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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Clive Myrie.

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from the women's Super League where defending champions Liverpool have


been taking on Manchester City. Tennis and the snooker ball coming


up after the papers. Hallow. Welcome to our look ahead to


what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me Bonnie Greer and


Sam Coates. Let's have a look at some of the front pages. We will


start with a striking picture of holy week celebrations in Spain.


That is dominating the front page of the Daily Telegraph. Some foreign


doctors lacked the necessary skills, it is claimed, to work in the NHS.


The trial for Abu Hamza is on the front of the Daily Express. The


daily malice reporting on the cost of a 13 year legal battle involving


a whistle`blowing NHS cardiologist, who had been sacked. On the front


page of the Daily Mirror, it is dedicated to a story about a baby


who is reportedly infected by meningitis from the family cat. We


will start with the Daily Mail. After the mid`Staffs disgraceful


situation, thousands of people apparently dying as a result of lack


of care and so on and so forth. We are going to be protected. This


story will upset a lot of people. That is probably why it is there. We


do not know yet a lot about it. It is one of the kinds of story that


the Daily Mail does, man against a woman against the machine against


the state. It pretty much fits into their kind of ethers. I was thinking


before, it is a strange story in a way. What exactly is the Daily Mail


saying other than, here is an example of a person up against the


system once again and the state? They do put in there was a 13 year


battle because it goes across the time the Labour government was in


charge. You wonder why it is on the front page will stop they are not


telling us very much about it. We can read it quite narrowly as


someone who saw a lot of issues going on in the NHS and felt it


should be made public and the system was trying to squash him. It strikes


me as a rather good story and quite legitimate front page offering from


the Daily Mail. One of the features quite a lot of the NHS scandal that


have happened in recent years is the good whistle`blower. Someone who is


speaking up and, for whatever reason, concerns were addressed and


there was an attempt to silence them. To be honest, anyone


interested in the well`being of the NHS would be keen to let the views


of these sorts of people percolated up. It is an incredibly difficult


issue. We are dealing with people being asked to complain about


bosses. No amount of legislation will make that easier. There is a


new statute you refer to from Jeremy Hunt. Then we have to complain to


the very Boss you probably complaining about. A lot of people


would feel their careers would hit the buffers. What I am saying is,


this is a 13 year battle. Why is it now? I'd agree you to make an


interesting point. The NHS has always been seen as an organisation


which cuts across party lines. You do not slag off the previous Health


Secretary because of something that might have happened or whatever. In


this instance, that is exactly what happened. Jeremy Hunt and, his name


escapes me... The former Health Secretary. Andy Burnham. They


actually were at loggerheads. It does deal to many people as if that


was the first time it happened. Jeremy Hunt got very close to


libelling Andy Burnham. He threatened him with proceedings if


you did not back off. Jeremy Hunt was saying Andy Burnham knew certain


things and, of course, Andy Burnham said he did not know these things.


Jeremy Hunt levelled it. As someone born in America, whose whole


experience of the medical system, we have no health insurance in the


United States. The sort of dismantling of the NHS for whatever


reason this particular government thinks is necessary, I find


absolutely appalling. It is frightening. This kind of story, we


do not have the inside page so I do not know what audience and outs of


this are, is another nail in the Coffin of this great institution.


The fact is, it is a conservative coalition Health Secretary who has


brought in a law to protect whistle`blowers. And he should. That


seems quite right. The NHS is going to be a very big battle ground at


the next election. We saw quite a significant moment in the NHS today.


We saw the target of seeing people within 18 weeks of a GP referral


breached for the first time. The Government confirmed that had


happened because of the pressures on the NHS. It does feel like we are


going to see quite a lot of them to and fro over the way the coalition


have overseen the changes in the health service over the next year.


It is a very difficult picture to get a handle of. It is unclear to


me, as an observer, quite who is winning this battle and how dramatic


the changes are that have been made so far. There is a lot of rhetoric.


I would not want to referee. I do not know what happened in Andy


Burnham 's office and I do not know if what Jeremy Hunt is saying is


rhetoric. In the end, we are going to just be watching the data to see


whether NHS hospitals country people in the time they are meant to and


look at the structural changes. Only a certain number of places will have


this 24`hour NHS service. That is what is happening now. This is going


to be ten, 20 years. Will be talking about the NHS a hell of a lot in the


run`up to the election. We are going to go on to Page two of the Daily


Mail. Can a fragile truce prevent Ukraine falling into the abyss? They


seem to agree on something. John Kerry, the US Secretary of State and


the Russian Foreign Minister to seemed to have come to a deal that


has seen compromises on both sides. Vladimir Putin has agreed to try to


help disband some of the gangs that are roaming around eastern Ukraine


that are seen as militia, who are stoking up popular discontent. They


are saying we need to go in there because of the unrest and take


control of another portion of eastern Ukraine. In terms of what


John Kerry has had to give, they have had to concede a restructuring


of Ukraine, giving different local areas different regional control,


which does allow Putin to say he got something out of this. You have to


remember that not all of the cards were on the side of John Kerry. You


look at the tough rhetoric coming out of America about sanctions and


such, but then again, Europe has not really been anything like as tough.


