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premiership play`off final and in rugby, news regarding two of


England's fly halves. Welcome to our look ahead at what


the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me on Beth Rigby and


John Kampfner. Let us have a look at some of the front pages. Starting


with the Financial Times. The Bank of England is close to raising


interest rates. The Daily Telegraph is reporting


that 15 million British users of eBay have to change their passwords


after a security breach. The Independent is wondering if


David Cameron and Boris Johnson will be stars of the European elections.


The Guardian says an internal Liberal Democrat briefing paper is


warning senior officials that the party could be completely wiped out


in the European elections. The Metro also leads on the bridge


of eBay users online. `` breach. The Daily Mail says Russian


diplomats will demand an explanation from the Foreign Office after Prince


Charles reportedly likened Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler. The Express


says more than half a month's rainfall could fall tomorrow. The


worst weather being experienced in the south.


The Times as is at least 400 people a night are sent home from hospital


between 11pm and 6am to relieve pressure on wards.


Starting with a big event, the elections. UKIP polled to win the


European elections. A disaster for the Tories and Lib Dems. We were


pondering if the Sun has lost its Mojo. It is not bad. Moving swiftly


on, one of the interesting things he had when it does the breakdown of


the vote, if you add together the vote of the two main parties, that


is less than 50%. When was the last time that happened? The two


recognised main political parties got less than 50% in any national


vote. If you add in projected turnout, which is likely, what is


the proportion of people who actively cast their ballots for


either of the two main parties, it really does throw into question not


just two comes out that well on Thursday night, but generally the


state of our politics. People are fed up and this uncharted, they feel


this affect it. `` this uncharted. The Sun says that if they do come on


top, it has been labour or UKIP who would top, they would be the first


party to top eight national ballot without having a single local MP.


This is going to be a really seminal moment in British politics. People


are very disillusioned out there. They are turning to UKIP. People in


the north of England, heartland labour voters, they are turning to


UKIP. In the south`east we seek disaffected Tory voters are turning


to UKIP. The question is whether Nigel Farage can go to areas where


they have a show of strength and turn this from a European election


success into something bigger. The three main political parties are the


very worried that he might be able to do that. The challenge will be to


try and keep the parties together. I think MPs are going to be spooked.


You are going to be looking to the 2015 election nervously. It is quite


late on in the day for them to topple their leaders. They have got


to try and keep the parties under control. Find a strategy that might


win. I suspect there are very few people in the wider public who would


be able to name another UKIP representative. Anyone else. This


party has been built on the shoulders of one man. More to the


point, everybody who does, a number of figures who have tried to attach


themselves, have got themselves and the party into trouble. They racist,


they this, are they not? It produces a bad headline. Over the last few


months, Fleet Street has got its teeth in. Before they saw him as an


amusing pantomime artist. They are doing proper reporting on him and


his people. Every story. It is like, the more that she is attacked


by what he calls the established elite media, the more it plays into


this whole image of the man against the establishment. I know they are


very different animals, but why did it not work for Sarah Pailin? Why


has it worked so well for Nigel Farage? We are talking about a


different set of circumstance, but that sense that he is an outsider,


that he is attacking the establishment, tapping into that


sense that people feel disenfranchised. She included


because of all kinds of things. `` imploded. Nobody is thinking that


Nigel Farage will be deputy. Nigel Farage claimed he was tired and put


forward other reasons for what he said. Talking about remaining is the


way that he did. `` Romanians. None of that has affected him. The point


about Nigel Farage is you cannot take him out of the context where he


is operating. He is operating in a postrecession country were people


have been feeling really pressed. We are only just coming through that.


It is a crisis that has thrown the entire European project into doubt.


