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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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building. Celtic seas in Sheffield after the city 's half marathon was


cancelled due to a shortage of water for those taking part. Hundreds of


runners ran anyway. `` Chaotic scenes.


Welcome to our preview of the morning's papers. With me are Vicky


Beeching and Henry Bonsu. First let's look at the front pages


in brief. The Independent leads on the Labour leader Ed Milliband


promising to rescue Britain's struggling middle classes. The Daily


Telegraph as Maria Miller on its front page and claims she faces


questions on tax paid over the sale of the property. The hunt for the


killer of the British millionaire found dead in Spain. The Guardian


leads on Maria Miller, saying that she is at odds with prominent


Conservatives. The Daily Mail claims that elderly people are insuring


appalling NHS care because they do not speak up. The Times front page


says that Irish voters should remain unsolved. Drinking milk could stop


arthritis getting worse, according to the Daily Express. And NT


nine`year`old pensioner who kills herself because she cannot cope with


the digital age, according to the Daily Mirror. The Daily Telegraph


revealed Maria Miller 's expenses and led to her having to make that


apology. Another headline on the front page ` Miller faces questions


over tax on home sale. The BBC has been in touch with Maria Miller 's


office and a spokeswoman says that it is utter nonsense. She confirmed


that Maria Miller had sold the Wimbledon home in February and that


she would pay any capital gains tax that was due, but that assessment


had not yet been made and any tax was not yet achieved. She insisted


that the culture secretary would have a HMRC rules to the letter. She


would not have been charged tax yet. But this emphasises that the hope of


a line being drawn under her expenses is not going to happen


yet. The newspapers, particularly the Telegraph, maybe succeeding in


big`ticket picture of her as a cabinet minister and a senior


parliamentarian whose financial status is being enhanced and


enriched by her political status. We don't enter politics in this country


to get rich. That is what they do in other countries, banana republics.


The problem is that although she is rejected by being a woman in the


Cabinet, one of five, David Cameron will ask how much support she has at


the grassroots. I suspect he will want to keep her for a variety of


reasons but it is not want to throw her overboard and it is not like


getting the ministers anyway. He does not want to be seen to be


dragged away from the position of relative strength by the tabloids.


It may not be the prime ministers decision. He needs to make sure that


he tests they will be hoping that after the recess this will blow


over. That she is one of a few women is relevant in some ways but not in


others. I am a passionate feminist but I do not think that someone


should be given more leniency because they are a woman. There is a


lot of irony around this. It was not just giving the leniency because she


is a woman but it is about keeping women in the Cabinet. Just because a


rather few women... I know but people have asked if David Cameron


has a problem with women. Leaving her in because she is a woman is


problematic. (CROSSTALK).


Let's move on to The Times. The different story here. This is a


former minister calling for an end to Troubles prosecutions. President


Higgins arrives today and is seeing the Queen tomorrow and Martin


McGuinness will be in attendance as well. This is a call on Amnesty of


the unsolved murders have occurred in the Troubles. They want to put


the past behind them and the second is and it will be hanging over the


relationship for the future. We could potentially bring an end to


it. My sympathies are with the families of the victims and it is


all well to say let's put the past behind us but it is not in any way a


caring decision for them. Is talking in a big political sense, these are


individuals and families. I didn't realise that the figure was as high


as 3000 unsolved murders. Is the judgement of the government being


affected by the case of South Africa. The most heinous crimes of


the apartheid state were forgiven or explain away by the Reconciliation


Commission. There is still a lot of trauma going through there. I don't


think these things can be wished away. There was huge outcry when it


was revealed that letters were sent to some IRA suspects on the run and


that was huge outcry about that and questions about who knew what and


when. He says you can't apply a sense of normal fairness and justice


to an unusual situation but you are still left with lots of individuals


who will not feel like they have justice. What constitutes a


political crime? How many murders can be attached to the troubles and


how many are ordinary crimes that can be dressed up? If you lost


somebody, you will want Justice. Let's turn to the Sun reports on


so`called benefit cheats. They are being forced to sell homes to pay


back fraud debt. How many people will be forced to do this? There are


many figures quoted here, 440 million pounds of handouts. But the


overall pound is ?3.5 billion. `` amount. It would help if we knew how


many people will have two payback by selling their home. Suspect very


few. It is a huge amount of money. We have to remind ourselves that the


Sun has this campaign going. The Mirror has a shocking front`page


story. I would sooner die than live in the age of the e`mail. A British


pensioner who evidently killed herself at an assisted suicide


clinic, saying she could not cope with the digital age. There are many


people struggling to cope with with the digital age. You are


investigating this, Ah Chee? I'm looking at the effects of technology


society. It does surprise me. The symptoms of older people feeling


isolated by technology as a shock me, but this result does. She has


gone abroad to commit suicide. She died on March 27. She was not


terminally ill or seriously handicapped but her comments were


that she wanted to stop the world and get off. She could not cope that


the world was becoming more machine oriented. She felt we were becoming


robotic. She has never owned a TV or radio. When I read that I thought


that there were a lot of other things going on here. When did


televisions come into? Televisions and radios are lifelines for the


majority of people, especially elderly people. I have sympathy here


but actually I would not blame the e`mail age. She was upset with


people not cooking properly and going for ready meals. Do you think


this will raise serious questions about assisted suicide? What


constitutes a genuine reason? There is a responsibility to train


yourself, is that? Lifelong learning. Loneliness was probably at


the core of it. Who was around her? There are loads of people who are


bridging that digital divide in their 80s or 90s. Parents should be


banned from The Independent reports on Ed Milliband and the middle


class. Let Prescot once said that the old middle class now. The people


that Ed Milliband is talking about, are they begin to give him a surge


next year? There are many people who do not think he has his strategy


right. She will give a big speech tomorrow about setting the


industrial heartland free, an attempt to outflank David Cameron


and George Osborne. The message it from them is that the economy is


recovering. Milliband was to appeal to those who are not feeling the


benefit from the tax cuts. Things that you value like university


funding and pensions are under attack. There is not much detail. He


has time to get meat on the bones of policies. What will the Labour Party


heartlands think of this? Nigel Farage says that it is not just


disenchanted conservatives but that labour people are also coming. The


Daily Mail talks about tens of thousands of elderly patients


enduring appalling NHS care and they are too frightened or polite to


complain. This is another issue that will be apart of next year 's


election. We are also aware that we are living longer and have less


money for when the older. This is Britishness the core. Aren't we all


like that offered. There is a lot of concern about all the people who are


in hospital who are too frightened to make a fuss for fear of being


punished by nurses and people who are there to care for them, if they


make a fuss or complain. Relatives are often very concerned. We have


cases of people setting up their own CCTV operations in private homes and


hospitals and have found appalling care. Most nurses are probably doing


a great job. Nurses get upset when lacy stories like this. There are


calls for a significant cultural shift and even suggestions that


there should be a body that handles all complaints about the NHS and


social care and other services. People need to know that that is


behind them. All the people do not even want to tell their families


because they don't want to be a burden. U complain when you are in


that bed and you are not being taken care of? Thank you. Stay with BBC


News. Hello, and welcome to the Film


Review and BBC News, what have we got? As I am sure you know, this is


the week that Noah opens, the great big controversial, or is it




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