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praise on his new players, plus all the highlights from the Diamond


League athletics in Rome. But is in 15 minutes after the papers.


Welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will bring us tomorrow.


With us, a contributing editor for Esquire magazine John Harrison and


Lynn Faulds Wood. Let's start with those front pages. The FT leads with


the news that the European Central Bank has cut the deposit interest


rate to below zero in an unprecedented move to encourage


lending. The Telegraph has more on President


Obama stepping into the debate over Scotland's future, while a photo of


a D`Day veteran on in Normandy beach dominates the front page. The same


image is the Metro's front`page, with the simple message, thank you.


The Guardian has an exclusive interview with Jean`Claude Yunker,


the front runner to become European Commission president, in which he


says he will not beg Britain for the job.


An image of a D`Day veteran dominates the temp won's front`page


`` it dominates the Daily Mail's front`page. Arrested for having a


fat kid is the Sun's headline, clipping the parents of an


11`year`old boy were questioned by police after their son weighed in at


15 stone. Let's begin with the foreign


intervention, as it is being described, possibly an unwelcome


one, in the Daily Telegraph. Is urges Scotland not to leave


extraordinary union. Lin, you are bound to have a comment on this.


Well, he was asked this question at the G7 press conference, standing


beside David Cameron. And he just reacted and said, it is up to the


folks of Scotland. I don't think he meant it to be as strong as it is.


Well, people are looking for the nuances in these things. He talks


about the need for a strong and United UK. Everyone is looking at


the word United. It could be united in lots of ways. I don't think he


stepped into this, he has been yanked into it. This was not a


calculated intervention, I don't think. He has mouth some platitudes


about strength and unity, which is what presidents do. The interesting


thing to me is that Alec Salmond, very adroit at being able to turn


anything to his advantage, has responded in a very low`key way. He


has not said this is an affront to Scotland, stop interfering. He


borrowed the catchphrase, yes, we can. So I think people are more


exercised about the notion of a president discussing something in a


foreign country than the substance of what he said. I don't think this


will make any difference. It will not sway anybody? I don't think so.


If David Cameron does the Scots, don't vote for independence, they


will all say, sorry, up yours, we will do what we like. Are we allowed


to say that? I don't know. A bit rude. But the Scots are a very


independent minded lot. That does not mean they will vote for


independence, but if you tell them not to, they will do it. The idea


that a politician as skilled as President Obama is being dragged


into something and is being conscious of what he might be asked


and how he needs to do is bond, is that not naive of him? Well, he had


a lot of things to think about. But he was standing about David Cameron


`` next to David Cameron. Well, he could be interpreted as saying,


stick together, folks. But if you look at his words, they are not that


strong. If he wanted to make a strong in detention, he would have


been a lot less opaque about it. He would have been very clear and said,


we want Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom. So the idea that


it will anger Scots because it was an unsolicited intervention from


abroad will not fly? It does not seem to have angered Scots. Alex


Salmond handled it in his usual good way by saying yes, we can, and


linking it back to Obama. I think Alex Salmond will be delighted,


because it has elevated the issue to the international stage. For a day!


Something else will be along in a minute. The no campaign has welcomed


the president's contrition. That could mean anything. `` his


contribution. There is a poster of him as the flying Scotsman. Somebody


has said, does that mean lying Scotsman? It is amazing what a


picture can do for your reputation. Staying with the Daily Telegraph,


there is an extraordinary photograph on the front. It is a man who is an


89`year`old veteran, one of many taking part in the commemorations on


the Normandy beach chairs, revisiting gold be shut. `` Gold


Beach. It is a fantastic image and an opportunity for people to say


thank you to the few hundred veterans who are still left. It is a


beautiful photograph. It is incredibly moving. The fact that the


weather is so good has also lent a magical quality to these pictures.


This is one of the things we can all unite around. When you look at the


state of European politics and the fractiousness of it, you look at


this time when we could all agree on something. There was a national


purpose. And in the Daily Telegraph, it says he was there at 19. He said,


we landed on the beach and saw this pile of blankets there. We just had


one over us and went to sleep, because they were not ready to run


up the hill yet and be shot at. I thought, that is amazing, a


19`year`old being there for a start, and then just go to sleep on the


beach until they were ready. They are under play what they did. They


are so sanguine about it. This is our grandparents and our fathers'


generations. Those are the kinds of people they were. There is a


poignancy to this anniversary, because in ten years' time, it will


be very different. Loss of the book will not be there. There is an


extent to which this is the last elevation of this kind we will see.


