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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. Presented by Clive Myrie.

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with the win for Andy Murray. That is all coming up and stop straight


after the papers. ``. . Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are Kevin


Schofield, Chief Political Correspondent, for The Sun and Emma


Barnett, women's wditor at The Telegraph. We will start with the


Telegraph. Like many other papers, there is a picture of Stephen


Sutton. He died from cancer after raising nearly ?3.5 million for


charity. The Telegraph shows with his mother and she says her heart is


bursting with pride and breaking with pain. The paper has a warning


that people are consuming too much sugar, suggesting we should not have


more than one glass of fruit juice everyday. The Mirror has a picture


of Stephen Sutton also, praising his courage and inspiration to others.


The Metro has a photograph of the teenager, saying that his spirit


lives on. The Times, arresting pictures of two journalists who


escaped across the Syrian border after being kidnapped and beaten and


shot. The Guardian has a picture of Nicole Kidman opening the Cannes


Film Festival amid poor reviews of her film. The paper has its own


investigation into conditions for migrant workers in Qatar, which it


says has brought about change in the state that will hold the World Cup.


The meal claims that bosses at AstraZeneca will pocket up to ?60


million if the drug giant is taken over by Pfizer. And the express


claims that it is a beginning of a heatwave across the country. That


will last about two days! Yes! Coming to an end on Monday. We will


start with The Daily Telegraph. Migrant numbers declining after the


door opens. The transitional controls were taken off in January


but there was not the flood, we were not overwhelmed? We remember those


scare stories in the run`up to that control being dropped. There were


accurate reflections of the predictions that were made by


certain individuals that there would be a flood of migrant workers coming


from Bulgaria and many but that has not been the case. Not least in the


first few months of this year. 4000 line than they were in the last


three months of 2013 but year`on`year, that number is still


up by 29,000 in terms of Romanian and Bulgarian workers. It is still


early to say that these warnings were false because we have seasonal


impact as well. Not many people come here to work at the start of the


year, it is during the summer. Does is perhaps pose any problem for


Nigel Farage and UKIP? Why bring his name up? I think the figure pulled


out is around 29,000 up on the year, it is not the flood and it is


down on three months but I am still surprised. I think that immigration


has become about the numbers all of a sudden, people are thinking in


terms of numbers. It is about the facts now? And not speculation?


There was excitement about seeing these figures. People seeing if


Nigel Farage was talking nonsense or if he was on the money and it seems


that we need to drill down into these numbers to make sure that he


is not just being allowed to say what people are hoping. But he can,


as you pointed out, say that it is too early to tell? You have a point,


these are the first three months. Quarterly figures. This should not


obscure the fact that the government is never going to hit its target of


reducing migration to the tens of thousands that that target has got.


We should look at that cartoon. That was brilliant, bring back


Bulgarians! We miss you! We want you to come and! We have an election


coming up! Little joke, there. The Daily Telegraph, there is a warning


that no more than one glass of juice everyday... All of these health


warnings? This isn't arresting, the Public Health England body has never


put out any official warning about the limit that you should have on


fruit juice before and we have heard you should not have much because the


results of sugar but it says 150 millilitres everyday is it because


the amount of fruit juice, we think it is very good for us, that is and


I thought, one of my five a day. But you grow up... You think... I will


say this, I thought... It does say here that it does kind! So, one cup.


I don't like fizzy drinks but lots of people have fizzy drinks, they


might add sugar to their coffee and tea so they are trying to take steps


that are the things that are making you, if he did not realise, but on


weight and be unhealthy and the second offenders, which I am sad to


hear, our cereals and cereal bars, because of sugar. The war on sugar


is quite a new thing, but it is stepping up. It was sold and fat.


