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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Clive Myrie.

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been taking on Manchester City. Tennis and sneak out all coming out


in 15 minutes. `` snooker. Welcome to our look at what the


papers will bring us tomorrow. Bonnie Greer and the Deputy


political editor at the times. A picture of holy week celebrations in


Spain, dominating the Telegraph front page. Foreign doctors might


lack the necessary skills to work on the NHS. The Queen with her Easter


bouquet features on the Daily Express. The Daily Mail reports on


the cost of a legal battle involving an NHS cardiologist who was sacked


after whistleblowing. The front page of the mirror is dedicated to a


story about a baby who was reinfected by meningitis from the


family cat. `` infected. The skill levels of doctors trained outside


the EU in the times. The independent front page has a tribute to Gabriel


Garcia Marquez. He died at aged 87. The Guardian reports on the


acquisition of the Labour Party over Obama 's adviser, table Arsenal


roared, for the UK election battle. That's where we start. Miliband


steps up his right hand man for election. Will Miliband say, yes we


can? It is a shot in the arm for Ed Miliband. They have been looking for


good news. Their economic strategy came under pressure. This is as good


news as you could get. David Axelrod was the campaign face of the Obama


campaign. He was one of two figureheads who took Obama from the


kitchen table to the White House. The fact he is joining team Miliband


is impressive. We have a Chicago streetfighter who will faceoff and


Australian strategist. It is down and dirty. All three parties have


foreign election strategists. It is good news. I wonder how many days


between now and the election, David Axelrod will actually be inside the


Labour HQ. He is predominantly an America based. What will he do? His


role in the last Obama campaign was to focus on Obama's opponent and


ensure people understood how privileged, wealthy and not one of


us he was as an opponent. You will see a lot of that in the way he


steers the Labour campaign. Ronnie, you are from southside Chicago and


you know this guy. Absolutely. What will he bring to the campaign? ``


Bonnie. Trust me, Axe wouldn't get involved unless he could win this.


He wouldn't put his name to this if he didn't know. To add to what Sam


said, what he saw in Obama was what I call, the edge. He saw it. He saw


a shift in the Democratic party. My generation, the baby boomers, were


running the party. We assumed it would be Hillary Clinton in the


bag. What's the deal? Suddenly, this guy from Illinois, with a weird last


name, who Axe helped to get here from Illinois, said no, there is a


change. What he focuses on, not only what he did against Mitt Romney is,


he is a genius at understanding the ethos of the people. He understands


in the US, for instance, America is about freedom, our quality,


opportunity, that's it. Every American dream is about it. If you


don't deliver that, then you are out. What he sees here, my


perception of Britain, being here so many years, is that the British


perceive themselves as fair. At the end of the day, most British people


want fairness. Everyone interprets that how they want, but it is about


being fair, just fair. I would assume, maybe Axelrod will look at


that very deeply. He is talking about inequality. He is going to be


talking about that so that is important. Sam, why does it take a


bunch of foreigners to tell us how we are supposed to, I don't know,


react, feel, deal with life at the moment? As with business hiring


outside consultants, it helps. Before Axelrod's arrival, team


Miliband have been looking at the way Obama won the second of the two


residential races. In fact, Obama was behind on economic competence


and behind on who was trusted to manage growth in relation to


business. What he was in front on was understanding people 's pain,


understanding the squeeze, understanding cost of living issues.


The temp late has been laid on top of the Labour campaign. `` temp


late. We have Axelrod like we are just adding to the man now. The


Tories picked up Jim Messina who also worked for President Obama.


There is no doubt that Axelrod is the senior. That moustache is known


in America. And he has the thing I want `` and he has got it back,


because he took it off. He will shake this campaign. He knows


something has shifted. That is what he discovered in Obama. That is what


will happen here. Very interesting. Bonnie, the Times, Geneva deal pulls


Ukraine back from the brink. Is it all over now? It depends on how far


Putin wants to go, what he wants to accomplish. What he says he wants to


do, what he wants to do, are of course two different things. He has


had to put himself on the frontline of politics. He has gone on record,


ago, saying the collapse of the Soviet Union was the worst thing


that ever happened. V Putin owes a of politics in Europe and in


relation to the U S is how this man is making his mark `` the


Putinisation. It is appalling that we don't have a dialogue about his


central premise, which is that he has the right to invade a sovereign


country to aid its language speakers. This, frankly, was one of


Hitler's arguments. It's much more complicated than that. That is one


of Hitler's statements, that German speakers in that part of Poland...


(CROSSTALK) he said today it was his right to go in there if Russian


speakers are being threatened. The important thing about the deal today


is to look at what sides have got out of it. It has a below the


surface mini break up of national structure of Ukraine, whereas, so


the west's negotiating card in all of this is relatively weak `` West.


