet myself or


even have a flutter on the Grand National but this is to do with


something to do with fixed odds betting terminals which are known as


the crack cocaine of gambling and people spend huge amounts of time on


these losing huge amounts of money and apparently the Prime Minister


wants safeguards introduced. This government said that new Labour had


legalised 24`hour gambling and drinking but it has not done much


about this. At the moment they take up 9% of high`street floor space


with these machines. In really poor areas! They are popping up


everywhere and David Cameron thinks you need to have more crackdowns are


so if you have been playing for 30 minutes you need a pop`up, if you


have bet more than ?250 you need a pop`up to tell them to consider what


they are doing and giving the people a moment to step back. Adrenaline


flows. I have spoken to people who are really addicted and they get


lost in the excitement. You forget it is real money. Safeguards that


encourage people to step back would be important. If you are betting so


much money every minute you do not have time to think. Exactly. If you


are libertarian you want to avoid introducing rules and regulations


where possible and allow self`regulation but if it is not


working then there is a role for government, even big government. It


would not be the start of a week without a story about the NHS. The


Daily Mail brings us this one about elderly patients who are in during


appalling care in the NHS but they are too frightened or too polite to


complain. This is classic British nurse coming back to bite people.


They are saying that people do not want to make a fuss because they are


polite and they are concerned that if they do make complaints it will


come around and come back to haunt them in the way the staff treat


them. It says that over half of people receiving care on the NHS are


over 65 but only two thirds of the complaints that coming from them.


The balance is not correct. There should be more people in that age


group complaining but there are not so it is clear people are not


speaking up. These are the complaints as they are being


treated, not just. We have seen a lot of cases of elderly people being


vulnerable and starved on wards are not getting water or food and we see


their relatives having to do their own sting operations to show


excepting what is happening to them and they are incredibly vulnerable


and you see the relatives getting nervous about their care and they


are the ones that have to speak up for them but what if you do not have


relatives? What if you are on your own? We are all aware that we will


live longer and struggle financially if forced Aristide follows on and we


are worried about being in this position. There are forms you can


fill in when you have had NHS care but that can be too late. Shall we


go back to the Daily Telegraph. There are a lot of stories on their


front page. The latest about HS2 and be hitches, the trains are too quick


according to the Daily Telegraph. One of the reasons we want to spend


this money is to reduce the time it takes from London to Birmingham or


even from London to Manchester but apparently they will be too fast and


they want to slow them down for environmental reasons. A committee


is going to make this clearer later this week but then what is the


point? It is basically a massive glitch coming in as the


environmental watchdog says that the emissions will be a problem said the


speed will have to slow down and if they do so down to this degree they


will only be 25 minutes faster than existing services and if you think


about the cash we are investing for 25 minutes knocked off the journey


it is not much. A lot can happen in 25 minutes. The chap who build Eden


Centre what's a couple of billion chucked his way, we should listen to


him! A Polish MP who is living as a migrant in London has tried to


follow the exact procedure that Polish people take with a cheap


airline and taking a job, it is a fascinating story. This is basically


undercover. He is doing what the Polish immigrants do to see why it


is so good. He is attempting to live on a minimum wage and figure out why


so many Polish people prefer Britain to their homeland. He wants to see


why it is better and take the secrets that he discovers back to


Poland. He says that around 70% of young people in Poland consider


emigrating. They have a massive problem. 40% are thinking of


applying for British nurses and ship. I can tell him, he does not


need to go through all of this! He is putting his money where his mouth


is. He is enduring what it is like to come over here. It is not easy.


You should go down to Victoria Station where a lot of migrants


arrive and also a lot of them end up living rough. Some do struggle. The


thing about this is that the young Polish people come here because we


are this multicultural, multiethnic, hopefully outward looking country.


These are all the things that Nigel Farage probably hates about Britain


and that is why the polls are coming here. There must be an election


coming on because it says here that Ed Miliband is to the rescue of the


middle classes. He has promised to rescue the struggling middle classes


and warned that the cost of living crisis could last for another five


years. Some Labour MPs are not very impressed with this. He is supposed


to have made a big lurch to the left to keep the unions on board but here


he is talking about Britain's great cities, unleashing them and


liberating them and not allowing managed decline as people in the


Tory government say. He is worried and he needs to say something very


significant because the gap between the Tories and Labour has narrowed


from about 15% to 1% since the budget. He needs to say something


really significant. A lot of Labour MPs are not really sure about


rescuing the middle classes. He needs to reach out beyond people on


a low income so that people in the squeezed middle know that Labour is


the party for them as well. He wants to rebuild the middle classes and he


is highlighting the things that are the foundations of the middle`class


such as pensions, university education, getting on the housing


ladder, this government has put those under threat and he wants to


restore those for the middle class who are looking at their own


children and thinking they were worse off be worse off than they


have been. Many thanks for taking us through some of the stories. You


will be back at 11:30pm to do more of that. Thank you for joining us.


Do stay with us. Coming up next is Click.


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you keep a secret?


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