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With us a and broadcaster, and Andrew Harrison, columnist with


Esquire magazine. The FT leads with the news that the European Central


Bank has cut the deposit interest rate to below zero in an


unprecedented move to encourage lending. The Telegraph has more on


President Obama stepping into the debate over Scotland's future, while


a photo of a D Day veteran on a Normandy beach dominates the front


page. The same image is The Metro's front page with the simple message,


"thank you". The Guardian has an interview with Jean`Claude Juncker,


the front runner to become the European Commission President, in


which he says he will not beg Britain for the job. An image of a


D`Day veteran dominates The Mail's front page saying the former


servicemen were making a trip back to the beaches of death and


deliverance. Arrested For Having A Fat Kid is the Sun's headline which


claims that the parents of an 11`year`old boy were questioned by


police after their son weighed in at 15 stone The Mirror says police are


examining clothing found near where Madeleine McCann vanished in


Portugal in 2007, for traces of the 3`year`old's DNA. While the


Independent has analysis on the European Central Bank's decision to


lower interest rates in an attempt to get the banks lending. Let's


begin with the Times, which is saying that there is a new battle


are coming down in parachutes, the course,


same as they used to 70 years ago. I was reading as well that in this


particular village there were 300 parachutists who came into this one


village. What an extraordinary sight that must have been. It was the


first village to be liberated in the war, and one of the parachutists was


an 89`year`old. How amazing for him to come back! On his suit it said


tandem student. He was attached to someone else. This image, I think


this wins the battle of the pictures, because it is such an


incredible image. The fields of northern France, the sky, the


colours are beautiful. It also is one British soldier alone, and it


has that poignant resonance with the beginning of the war. I think it is


gorgeous. Potentially award`winning. It is beautiful and very moving. We


will come back to the story, but we will deal with the new battle for


Europe. This is Jean`Claude Juncker saying that he won't beg Britain to


become the new boss of the EU. He doesn't seem to be making the right


comments if he is trying to butter rock Europe, he sounds intolerable.


Perhaps he doesn't get the fact that the recent elections, people across


Europe and the countries that voted have voted to say, please reform


Europe. Here we have someone who sounds like a grumpy old


thinks there is a campaign against him being mounted by the British


media. He is also rambling at his own allies in the party, he doesn't


seem to recognise it is not just Eurosceptics but also pro` Europeans


who want to see reform. There want to see a more responsive European


community. He has quoted here, if they had not capable of making


proposals, I will to the Parliamentary Caucus is. It is


impenetrable bureaucratic language, and it seems to be quite


aggressive. He says that number of the 28 leaders would vote to him.


Maybe they didn't want to vote for him, and instead he marches


through... To be speaking like this, he must feel that the


Then I really rather hope that isn't, because he works for us, not


the other way around. He is saying, you better be ready for a lot more


dirt, well, I'm sorry, if you have a lot more dirt they don't do the job.


It is journalists' jobs to find out what people have been up to. It is


want his neighbours being harassed, does he?


