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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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have their hands on the challenge cup. That is all in Sportsday in 15


minutes. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are Hugh Muir,


diary editor at The Guardian and Sue Matthias, Editor of the FT Weekend


Magazine. Unsurprisingly, the local elections is on lots of the front


pages. The Independent shows a cheerful


Nigel Farage, celebrating the local election results.


It's much the same on the front of the Daily Mail, the paper reporting


that the shadow cabinet's turned on Ed Miliband following the polls.


Nigel Farage is on the front of the Express the main story though is the


discovery of a protein that could protect against dementia.


The FT's lead is their investigation into the French economist who, the


paper claims, got his sums wrong in his bestselling book.


Nigel Farage is a hurricane, says the I, reporting that the era of


four`party politics has begun in Britain.


The discovery of the Cheeky Rafiki's hull in the Atlantic leads the Daily


Mirror. Labour's been thrown into crisis by


the local election results, says the Telegraph.


And, little mention of the elections in the Times the paper leads with


claims that supermarket bosses regularly ignore expiry dates on the


foods they eat at home. Let's begin, as we have to with


Nigel Farage who is on the front of so many papers. Is described as a


hurricane in. The ear for party politics in England after the UKIP


rake through. I imagine it is one of the scriptures he would be quite


happy with. Will have a very happy weekends. It is strange, if you step


back a bit, UKIP have clearly done well but not quite as well as they


would have wanted. They are actually six points down on last year. They


did not do it very well at all in London. The only got 7% of the vote


there. They will want to ponder on that. As you mentioned, they took


about this being the beginning of the year up of four party politics.


I am not sure about this. I am still not convinced that this is just not


a humongous protest vote. I think the electorate has... It knows what


he wants a particular time and at the moment he wants to send a


message to the other parties and it sees UKIP as a good way of doing


that. Whether or not means that UKIP has a locked in constituency, I am


yet to be convinced. The two real subject that people are protesting


over by beating bought UKIP is immigration and the EU. Neither of


which, local councils can do anything about. No, absolutely. He


is looking very happy because he has managed to change the political


weather. He knows that he is not going to have to do anything about


it himself. He can stand back and enjoy his drink and know that he has


thrown the parties into complete disarray. Because, they are being


challenged on, what will we do about Nigel at this Farage. Stage, one


year before the next general election, they would have hoped to


do better. Even though they have gained nearly 300 seats in taking


control of councils that they have long wanted to take control. That is


politics. How can you have a date where you win 256 and you are still


unhappy. But they are in position. They still aren't pulling away from


the Conservatives. If you look at the projections, they are not where


they would want to be. There will be some skittishness within the Labour


Party. We are hearing about it already. People saying it was a


pretty abysmal election campaign and Ed Miliband needs to think about his


strategy. And maybe he does it the whole idea is that UKIP will take


more seats away from the Tories and make his job easier because a big


wake`up call of this is that he has to consider how many seats will UKIP


take from Labour? Is quite interesting that Ed Balls suddenly


comes in and a go. Talking about kicking a mount when he is down. ``


a man when he is down. It is not exactly a united front, is it? Ed


Balls says we have to do better. Maybe he was talking about himself.


Speaking of Ed Miliband, he is on the inside of the sun. A big


headache. A kick in the ballots. Headline writers dream. What has Ed


Miliband got to do? In London, he did not have to much of a problem.


Sadiq Khan was looking after things for the campaign. It is one thing to


say, we are listening and we have to do some indifferent but what? I


imagine that they are asking themselves the same question. We


were saying earlier just before we came on that actually, they have


hired somebody who ought to be able to help them which is David


Axelrod. Who was Barack Obama's adviser with blue exactly. No doubt


at some expense to advise exactly on this kind of situation. Where do


they go from here? One of the problems that Ed Miliband does face


at the moment is the fact that he projects a nice guy, he projects


policies which are interesting and which are thoughtful. He just


doesn't project the image of a leader. At the moment. And he hasn't


got long to turn around. We were saying that, maybe David Axelrod may


be able to help with that. Maybe with a personality issue, in


American elections, personality is a huge issue. A presidential elections


you are looking at the character and the image of a particular


individual. Character and image is his problem because if you look at


the policies that he comes up with, if you look at many of his ideas,


people agree with them. They just have a problem with his


personality. It's not going to be the same for the dish prime minister


as the US president. `` British prime minister. It is completely


different. The question of leadership still remains. Put him


against any of the candidates, Nigel Farage against David Cameron or Nick


Clegg and somehow, Ed Miliband does not look like the guy who is going


to be prime minister. The voters smell of only very quickly. What


they have got to do with Ed Miliband is try and find a version of him


that had they can present to the electorate that is authentic. If


they try and compare him with some of the other party leaders to make


him as genial as Nigel Farage or as slick as Cameron. Remember that


terrible clip that did the rounds where some body had a go at changing


Gordon Brown. And sort of... It did not work for him at all. You have to


be careful with the changes you make. Let's move on to a different


leader. The Conservatives and the Prime Minister, pressure to do a


deal with UKIP. There will be no pact ordeals with UKIP, he says.


