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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Clive Myrie presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


bringing us tomorrow. With me are Tim Montgomerie of the Times and the


journalist and blogger Susie Boniface, better known as the Fleet


Street Fox. Tomorrow's front pages, we will


start with the Independent, which has a picture of UKIP leader Nigel


Farage voting today. It leads on news of a new malaria vaccine that


could save hundreds of thousands of people. The Daily Express is


focusing on the latest official figures, which it says shows that


Britain is buckling under the way for a fresh migration from Europe.


The Daily Star reports on David Moyes being questioned over a brawl


in a Lancashire wine bar. The Telegraph is saying the Government


has identified vast parts of southern England as targets for


fracking and claims that ministers will allow it to happen under homes


without owners permission. The Guardian has a terrific picture of


lightning striking the shard and also says a powerful Westminster


committee is demanding the breakneck expansion of private colleges should


be investigated. Seven Paul McCartney's health is concerning the


Mirror. They say he is battling a serious viral infection in Tokyo.


The Daily Mail covers the row on alleged remarks by Prince Charles


comparing Vladimir Putin to the Nazis. Daily Telegraph, several


papers hinting at elections but unable to say a great deal. This is


all about what Kenneth Clarke has been writing in the Telegraph? The


Tory's most Europe friendly member, we are trying to work out if he's


been sent out to do this or he's a doughnut of his own back. He is


basically saying we can't leave the EU because it would hurt business.


The member states and the rules and regulations have been swept away,


it's now much easier and simpler for business and we can't possibly


leave. The opposite of what Nigel Farage would say and what an awful


lot of anti`EU Tories would say. I can't help but think that this is


probably the worst... If you were a Conservative leader wanting to bring


people on your side, having perhaps had what may be a relatively


bruising election night with UKIP taking some votes away from you, you


would not really want Ken to bumble along in his Hush Puppies and say,


it's all right, chaps, we are going to get cheap cigars! He probably


thought he was doing the best. I completely agree, this is a red rag


to a bowl. If you wanted to ask UKIP voters, and you will probably get a


lot of them when you count the votes, who with a least liked in a


Conservative Party, who they most objected to in terms of where the


Conservative Party is standing on it would be their pro`European


credentials, as well as their pro`immigration credentials. Sending


out the most pro`Europe Tory out, I don't know who came up with this


strategy, but it's not really the right strategy. That might be why he


is indeed freelancing. You used the phrase is sending out, which would


imply there is a party machine in operation here. You both suspect


perhaps not? If the party machine wanted to convince members and core


voters that the Tories were the right people to stick with on Europe


for the future, they would be talking about the referendum they


promised in 2017, there would be talking about David Cameron, the


things he said. They would not be doing is. This is not the Tory


machine. If it is, it is backfiring horribly. The Tory machine should be


locking Ken Clarke in a cupboard somewhere, keeping him quiet for 12


months. And throwing away the key! If you are watching and part of the


Tory machine, get in touch. The Daily Express says migration is out


of control, outrage as another 2001000 are allowed in from the EU.


That is up from the previous year. There are different statistics


within the story. Take us through the coverage. Completely related to


what we have been talking about. This is the ONS? UKIP started as a


party which was about taking Britain out of the European Union, but the


issue that moves votes for them is the immigration issue, rightly or


wrongly, that is what UKIP voters are worried about. 78% of British


people say they want less of aggression. David Cameron made a big


promise to reduce Nat Dileep Magennis immigration `` reduce net


immigration. Early in the Parliament they seem to be making progress


towards that. Although as a country, we can control immigration from


outside of the EU, which Theresa May has been relatively successful


at... That has fallen? It has fallen. But we can't control the


numbers coming from Europe. The average voter looks at this pledge


of things it hasn't been met. Nigel Farage, you can almost hear him


licking his lips. This is the issue that keeps UKIP vote is rising. You


are right, the UKIP spin doctor on Twitter was desperate for people to


report this, saying, why is it not top of the news? It would get their


core vote out to vote. But it is not quite as dramatic as the Express is


making out. Overall, the net migration figure is stable. It is


not doing anything. We have more foreign students from non`EU


countries that are dropping us. A third of them that used to be here a


few years ago are not coming in the same numbers. The people that are


coming in are more likely, there is a 7% increase in those registering


to work. And they do pay taxes, so that is beneficial to us. If you are


worried about pressures on your local schools or house prices, and


by 9% in the last year, it is still 200,000 extra people, net, coming


into the UK. I completely agree with what Suzy was saying. A lot of


people bring enormous benefits, they could our health service going. They


also add pressure to public services. Whether we think it is


good or not, David Cameron made a promise he would reduce this and


he's not been able to keep that. One part of migration he cannot


influence is the EU part. If you are a racist, this is actually good news


for you. People of a different skin colour, there are fewer of them


around, people coming from the EU, our own race, there is more of them.