That adds an extra dimension to it. And one of the chaps was saying when


they ran up the hill being shot at, we had a few skirmishes. They just


talk about it like that when they were people dying all around. It was


the turning point. Let's move on to the FT. Mario Bergoglio from the


European Central Bank made a historic rate cut to stave off


deflation. Interest rate have now dropped so low that they are under


0%. They don't want the banks stashing their money with the


European Central Bank any more and getting any interest. They want the


banks to spend the money. They are putting 400 billion into the banks


to lend to businesses to get Europe moving. But if we remember in


Britain, when we gave the banks money to get businesses going, they


sat on the money. So I hope they are doing something in Europe to make


sure the same does not happen. The negative interest rate means it


costs you money to keep your money on deposit. I did not realise this


was possible. Apparently, you can. Didn't they do this in Japan a while


back, when their economy was in a mess? They had gone to 0%, and that


they had to drop it even further because they were very concerned. To


an economic elite at like me, I feel I am being softened up in the UK for


rising interest rates. We are hearing loss of stories about the


inevitable rise in interest rates and that people will not be able to


handle it. This is Europe heading in the other direction, lowering


interest rates. I am in literature in economics, but it looks like I am


in literature in economics, but it looks like a Dover agents `` a


diverges between what is happening in the UK and the Eurozone. The


Guardian still has a European flavour. You mentioned Jean`Claude


Junker, described as the embattled and runner to head the EU executive.


He says he will not come begging to Britain for the top job. On BBC News


tonight, I think I saw him being rather rude by journalist who asked


him a legitimate question, what about Britain? And he snapped at


him. He was the lead runner before the elections across Europe, which


showed that there is considerable anxiety about Europe continuing the


way it has. These people should realise that they work for us. We


don't work for them. They have to understand that we want change in


Europe. Every country that voted signalled that. Stop heading that


way when a journalist asks a question. It shows such a tin ear


for the way European politics is moving. Even pro`Europeans recognise


that there has to be reform. moving. Even pro`Europeans recognise


that there Those behind the European project want to see it become more


responsive. You don't want to see someone strutting around, saying, I


do want to be forced to get on my knees before the British. What


bothers me is the British press campaign. Something got lost in


translation. There are some ground people in Brussels who think that


they are above their station. If this chap is going to behave like


that as well, let's get a woman in. I am sure there are grand women in


Europe who are just as bad. They are wholly nice people. Fair enough.


Vodafone reveals mass state surveillance. They have revealed the


existence of secret wires that allow Government agencies to listen to all


the conversations on its networks, saying they are widely used in 29


countries that they operate in. Are we surprised? I am not surprised.


Liberty so they are terrified. I am not at all surprised. I am not sure


be doing better at combating be doing better at combating


terrorism and criminals? We are not doing badly at combating terrorism.


It is better than it could have been. This is Guardian catnip.


Julian Assange, surveillance state, the perfect story. But if it is true


it is great they get it. I am surprised it is so small. We were


talking about this earlier. With the best will in the world, it will not


deliver the best pictures. It is hard to beat what you are seeing on


the page. It is interesting that it continues their campaign about state


surveillance and cross state surveillance. Whether we can get to


the bottom of this and find out something new is happening, I don't


know. Doesn't this seem like something we haven't already seen


previously? I have not seen Vodafone admitting it and apparently it is


huge that they are admitting it. If it is happening with Vodafone,


surely it is happening with other networks. They have had to admit it


for the article but it is a risk because people will try and decide


who to go with. They might not choose Vodafone because they think


they are being listened to. I don't care if people listen to me because


I am not saying anything interesting. They have proactively


released it almost as a kind of gambit against this continuing


surveillance. The things they have asked today, they have publicised it


because these are the things governments are asking them to do.


Going back to the Telegraph, why hungry men like a super`sized lover.


Men find the kind of voluptuous figure for which Rubens was famed


attractive when they are packaged. Is this a reason not to go on a


diet? I am on the slim side so I don't think I want to join in this.


If I had that kind of figure, I would make sure that my man ate


dinner before going out with him possibly. Does this ring true for


you? It is a new one on me. In our currently well fed society, this


could account for the popularity of the Kate Moss type, the extremely


slim female. Maybe. Maybe it is one of those weird surveys. And what do


women go for? If you have skipped a meal, you go for a larger man. It is


equal, not just men. That is it for this hour. But they will be back


with us at 11:30pm for another look at the stories making the front


pages. Stay with us on BBC News. At 11 o'clock, President Obama's


intervention in the debate about Scottish independence. Coming up


next: Sportsday. I'm Nick Marshall`McCormack.


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fingers are crossed he'll recover in time for England's World Cup opener.


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