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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Martine Croxall.

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after securing promotion today, there is also a chance for Bradley


to get into the Premier League. Can they do it? Send out in 15 minutes.


`` Burnley. `` find out in 15 minutes.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With me are the broadcaster Shyama Perera and


freelance parliamentary correspondent Rob Merrick. I scared


the stationery cupboard to find the last remaining yellow highlighter.


The pink one would not do. Rob has given them up for Lent. Let's take a


look at the front pages. Nice to have you here. Better start with the


front pages. In an interview with the


Independent, the Government's Surveillance Commissioner has warned


roadside cameras are threatening our privacy. The Mail reports


allegations that British Gas have paid staff bonuses to inflate


customers' bills. The Mirror says one of the men


convicted over the killing of a young boy in Liverpool in 2007 has


been released from prison. The Archbishop of Canterbury tells


the Telegraph about his anguish over the Church of England's position on


gay marriage. The Express says pensioners are


taking out equity from their homes to make ends meet. The FT says the


world's largest asset manager is preparing to launch new pension


products in the UK in the light of changes announced in the Budget.


The Guardian says the personal financial data of millions of people


could be sold under plans being drawn up by Revenue and Customs. And


the times that says the document has America which undermines claims by a


group of Iraqis that they were ill treated by British soldiers one


decade eagle. So let's begin. `` one decade ago.


This interview that the Daily Telegraph has done with the


Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. We would expect one of the


papers would do that this weekend. The subject of this is the anguish I


face over a gay marriage, the Archbishop suggesting he is


powerless to bless gay marriages because to do so would split the


global Anglican Church. This has been such a problem for the church.


It continues to be so even though gay marriage is legal. Lots of


interest in the Archbishop. It is one year since he took over. Way or


the Archbishop is a completely different Archbishop in many ways, I


met him in the bar at the House of Commons when he came down from the


County Durham. There were six or seven of us having a pint. You don't


expect to have a pint with the Archbishop of Canterbury. He was


calling for more beer. When it comes to women bishops as welcome as he is


different, but he had taken a hard line on gay marriage. He spoke out


against gay marriage and self in the House of Lords. Now it seems the


church won't accept gay marriage. He is walking a take up. `` the church


will accept gay marriage. How can he keep the church together if he is


going to give any credence to their antipathy to gay marriage in other


countries and yet his own bishops and priests in Britain. They want to


get married and are getting married. One of his clergymen has already


defied that rule that they are not to do it and has married his


partner. It is not clear how the church can apply to this. They could


lose their position but we just now. Lots of people in this country


initially did not agree with a marriage and overcame that opinion


has changed. Some people still do not. It is very difficult for the


church, isn't it? It is very difficult. It is one older legends


must grapple with. Every story today seems to be about one religion or


another trying to force a line in terms of its own beliefs. I just


find it odd that he can see in this interview, we are struggling with


the reality that there are different groups around the place that the


church can do or has done great harm to. You look at some of the Gay


Lesbian LGBT clips in this country and around the road, Africa


included, actually, and their experience of abuse, hatred, all


kinds of things, he says, but we must respond to what we have done in


the past and listen to those voices extremely carefully. I don't know


what the negative of the kind of complete opposite of having your


cake and eating it is but this is what it is, it is a no`win


situation. He is acknowledging wrong but can't actually do anything about


it. I just think it is terribly wishy`washy. She is trying to keep


the church together, isn't he? He is recognising the potential for this


subject. Visit the church still struggled with many people `` many


people struggle with the idea of women bishops but this one is more


explosive and he is trying to hold the church together. It is not clear


how that is going to happen. In places like Uganda and Nigeria it is


different. When it comes to his own church, over time, in this country,


presumably more members of the Church of England will accept gay


marriage. His own stance was against it at first, he has now moved closer


to accepting it. You can imagine more Church of England people will


accept it. If you change policy so that you are penalised if you do not


adhere to a particular set of moral values, basically change is forced


upon us slowly but surely with racism, ageism, with all of those.