to feel sorry for him, he's making it easy. He is badly in need of a


media training course. There was a BBC reporter who was


chasing him around Parliament, the reporter was


Britain? And he was snapping at him. Go and hide


because that looks terrible, and it looked terrible. And people have


long memories, too. The Daily Mail, special D`Day anniversary edition,


back to the beaches of death and deliverance. The man featured here


is Gordon Smith, who is 90 years old, a former Royal engineer, and


understandably feeling very moved on the speech today. Always a


bittersweet place of these meant to be. They have seen a lot of death,


these poor men. He would have been 19 or 20 when he went, it is


shocking. Our 18, 19, 20 `year`olds would be horrified that they might


be sent into battle, because we haven't had a war for 60 or 70


years. It is rare that a partisan paper like this has what is


effectively a consensus on the front page. We can all agree with this,


recognise the debt we owe to people like these guys. I think it is a


particularly well put together pages well. The weather has done the


photographers an enormous favour, because it looks like a piece of


history. And the break of the weather enabled it to go ahead when


it did. One of my colleagues is fronting the commemorations for us,


and he commented several times today on how many young people are now


really interested in these commemorations. They learn about it


at school, get taken to battlefields, a lot of schools have


already met some of the soldiers that go back. There is a lasting


fascination my nieces and nephews are fascinated with from history,


but also because their dads, people like me and my brothers, we grew up


with war comics and we talked about it with them. It is handed down, and


it is something that all generations can recognise. The reason we are


having Jean`Claude Juncker and people squabbling over what Europe


will look like, is because of all these people who went and fought for


Europe. I wonder what they think of it, if they take an interest in


modern European politics. They would probably hate it, and I wouldn't


blame them. Every so to look back on, 100 years since the outbreak of


the First World War, a lot of that centred later in France. There is a


lot for us to mull over. There are the world wars, and the EU, they are


not separate. How will Europe organise itself and maintain the


peace? I think there is poignancy in the fact that we are seeing the new


battle for Europe, within the EU it is not really a battle but a


squabble between political leaders. This is the real thing. We will go


back to Jean`Claude Juncker, Quetta can't get enough of him, can we? It


is important who effectively runs Europe. `` because we can't get


enough of him. The Guardian, Cameron led opposition, angry broadside. It


is not just David Cameron he is cross with, it doesn't seem to be


pleased with anyone. I don't think he has done an interview with the


Guardian, but he was making these remarks in the interview at the G7


and it was reported by somebody to the Guardian, and I think he would


not have said these things to the Guardian. I sincerely hope. Or, he


needs even more media training. He is a gift to journalists. He is


grumpy, he lashes out verbally at journalists. It is very interesting


that the European Guardian, and the eurosceptic Times, essentially have


the same story. The message is, we don't like the way you are behaving,


you are too high`handed, or we will vote against you. He does seem to


have the patronage of Angela Merkel, and she is someone who carries a


great deal of weight. They must have twisted around, because she seemed a


bit lukewarm for a while, but now she says she does support him. He


may have the patronage now, but I don't know if he will have much


longer if he continues toIs it an opportunity for people who wouldn't


have had a chance before to swoop in and out our `` mount a charm


offensive? Angela Merkel is too well known in Europe. The last guy,


Robbie Pompey, whatever his name was, he kept a very low profile. It


is a low`profile, and they think that Christine Lagarde and some of


the other names who have been mentioned are two high`profile, and


will bring their own corpse. His profile has risen for all the wrong


reasons. One of the key problems is that we don't know who it is who is


running our affairs. Would it be such a bad thing to be able to put a


face, to have a technocrat, perhaps, but at least have the idea of who


they were. Put into a media training course first, because he is the


architect of his downfall. Are you available to help in? I would be no


use, because my mind is made up. The Daily Telegraph, Obama encourages


Scotland not to leave the extraordinary union. He says it has


worked pretty well having Scotland part of the UK. A lot of people


seizing on the use of the word United. I don't think this is Obama


waiting in at all, I think it is an anodyne thing to say. We all like


strong, united things. I'm sure that Obama barely understands Scotland's


relationship with the UK anyway. What he really said was that there


is a referendum coming up, and it is up to the folks of Scotland, which


he did say. Any carried on and said another paragraph about them being


great partners, and he would like them to stay united. I'm


paraphrasing. He didn't say very much, and I don't think... He could


have said less. He could send an awful lot more. Both sides, yes and


no, neither of them have seized upon this as a massive declaration of


intent. I think he was very phlegmatic about it. I think he just


reacted the way you would expect him to react. Alex Salmond picked up on


it and said, yes we can. That is double`edged, because the optimism


of the Obama years failed to do that, I don't know that Alex Salmond


should be drinking a deep draft of that . A very shallow draught, I


think. Show us the front page. This is the one with all the flags. And


89`year`old veteran who took part in the Normandy landings. Those are


thousands and thousands of thank you messages from families in Britain,


which were planted on the beach by the Royal British Legion. Another


beautiful picture. There was another 19`year`old who went off up a hill


to take a very important point overlooking the beach, and he is


using words like, there were skirmishes along the way. I think


these guys were such understated heroes. They were 19 years old, and


so sensible. A radical plan for teenage voting


will see compulsory signups in schools and colleges. Is this the


way to go? Compulsory signups? It is not compulsory voting, it is


compulsory registration. Right. It is a different thing. Personally,


I'm quite persuaded by the idea of compulsory voting for everybody. To


be fined if you don't vote? I think that we have a duty to participate


in a democracy. We have terrible problems with participation at the


moment. But if we have a duty to, don't we also have a right not to


vote? If that is what democracy is? The British are a nation of


individualists. We should probably rebel against saying thou shalt


vote. In Scotland, Alex Salmond has 16 `year`olds. And Labour have come


out saying they would like National 16 `year`olds. Most will probably


vote Labour. That is all we have time for. It is too short, as I


always say. Lovely to have you here, thank you very much for


joining us. Stay with us here on BBC News. Coming up next, it's time for


Sportsday. Welcome to Sportsday. I'm Nick Marshall`McCormack. Alex


Oxlade`Chamberlain says his fingers are crossed he'll recover in time


for England's World Cup opener. Fresh faces for a new England.


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