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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Clive Myrie presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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in the league one play`off final. That is all in 15 minutes.


Welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us


tomorrow. With me, the pensions analyst and evening standard writer,


Mihir Bose. We will start with the Independent, which says the


Conservatives are exploiting a loophole which lets backers make


anonymous donations to the party using a Private Members' Bill. The


express is leading on the safety of statins. The Telegraph says that one


in five Britons with the University degree goes on to become a


millionaire. Tesco is offering HIV tests with your groceries according


to the front page of the metro. The Guardian has a report from Chibok,


the Nigerian town where 200 schoolgirls were kidnapped by


Islamist militants. The Times claims that research


casting doubt on the rate of global warming was deliberately suppressed.


And the male has a warning that overuse of the internet may be


harmful for a child's mental health. Starting with a story that has


dominated the headlines, the situation in Turkey. The front page


of the Independent. A nation in torment, with the death. Mounting


and anger rising. `` death toll mounting. There has been a union


strike today and many people on the street protesting how the government


has handed this. The nation feels that it has not been properly


handled. Your heart goes out to them, those that know they have lost


loved ones and those who do not know what has happened. The hope is gone


but they feel the authorities did not get on top of it. They really


could have done more. And it is a national disaster. They have so many


problems going on, problems with Syria, and the Middle East itself is


in turmoil. This kind of accident, I think they would have hoped that the


government would have taken charge. It seems like they have been


disappointed. And Mihir Bose, there have been these photographs of an


aide to the Prime Minister kicking a protester. And it just goes to show


that people still work in very difficult surroundings all over the


world, but this is the first time when a disaster like this Ros


Altmann has been accompanied by an immediate political backlash against


the ruling party. And really, this shows the distance between the Prime


Minister, or his ruling group, and the Turks at a certain level. I know


he has won elections, but there is a great amount of disquiet clearly in


the Turkish nation. And this might really affect his political future.


And this is interesting. I spoke to analyst this evening who said that


he survived the protests last year, and he is surviving a bad bribery


scandal that has involved a lot of MPs. Which has led to resignations.


He tried to shut down Twitter and Facebook and yet he still seems to


be Teflon. Do not know, this seems like a serious test. You never know


where these things come from and it has come from this terrible


tragedy. `` I do not know. Usually when a nation faces on politeness


they pull together and that is not happening this time which is a


serious indictment. And it suggests that Turkey is not as advanced a


country as you would expect. It is sort of a handling of the situation


`` the handling of the situation shows a lack of maturity and


confidence by the authorities. And perhaps, according to the trade


unions, the state of safety in the mining sector. Staying with the


Independent, Tory funding. They use a secret club as a front for


donations. The Burlington club?! I am intrigued by the name. It is


called the United and Cecil club. I'm not sure if Manchester United


have any involvement! Alex Ferguson is not a Tory, it has to be said!


The main thrust of the story is that the donations that you can give


through a private club do not have to be disclosed. Otherwise, a


donation of a certain level has to be disclosed. So no rules have been


broken? This is a question of funding political parties. Why do


not think we have got this sorted out properly. The feeling is that we


do not have a level playing field. I know the Conservatives will say that


Labour is funded by the unions but at least that is transparent, if you


like. We know that the unions founded the Labour Party, so that is


the style. But this suggests that things are going on but are not


publicly disclosed. And at the end of the day, the taxpayers do not


want to fund political parties, which is the alternative. A national


levy. We are getting to a situation where you require more money to


fight elections. We had not reached the American level, but there is


nevertheless a lot of money. And as the election broadcasts increase, we


need more funding to make sure that you have a proper case to make to


the people. The daily Telegraph, talking about election debates and


campaigning. Interesting. An online election debates being suggested. It


is interesting, it is in collaboration with YouTube. The


Guardian, the Telegraph and YouTube joining together to produce an


online election debate to rival some of the TV debates. The idea is to


get younger people involved, who may not watch telly but they are engaged


online. And also to encourage people to be able to interact in a way that


you cannot do so much on the television debates. I do not know


how it will work, and it is not actually a done deal, and they are


still negotiating... This could be the new step. Just as the election


debates were the big first step, at the last election, also the papers


see an advantage in this. You are pushing them into the internet,


getting young people in. My daughter certainly does not watch television


the way that I did. But the fact is, because they are not on the main


broadcasters, there is no Ofcom regulation and the BBC Trust would


not be able to dip its toe into what is going on. A female presenter.