David Cameron telling his backbenchers. Given that UKIP did


not do as well this year, whether it would be a crazy idea to throw your


lot in with UKIP on the strength of just this set of election results.


Surely not. I think this is an instant reaction, playing to the


events of the day. They don't want to seem to be arrogance. That is one


of the problems that this Tory leadership does have. I think they


are trying to present the idea that they are listening and that they are


taking an interest in the concerns are raised by UKIP. I think it would


be extraordinary if the Tories were to go into any kind of pact with


UKIP. They have 12 months to change their policies then. To nuke the


problems. A short`term and long`term problems. A short`term and long`term


problem. The short`term is what they will do at the next election and I


think what they will seek to do is to move in UKIP's direction not so


they become UKIP at so they can extract from UKIP the soft


supporters it might halve. `` might have. The long`term issue is that if


you look at Tory election share of the vote over the election, it is


going down. There are people having structural discussions about where


to the party go? Where will our support Comp Robert? A lot will come


from areas that they are very popular at the moment. From women,


the north and with ethnic minorities. There will be a problem


if they go in the UKIP direction particularly picking up the big


minority vote. They will have to square that circle between the


short`term imperative and the long`term imperative. Let's move


away from the local elections. Police Federation elect new chairman


on a possible according. Which is quite an interesting way of deciding


who is going to be in charge. The Home Secretary, Theresa May, had


some interstate to the federations annual conference this week with a


warning that if they don't reform themselves, she will do it for them.


One of your previous incarnations, you are home affairs a specialist? I


did a lot of police reporting. You must take an interest in the


machinations of organisations like the Police Federation Ozil I think


it is marvellous that they have taken everything that Theresa May


has said to heart. Everything about reform and modernisation. They need


a new leader is because a coin. I think it is extraordinary. Part of


the thing with the organisation, they try to have a new start they


had gone through a period of self harm. The committee looked at the


Police Federation and did not like what you saw at all. Internally, it


had serious problems. Theresa May, she was critical to the point of


brutal with them. They have a new chairman now elected on the toss of


a coin and perhaps, he will be able to lead them into more tranquil


territory. The Police Federation needs a period of calm. They were


embroiled in the Plebgate affair with Andrew Mitchell and have had a


terrible time. Absolutely terrible. And all entirely of their own


making. I think this is completely bizarre. Just the image of all these


men standing behind closed doors in secret and then deciding to sort of


through a coin. We should all just be grateful that the man who got it


seems to be the reforming candidate, rather than the other


one. Talk about public image! Honestly, what are they doing? It is


a shambles. I do not know why we bother with elections, we should


just tossed coins. It would save a lot of money wouldn't it? Let's stay


with the times, seaside house prices rose by 42% in a decade. If only we


bought a house by the English Riviera! I was looking at it,


thinking, this is interesting. House prices have gone up in places by the


sea, but who is buying these houses? What is this story about? The report


does not tell us that. These places are going up in price. Our local


people buying the houses that those prices, perhaps not. Are they second


houses, or second homes, sorry. It is an interesting weekend story


about housing prices which is obviously on everyone's minds.


Woodward talking about the overheated housing market, it is


presented as if it is a great thing. `` we were talking. It can be a


rotten thing, if it means that people born and bred there cannot


buy property, in their own locality. This is a selected few seaside


towns, I read this, and I think of all of the other seaside towns, some


of which are ailing pretty badly. They could probably do with an


injection of these kinds of funds. The same does not go for all seaside


places at all, does it? Not at all, others are in a terrible state and


people buying into these towns could people buying into these towns could


show some more originality? Let's finish with Matt, the cartoon in the


Daily Telegraph, he manages to conflate two different stories, we


have two people here sitting, in their trembling sitting room, and


the caption is" is this a political earthquake or have they started


fracking? " . Nigel Farage manages to indirectly make this way into the


Matt cartoon. `` make this way. Whether we will have the tremors for


very long, we don't know. With all of these efforts to make it. He


manages to bring two different stories together `` his. All stories


will feature him for a while, Farage, at least for 24 hours!


That is it for The Papers this evening, we will see you both later,


thank you to both of my guests. At midnight we will have more on the


results of local elections the next it is time for Sportsday. `` but


next. Hello and welcome to Sportsday ` I'm


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