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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. Presented by Clive Myrie.

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and Chelsea. We also have the tennis from Rome, a win for Andy Murray but


a defeat for Roger Federer. Stay with me, Sportsday is straight after


the papers. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are


Kevin Schofield, Chief Political Correspondent, The Sun and Emma


Barnett, Women's Editor at The Telegraph. Tomorrow's front pages,


starting with many of the front pages have pictures of the teenager


Stephen Sutton who has died from cancer after raising nearly 3.5


million pounds for charity. The Telegraph shows him there with his


mother who says her heart is bursting with pride and breaking


with pain. The paper also has a story about high levels of sugar


consumption, and a potential obesity time bomb.The advice is, we should


be drinking just one glass of fruit juice a day. Stephen Sutton is also


on the front page of the Mirror which praises his courage and


inspiration to others. The Sun has a tribute to the teenager with a quote


from an interview he gave to the paper, saying "you only get one shot


at life... Make it count". There are shocking pictures in The Times of


two of its journalists who escaped over the Syrian border after they


were kidnapped, beaten and shot.The Guardian has a picture of Nicole


Kidman at the Cannes Film Festival where her new film Grace of Monaco


has come in for a lot of stick from the critics. The paper's main story


is its own investigation into conditions for migrant workers in


Qatar, which it says has now brought about change in the World Cup state.


The Mail claims bosses at Astra Zeneca are set to pocket up to 60


million pounds if the drugs giant is taken over by Pfizer. The


Independent leads with the news that the number of migrants from new EU


member states has actually fallen since restrictions were lifted in


January. So let's begin. We will start with


that, on the front of the Independent, fewer Bulgarians and


Romanians, the truth about UKIP's Flood, is Farage in trouble? I don't


think so, yet, the idea of this flood, these posters and


scaremongering going on, it has not materialised since the figures are


out. It is down in the last three months of 2013, in particular, those


two groups who are coming here to work, but on the year, it is up,


29,000. I do not think it is a foregone conclusion but the idea


that the minute you open the floodgates, they change something,


that there will be all of these people coming in, that has not


materialised. It has to be said, the red tops, including your paper, that


contributed, some would say, to the scare stories, do you think you have


it wrong? No, as I said earlier, we were reflecting many of the


predictions being made, I don't think anyone even knows, maybe on


the left, predicting numbers would fall once the tradition was made. It


was not only UKIP and that kind of constituency that was saying they


are all going to be coming? Clearly, no one was predicting mess, and the


figures... Some made a bit high. It is worth saying that this is the


first three months. `` predicting this. With people wanting to come


into Britain to live and work, in summer we will see what the figures


are. The Daily Mail were saying that seats were booked up, you can get on


a flight. Again, some people were saying that in the run`up to New


Year's Day, but then it transpired that that did not actually happen.


What was funny was that Keith Barnes, a MP, he took it on himself


to go to an airport on New Year 's morning. Maybe that has scared them


off! He got there, and said, hang on a minute... There is an MP here!


What is scary is that trouble for Farage is trouble for UKIP. The


thing with Farage is that he is Teflon, nothing sticks to him.


People want this to be true. UKIP want these figures to be true, they


will just say, we told you so! It almost does not matter, in spite of


the fact. A lot of the appeal of UKIP is that they are not the Tories


and they are not Labour or the Liberal Democrats. They can say or


do anything. People will vote for them. It is giving a kick into the


mainstream party. It is facts over matter? We are trained to make the


matter, even in this discussion. Even for UKIP? A lot of the time, it


is the sentiment. It is a motion. Farage has positioned himself as an


outsider, which political leader can get away with their photo being of


them with a pint? Know what else can pull that off. He is pulling it off


because he is positioning himself saying that he is not like the


others. `` nobody else can pull that off. They are going to miss it by a


mile. It plays into the UKIP agenda. Let's go on to your newspaper, " you


get one shot at life, make it count" . Stephen Sutton has raised


?3 million for a cancer charity and has now passed away, he died, he had


bowel cancer at the age of 15, and now he has passed away. But he


really did make it count, didn't he? It is an incredible legacy to leave


behind, what strikes you as you read this, it is his incredible


positivity. He knew that he did not have long to live. He says he


smiles, because he has a lot to smile about. He has seen a lot and


achieved a lot, and has had fun doing it too. Given that he was so


young, most of us, we would feel angry and bitter that his wife has


been snatched away like that, but he was an incredible young man. He was


on the front page of the Daily Mirror as well, he was just 19,


courageously fought cancer, raised ?3.5 million for charity, and


inspired a nation. His stories on the front of all of the tabloids, is


that surprising? `` his story. Or, is his story so incredible that he


deserves to be on the front cover? It was already across the front


pages of all of the websites, never mind the papers. I know what you


mean, that this boy has captured the imagination of the people, that is


huge. It does not normally happen, these sorts of stories. It is the


amount of money, it must be. ?3.5 million, for one person to achieve,


that is one of the single largest for a single person to have raised


on their own. It is one of the largest contributions in this area.


