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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Clive Myrie presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Cipriani. The latest on that, and who will meet Leighton Orient in the


league one play`off final. That is in 15 minutes time.


Welcome to our lookahead of the papers, ``look ahead. Let's have a


look at some of the front pages. The Independent says that the


Conservatives are exploiting a loophole that lets backers make


anonymous donations to the party using a private members club. The


express is leading on the safety of statins. The Telegraph says that one


in five Britons with a university degree goes on to become a


millionaire. Tesco is offering HIV tests with your groceries, that is


according to the metro. The Guardian has a report from Jabbar, the


Nigerian town were more than 200 schoolgirls were kidnapped by


Islamist militants more than a month ago ``Chibok. The Times says that


research on global warming was deliberately suppressed. And the


Daily Mail says that the Internet could be harming children's mental


health. The Daily Mirror reports on a carer who was jailed after she


stole from a pensioners handbag. Let's start with the Guardian. The


continuing story in north`eastern Nigeria. Our girls, a report in the


Guardian on the town, where more than 200 girls are still missing.


This is a chilling story, of this organisation, Boko Haram, who


believe Western education is bad. It has been terrorising... It has been


going on for well over a year. It has caught the attention of the


world. What has happened to these people is that they are complaining,


and their real anger is with the Nigerian authorities who do not seem


to be doing a lot, despite the noise as they are making. They have been


disregarded and discarded almost. There is a good report from


journalists who have gone to that area and spoken to people. One does


not know what has happened. Some of the relations, they say that the


girls are still there. Some believe they could be in another country.


The hashtag, and the world wide condemnation of what has happened.


You would think that is putting pressure on the Nigerian authorities


are doing something. There is the suggestion that there is nothing


being done. It must be every mother 's nightmare and parents nightmare,


you send your child to school and then they never come back. There is


some thought that because it is girls rather than boys, the


authorities have not taken it seriously enough. It looks as though


the rest of the world is taking this particularly seriously. The


Nigerians have been, perhaps, a bit slow, I can understand the


frustration of the parents. It must be horrific. I do not know where the


girls off `` they do not know. `` where the girls are. There has to be


a worldwide awareness, in the sense that we are aware of our terrorism


and terrorist groups. Boko Haram is not an organisation that, until a


few months ago, was known about. It is supposed to be more vicious than


Al Qaeda, everyone has heard of them and frightened of them. This parody


makes Al Qaeda look like a walk in the park. Then in the media, are we


not doing our jobs? `` apparently. This has been headlines for a while,


it is on the front pages. But it has taken time. It has been going on for


a long time. This particular story appears to have captured world


attention. Hopefully, there will be a good outcome. Nobody actually


knows. The British have sent a spy planes and so have the Americans,


the Israelis are also involved. They might not even be in Nigeria. They


could be across the board in Chad ``in Niger. Dashboard. This is a


ruling, saying that Google can withdraw information. It is a scary


story, they say that whatever you have done in the past from the can


wipe it out ``border. It could be fine if you are talking about one


small fine for a misdemeanour. But the people who have applied, you


have got paedophiles, a doctor who got negative reviews from patients.


