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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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easy beepers and managing director spoke about him yesterday, that is


all in Sportsday in 15 minutes after The Papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will bring us


tomorrow. With us, to Hugh Muir, diary editor of the Guardian and Sue


Matthias, editor of the FT Weekend Magazine. Thank you for joining us.


Tomorrow's front pages: The Independent shows a cheerful


Nigel Farage, celebrating the local election results.


It's much the same on the front of the Daily Mail, the paper reporting


that the Shadow Cabinet's turned on Ed Miliband following the polls.


Nigel Farage is on the front of the Express. The main story though is


the discovery of a protein that could protect against dementia. The


FT's lead is the paper's investigation into the French


economist who got his sums wrong in his bestselling book on the economy.


Nigel Farage is a hurricane, says the i, reporting that the era of


four`party politics has begun in Britain.


The discovery of the Cheeki Rafiki's hull in the Atlantic leads the Daily


Mirror. Labour's been thrown into poll


crisis by the local election results, says the Telegraph. And,


little mention of the elecitions in the Times ` the paper leads with its


report on the supermarket chiefs who ignore expiry dates on the foods


they eat at home. There is only one place to begin,


isn't there, after the huge changes to the landscape, politically,


thanks to UKIP's showing in the English local elections. If we start


with the Independent, phage crashes the party. Savouring the moment with


his typical pint. `` Nigel Farage crushes the party. He is holding his


pint and it looks like he is involved in an act of worship! If


you want to escape from him, don't look at any of the papers tomorrow


because that would be a vain hope. They have used strange pictures. On


the Daily Mail, they have him looking a bit like a gargoyle. I am


not sure why they chose that picture. He will be a happy man


today. 17% of the vote, they took, although strangely he will want to


know what happened in London. London seems to have been very different.


17% everywhere else, just 7% in London. One of his spokespeople sort


of suggested it is because people are younger and better educated. I


think London will be a lost cause for him, but he won't be sad about


that. He can just go east to Essex, which seems to be becoming more of a


stronghold for him. We have gone through successive elections where


Essex has been the weather vane for what is going to happen in the rest


of the country. If he is doing well there, he will be quite happy. It


gives the main parties a lot to think about. We hear this every time


there is an upset, but it is how they turn things around before the


general election. That is true. If Nigel Farage is looking happy, well,


he would be. He can drink his pint in the knowledge that he has


completely wrong`footed the main parties. Tonight, they will be


trying to work out what on earth they are going to do. What they are


going to do to meet this challenge. What is interesting is that Nigel


Farage does not have to do much at all. All that he has to do is stand


back. He has a very simple message, which has been very well delivered


by him. One is Europe, one is immigration. He does not have to go


any further than that. Many discontented voters see in him a


voice of common sense and somebody who is at least appearing to give a


direct message. You can't say that about the other parties. They will


simply have too just what they are doing to victory. I agree with a lot


of that. I don't think there is too much that he has to do, but the


other parties are going to have to work out how to cope with him. There


is an analysis in the Daily Mail by Professor Anthony King and he says,


now the other parties know they have to take UKIP seriously, but how they


cope with it is another matter. They cannot keep dismissing them as


fruitcakes and loonies, if those are the votes they need to claw back


from UKIP. My theory is that having established is two simple messages


over immigration and Europe, it is very difficult for the other parties


to take him on with more sophisticated messages. I don't


think they have found a formula for that, and it is going to be very


difficult. We are told by many politicians that immigration is good


for the country, that there are many benefits to staying in the European


Union, even if we renegotiate our relationship with it. And yet for


many people it is the appeal of UKIP against those messages which is why


they have done so well. Let's move on to the Daily Mail. The savaging


of Ed Miliband, talking about how none of the main parties are happy


with these results, even though, as we were saying, Labour gained 290


seats. On a normal day, they would be pleased with that. How much extra


thinking, of all of the leaders, has Ed Miliband got to do? Because some


of his own party have been critical of how he has approached this


campaign. Absolutely. They seem to be queueing up to have a bit of a go


at him tonight. It is just part of the bigger picture for him, really,


which is that he doesn't seem to be able to cut through with a message


for the voters that the voters can receive and understand. I think what


is interesting is that it ties into what we were saying before which is


that because of the Nigel Farage factor, the UKIP factor, it is


asking questions of all the other parties, how they are going to


respond. And Ed Miliband has the problem that he is not communicating


anyway. I think that those around him are beginning to get seriously


worried about how he is going to get it together in time for the next


election. One of his MPs was saying it was an unprofessional campaign.