But I saw even in aid which are today, how I gave up sugar Almagro


in a book shop. Sugar free recipes. `` in a book shop. Things like


bread, this is a preservative, sugar? Even fruit itself is very


high. I didn't know about fridges, is a difference between concentrated


and freshly squeezed? Surely freshly squeezed is better for you? Not


really because unless it has the pulp, but as fibre, that breaks down


glucose in the system. So the juice... Forget it! That is my


problem. I do not like Stillwater. It must be fizzy. Or juice. I am in


trouble! The Metro, and inspiring some Doria but Kevin... About


Stephen Sutton. Diagnosed with bowel cancer and he had that could list of


things to do. He has passed away, raising ?3 million. Astonishing.


This is a fitting tribute to this young man. He contracted cancer and


15 and this is a novel thing to happen and he has fought bravely and


his legacy will be this enormous amount of money and it shows you the


power of social media. Five years ago, this would not have happened.


And I think as well, there was controversy one week ago about


internet troubles. `` trolls. He was released and was readmitted but


communication is so easy and people started trying to suggest that he


was in some way faking this. Just awful. It is a very sad story but


the money he has raised is a fitting legacy. The Daily Mail front page,


there is a picture of him there. Yes, there are always idiots on the


internet. But it was actually the internet that helped raise all that


money. His story of courage went viral. Totally, and his mum today is


the one who has done this post today on Facebook that has gone completely


viral, saying how proud she was of him. It must be an amazing comfort.


Clearly, anyone who uses something `` anyone who loses someone young,


it is tragic, that it must be a comfort to know that she he did so


much to help people. Going onto the Times, it has been a difficult story


to cover for journalists in Syria. There are Times journalists who


managed to escape here on the front, but they were badly beaten and shot


after being kidnapped. Yes, these pictures are awful. You have the


reporter, Anthony Lloyd, and also a photographer. They escaped from a


car boot. They actually had help from the Islamic front, a group of


rebels trying to fight back against the Al`Qaeda groups, and they had


not banked on the fellowmen coming along to help these Westerners. It


is an amazing story within the story. Journalists do not often make


the front page of their own newspaper. I am happy that they are


alive. It is incredible that they survived, and it is with good cause


that they are on the front of the paper. If it does not bring it home


to British people that the print `` people bringing you this story are


in huge amounts of danger, I don't know what does. What we do know


about what is going on in Syria is because of the brave people who are


willing to tell the story to journalists who are going in there


and trying to get the message out. I am biased, but journalists often get


a bad reputation. When you look at this and the huge number of


journalists who have been killed covering war zones year`on`year, as


you say, it shows that without the bravery of guys like Anthony Lloyd


and Jack Hill going there and risking their lives and safety to


get information, we would be incapable of trying to decide who is


in the right and who is in the wrong. It is an incredible story and


an incredible escape. There were lucky to escape with their lives.


Finally, the Guardian. We will tackle the World Cup story maybe in


the next hour, as we are running out of time. At the top of the page, the


Cannes Film Festival has started and the opening film is Grace of Monaco.


That is Nicole Kidman on the front. She is having to defend two things,


firstly that the film is terrible and secondly that it is a poor


portrayal of the situation concerning Grace Kelly, because the


Royal Family themselves are annoyed. The Monaco royal family are furious.


They say it is just not based on fact. They are saying, we would have


in OK with this if it was a historical representation of the


life of our mother or grandmother. The Cannes Film Festival has such


resonance for the story of Grace Kelly, because it is where great


Kelly met the future love of her life, King radiate `` Prince


Rainier. It has opened the Cannes Film Festival and it has been


panned. I feel incredibly awkward for Nicole Kidman. Peter Bradshaw,


in the Guardian, described it as wooden it was a fire risk. Funny,


but harsh. `` it was so wooden, it was a fire risk. Is it the? We will


find out when it is released. You will be back in an hour for a look


at more behind the headlines. At the top of the hour, we will have more


on the efforts to rescue those miners still trapped beneath the


ground in the West of Turkey. 274 men have already been declared dead.


Now, time for Sportsday. Hello and welcome to Sportsday. I'm


Olly Foster. Here's what's coming up


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