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well. That is in 15 minutes. `` in the


Scottish Premier League. Welcome to our look ahead to what


the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are political


commentator and writer Joe Phillips and the Daily Telegraph 's senior


political correspondent, Christopher Hope. Let's look at the front pages.


The Telegraph shows the photographs sent in why Peaches Geldof. It was


her last tweet of her and her mother, Paula Yates, who died 13


years ago. The paper's lead article is on demands from inserted MPs that


the Culture Secretary Maria Miller should be sacked because her toxic


expenses scandal is damaging the party. The Daily Express shows the


Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George who, along with the Duke, are


touring New Zealand. The paper also reports that fierce


competition is leading to a slashing of Easter and summer holiday prices.


The Daily Mirror also dedicates its front page to Peaches Geldof and


that final photograph tweeted shortly before her death.


A photograph of Peaches Geldof at the premiere of The Wolf Of Wall


Street movie is on the front page of the Guardian and the paper's lead


article is on concerns by food inspectors that infected animals


could enter the food chain if proposed changes to abattoir


inspections go ahead. And the Daily Mail concentrates on


the unexpected death of Peaches Geldof and quotes her father, Bob


Geldof's words, we are beyond pain. That is the story we start with.


Jo, Peaches posted this picture with her mum . Hours later, she was dead


herself. She sent that photograph yesterday. Yes, apparently. There is


nothing anybody can sensibly say that is more articulate than what


her father has said already. It is a horrific tragedy and as yet


unexplained. Obviously, as this picture indicates, people are


drawing attention to the tragic death of her mother, Paula Yates,


over a decade ago. That we don't know what happened. As we look at


the photographs we have seen and the images you have been showing


throughout the evening, she was a beautiful, full of life young woman


with two young children. Hugely intelligent, very driven, very


creative. We don't know any more than that. It is just a terrible


thing. But Christopher, given the fact that she is the daughter of


Paula Yates and so Bob Geldof, well`known figures, obviously, even


though the circumstances surrounding her death are completely unexplained


at the moment and we have no idea what happened, there is stuff for


the papers to write? There is. It broke at 6pm, which is the worst and


the best time for a newspaper, because we have to find news for the


next morning, but the later it breaks, the more news we can write.


As a hardened political journalist, Home Office were stunned by this


news. `` our office were shocked. We don't know why or how she died.


Newspapers have to go on what they have, which is a photograph she put


up last night on Instagram, saying, me and my mum. People are trying to


draw conclusions from that, but we don't know the answers yet. The risk


is that to imply something now might be wrong in the morning. That is the


danger of being a newspaper journalist. But of course, you get


idiots and same people on Twitter and social media, which I am sure


are abuzz with allsorts of theories. It is so shocking. She was a mum of


two young children. That is the tragedy. And someone who was a


classic wild child, but apparently had turned her life around. Her


first marriage ended unfortunately, book she married again and had two


children. I spoke to a taxi driver who ferried her around, and he said


she was doting on the kids and she had thrown that celebrity life, to a


degree, the way. So again, we wonder why this would happen. We don't know


if it was some illness she had. It is a properly shocking story. Let's


go on to the Telegraph, which also has that picture of the last tweet


from Peaches Geldof of her and her mother, who died 13 years ago. Paula


Yates. We rarely use the word heartbreaking at the Daily


Telegraph. But it is a heartbreaking statement from Bob Geldof. To lose


his ex`wife and then his daughter like this is shocking. Next to that


on the front page, a story that you penned, Mr Hope. Billy MPs call for


Miller to be sacked. You are not going to let this go away `` Tory


MPs call for Miller to be sacked. There are no new facts here in terms


of the Maria Miller situation, but it is looking forward to a meeting


of backbenchers which David Cameron will address on Wednesday


afternoon. On Thursday, the House of Commons rises for Easter, so there


is a feeling that we are going towards an end point in the story.


Whether it is an end point for Maria, we don't know. Even when we


broke the story, I was not part of that, but it was certainly written


as a kind of page four inside story. We had moved on from the


expenses scandal. It was really the reaction of Maria Miller's team,


with talk about Leveson, that put it on the front page. It is how it has


been handled by Maria Miller and her team as much as the original sin


which has kept the story going. You can see the legalistic way she went


after things. Not as big as Watergate, but it is not the


original crime, it is how you deal with it. That is why it is an


ongoing news story. But as David Cameron said, she apologised. The


committee that is in place, rightly or wrongly, said she should pay back


just shy of ?6,000. David Cameron says that is the end of the matter.


