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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. Presented by Clive Myrie.

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rescue their season. They have five matches to go. One game from the


Scottish Premiership between the Burnie on and Aberdeen. ``


Hibernian. Welcome to look ahead at what the


papers will be bringing us tomorrow. Let's look at some of the front


pages. The Daily Telegraph shows the sent in the last week by Peaches


Geldof of her and her mother, Paula Yates. The papers lead article is


OnDemand is from Conservative MPs that the culture Secretary, Maria


Miller, gets the sack because of the damage being caused to the party by


her toxic expenses scandal. The Daily Express shows the Duchess of


Cambridge with Prince George who, along with the Duke, are touring New


Zealand. The Daily Mirror also dedicates its front page to Peaches


Geldof and that final photograph tweeted shortly before her death. A


photograph of Peaches Geldof is also on the front page of the Guardian.


The papers lead article is on concerns by food inspectors that


infected animals could enter the food chain if proposed changes to


abattoir inspections go ahead. The Financial Times is reporting that a


new way of measuring the U.K.'s economy will overturn the country 's


reputation as a spendthrift, betraying Britain's and set is


unexpectedly prudent. We are unexpectedly prudent, there you go.


Let's start with the sun. The big story of the day is the death of


Peaches Geldof at the age of 25. They speculate on the front page,


saying that there were no drugs at the house. This shows how dynamic


newspapers can be because we see in other papers today that they are


speculating about this last photograph and why she may have


photographed it, her mother and so on. Now we are learning from the Sun


that no drugs were found at the house and that there is no suicide


note. We are moving away from an idea that she may have killed


herself and are thinking about underlying health reasons. It is


interesting how newspapers are often condemned as being old`fashioned but


they are quite dynamic and this time of the evening they are gearing up


and constantly reinventing the front page. It is an exciting time to be


in papers. So sad. They will have their reporters all over this. Bob


Geldof 's tribute there. She was an it girl in teens, going to parties


and so on. But she changed a lot. But she was also, as a teenager, she


was writing she had her own TV show. She was writing for women's


magazines about fashion you might say that this is precocious but you


could eight is precocious talent. She was a bright, witty, dynamic,


interested, curious girl. As you say, two very small children. From


what anybody can judge from photographs they looked happy. It is


heartbreaking. Onto the times. The News International paper reading on


its front page that the PM is at war with party as Miller Row grows. All


of the papers on the right, I should say, are pushing this. News


International is pushing it. What I think is interesting is that this is


now moving much more towards David Cameron and it is about his


judgement and calling on him to do something away from Maria Miller who


think it's lost cause. It is interesting. The tabloids have been


more or less, up until today, saying the obvious thing that people are


out of touch. The Telegraph is more detailed today. This story


originally appeared on page four and looked a bit like it was outdated.


It is how Maria Miller handled it and how the aid apparently


threatened the newspaper that has changed it. Now it is becoming a


story about how David Cameron is dealing with it. We have the 1922


committee meeting on Wednesday. There are silences, where is the


constituency party? We assume that they are behind Maria Miller. It is


now getting into an authority situation for the Prime Minister.


What is interesting is that the times are going hard on the Miller


expenses story with a previously were not so sure. Maybe the new


editor is thinking that this is a story which breaks out from the


politics bobble iWork and gets readers cross. You have let it so it


is not just the Telegraph expenses. Is also self interest? Is is a way


of making it clear to the world that if you are saying that we should


allow MPs to dictate future jurisdiction of the press and


control of the press through a privy Council, then that is a huge


mistake. It was not us who brought up Deveson. Be sure that was raised


with our reporter when we first looked at it. Some call it the


perfect storm. Maria Miller is struggling to do the right thing. It


is a coming together of a number of different issues. A former tabloid


editor tweeted tonight suggesting that when you are in a hole, stop


digging. He is loyal to his team. He is the leader. She is a female


minister, he does not have many of them. He does not want to let her go


for that reason. He is worried by the Andrew Mitchell situation, he


thinks he let him go to easily. Had you let it get to this stage? If you


are Prime Minister, although he has his own problems at the moment,


since Andy Coulson left Downing Street David Cameron is not appear


to have the same group on public perception. Is that nobody around


him who can deal with this? He has lost his friends. He has a lot of


employees around him had not want to tell the boss that you are wrong. He


has lost these guys around him for years into being Prime Minister.


