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excluded from the French party. A possible return for Freddie and an


update on the Joe Root Italia. `` G Road Italia.


Welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us


tomorrow. With me Liam Halligan and Hugo Rifkind. Let us look at the


front pages. The EU court ruling that means Google could have to


delete search results which might upset or embarrass anyone with the


so`called right to be forgotten. A little understood tax policy that


means half a million middle`class professionals are paying income tax


of 60%. More on the attempted takeover of


Astra Zeneca by Pfizer. Why was Internet predator not


jailed, asks the Daily Mail. The case of a 34`year`old man who was


that of a child sex charges, but only given a three`year


rehabilitation order. Allegations by a former deputy


leader that MEPs are made to donate large sums.


A secret five`month battle with lung cancer.


We are going to start with the Independent. UK troops could face


war crimes trial. We are a long way off that. But this is the beginning


of something that could be extremely embarrassing. This is potentially a


serious story. It is hard to know which direction


it is going to go. What is not clear at is whether this is the first


evidence of whether we are seeing something terrible happening in this


country or evidence of Britain being a country that co`operates fully on


the basis of quite sketchy allegations. It is impossible to say


which one of those is true. It is a sign of the fact that we are signed


up to the International Criminal Court. We are part of its


jurisdiction, America is not. It is a sign that we are open, a country


that is willing to abide by the rule of law. The ICC and the Hague is


saying allegedly that there were 60 unlawful killings and the hundred 70


mistreatment of prisoners. `` 170. The government has a carefully


calibrated response. On the one hand we will corporate with the ICC, but


it was also said that the government rejects the allegations of systemic


abuse, crucial word they, systemic. They also think the incident is


being referred to, they have been conned brands of the investigated.


This is going to be a slow burn story. The early indications are


that even the preliminary hearings will take several years. This is


kind to be operating just below the news radar for a long time to come.


`` going. Some potentially pretty serious revelations. What the public


needs to understand with this possible case is that the allegation


is that this was organised, this was systematic. Senior military and


political figures are named. It is the suggestion that whatever was


happening went to the top. There were policies directing the army. We


have got to remember that a lot of this evidence is coming from the


armies and records. The British Army is a relatively easy army to


investigate. You are going to be in trouble investigating the Iraq army.


It studies its own misdeeds, it investigates its own misdeeds, there


is a body of evidence. We have to wait and see which way it will go.


Going on to the Financial Times. A blow to US Internet companies. This


is the whole issue of the right to be forgotten if you have things up


on the Internet. This is a ruling by the court of justice. You will get


some people say that it is a blow for free expression and freedom of


the press. On the other hand, on the other side of the argument


intermediaries and media companies that publish stuff on the Internet


may have to be responsible for the veracity of what they publish. This


is an implication that in many ways is almost old`fashioned and


anachronistic. It is trying to regulate the Internet by


jurisdiction. It is almost impossible. What if you are someone


who has a personal record and it is up there. Can you apply to have it


completely wiped? You can, provided people are going to search in the


right way. I have been thinking this over. Before I was in camp, then I


was the other. The EU can only have jurisdiction over Google .co .uk. Go


to Google .com and you are using the American site. It is part of press


regulation. The idea that we can pass laws in this country that limit


what people can see on the Internet without being incredibly


authoritarian. The point of the Internet is that it is global.


Unless we are going to regulate the traffic that comes into this


country, which has massive free`speech implications, all we can


do is look at the past that are based here. `` parts. And while


somebody has been accused of something scurrilous Romilly, on the


other hand if you have committed a crime the public has the right to


know that you committed that crime. That should not be removed. What


about the idea 20 years ago that he did something silly as a teenager?


It depends on what it is. There is a danger on facilitating a system in


which it is in the power of people with expensive lawyers to change the


public record. That is ominous. Let us go on to the Guardian. This is


getting interesting. UKIP. This is the face of the future, apparently.