A lot of hard questions have been raced across all European countries


about the European Union, immigration. It has played into his


particular brand of politics. On to the Guardian. It is the Liberal


Democrats who could have a lot of problems as a result of UKIP's


success. Although, there will be pleased to know that in this exit


poll, in this poll on the eve of the election, it says that they are


going to get three MEPs. The poll is predicting that they will come in


behind the Greens. They will not completely be wiped out. The one


silver lining for the Lib Dems, is everybody will be factoring what


happens over the next few days. They will be working out how that will


impact on the general election. The Lib Dems are notionally going to


fight 615 seats. But if I was a seat beyond number 60, I might as well


put my feet up. They will be focusing on 40, 50, 60 seats. They


did so well in the easterly by`election. The other point I would


make about the Lib Dems in coalition is that they have been really bashed


about. They have been universally derided in the press. And yet as a


party they have remained incredibly disciplined. They are going to have


another drop in the polls, but what has been incredible has been this


show of strength and this unity they have demonstrated. It may not get


them anywhere? They could still, after all of this, it is a question


of a lot of hypotheticals, they could still be powerbrokers in a


year. It depends on the government. If they do not implode in the next


few weeks. There is not much sign, there is always wrong doings in any


political setup. But as long as that is not go farther, they will focus


on a few dozen seats. Staying with the Guardian. Police Federation. One


man who was at this speech given by Theresa May, he felt as if they were


being told off by a schoolmistress. The job of a school teacher is to


tell recalcitrant pupils off. The Police Federation has been a basket


case. It has massively failed to serve the public. Theresa May is


quite a divisive figure. I reckon 98% of the population will agree


with this message that she has given the Police Federation. Sort


yourselves out and if you do not, we will legislate. There was also this


suggestion in what she was saying, the suggestion that it is a few


rotten apples within the force. It is more than that. She is


painting... We had a look on your website and looked at how she


delivered the speech. It was incredibly powerful. She is the a


politician at the height of her power. What she could play two in


the tons of this speech, a speech that no other Home Secretary would


have dared to have done, there has been a string of scandals around the


police that has undermined their legitimacy. She is coming at it from


a strong position. Also, she is a politician that is waiting in the


wings with her eye on the leadership of the Conservative party. She wants


to make a stand. She wants to challenge the vested interests. That


is what she was doing today to great effect. I think she knows the public


are on her side. On to the Financial Times. The Bank of England is edging


closer to an early rate rise. It is not a matter of if, but when. A lot


of quarters of economic recovery, inflation is going up, property


prices are going up worryingly quickly. The Bank of England are


looking at whether or not to raise this base rate from its historically


low rate of 1.5%. This is going to be a massive moment when it happens.


What I think is interesting about this is what it means politically in


the election year. When people are getting back on their feet, everyone


is feeling a bit more comfortable. The Tories are going to fight the


election on the economic recovery. George Osborne does not want to see


interest rates go up and mortgages go up. This is going to be a smack


in the face for people who have struggled with their cost of living.


It is not up to him. They always say that the year before elections is


the worst time to do anything difficult. The Bank of England might


have thought of doing it a few months ago. Particularly in the


south`east. If they do not do it now, it will probably be a bit late.


Some would disagree that it is unsustainable. Let us end with the


Daily Telegraph. Do you buy things on eBay? I have been known to. I got


a call from my bank, saying that somebody had gone walkabout with my


credit card. Nothing to do with this. It is this whole idea of data


going astray and everybody using a few passwords. I always forget my


passwords. This is a huge story. Particularly as it is alleged in one


of the papers that it took them several months to actually tell


people. I spoke to an analyst that said he was amazed this would


happen. Considering what eBay deals with, he says it was fairly easy,


what the hackers did. The other thing that concerns me about this


story, obviously eBay owned a massive transactional firm. If you


are an eBay user, this story fills me with total trade. It would be


really interesting to see how this affects the brain. `` total dread.


`` affects the brand. They have got to under `` 200 33 million accounts.


`` 233. It is a good reminder that we do not take security seriously. I


am changing my password. I nearly taxed into my partner to tell him to


do it between paper runs. `` text into.


It has been great having you on. Thank you. Stay with us. Much more


coming up at the top of the hour. Now it is time for Sportsday.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday with me, Ore Oduba. Coming up tonight:


England's Under`17s


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