We have seen businesses in Europe, like BP, lobbying to ensure that


sanctions against Russia weren't dramatic. If you impose all our


sanctions you won't have anyone writing cheques from Moscow to


London. They would. We aren't in a position of desperate strength. You


talk about Hitler, you talk about interrogating Putin's main aim, I


don't think that is realistic at that point when we have little cards


on our favour. Obama said that military options were off the table.


He has to say that. Europe is an plain`ball. We saw today that there


aren't many cards in our favour `` playing ball. You need an


unattractive deescalation. You are saying that the West, need to back


down? And saying the West didn't get a lot out of today and Putin can be


satisfied there is no attempt to take any of this back. Nothing has


put him back in his box and he has stored sanctions and seen a little


bit more of a breakup of Ukraine. There are issues on the table. We


can talk about the real politic. You are talking about that. It is


rational. There is something deeper that we are not discussing. That


is, the idea of the West. What does it do? If the EU cannot in spite of


the fact that Gazprom pumps the gas into Europe, if the EU cannot stay


with the principles of Europe, if the UN cannot do that, if the US


cannot do that, that is the problem. We know the money that is beneath


this. Someone needs to talk about this issue of sovereign nations


being invaded by another nation. You mention the word is realpolitik and


the matter is, if the Germans are getting their gas from Russia, what


will you do? My point is, let's talk about it. Not as though there is


anything else to talk about. I thought they were talking about it.


I thought they would be a move because of the fracking revolution


in America to ship more of that stuff, their gas, over two, and try


and change the geopolitical situation. Try to shift the


dynamic. A third can be moved by 2020. It's not overnight. That's


part of the discussion I'm saying it's not the only question. We are


acting as though it is. There is an idea of the West. There is an idea


about the US. What the President should be doing, which he is in an


ish way, is to state the idea. You know what the response to that is?


Libya, Syria, Iraq. You guys do it, we will do it. We need to talk about


it. You are absolutely right. A discussion for both sides,


potentially. Interesting story. Your paper, the Times, has done it,


safety fears over doctors who trained outside the EU, you have on


the front page. Whereas, the Telegraph says foreign doctors, just


generally, foreign doctors lack skills for the NHS. The suggestion


is that following a study from University College London that


foreign doctors are allowed to work in the NHS here aren't given the


same stringent testing that British doctors need to reach before


practising. It's an academic study published in the British medical


Journal, one of the most well`regarded medical journals.


There is huge political pressure to ensure there are no gaps in the NHS


`` British Medical Journal. What do we do? We go outside. People have


tactical and emotional responses to that. It makes some uncomfortable


and some nervous. Others treat it in a perfectly grown`up manner. Here,


we seem to have a study which suggests that there are issues


around the number of doctors that go to disciplinary hearings from


overseas. It basically says foreign doctors wouldn't pass the English


exam, which I think would concern a lot of people. Is that it, language?


The richest test? Lee the English exam. From the extracts, I'm not


clear what they would be. Is this according to the Times? If you are a


foreign doctor, a French or Spanish or German doctor, it's all OK? The


Times is right and the Telegraph is wrong, obviously. In the Times, and


the Times says? I'm trying to get the motivation of the story. We have


to duty newspapers suggesting two very different things. That is my


point. The Telegraph is just foreign doctors, anyone perhaps whose


English `` who is not English. Once you say outside the EU, you think


about African doctors and so on, and race starts coming in. The point is,


the point we make clear in our story, the study is about the exam


sat by doctors who come from outside the EU, and they are comparing that


exam for people coming from outside the EU with the domestic exam. The


Times is accurate in this. So the test for a French doctor is the same


for it is in the UK. I'm not sure. for it is in the UK. I'm not sure.


That is crucial. That is important. The doctor who got into trouble a


few years ago was a German speaker. The question is, what are they


talking about? Is it language? Why are you so special? What happens in


the EU which is huge and French doctors are not trained to the same


as reduced doctors. No foreign doctor would be. What are they


talking about? Also, if it is clear, from greater appearances


before the General medical Council because problems foreign doctors


have issues, why is this study coming out now? That was my other


question. We have discussed this lot. It has all gone over my head


completely story. I think it is time to talk about things about which we


know, not nothing. Onto the Independent and Bonnie, Gabriel


Garcia Marquez, a literary giant, dies at 87, after being sick for a


long time. Nobel laureate. People compare him to 70s. `` Cervantes. He


invented magic realism, which has been bastardised. Can I say that?


You can say what you like. Tony will be all right about that. When magic


realism, which he brought into the world, it was about subtlety and


leaving things out. This man to the Spanish`language is the same thing


that Shakespeare is to ours, he invented Spanish again. He was our


mighty intellect. He is what the French call, on the left. He is


against US foreign policy. He wasn't afraid to say you can be an artist


and you can be engaged. He was a genius and he won the Nobel Prize


for literature, our IP. We ended there. Thank you. `` RIP. Stay with


us on BBC News. At the top of the Allah, we have more of the talks in


Geneva aimed at reducing the crisis in eastern Ukraine. `` hour. Now, it


is time for Sportsday. Hello, welcome to


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