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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. Presented by Clive Myrie.

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investigation. As the British swimming Championships come to a


close, we will round up another record`breaking day in Glasgow.


Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With me are Elizabeth Orcutt, deputy picture editor at the


Times, and Oliver Wright, Whitehall editor at the Independent. Time for


a look at the front pages. The Metro is leading on a report by the UN


boys' club. The Independent focuses boys' club. The Independent focuses


on a report by a food bank charity that claims nearly one million


people in Britain rely on handouts to eat. The growing number of those


depending on food parcels in the UK is also the splash in the Mirror.


The Guardian's main story is the crisis in the Ukraine, though its


main picture shows fans at the commemoration for those killed at


Hillsborough 25 years ago. The Telegraph's main story looks at the


health service, which it says is stretched to breaking point. The


Mail front page features more allegations of a Lib Dem cover up


over the Cyril Smith scandal. The Times leads with claims that UKIP


members have been blocked from raising questions over the party's


use of EU funding. And the front page of the Sun shows a picture of a


12 and 13`year`old couple, who they say have become Britain's youngest


parents. The i has a pig of Liverpool fans raising their scarves


in honour of those who died. `` a picture of Liverpool fans. The UK


has the sixth largest economy in the world and has more millionaires than


ever before, but that picture is of someone who is not sharing in the


uptick, one would say, in the economy. It's a very arresting


image. It solves a tearful child. The picture is not a live picture,


it has been sourced with an agency. The story is about foodbanks and I


cannot think of any mother who would not go hungry in order to feed her


child. It's arresting but you wonder if it really reflects the story.


Particularly if this child has not been photographed by the journalist


doing the investigation. It is from an agency. All newspapers do that,


don't they? Yes, but we try not to do that when it is a splash story or


a serious story. We will use illustrative pictures but in an


ethical way. In an ethical way? LAUGHTER. We will say that it is a


muddled picture. I will look out for that. `` a picture with a model.


Oliver, your paper decided not to use a photograph for this particular


story and went with Ukraine instead. You think that your headline is


arresting enough, clearly. We serve a different market from the Mirror,


and we are trying to have several different stories on the front page


of things you might like to read in the paper. Occasionally, we will


dedicate the entire front page to a story but on a day like today, what


is happening in Ukraine is very important. We have the most


important domestic story, as we see it, of the day and the most


important international story. But the Mirror has the big blowout of


this one thing. Regardless of how we present the various stories... It is


a powerful story. And not one that the government will want after


spending weeks trying to trumpet the good news about the economy to the


extent that other ministers are being told that they are not allowed


to speak out. They want to get the message out that the economy is


getting better. And then we have this report suggesting that the


number of people using foodbanks has gone up from 346,000 people last


year to almost 1 million this year, and that is not great, and it shows


the divide between the people for whom the economy is improving and


those people who are on benefits and for whom it is definitely not. And


this story as well, it is Ukraine. And a crisis there that is reaching


the point where it could explode, frankly, now that the Ukrainian


authorities have decided to send their own forces into retake parts


of the east. And which way will it go? Who knows? The Sun.


Interesting, this, Elizabeth, because the Sun obviously has to


cover this story. It's a huge story. One of the most important stories of


the day, the commemorative service at Anfield for the 25th anniversary


of the Hillsborough disaster, but there is an interesting story behind


some of the pictures that are coming out of Liverpool and the Sun itself.


Certainly, some of the pictures we have seen have been coming through


the wires since this afternoon. Some of them could not have been


published by the Sun. They have a full set here. But certainly, some


of the providers did not want the Sun to publish them and that goes


back to 25 years ago, when... The Sun's infamous headline and its


publication of some of the allegations that were being made by


the police force in Sheffield, concerning what had happened at


Hillsborough. Clearly, that anger still lingers in Merseyside. Is it


local agencies today that were saying that this cannot be published


in the Sun? To be honest, I don't know. But possibly, it was pictures


coming out of Anfield it's itself, because they have their own


photographers and their own agencies. I could not say exactly.


