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League season and news from the Commonwealth Games. Tennis from


Monte Carlo and cricket as well. That is all in the sport in 15


minutes, after the papers. Hello. Welcome to our look ahead to


what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow.


Let's have a look at some of tomorrow morning 's front pages. It


will stop at the Independent. The picture shows relatives waiting for


news of loved ones following the sinking of the ferry in South Korea.


Also a breakthrough in cancer treatment. In the Daily Express,


photographs of Angelina Jolie, claiming she will give up acting. In


the Daily Telegraph, news that Britain should be unashamedly in


Angelico about its Christian faith, according to David Cameron. I love


you, I think we're going to die was the stark headline for the Metro


after the sinking of the ferry in South Korea. The Daily Mail claims


one in 16 patients pick up a bug after what `` after staying in what


it calls filthy hospitals. I love you, I think we're going to die.


That is a horrible story. It does not matter it is on the wrong side


`` the other side of the world. Imagine how appalling it must be to


be waiting for your loved ones to come back, waiting for your child to


come off or not come off. It is just horrendous. There are reports this


evening. They were warned not to get on the boat. There was a large lump


and talk about bad weather. One of the survivors were saying, the


advice was, stay in your seats. Do not move. Whatever the loud thump


was, stay still, everybody. That was awful. You have to wonder why the


lifeboats were not deployed and people take out to them. You can


imagine, if you're in charge of a group of 300 schoolchildren in


something like this is happening, the last thing you want is panic.


You can imagine the initial order going out. There comes a point when


the ship starts doing this and you go, right, everybody we are going to


move over here or go into the lifeboats. I do not know how long it


has taken for the ship to get into this state. It was very quickly,


apparently. In the Independent, hundreds of schoolchildren feared


dead in the South Korean ferry disaster. That picture is of


relatives waiting for the missing loved ones. That is at the port in


South Korea. It has one of the better safety record is on the seas


off a lot of Asian countries. This has been a shock to a lot of people.


Scientists hail new era in fight against cancer. The most amazing


thing is it is the front page of the Independent and not the Daily


Express. It is quite an interesting study. Cancer research UK is


unveiling a new study they are about to undertake to see if they can


modify medicines or cancer treatments with particular genetic


make`up. If you have itchy and yourselves eyeing a set of


arrangement, they will find a treatment which is individually


tailored to you. The idea is this will be a huge breakthrough. At the


moment, you get say breast cancer or lung cancer and you have one blunt


tool, which is basically kill the cells. Either radiating them to


death or bombarding us with chemicals, just to kill everything.


They killed as many goods are sometimes as it does bad cells. This


seems to be a much more tailors and intelligent way of dealing with it.


Cancer research has been talking for a long time about what genetics can


bring to this whole field. It is interesting. When we did map the


gene known, which was quite a while ago. There was a feeling we would be


so far down the road in dealing with lots of cancers and a whole myriad


of health issues. There has been progress but it has not been as fast


as a lotta people might have. There have been cancer breakthroughs for


decades now. We have been trying for my entire lifetime to try to find a


cure. Some rates have improved. Things have not improved for


everybody in every situation. The way that Kieren has described some


people die with lots of chemicals in their system, killing off almost


every cell in their body, that still happens. A lot of these big


breakthroughs to not trickle down to people and they are very expensive.


They are not automatically available in the NHS or approved for funding.


We have done an awful lot with cancer over the years. That is


great. It affects lots of people. The attention that cancer gets,


while it is not necessarily wrong to give it that attention, it does mean


we will not give attention to other diseases which are more difficult


and harder. I have epilepsy and that affects one in ten people who have


this easier at least once in their life. It does not get the attention


and massive fundraising campaigns. There are many diseases which need


this help. This new tailor`made treatment, they will be starting


trials, which is encouraging. They are going to be starting trials. We


would like to say, there are no results for this. In the Daily


Telegraph, apparently David Cameron does believe in God, unlike Mr


Blair. He puts God back into politics and says Britain should be


unashamedly evangelical. You are shaking your head. You are huffing


and puffing. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever, if it is true. What he


brings to politics is more a touch of Herod. It says in the Bible,


suffer little children. Jesus Christ said that, apparently. Child poverty


is predicted to rise by 600,000. There are starving children. There


are 3.5 million children in this country and poverty. Children are


suffering quite a lot. D bread makers. We could go on about David


Cameron and the price of bread. We could go on about the big society


and how food banks are growing to beat the need. Society is not doing


it for itself. `` feed the need. He has been criticised heavily by


bishops in the Church of England. Many have signed a letter which has


humiliated him. They have said some of your policies causing massive


harm. This is exactly the kind of thing that Jesus had said we should


not be doing. He has responded with this letter in the Church Times.