A rising star accuses the party of racism. We have a special event with


Nigel Farage and a lot of ethnic minorities behind him. Firstly, I


doubt it is a coincidence when she is choosing to go. The fact that she


is going in the run`up to EU elections, there that in mind. She


has been a member of the party when she was 18. She was formerly very


keen on it. She thought she was believing in EU's ideals. She now


says of late the UKIP party has been attracting the racist vote. She says


that they have been spreading a message of us and them. It is an


important story. She is right. She is right because UKIP has obviously


made a calculation as to how best to spread anti` EU politics and they


have decided to do so by being anti` aggression. UKIP used to not talk


about immigration. `` anti`immigration. It was about


sovereign powers. They have really made a conscious effort to harness


the anti`immigration vote. It is working. It is ugly and I find it


frightening. Good on her for speaking out against it. What about


all that stuff last week. There were a number of black and Indian people


standing kind Nigel Farage when he made it clear that his party is not


racist. He is going to stand by it. One would have thought that the


minorities in the party do not think it is racist. They were a lot of


them around him. The mainstream media has been a little bit guilty


of homing in on the peccadilloes and misdemeanours of UKIP candidates. It


is not hard. That is compared to those of Tory, labour and Liberal


candidates. To a degree. This is damaging for the party. You have got


a young lady who is going to create a lot of attention. It is a very


powerful message. Then we have the story that UKIP MEPs elected are


going to have to donate 10% to their salary to the party. I was not aware


of that. It is not a terribly shocking state of affairs. Parties


thrived when they are elected to the European Parliament. You have UKIP


candidates are rotated at the fact that they do not get to keep all


their money. The Times is calling it a scandal. If there is an element of


coercion going on, what the paper suggests is that candidates have not


to donate cash are being threatened with being barred from standing


again. That sounds fairly scandalous. Going back to the point


that if you're perhaps the press have been targeting UKIP a bit more


than other parties. `` you feel. UKIP is this new force that


potentially will be picking up speed. I think that is fair. The


European elections, it is a long way to the general elections. The media


will give each party a thorough examination. It is partly because


UKIP is the new kid on the block. It is not a coincidence. They are not


joining the Green party. There is something in the rhetoric of this


party which appeals to them. They have not in the past been well


served by a mainstream political party. I keep coming back to this


point, but UKIP needs to ask why racist like it so much. `` racists.


It has been doing well. There is clearly a constituency that likes


the message. The message is everything. The message is in every


direction at once. They claim to be a party that represents the poor


while they will strip away every measure of support to Britain's most


disadvantaged. They claim to be 100 different things at once. They claim


to be a grassroots party, yet they are backing establishment. I also


feel discomfort at UKIP always stressing immigration, reticular


lead the posters that have come out recently. `` particularly. I think a


lot of the public wants the debate but what I hope is that UKIP don't


blow it by completely discrediting themselves to the detriment of all


of us having a decent debate about European Union membership. We will


and on this one. England, England, Scotland. The Giants a football


around this table `` of. Officially, the Home Office says


that England will not win the World Cup. They have to build into their


models how they think the national team will do particularly in big


competitions as it does affect consumer spending behaviour. In


trying to ascertain the implications of keeping the pubs open later


during the World Cup have had to examine the probability of England


getting beyond the early stages which is only 54%. It's really are a


winning side many times `` Italy, and Uruguay... Only the first two go


through. We could be being unpatriotic. For us to get beyond


the quarterfinals, it is only down to 11%. We are only a quarterfinal


nation. Speaking as a late to this discussion, one of the things that I


love the most about my adopted nation of England is the gleeful,


dare I say childlike optimism as it relates to the English football


team. The phones are ringing off the hook! Best of luck to you. You will


need it. Stay with us now, much more coming up at the top of the hour but


for now it is Sportsday. Hello and welcome to Sportsday. I'm


Olly Foster. Here's what's coming up tonight. Vacancy at the Lane...Tim


Sherwood has been sacked at Spurs. The


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