Where is the David Cameron that would have gone to Maria Miller and


said, look this is getting a bit sticky water we going to do? Cameron


understood it in 2011. Interestingly, somebody else has


tweeted that John Major had a pretty good economy going in 1997. What


sank him? Sleaze. This started with a newspaper crusade at the time.


What a thing to quit to labour. You mention the suggestion that it may


be because it is not want to fire a woman and there are only apparently


for full`time members of the Cabinet. Yet there are four men who


went to the same Oxford college and three of them are called Dave. Those


of the figures we are talking about. That is appalling. I do not


think that the David thing matters so much. It is not appalling that


they are all called David. Is it appalling? I don't know. The Lib


Dems are no better, they are worse. It is a problem for all of the


parties. It does not make it better by having a woman who is apparently


saying there with the PM 's blessing when he and she are so clearly out


of touch with the public mood. It is this perception of greed and


nonsense. Other parties have had this problem you would have thought


that you would have liked your lesson. The public will not buy


this. Let's look at this cartoon. Two


chaps having a chat and here it is. Matt is a genius, he wins awards for


this. He is terrific. And they are so small. RBS advises clients to use


zero hours contracts. We all bailout RBS. We own them and Maria Miller 's


house. Ouch. This is an 81% taxpayer owned bank and it is now apparently


advising businesses across Britain to draw up zero hours contracts.


Some people like them. I did have a problem with them because in the old


days used to call it being freelance but the problem with these contracts


is where it becomes your tights to an employer and you are not allowed


to leave. It is not unusual, for example in catering, media, creative


industries, where people say call me if you need me. But it is where big


companies, particularly some of the high street chains, has said that


you cannot work for anybody else. That is not a zero hours contract


that is tying you into something we have no guaranteed security or job


security. This is an extraordinary thing for the RBS to do given its


position and that it is in this position. It will drive Vince Cable


mad. He has got skin in the game. The government has a stake in this


company and he will be angry. He will be angry at a maverick LibDem


urging a 40p tax rate. Jeremy Browne, the former Foreign Office


and Home Office Minister, thinks that Nick Clegg and David Cameron


are being timid. Extraordinary. He was sacked for being too right`wing


and is now definitely right wing. This is Conservative policy going


further than David Cameron. Another exclusive story for the


independent. Although, it is plugging his book, the title of


which I would like to reach you because it trips off the tongue.


Race plan, an authentic LibDem plan to get Britain ready for the global


economy. He is big issue is that all of this is rubbish, we are losing


the global race. You did say rather unkindly that it is not a book but a


large pamphlet. This is an argument not just made by him but a lot of


other people as well. He's trying to think big. He is always telling


anybody who will listen to him how important the global race is and we


are fighting with our European neighbours and losing against the


big countries. That is an argument from Liam Fox. There is not a lot


between them. You are a former LibDem apparatchik. Is Nick Clegg to


commit? No. Go another television and with Nigel Farage, taking on


that debate which is not a hugely popular stance on Europe. That is


quite brave. In terms of policy. That is a key part of Liberal


Democrat policy. He has gone there, taken it on. Which Nick Clegg want


pushed up to 45p or 50p no ID not think he is. Onto the Daily Express


with Prince George on tour. He has flown 12 hours, more than that


probably. Who knows, he probably cried a little bit. I bet there


wasn't anyone sitting in front of him he would have dared to complain.


Stuck in the back in economy with this child screaming all the way to


New Zealand for 40 hours. That is a wonderful photograph. He just looks


like his dad. He does. Joe, Christopher, it has been great


having you. Thanks for that. Stay with us, at the top of the hour, we


will have much more on the death of the broadcaster and author, Peaches


Geldof, who has died at the age of 25. Now, it's time for Sportsday.


Welcome to Sportsday. On the way tonight Colin Sunderland are rooted


at the bottom of the Premier League as they can seat five goals at


Tottenham. `` concede. Aberdeen are clear in second in the Scottish and


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