And they are still counting. It is the sheer breadth of the idea of how


much he has been able to raise and this bucket list but he had that he


wanted to get done before he died. That in itself captures peoples


emotions and gets them to put their hands in their pockets. It is also


in an age where... There is a credit crunch and there are problems with


the economy, and so forth. The tragedy for him and his family, that


is a good news story, on the greatness of humanity, and what the


goodness of mankind is. I don't want to build it up too much. But it is


at a time when we are bombarded with negative stories of people on


trials, and so on, but this is a story of courage, that is why so


minute people have latched onto it. He met the Prime Minister, and he


has latched onto it. It is an incredible story. Let's go onto the


times, a journalist has been shot by Syria `` The Times newspaper. He has


survived. These are horrific pictures. Two photojournalists, this


is Jack Hill, the main photo is of Anthony Loyd, he is bruised and


battered. You don't often get journalists on the front pages of


their own newspapers. The Times newspaper is making a point of doing


this. These two are phenomenally lucky to be alive. We are lucky to


have people who get these stories. It is not bad to remind people of


that. A lot of the time, foreign news stories are difficult. We


talked about, why is Stephen Sutton on the front pages? He is a British


boy, we can imagine being neighbours with him. Syria, and these other


stories, they are very important, and we cannot find a way into it


ourselves. By seeing that to Western reporters who are out there are


serving us as the public to get stories, they are at the hands of


rebels themselves and could be losing their lives and they are.


They are being beaten within an inch of their lives. That is something


that brings the story home and brings the story home to people in


the country. It was one rebel faction that did this, they were


rescued by another rebel front? Apparently, when they found out


about it, they made a beeline to where they were being held, and they


insisted that they were freed. The suspicion is that those who took


them, they took them and thought that they were Western journalists


and they would be worth a few quid. Then they came to the rescue. The


story is like something from a Hollywood film. They were bundled


into the back of a car, they were thrown into the boot, and they could


see what was happening through a crack in the boot, they kicked it


open and got away, they were recaptured and were then beaten and


Anthony Loyd was shot twice in the leg. It is an incredible story.


Incredibly lucky. Let's go onto the Guardian. Terry is to end the abuse


of slave migrant workers. `` Qatar is to finish. They got the 2022


World Cup, they are affecting some kind of change over there. Officials


have said they will replace the current sponsorship system, that


means that a worker is tethered to their employer in terms of their


rights, that means that, essentially, once the workers


working for one person, they can do anything, essentially, to them. They


have been very concerned about the rights of these migrant workers,


what is interesting is the recommendations for these changes


comes from a London law firm which was commissioned to review the


legislative framework in the country. It is a real influence, if


you think about it. It shows a side of sport that I never think about,


when the eyes of the world are on a country where everyone is looking


for a certain period of time, you had to see if it is lasting change


or whether it can actually happen. There is the opportunity to do some


good. It is interesting, many people criticise the awarding of the World


Cup to Qatar, it is going to be very hot, and it is a Gulf state, but


actually, many people say that it will focus the light on them, and


then they have to look at themselves and what they are doing in certain


sectors of society. It will be good is good came from it, but it is the


combination of horrific stories, about dozens, if not hundreds, of


foreign workers and migrant workers in Qatar who have died building B


stadiums, because they are working in shoddy conditions and working


around the clock `` building these stadiums. It is only around the


corner and it is worth remembering what actually goes on behind the


scenes and it shows the dark underbelly of this sport. You


mentioned it is not the ideal place to hold a summer sporting event. But


they need to shine a light and improve the working conditions. That


would be a very good thing. We are going to end with the Guardian as


well. The Independent, send photograph. Nicole Kidman at the


opening of the biotech in the title role of Grace Kelly of Monaco. It


has not gone down too well. It has not been released yet. It has not


been released. The Royal family are furious. They would not have minded


it either had historic net. But apparently it is lacking in terms of


film policy and what they feel is the representation of their


mother's life. It is awkward. The film festival is where Grace Kelly


met her future husband, the King. Where she became a princess. This is


going down pretty badly. Thank you for this. He described the film as a


142 minute Chanel ad without the depth or insight. We have to end it


there. It has been great having you. Thank you. Stay with us. At the top


of the hour, much more on that continuing rescue effort to try and


get at some of the dozens of men still trapped several kilometres


below ground in the western Turkey. Now it is time for Sportsday.


Good evening, this is Sportsday. Curses! Benfica beaten


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