There are a few quotes and some of the stories about the bacon butty


incident, when he was photographed trying to eat a bacon butty and it


was not rather elegant. Some people say that was part of the


unprofessional campaign that he ran. I think he has a problem. I think


they are being a bit skittish, because there is a basic philosophy


here that, if things stay as they are, then the boundary situation,


the seats means that the Tories have got a real mountain to climb to


catch him anyway. So I think he has almost a steady as you go policy,


and that is what is worrying them. Even if they agree with the


strategy, what is worrying them is that they want to see more


connection, and I think they want to see more energy. Because connection


is all that you get from Nigel Farage. He is pure connection.


Trying to compare their man with what Nigel Farage give the


electorate has got them worried. Let's look at the pressure on the


prime minister on the inside of the Daily Mail, pressure in the form of


should the Conservatives do a deal with UKIP? The noises we are hearing


from the Conservatives is that there is no need for that and they are


going for an all`out win in a year's time. But how tempting would


it be to do that, just to make sure? Yes, yes. It was quite interesting


in the run`up to the election that the Tories seemed to have this


uprising outbreak of unity, which is very unfamiliar for them at the


moment. But in the face of this result, you noticed tonight the


first thing David Cameron is doing is talking about, we must look at


this, look at that, we must consider immigration. Again, the same theme,


he is trying to appease the idea that they have been upstaged by


UKIP. He is saying that he is not going to tack to the right, and most


of the commentators seem to think that he will not not yet. In the


immediate aftermath of an election, everyone gets skittish. We see


Labour getting skittish and criticising their leader. Already,


there are some Tories talking about doing a deal with UKIP. I don't


think they can. There are already some Lib Dem activists asking if


they are sure about Nick Clegg. There is an inevitability about it.


What will happen with the Conservative Party is that those


people who are thinking about the immediate future and those who are


thinking about the long`term future. In the immediate future he could do


a deal with UKIP and that might help in the next election. In the


long`term future, for the sort of voters that the Tories have to pick


up, and they have talked about needing minorities, more women, is


that going to be helped by a close association with UKIP? Probably not.


And there are dangers in extrapolating to national elections.


Absolutely. David Cameron and Ed Miliband are thinking tonight, it is


all going to go away, it won't make a difference when we are playing for


real. Damning report on universal credit


hushed up. The Government published its annual review into the progress


of 200 projects, representing ?400 billion of public spending, not


amongst them the damning internal assess am of universal credit. It


will not be ready on time. It's all very unrealistic, by the sounds of


it? Do you remember those happy days, not so long ago, when


"transparency" would be the watchword of the Government. They


have the evaluation, they tell us everything, apart from the bit we


need to know, which is what is happening with this universal credit


scheme. It's another ` there seem to be a succession of problems coming


out of DWP. Iain Duncan Smith keeps going to select committees or to the


House saying it's all going fine. Then something else leaks to give


you the impression that it's not going fine. Then you put alongside


the universal credit debacle, the universal job search website, that


has had problems too. You just wonder whether or not they've taken


off more than they chew, in terms of bringing these reforms through. They


don't seem to be able to drive them through efficiently. Are enormous


changes, is that all it is? Who knows. This story is extraordinary.


Who realised there was something called The Major Projects Authority.


You learn something new every night. The fact that Iain Duncan Smith is


kind of refusing to acknowledge the truth and sort of trying to deny the


inevitable and standing up and saying ` it's Allardyce right `` all


all right, I'm in charge. Now the FT. He did his sums wrong. They have


been looking at Piketty's sums. Has been flavour of the month for about


a month, I think. It might have been a bit longer. He's a, sort of,


described as the "rock star" French economist. He has ` he is the author


of a best seller book called Capital in the 21st Century. One of his main


arguments in the book is a calculation about the rise of


inequality. And, I believe that one of his main contentions is that


we're seeing levels of inequality now which have not been observed


since the First World War. And, this has been taken as, lorded as, you


know, revealing the central contradiction of capitalism. He has


been garlanded by Nobel Laureates all over the place. The FT did a


study, crunched the number against, and discovered that he actually has


it wrong. The numbers don't stack up ` No, they don't. The actual date


for the rise inequality hasn't been rising since 1970. George Osborne


will be pleased? It will be a problem. There will be people who


had a vested interest in undermining his case. It was probably the most


fullfronted assault on capitalist theory as we know it there has been


for some time. The FT have above the picture in large letters "Piketty


did his sum wrongs" in the text it says, "he appears to have his sums


wrong" that is very wise. Everybody will be checking his calculations


but the FT calculations. Their punches a little bit. That is it for


The Papers this hour. Sue and Hugh will be back with us at 11.30pm.


Stay with us on BBC News. At 11.00pm more on the local elections. More, I


hear you say! Yes, more. Coming up next, it's time for Sportsday.


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