There are those of a firm Christian faith who do feel they are


marginalised. The established church is the Church of England. It is a


Christian country. There are people who feel like that. Wrapped up into


that, I suspect, is a lack of comfort. Maybe that is the best


expression with how the country is changing in general. It may be to do


with race as well. It may be to do with just, communities are


changing. People are moving out much more freely than they ever did. Lots


of places have, for example, lost them in way of life. Places in the


North particularly where industry is dying. Lots of things have happened


since the 50s and 60s. Faith gets lumped into that. It is one of those


things. I actually think that most British Christians, most I know, do


not go around talking about it very much. We are not have any


evangelical lot. What is he playing at? Is it what Susie is saying? He


is overturning centuries of constitutional progress. We have a


head of state who is also the Church of England. Bishops are still in the


House of Lords but, fundamentally, canon law is no longer the law of


the land. The church has been separated from the legislature. He


is trying to get it back together. Is there the feeling in number ten


that the bishops, who have been critical of a number of the policies


of the Coalition Government, that blunt criticism is hitting home? It


is hitting home with Christian voters and he is trying to appeal to


them. It will not appeal to atheists. It may appeal to people of


other faiths who appreciate the fact the Prime Minister is a man of faith


himself. Do they vote? Number ten is worried they will vote UKIP. You


have a wing of the Church who is annoyed at David Cameron over gay


marriage and a much more liberal wing of the Church which is more


represented at the top levels which is more represented at the top level


switches irritated at David Cameron for increasing poverty and all the


things that Suzy talks about. The Anglican Church used to be called


the Tory Party at prayer. It used to be their institution. It is no


longer new Archbishop of Canterbury. He was in business.


Number ten probably thought he would be more on our side. That has proved


not to be the case. The bishops are not on the side of David Cameron. I


think he is doing the opposite of what his principles would lead him


to do. This is quite a blatant attempt to try to win but whatever


section of the Christian vote he thinks he has. He has changed quite


a lot. He is to say, my faith is like reception for Magic FM in the


Chilterns, it comes in and out. This is either a big change or, as Suzy


says, it is politics. I would suspect he would disagree with every


single word you have said. But you do not give a monkeys.


An interesting story this, a device for pensioners on how long they


live. In the budget, a big announcement that George Osborne


made if he would free up people to use up their pension pots when they


retire and you choose what to do with it. You put it into a private


investment vehicle, into a bank account or you buy a Lamborghini. A


yellow one! The thing is people always underestimate how long they


will live for. You think if you live for ten 15 years, you put it away


for that long. If you live for 20 or 25 years, you run out of money and


the state will have to pay. This is the pensions minister saying, we


will try to give you a date for when you will die. Can you imagine? If


you drill down into this story it is also an amount of rot. He cannot


possibly tell us when we are going to die. Firstly, this is just an


idea. When the pensions change was announced in the budget, they made


such a fudge of trying to explain to people, go and buy a Lamborghini, we


don't mind and then people said, please don't say that, it is


stupid. The idea is you go and see your doctor at a certain point and


your doctor will not give you a health screen saying you will live


to 79. What will happen is there will be a chart which says for


people in your area the life expectancy is this. That is very


useful and it is only if you ask for it! If you are pensioner who thinks


you will go and spend it all you will not ask the doctor for advice.


And if you plan sensibly with annuities, you will get that advice


presumably when you plan your financial future, it is


meaningless. Codswallop, Mr Telegraph!


Let's go to this story. It does not say anywhere that if you get a bonus


because that is the key, isn't it? If you do not get a bonus wages are


not rising at the same level. On average... Is your pay rising? My


pay is rising. Is your pay rising? It is already ceiling high! My pay


has not risen in line with inflation for long time but people's pay is


starting to pick up. It is not rising as quickly as inflation if


you strip out bonuses. And certainly not the public sector. Where is the


good news? It is a trend. This is really problematic for Labour. Good


for the government. Kieron and Susie, you will be back in an


hour's time, thank you for that. Stay with us here on BC news, we


will have more on the dreadful disaster off the coast of South


Korea `` stay with us on ABC News. Rescuers are using searchlights to


illuminate the ship. 300 people, many of them children are missing.


Now time for Sportsday. Good evening, I'm Olly Foster.


City snatch a point against struggling Sunderland but their


title hopes are intact is. Everton's Champions League ambitions


have been dented by defeat at home to Crystal


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