If I was going to a doctor and he had active reviews, I would like to


know about it. If those reviews were not valid, fair enough. `` had


negative reviews. But if someone is convicted of a crime committed can


be wiped out. In future, any partner of someone who has been convicted of


some, perhaps, attempted rape, or actual rate or grooviest bodily


harm, they would want to know before they go out with them. `` or actual


rape all the previous bodily harm ``or GBH. But this is the emphasis


on privacy rather than freedom of information. In Britain and America,


it is more that you are entitled to have information. In Europe, there


is always a greater stress on privacy. It worries me. OK,


conviction is spent, but if something has happened and you need


to know, the only way you can do it now is going on the Internet and if


it is not there, it is like you have rewritten history. You would want to


know about it. Obviously, if someone has served their time and they have


done something and repented and changed, it is fine. Like the


Spanish man who wanted the suggestion that he was still


insolvent, he wanted it wiped out. He is OK now. If you are going into


business with someone like that you need to know. You would still make


that decision but you will be vigilant. The other thing that is


interesting is that Google is saying that it does not want to take those


decisions. It does not want to be responsible for saying which


information it should wipe out or not. It should be an official data


protection regulator or something. That is a fair point. With power


comes great responsibility! Google is huge and! They have two was up to


it. `` Google is huge! They have two face up to it. The North`South


divide is growing, we have known about this for a while? We have, but


the figures emphasise that those in the south on the south`east are


twice as rich as those in the north`east. To a certain extent, the


earlier story we were doing on it... What has been happening, this


is something that Royals will know well about. ``Ros. The gap between


the rich and the poor, that has been increasing and it has not been


decreasing. That was what was supposed to be happening. It is a


sobering fact. Since 2008, this is a good article, and it shows that in


London, wealth has increased by more than 25%, but if you look at the


north`west, it has stayed flat, and in the East Midlands, it has fallen


by 12%. The divide in the nation is becoming much greater. We don't seem


to care though, do we? It has been happening for a long time. As a


society, what are we doing to stop it from happening? The policies that


are being pursued in the terms of ultralow interest rates to help the


South, it is helping the self and not the north. For anyone who has


got lots of assets, or investments in the stock market, they have


benefited from policy ``south. If you are trying to earn a living,


wages have not kept up with increases in wealth and in real


terms wages have not kept up sufficiently with the rises in


inflation. The power in London has got more concentrated. If you look


back 60` 70 years, Birmingham, Manchester, someone, they were


important cities. They are not that important `` they were not that


important. I know they are holding the football league title!


Manchester City. But the traditional areas, as centres of power, they are


more diminished than they were hysterically. London appears to be


acquiring more power, in that sense. The emphasis on financial services,


down in the city, and the overall emphasis on public sector work up in


the North. Banking and housing have done brilliantly. They tend to buy


property in the South. Not in Manchester. Some of the big cities


are starting to catch up. You should go up there and buy a football club!


We are going to go on to the Scotsman, we will bypass the


Telegraph. David Cameron has been in Glasgow. He has been promising new


powers. Basically what the Prime Minister is trying to do is to say,


look, stay with us, and we will give you more powers. I must admit, that


I find this whole idea that Scotland could actually break away from the


UK, I find it quite incredible. Economically, I think it could be a


disaster for Scotland. What the prime ministers trying to say is, do


not break away from us, stay with us, but I will give you more


powers. `` Minister's. You have hit the nail on the head, by saying, if


they move away, it will be a disaster for them economically. That


has been a problem with the campaign, they have been stressing


the negatives rather than positives. He is putting the positives in. He


is trying to change the argument and say that he can do it for you. What


he is saying is that he can almost expand the powers of devolution.


This is, if you like, a break from what the Tories have always said.


Have opposed devolution when it came in. It is a much more attractive


argument to present rather than saying, if you do this, this is the


bad thing that will happen to you, rather than saying, if you stay with


us, these are the good things. The worry is if we have a close vote. ``


closed vote. 40`45% could say no, and that would be a great worry. We


will have another referendum in ten years time. David Cameron is, sing


new powers to Holyrood, that is what the SNP were pushing for. `` David


Cameron is pushing for new powers. Nobody has taken this seriously. It


is probably a lot closer, when you go out to Scotland and talk to


people, there is a real feeling that it is an ideological issue. It is a


powerful thing common knowledge. Let's go to The Times, `` a powerful


thing, knowledge. GSOH Means good sense of humour, and apparently it


is not required for online others! This is an analysis of the qualities


that people are looking for, and among men, they are looking for, in


women, for sweet, thoughtful, ambitious women, and women are


looking for physically fit, perceptive, passionate man. ``MEN.


That is important, I do not think women, generally,


look importantly at what women's photo look like. `` photos. That


would be absolutely awful. Such a wonderful, wonderful cartoon, the


best of Richard Chartres, creativity. And they have won so


many awards. You cannot `` the best of British creativity. They have won


so many awards. You cannot believe they would be doing any more. And


it's because the voice of Wallace is so frail. It really would be the end


of an era. So many people automatically know Wallace Gromit.


Someone said in my earpiece that they could always get Ed Miliband. I


did not want to say it! Thank you for joining us. Thank you. The


headlines are coming up at 12 o'clock and the latest on the


unfolding situation in Turkey, where there have been protests across the


country. But now, it's time for all of the sport.


Hello and welcome to


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Clive Myrie presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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