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news from the Commonwealth games, as Scotland named their diving and


swimming squad. Cricket from the IPL as well. That is with me in 15


minutes after macro `` after The Papers. Hello and welcome to our


look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With


me are Kiran Stacey, political correspondent at The Financial Times


and the political journalist and blogger Susie Boniface, aka the


Fleet Street Fox. I am a Liverpool fan! Tomorrow's front pages.


Starting with the Independent. The picture shows relatives waiting for


news of loved ones following the South Korean ferry sinking. It


carries news of a breakthrough in cancer treatments. That is the top


story in the express, including a photograph of Angelina Jolie saying


that she will give up acting. The news that Britain should be


unashamedly evangelical about its question faith, according to David


Cameron. This is the headline on the front of the Metro with a picture of


the ferry that sunk off the coast of South Korea. The mail is claiming


that one in 16 patients pick up a bug in what they call" filthy


hospitals" . The Times claims that pro` Russian militia in Ukraine are


being directed by Army intelligence agencies. The Financial Times says


that corporations are lobbying governments not to impose sanctions


against Russia, in fear of a retaliation that could affect


profitability. Let's start again, Kiran Stacey, with the times. The


story that has dominated the news agenda today. It probably will for


the next few days. There are a few bodies that are still to emerge from


this wreckage and South Korea. We are getting messages from some of


the people who were on board. The Metro, which we may see later, has a


heartbreaking one from one of the teenagers on board, saying that I


love you, I think we are going to die. What can you say? It is a


tragedy. There will be questions to be asked, why were people told to


stay still? Why could no one get out of the situation? Why did sink so


fast? Was it safe? At the moment I think they will spend the next few


days trying to fish bodies out of the sea. Obviously, as time goes on,


the chances of finding survivors, there may be at pockets and some


have survived for lengthy periods of time after this kind of disaster.


But the hope is really fading fast. I feel sorry for those pictures we


have seen of parents on the dockside, they are waiting for


lifeboats to come in and see if their children happen to be one of


the lucky ones on their own not. To stand there and wait and not know


and not able to do anything. It is so far away out at sea, you cannot


look yourself, you have to stand there and be terrified. The mind


boggles at how you would feel. Staying with The Times, the


recovery, that brings great rises closer. It is all good news? It is


great, and Unicorns are skipping down the high street as well! Stop


it! The cost of living crisis, per se, it has come to a formal end.


Wages are rising, at the same rate as inflation now. If you strip out


people on bonuses, that is not only bankers, but banking clerks,


salesmen, those earning commission, bonuses are not only in investment


banks. If you strip out those, the basic wages are still below the rate


of inflation. It is not amazing. In the public sector it is even lower,


you are the least important people in the country, as far as the


government is concerned, and it does not include people going into


self`employment. Two years ago I took redundancy, and I run my own


company. I am properly the Tory dream, but pay less tax than I used


to. I don't pay as much national insurance, I am not doing what I was


when I was an unemployed member of staff. Why is Ed Miliband the


Shildon to win the next election? ``shoo`in. A journalist wrote that


they have run out of corner. The whole election, the drum that they


were built in, the cost of living crisis, this is a nightmare. It


was, but plainly, it was going to come to an end at some point. It now


seems to have come to an end before the election, what will they now


argue about? They will talk about the attacks on the poor, or the


disabled, or the bedroom tax. They cannot keep going on about it... It


is not only the fact that the economy is improving and doing well,


people are doing better... No? That is Labour 's problem, Labour came in


and said the cuts were going to completely grind the economy to a


halt. That happened for a while. Growth started to pick up. They said


it was not great that was the problem but employment. Jobs began


coming back, it was not employment that was the problem, but people 's


wages are not rising in line with inflation. And now that is starting


to happen... Where do they go? They have a very good case to say that


energy bills are still high, train fares are still high... But as


people feel more optimistic, they think things are going to get better


in future, and they are less likely to think that Labour are going to be


the party for them. There is no big amazing policy saying that we can


clean up politics, and own career politicians. There is no big idea


that we are not the other guy. `` and end career politicians. They can


try and coast through and be part of a Coalition. Or something. I think


there are some valid things they could say but it is difficult to get


across. No they are not, they have to say that those running the


country are busy. You can say that the economy is improving but look at


how the society has changed. Look how we are treating the most


honourable and poorest. Child poverty. That is what this election


is about... `` vulnerable. These are not big economic changes which is


what people want from Labour. You could say, for example, we have


growth now, but look at what it would cost you. It's huge amount of


money. That would be an economically viable thing to say. It is difficult


to get that across. Or, they could say, that what has started to happen


in the last few months is that the government started spending again.


Not a lot of people realise that the government spending has increased


overall. You are starting to see the worst of the cuts coming off. What


you had at the beginning is tax rises. That stalled the economy.


Once they started being stopped, or reversed, the economy began to pick


up. Labour could say that. They do not want to give the government the


credit of the economy picking up. Labour will find it difficult.