If you are really racist and horrible, you should be happy about


this. I'm not quite sure where you are going with this. If you look at


the opinion polls, ethnic minorities in Britain object to the scale of


immigration as well. Not because people are prejudiced, it is because


of the pressure on public resources. That is why people worry about


immigration. Let's go back to the Telegraph, another story which


caught your eyes. This is their lead, the great oil rush, vast areas


of the south hold billions of arrows. Go ahead for firms to frack


and homes. This has all manner of imprecations? It sounds very


dramatic. This coalition has a slight track record of announcing


what sounds like a boggling plan, and it is just a plan. And then it


finally comes there into law and it has been watered down to what they


originally wanted anyway, but people are now less upset about it because


it is not the first boggling thing they suggested. When they are saying


there is loads of shale gas in the south, between Wiltshire and Kent,


they have been a big survey. We are talking about areas of outstanding


natural beauty, the South Downs National Park. You are also talking


about areas that are core Tory vote. The map here would be very blue.


Very, very blue. I can't imagine in the next 12 months David Cameron is


going to sign of going, yeah, sort it... Salt it... Well, not that...


People have said worse on the BBC! It would only happen after an


collection. Everybody will get outraged and then they will say, we


are only going to do it in the desolate Northwest, then people will


not be so upset. Big coincidence that it has been


released until the polling stations are closed. What are you suggesting?


On a weekend where there is so much other news about and people are not


thinking about it. The idea of fracking and homes... That is


debatable, you hear that argument, dishonest and it is how far under


people's homes? I'm a great ecclesiastical or fracking. One of


the biggest problems we face in the country is energy bills. If that was


Ed Miliband's great success at his party conference, to promise to


freeze energy bills, the only way you're going to keep them down is to


exploit new forms of fuel. Shale gas has been a huge success for America.


It is creating jobs, wealth, keeping energy prices down. Actually, people


have exaggerated idea of what a fracking station is like. It is not


a huge installation. People will still object to it, but it will be


good for the economy, good for jobs and mean that old`age pensioners who


are worrying about heating their houses, their bills in the long`term


will fall. That's good social justice wise it is good economic. I


don't disagreement I think the controversy is the allegations that


it can cause minor earthquakes, that's the main controversy. If you


suggest doing it under people's homes, that controversy is going to


cause a huge fuss and be more of a controversy than perhaps it needs to


be. I don't think this plan is going to ever be performed in the way


they've suggested at the moment. Can I leave that controversy there? I


would like to take us to the Independent front page. This in


theory is a good news story. New vaccine can transform malaria. It


could save, they say, hundreds of thousands of lives. This seems to be


one of those unambiguous good news stories. This month is a month when


Britain became one of the only nations in the world to spend 0. 7%


of our national income on fighting global poverty. It hasn't been


transport transported `` trumpeted because the Conservatives are


worried about the UKIP thing. It is not a popular policy. What we spend


on fighting hunger and poverty in the world is something that we


should be proud of. One of the things we are good at is fighting


malaria and vaccinating children. This is about tracking children who


don't get malaria and investigating why they don't. It's a great news


story. Something that British aid and British investment we can


rightly as a nation be proud of. You don't even have to say this is


children in Africa, it doesn't affect us. Mosquitoes are on the


increase, especially in cities because of water buts and stagnant


water. There's a possibility you could have a new malaria outbreak


and, if, so we'll be grateful they have done this. A lot of technology


on blood protein, there are ramifications for. This you can get


one person's national immunity and transplant that into somebody else


to protect them from disease. That the would help all of us. We only


have a minute left to glance at the Daily Mail. Now the Kremlin hurls


abuse at Charles. Should we worry about what the Kremlin is saying


about the heir to the throne? No, because Vladimir Putin doesn't give


a toss what Prince Charles says about him. Prince Charles knew what


he was doing when he said what he said within hearing of journalists.


Do you think he did? Yes, these are royal photocalls. They provide


members of the public to the press to get quotes out of him. He's had


everything scrutinised for 65 years and knew that was going to be


reported. Due agree? I don't know whether he knew this was going to be


released but this is one of the wisers things his said. He wasn't


speak for Nigel Farage, who admired Vladimir Putin. But I think most


people worry a great deal about Vladimir Putin's expansionism, where


he wants to take Russian tanks next. I think on this occasion our heir to


the throb is speaking `` heir to the throne is speaking for lot of us.


Thank you for looking at tomorrow's front pages. Stay with us on BBC


News. At 11 o'clock we'll speak to our political correspondents across


England as counting gets under way for the local elections. But next it


is sometime for Sportsday. `` time for Sportsday.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday, I'm Mike Bushell. The headlines tonight:


England's cricketers taste victory in the first one day international


of the summer against Sri Lanka. Police are investigating


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Clive Myrie presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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