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end to the crisis in Syria at the start of a three`day tour to the


Middle`East, which will also take in the West Bank and Israel.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what The Papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With me are Yasmin Alibhai`Brown, columnist from the


Independent and Martin Bentham from the London Evening Standard.


The Observer claims that the UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, will use his


party's success in this week's local elections to draw up a list of 20


parliamentary seats to target at next year's general election. The


Independent on Sunday's front page gives coverage to calls for Nick


Clegg, the Lib Dem leader, to stand down.


ongoing row over Prince Charles' ongoing row over Prince Charles'


comments about Russia's President Vladimir Putin. The Sunday Times


leads on a story about calls from some Conservative MPs for an early


referendum on Britain's membership of the EU. And the Mail on Sunday


devotes its entire front page to a picture of the man suspected of


killing six people in a series of drive`by shootings. They express


also covers the shooting but its main story relates to the rising


value of the pound, which experts say is good news for British


holiday`makers. We will begin with the Observer. Triumphant UKIP draws


up a hit list of 20 key seats to storm Commons. We should not be


surprised about this? I just wish we would keep our heads and keep some


proportion. Of course they are high. I don't think it will be 20,


myself. But they will attempt to get people into Parliament. The whole


personality of Nigel Farage at the personality of Nigel Farage at the


moment. He is the face. Finding even 15 equivalent people, I hope they


will. You hope they will? If they want to do it, let them do it. You


are not a fan of UKIP? Let them fight the election, but the mistake


is to make them the centre of the story, which they have been for over


two months. Keep our heads. Even the council elections, they got a small


proportion of the thousands of seats. Is there a durability of this


interest in UKIP and will they attract enough people to stand in


these seats? I am sure they will attract enough people to stand, but


whether they get the seats, is a different issue. For the next year,


they are going to be on everybody's mind. All of the political parties


and we have seen that in all the papers. People across Westminster


and across the country in political parties will be reacting to what


they see the UKIP threat to be in their particular policy areas and


trying to counter it. They are worried about them taking a few


thousand votes. It will be a problem for each party in certain seats. It.


The main parties being dismissive of UKIP? They should not be dismissive


of them, but also we should not be obsessed that the only way forward


is to imitate UKIP. It is part of the Democratic competition. But for


me it is the Tea Party moment. Remember the Tea Party in America,


it is exactly like this. Showing up the other established parties,


unnerving them. But they are part of the republican movement? No, they


have done what UKIP have done with the Tories. They have said, we are


the new kids on the block, where are they now? What UKIP does do, and it


is part of the Democratic rosettes, there has been an attempt to shut


them down saying they are saying racist things and people don't like


and trying to shout them down. That is what parties have got to take


notice of. They have attracted 17% of the vote in this election. They


are attracting support. Why that is, is something all of the parties have


got to think about and respond to it. We have had this in the past


because Labour in the last election admitted they did not address the


immigration argument. I don't agree with you that they have had no


access through the media. They have had disproportionate access. I did


not mean in the media. The media has helped them. If I was in the Green


Party, I would be upset over the media attention they have got. To


say they have not been treated fairly by the media is false. I was


talking about the idea that when you get a party coming from the margins


and they take some hardline positions, like in this case,


immigration. There is a tendency to shout them down and said they are


saying things unacceptable. But that does not resonate with a lot of


people in the country who think, they are talking about things in the


country we want to talk about and not being talked about sufficiently


by the mainstream parties. Let's have a look at those other parties


who have had their noses bloodied. They haven't. That is just a cliche


that we use. Lib Dems in a bid to oust Mr Clegg. How safe is his


position? Who else would there be? There is talk about Vince Cable. But


the Lib Dems have to be frank with a disastrous scenario looming. For any


credit the coalition gets from voters for bringing the economy


round, if people take that view, that will go to the Tories and not


the Lib Dems, I suspect. Those Lib Dem supporters who were attracted to


them being to the left of Labour are now in Peoria ate at. They are


losing either way. Nick Clegg did not keep his pledge on tuition fees,


which was a catastrophic mistake on his part. It is what they had to


show to their supporters. I remember Nick Clegg in the first debate in


the last election. Everybody responded to him like they are


responding to Nigel Farage. He was new and not part of the


establishment. These things are appealing for a little while. I


don't know what will happen if the results for the Lib Dems carry on


being as bad as they are. I have one off them, like many other people,


but I did respect Nick Clegg for doing those debates because it was


brave to come up with powerful arguments to stay in Europe. I did


add my VAT. This is the response from the Lib Dems. Their spokesman


has said these concerns about the results should be taken seriously


but the party should not have its message distorted by needless


infighting. After every difficult election, some colleagues will have


concerns that should referring to the leadership. He goes on to say we


knew these elections would be tough and it is always disappointing when


councillors lose their seats. Now is the time to get our message across


and shout what we are doing in government. The needless infighting


is the eye`opener and tells the story of all the parties. Every


party now, over the next year will be thinking about what their


position is, how they will respond. You have the stories about labour


and Ed Miliband and so on. Tonight you have the Lib Dems talking about


Nick Clegg. And then the focus on the Tories on what they should be


doing. Every party is worried about their leadership. Let's have a look


at what they might be doing in the Sunday Times. Tories press PM to


call an early EU vote. What the parties should do is come together


against the divisive politics of Nigel Farage. It is important. I


wish we had had an early referendum. Before 2015? Yes. It has


created this mood that people are not asked about this important


decision. The last time they were asked was 1975 after we had already


joined. I do in `` understand that feeling. What should the question


be? Should it be in, should we be out? David Cameron is right by


saying we need to have something to vote on. He wants to have a


renegotiation. What we should have had a vote on is Lisbon in the last


treaty when there is something substantial to vote on. We haven't


had those votes and that has created pressure for a new vote. There could


be three options, in, out, stay in and reform. Let's move on to


something other than the elections. The Sunday Telegraph. President


Putin hits back at Prince Charles. It is a conversation Prince Charles


thought he was having in private. But you're never with a microphone.


Vladimir Putin suggesting it was an acceptable and not very royal in his


behaviour for Prince Charles to have compared him with Adolf Hitler. Hot


water again for the Prince of Wales? President Putin has regally


dismissed him. He has said, he is a well brought up person. So pay with


a withering dismissal. I can understand the anger. How can you


say this when 26 Russians died in the Second World War. Million.


Million, sorry yes. We were never taught this at school about what


happened. So not to remember that was unfortunate. President Putin is


hitting back here, but it is in response to questions he was asked


and it does appear he is not trying to inflame the situation, he is


trying to play it down by saying Prince Charles knows he should have


known better. He is a bit like Prince Philip. Perhaps been too many


moments from him. The Observer, fair trade goods not helping the poor.


That would be upsetting for people who seek out fair trade products.


I was born in Uganda and I make it my business to support businesses


from that region. I think people are happy to pay more for fair trade


products. Unfortunately we do not have the rest of the story because


he cannot see the explanation. This is regarding wider wages are lower.


It is apparently taking the same equivalent type of production of the


same products and coming up with this conclusion. This is an economic


professor at University of London who has said it has not improved the


lives of workers. We will try and get statistics for the next hour. We


will be back again for moral look `` for a look at The Papers. The


headlines, a man has been arrested for the shooting at the Jewish Ms


Hume in Brussels. Coming up now, Reporters. `` Jewish Museum.


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