There are still some people who refuse to purchase the Sun. You


cannot get it in some places. Newsagents won't stop it. Does this


caption here, the photographs, the child, does that get across what


happened, do you think? Because of any potential restrictions that may


have been on the Sun? That does look like a fair representation of what


happened. The ground was packed full of people, there was one minute's


silence, when people stood with their scarves in the air and you can


see that. The image of the little boy who never knew his uncle and


grandfather, who were both killed. You can see the sculpture of the 96


nights, you can understand what that is. `` lights. I think they have


done a good job. And the inquest into those who died has been


reopened. A huge and very important moment for the people, obviously.


The inquest will go on for quite some time but it's extraordinary


that 25 years on, there are still very fundamental questions and


disagreements on things which have not yet been solved. You can only


imagine what it would be like if it was your father or grandfather who


had been killed. This very long fight to get to what they hope will


be the truth. The truth, indeed. The Metro. There is an obvious reason


why I will ask you this question and not Oliver. Boys' club Britain? The


world's most sexist country? What is the story and do you agree? This is


the woman appointed by the UN as a special consultant to the UN and she


has come to the UK and she has done 14 days worth of intense


investigation and she says we are boys' club Britain. That we live in


a very sexist society. It has echoes of the Brazil not... LAUGHTER `` the


Brazil nut, which is how some of the papers referred to her, but... Do we


live in a sexist society? Yes, there are still vestiges of that, but


equally, it is lastly improved from when I started my career 25 years


ago. All this lady had to do was look at the make`up of the current


Cabinet. There are more parliamentarians `` female


parliamentarians in Afghanistan than in the UK. I'm not sure how


seriously we should take this after 14 days of research. I'm a bit


sceptical of these... It's quite good publicity. It's a great talking


point. But if you are going to look at an issue that is important, that


is diffuse, that is serious, you need more than 14 days. It's almost


like journalism, isn't it? You spend more time digging up this story than


most of us do eating up other stories. But she asks, it's not so


in your face in other countries. She says she is not so sure about what


gives rise to such sixes portrayal of women and girls in this country


in particular. She is talking about advertising and television. Scantily


clad ladies flogging cars. It happens a lot. Yes, but in other


countries in Europe. France and Italy. It does not seem that much


different but maybe it is in her view. Well, she's from the UN, so


there you go. UKIP blocked questions over party's EU funding. As UKIP


rises higher and higher in the polls, the... How shall we put this?


The microscope is going to be on them friendly. This story is a


follow`up to this story that the Times ran. `` the microscope is


going to be on them forensically. Nigel Farage has accused the Times


of being an established paper which has a vendetta to get them. But


looking at this story in detail, I think that he has some serious


questions to answer. He claimed between ?15,000 and ?17,000 in 2013


on offices which were no bigger than 630 square feet. He did not pay any


rent on those offices. That ?17,000 did not include office equipment or


stationary or telephone charges. That's a lot of money to be playing


in business rate, to be paying in electricity... I think that he has


made a lot of MPs over the way they have misused or allegedly misused


expenses, so when anyone questions his expenses, surely it is in his


interests to explain it and show the receipts rather than say this is a


political attack and everyone is out to get him. This story is serious


enough for him to answer these questions will top first, he says he


has done nothing wrong and is willing to have an independent


auditor coming in. He also says he is consulting his lawyers. And that


is always an interesting phrase. Interestingly, the point Oliver


razors, he does talk about this conspiracy from the established


media. `` Oliver razors. It sounds like Sarah Palin, when the lightest


scrutiny was on her, and appealing to those people who do the


potentially a new and fresh candidate coming out of the blue and


upsetting the Apple cart. It is a tactic that some people might


actually find appealing. Yes, but there is more to this story, which


is that people have gone on the record as saying that when they


tried to raise this question about these figures not adding up, they


were blocked. UKIP blocking questions over party's EU funding.


Yes, I think Oliver is right. Fine, let's bring in the accountants and


have some transparent he and see where the money went. Now, very


briefly, North Korea fails to smile at jokes. A barbershop that poked


fun at the North Korean leader's haircuts. LAUGHTER. Is it poking fun


or saying he has a great haircut, come in and have it done? This is


great fun. This is a small hairdressing salon in Ealing, I


believe, who put a poster on `` in their window of Kim Jong Un. And he


has quite a nice haircut, in fact. And the men in Black came in when


they saw it. Possibly, that level of responsibility is so ingrained that


they thought... I cannot help but feel that if this had been in North


Korea, it would not just have been a couple of men coming in. It's a bit


of fun. Thank you for coming in. Sportsday is next.


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