We have all learned to be better people as a result of the law. The


law threatening us with actions if we don't learn to be better people,


and I guess what the churches are struggling with, they are struggling


with that very problem. Slowly but surely this will create a change in


the Church of England. It will probably take 20 years, as it did


with e`mail bishops but it may come. We will stay on the Daily


Telegraph's FrontPage. Official quoted as saying state schools


isolate non`Muslims. This is schools in Birmingham. Or should we say, a


handful of schools, these girls in Birmingham who are illegally


segregating pupils, disk and eating against non`neutrons `` non`Muslim


students. This is an official report which has been leaked to the Daily


Telegraph, but this concern over the actions of certain skills and the


kind of governors they are appointing has been rumbling on for


a few weeks. You come back to this thing, if we have policies and laws


that see this as you behave, actually skills have to adhere. To


those rules. I think all of these skills in Birmingham need to be


dealt with very quickly to find out just how true these allegations are


ought to what extent they are true. `` these schools. I am not sure if


they have been exaggerated. But in treating on a group of Muslim pupils


ahead of a smaller group of non`Muslim pupils, I am not sure


that is about religion or about need in terms of the input that that


particular group needs in terms of the smaller group. We do not know


why that might be happening. If you are changing the course syllabus


because of your personal belief system, that is completely


unacceptable. If you are segregating children in a country where boys and


girls are equal, that is an acceptable. And it must be dealt


with. `` that is an acceptable. The suggestion is that it goes further


than need, this is a report that together by the Department for


Education inspectors seeing that some Christian pupils were left to


effectively teach themselves. There is not too much detail about what is


opposed to go on the skills and of course this is a new twist on a very


murky story. This Trojan horse document appeared to show an attempt


to unseat head teachers who are deemed to be not Islamist enough,


not hardline Muslim enough, that may not be true. This is definitely the


real document. I am struck by the fact that it is a Department for


Education document because there is a tug`of`war going on between


Birmingham City Council and Michael Gove. Surprisingly, he sees a chance


to send his own inspectors in. This is a different inspector. As ever


the document has been leaked to the Daily Telegraph for a reason and it


appears to show there has been an attempt escalated. It does. Let's


move on to the Daily Mail. We are looking at a particular aspect of


what is happening in the crisis in Ukraine. What the Jewish leaflet a


fake? This is a leaflet that is said to have ordered Jewish people in


Donetsk in the eastern Ukraine to register with pro`Russian forces


because they appear to be siding with the interim government in Kiev.


A suggestion now that it was a fake document. Again, we do not know but


here is another story about religion. The main story, the most


predictable story of the day, that one day after an apparent peace deal


is reached, the peace deal is on the brink of collapse. We could all have


predicted that. There is a quote in the last part from the separatists


in Donetsk seeing, we are the Russian bear just waking up. You can


find whatever documents you like, but that may tap the lead might not


have an impact on the ground. If the Russian bear is coming out to eat


and, we ought to be a bit anxious. `` that might not have an impact on


the ground. It seems to be quite possible that there is something in


this. Perhaps that they have been quick to say that it is a fake


simply because they are worried about its impact on Western Europe,


but it is an ugly story. Even if somebody did it as a joke, it is an


ugly thing to do as a joke because it suggests that that is an issue


there. Yes. Great concern is that Russia is behind this. Vladimir


Putin is stating that what is happening in Ukraine is nothing to


do with us. William Hague seems to differ and is threatening more


sanctions if Russia does not help to de`escalate. I think we need to find


a better word than that. He has caught us out at every single stage


of this. He had done what a really good general does, which is catch


the opposition by surprise so that they just are running to catch up


rather than able to head them off. We don't know how much Putin is


pulling the strings at the moment or whether he has unleashed something


he is not in control of when it comes to the separatists. A Sussex


teenager killed fighting in Syria. This is the 18`year`old student who


is from Brighton. He died in the subtle war. They went to fight with


anti`government militias. His brother has went as well, it seems.


Again, a lot of detail that we don't really know which paid knew the


whereabouts of these boys. `` which parents knew. This grab my eye. It


is a story everyone will be interested in. How on earth can an


18`year`old be in Syria without his parents' knowledge and fighting and


then tragically dialling? You make your something about that in the


abstract about Britain's going over to take in Syria and lots of people


think terrorists. The last thing they think when they look at page,


he is not a terrorist. For want of a better word, he may just be a


teenager. We have all had children going on gap year's or going off to


little festivals with their friends. Not signing off to go to the Middle


East and fighting a war. If you are as daft as a brush and when you are


18 and a lot of people are, you may think it is rather fun and the


clever thing to do. You would think it is an adventure. Yes. It is one


of those stories that it doesn't matter whether it turns out to be


sinister or it turns out to be foolish, it is an interesting tale


of how teenagers do spur of the moment actions which get them in


trouble. Beware, all parents whose kids are going away for a year. 400


Britons are thought to have gone and fought in Syria and some will be


like this teenager. Some might have come back you are like this


teenager, on an adventure or Germanic Tyrian mission but it is a


nightmare. It is a main field for the security services when these


people come home. I'm going to leapfrog to the end and to the


Guardian. Catherine meets Sydney 's finest. Here is the Duchess of


Cambridge looking in little overdressed in Austria. It's not a


Baywatch, is that? The men are rather manly and the woman, which I


suppose is a good thing, each because it doesn't become a


sexualised image. They are all motley and manly. Do you think


they're all motley? I think if I looked like that in a pair of briefs


I would wear out there for the News review I will spare everyone that.


It is a great picture, though. I think she is clearly winning hearts


over there. I am not sure if we are as entranced by it here but I guess


all the tabloids are. In this picture you cannot see the dress she


has warm elsewhere. . And wedges as well, she didn't even kick off her


wedges. You have to look call in Australia. They would be eating


Easter eggs this weekend. That is it for the papers this hour. We will be


back at 11:30pm to look at the stories making the front pages.


Coming up next it is sports day. Hello, and welcome to Sportsday. I'm


Katherine Downes. A familiar face to lead English cricket. The BBC


understands Peter Moores will return to the coaching


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