Why isn't it? Because it is politics, and it is how it looks. I


was watching Question Time last the day, and it is quite a drive


programme, and then someone mentioned Maria Miller's expenses


and the whole place changed. There was a feeling of anger. There was


this anti`politics feeling amongst people and the expenses story gets


them going in a way which no other story does. It is all about


perception. To be honest, two weeks ago, a lot of people would not have


even known who Maria Miller was. Now we know exactly what she looks like.


It is this assumption and the perception that it is acceptable for


the taxpayer. I mean, her constituency is Basingstoke. Chris


and I come in from outside London and we have not got second homes. It


is that sort of assumption and the fact that she made 1 million quid on


the sale of it was. We all know London prices are bonkers. That is


not her fault. But it is this mealy`mouthed, weaselly worded, I am


going to stick to the rules. It was only this much. It is like trying to


appeal with a traffic warden. It is meat and drink to Nigel Farage and


the anti`politics people. Christopher, why has David Cameron


stuck by her? If all this is swirling around and we all know that


a huge possibility is perception, why has he stuck by her? Two


reasons. First, he doesn't like being bounced into a decision he has


not thought of himself. He does not want to be pushed by newspapers or


journalists. He is also bruised by the Andrew Mitchell affair, when


after a month of bad headlines, he reacted and allowed Andrew Mitchell


to resign when he should not have resigned. History is now reviewing


that choice. I think he hung Andrew Mitchell out to dry. He reacted too


quickly. We took about the ten day rule. If a story is still a story,


that is the time. If it goes beyond the Easter recess, she could cling


on. I can't see what would take it that far. I don't know what would be


the new fact that will keep it going beyond this week. But there is still


furious about this out there. Jo, bearing in mind that there are only


five women in the Cabinet, four full`time members, put those figures


into context. There are four men who went to the same Oxford college in


the Cabinet. There are three men called Dave, and there are four


women. Is that the problem here, you cannot get rid of a woman? If that


is the problem, he is showing even worse judgement, because having a


woman who is perceived to have not had properly, in other words, having


a bad woman although I am not saying she's bad person, having somebody


who is not up to it does not make it right just because she is a woman.


There are other women, better women. It is not exactly as though


she has set the world on fire is an amazing Culture Secretary. She did


push through Same Sex Marriage Bill. There are other people. If that is


the best you can get, don't bother, because it does no one any favours.


We will stay with the Telegraph. Scots will pay more for energy after


separation. Do we believe these stories? Will we believe what's in


your paper! I can't help think that all these stories about what


terrible things are being to befall Scotland if they vote for


independence are guaranteed to bring the Scots together like nothing


else. Wind people up. We have seen... The fear factor. Half these


things seem to be absolutely frightening for no reason and it's


actually working against it because it's brought the yes campaign ` it's


narrowed the gap. Is this stuff being fed to you? Not to me, Clive!


OK. It's being fed to Simon Johnson. I am sure Simon went out there and


dug this story up. Absolutely. This is chapter five or six in a series


of looking at different policy areas and saying why this won't work for


you. It's about the fear of doing something and it's trying to


stoke... And the timing. I am sure the Department of Energy and Climate


Change publish all sorts of fascinating documents but to do it


on the day or just before Alex Salmond is going to make a speech at


a conference seems coins dental. You might say that `` coins dental.


Let's quickly go on to The Guardian. Alert over infected meat risk. I


thought this was over. So did we. This is a worry. We think back to


the horsemeat episode which cut out ` any food health scare stories


always cut out of the bubble we inhabit about reporting news policy,


this affects millions immediately. They're saying new rules from


Brussels mean that the inspectors can't check on quality of meat and `


where does the meat come from, how far back can you trace it? These are


interesting stories and they can spiral out of control. It is a scare


story. It's very much about could, may happen, might happen, if these


changes go ahead. It's come from Unison, as far as I can tell. So


they've an axe to grind? They may be flagging up a concern about health.


It is very much about it could enter the food chain. For The Guardian I


am surprised they've done it in such a... You would have expected this


from The Telegraph! The Daily Mail or The Express actually. I am


joking! I agree with The Guardian on that, a good story. It is.


All right. We are going to end it there. We will be back in an hour's


time for another look at the stories behind the headlines. Stay with us,


at the top of the hour we are going to have much more on the tragic


untimely death of the broadcaster and author Peaches Geldof. She has


died at the age of 25. Coming up now it's time for Sportsday.


Hello. Welcome to Sportsday. I am John Watson. Tonight: Sunderland


remain rooted to the bottom of the Premier League as they concede five


at Tottenham. Aberdeen in second in the Scottish


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