Except for the fact everything is in their favour. They just have to wait


for the majority. The electoral mouth could help out. This is your


story, Kiran Stacey, I hope it is a good one up! Business frustrates


sanctions push? This will not surprise people. We are seeing


Russia pushing further into Ukraine. `` I hope it is a good one! In the


last few days we have seen pro` Russian forces, we are pretty sure


they are Russian forces, in Donetsk. In government buildings. We have


seen pictures of tanks rolling down streets, with people in camouflage


and holding Russian flags. The Kremlin and Moscow will claim they


are pro` Russian forces in Ukraine, as if they have somehow got tanks in


their back garden in Ukraine when this happens. It is clearly Russian


orchestrated. What do we do about it? So far, almost nothing. When


Russian troops cross the border, we will go into phase three of


sanctions, that means big trade economic sanctions. It means a big


frown! The people who are really worried by the multinational


companies. They say if you do this, Russia will punish us. BP has a 23%


holding in a Russian company. What happens if we put harsh sanctions on


the Russians, they can turn round and freeze that holding. BP is among


a group of Western companies lobbying hard for us not to go in.


It looks like they could win. We have in punitive action being taken.


It seems like it is big business that runs the world? Yes,


basically. Go figure. Human rights, and staying in your own borders, and


being pleasant to your neighbours. International law. Democracy, all of


that stuff, no, because of money. That is it. That is the rule.


Russia, China, a few other people, they can get together and roll


across Europe and the West Hemisphere and BP, it is OK, we have


investment in them. Do not worry your little heads! Is that,


fundamentally, it? Yes. If you ask a minister, they would make one of two


points. British companies are at risk, smaller companies, . You have


companies who supply the big ones. Smaller companies. That feeds into


Susie 's point? If he goes into Latvia and Estonia and Ukraine,


everyone else along European edge, there will be little people who are


seriously affected. The other question... The rule of


international law, that is free important. True, but the other


problem is, would anything we do have much of an effect? What we


could do that would have an effect would be to go after Russian


oligarchs here. Who Vladimir Putin relies on a lot. The is... No, we


are not. `` the problem is. They could sue and it would stand up in


court. They would say they have nothing to do with the Ukrainian


problems. The government thinks there is not a lot we could do that


would be effective. They will do a few things. We have slapped acid


freezes and travel bans on people. `` asset. Next, we will try not


inviting them to Christmas! What about the Financial Times. This is


going to depress you as well! I think this is a brain tidier. New


Zealand research has shown that, they had a system of honours, it


shows in some industries, particularly in those where there is


less competition, if you offer the bosses of those industries honours,


they do not sack people. It is great. We have a few industries over


here that have an effective monopoly. Like energy companies and


train companies. If, all we have to do, it seems from this research, is


dangle around a few knighthoods, that will do the trick. They will


stop letting people off and raise prices. And behave like normal human


beings! Is that true? It already happens. Business people have two


act. Is it going to really affect strategic vision for a company? A


possibility they might get an OBE? There are fewer job losses if this


is a possibility. But wouldn't it be great if they had a bit of a whisper


and said look, mate, there's something in it for you. That isn't


all good news. There are shareholders which want companies to


be run efficiently. Keeping people on in a company dying on its feet is


not always a good thing. Pensions on Shell. Government telling workers


when they will die. Basically, in the Budget, it was announced


pensioners would be allowed to choose what they do with their


pension money when they retire. There was a big bottle. If people


live longer than expected, they might be running out of cash, not


getting the right advice, they can still make mistakes, and it may be


the state would have to bail people out. That's not great. Unfortunately


at the time, a government minister said we don't care if people buy a


Lamborghini with their pensions, that is fine. I don't recall a


government minister saying that. They did, I'm pretty certain. What


is happened is they have screwed the whole thing up. Now they have said


they have had an idea. It is only an idea, not necessarily definitely


going to happen. The idea is that when you get older, you can ask your


doctor to give you a predict that time of death. Your doctor will not


give you a proper health screen, but show you a chart for what the


possibility is. It is the same as looking at a chart and saying people


in your area are usually five foot nine. There is a huge curved, it is


a waste of time. A few seconds on the Daily Telegraph. The PM says


Britain should be unashamedly evangelical about Christianity. I


suspect this is a cynical ploy to win over Christian voters who feel


alienated. They think that food banks are rising, and he is not


being very Christian with regards to the poor. Also the government's


policies on things like gay marriage. Maybe Labour should be


doing this. Maybe, but I have would hope they would not. He has been


criticised by bishops for his policies, he is now insisting he is


a very Christian guy. He said that big society was Jesus' idea. I don't


remember Jesus at smashing restaurants and then throwing money


to apologise, allegedly. If he is like Jesus, we get to nail him up to


a tree next Friday. And on that note, in this Easter week, it has


been great having you on. Many thanks for that. Stay with us,


because much more on that disaster in South Korea. But now it is time


for sport. Hello and welcome to Sportsday. I'm Olly Foster, here's


what is coming up tonight.


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