There is a lot less control. Exactly. Candidates would feel that


they could shout their mouth off. And that could work both ways. It


may not be quite as transparent as you might expect, or as


user`friendly. On the BBC, if it was on their website there would be more


control. But it is one thing when it is the mainstream parties, but when


you get some of the minority parties... The Greens, UKIP. Who


knows? And have been told that there has to be a female presenter, moving


away from the middle`class white presenters that one has. You can get


a female presenter on the telly, you do not have to go online to get


that! That is my point. It should be happening anyway. That is the


argument that they make to get them going. Top of the Telegraph, it is


official, how to make a million. Office of National Statistics


figures show that one in five with a university degree goes on to amass a


seven figure fortune. Are you a no union with your degree? It depends


if you include my house, which is in my wife's name! There is misleading


elements to this. If you include your home, and I'll live in London,


where house prices have gone up dramatically... We are all


millionaires. Only one in five. What about the rest of our scheme and is


your principal place of abode included? Yes. And you have to live


somewhere. Even if you sell, you have to move somewhere. What is more


interesting is what it shows. The total wealth in private hands in the


UK now stands at ?9.5 trillion. In the two years since 2010 and 2012.


And it shows that the recession, its impact is not as deep in some areas


as... But if you were loaded, there was not a recession anyway. That is


one of the problems. Quantitative easing has been a fantastic policy


for the well`off. It has revisited wealth from the middle groups to the


top. `` redistribution. And the other statistic is that private


pension wealth has apparently increased from ?2.9 trillion to ?3.6


trillion. But for property, ?3.5 trillion. And they are all your


clients! You have a degree, are you a millionaire? If you can sure


house, then yes, I am in. Am I the only millionaire here? I work for


the BBC, and must be loaded, that is what everyone thinks. I have two


degrees in diameter rear of the year.


Let's go on to the express. This story has been in the news today big


time. Statins are officially safe, after a British Medical Journal


suggested that perhaps there were problems with them. And statins,


this story has been around for much of the day but the feeling has been


that you go to the GP and you have high cholesterol and you are put on


statins. I have been on statins. It is like taking an aspirin or a


headache pill. Side effects? I have not had any. But the point is that


this is the interesting thing. If you get research like this, it


raises questions. Remember the skier with MMR. That affected people. It


raises the question, should there not be more care when issuing papers


of this kind? But this is the British Medical Journal. This is not


a cartoon magazine. What they said in the original article was that if


you take statins, you have a higher risk of diabetes, muscle pain,


tiredness. And they are worried that this may have put off some people


from taking statins. I must admit that in my experience, if you take


statins, and the one that you take does not agree with you, it is quite


common to have some muscle pain. You can change to a different one, which


will agree with you. It is a question of finding the right one.


The answer is not giving up on statins because it is important to


control cholesterol, but use one that suits you. The doctors should


also look at whether they should automatically prescribe it. That was


one of the stories going around, that everyone over 50 should


automatically have them. But NICE wants to lower the threshold. Let's


go onto the Metro. HIV tests. Shoppers are offered a one checkup.


You get your carrots and that is it. A saliva swab and that is it. The


prisoner was interesting. Don't be afraid to get tested. Because a lot


of people are afraid to even go and ask the question. And because it


does not affect just you, it affects your partners and people you come in


contact with, it is quite important socially for people to take


responsibility, to have themselves tested. And if it is easy like


this, I guess they are more likely to do that than if you have got to


make an appointment and it feels grubby and difficult. If you work


popping in while you are getting your carrots and potatoes, then it


is easier. And this begs the question, we were under the


impression that HIV has been tackled, if you like, given the


fears that were there, legitimate fears. And it seems as if since


2012, 100,000 people in Britain were estimated to be carriers of HIV. The


risk is that if that 100,000, which is not a huge number of the


publishing... But if they do not know, then it spreads again and we


have a problem like in the 1980s. You will be back in an hour for


another look at the stories. Many thanks.


Stay with us because at the top of the hour, we will have much more


from Turkey where there have been protests following the country's


worst ever mining disaster. But now, time for Sportsday.


Welcome to Sportsday. Here are the headlines: Rotherham are off to


Wembley for the league one play`off final. The world number one awaits


Andy Murray. He sets up an Italian


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Clive Myrie presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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