What is interesting to me, any sovereign nation that says


basically, we have the right to protect our language nationals is


the same as if the French president said we are coming to London because


the French speakers are not happy. That is what we are not tackling.


That is the basic premise. That is what Adolf Hitler used before World


War II about the German`speaking people. We cannot let that kind of


rationale though past. The UN has already condemned it. It is


ridiculous. There are schools in predominantly Russian speaking areas


where you are not allowed to speak the language. Absolutely. It needs


to be challenged. The basic idea he has been putting forth to the


popular press is that these people have been asked to come in. These


are our language speakers and we have the right to protect them. It


has to be deeper than that. Foreign doctors lack skills for the NHS,


according to the front of the Daily Telegraph. One wonders why they are


now doing in the first place? I have foreign doctors around me. I do not


know what this is about. Someone who has come over from the United


States. When did this happen? I saw a foreign doctor this morning. I do


not know what they mean by what skills they lack. They do not have


the credentials are a British doctor has, how did they get in here? It is


another anti`NHS story. They say they have a series of tests which


are not as stringent for foreign doctors as British doctors. If that


is the case, why are they allowed in? The bottom line is there and not


enough doctors, particularly in A It is not the case that there is a


huge extra number of foreign doctors in this country than, say, ten or 15


years ago, but there is a huge increase in the number of foreign


doctors stories in the papers. One of the things that is perhaps worth


thinking about, though, is as you look overseas to bring people do


Britain, it is getting harder with changes to the visa regime, but you


get a lot of people training in Britain and going overseas


themselves. Florida and the United States. Something like half of the


trainees in Western Australia are British expats. And in America, and


NHS training in the United States is considered a supreme, and you can


ask for top dollar. So it is quite... So is it a story to say


that foreign doctors are allowed in this country, and they don't have


the skills of British doctors, yet they are legally, officially allowed


in? Is that a story? Well, it is... It is a story if they mess it up. It


is a story by university College London. One wonders why they did


that. They are a hospital and an academic institution, they would


look at the evidence and come to a judgment about an issue that is


quite important, because I think it is worth academic examination of


this. People have an emotional and pragmatic reaction to foreign


doctors, some worry they are not as good, so it is worth looking at the


extent to which that is true, and they have found some grounds for


agreeing with that. Language, of course, is a big issue. It is a


subject that merits careful and not hysterical looking at. It always


did, that is my question, why now? All right, OK, the front page of the


Daily Mirror, baby given meningitis by a cat. This is, you know,


this... I don't know about these kind of stories. This little child


on the front cover of this paper, I don't quite understand what that is


about. Out of the deepest level of it, what is it for? I would not have


my child pose like this, that is my first point. What are we saying?


This is what I am trying to understand. This is another story,


another paper, cats and meningitis, is there something deeper going on?


Is it's just a scare story? Anyone with a cat should be worried about


it? I think we have had a couple of cats and baby stories in the last


month. I think if there was a genuine problem, we would have known


about it. University college might have done a study about it! The


reason that you read about them is because there is something quite


deeply ingrained in our sort of societal psyche about cats, babies,


and parts they do not sit comfortably together. But actually


that pretty much is an urban myth. There is some evidence that dogs are


more dangerous than cats when it comes to babies, the suffocation


myth is not true. And as both a parent and owner of two cats, they


are perfectly happy cohabiting, and there is no issue there. This is an


individually very tragic case, occasionally papers focusing on one


thing that is shocking, but I would draw any wider conclusions. It makes


a... A horrible story, terrible story. You guys will be back an


hour. I suppose, yeah! We have pretty much knocked every headline,


haven't we? Stay with us on BBC News, because the top of the hour


will have much more on the talks in Geneva to try to resolve the


situation in the east of Ukraine. But now it is time for Sportsday.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday, I'm Katherine Downes. Cardiff City call


for action against Crystal Palace amid allegations of spying before


their Premier League match earlier this month, we'll look at the


investigation facing the Premier


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