04/07/2014 The Papers


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers. Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Welcome to look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us. Raring


to go to night. Good to have you both here. Tomorrow's front pages.


The Daily Mail has the jailing of Rolf Harris. The Western mail


pictures the disgraced star. The tension was too lenient according to


child protection campaigners but notes he could be free in three


years. The Independent says a major Tory donor is the favourite take


over the schools watchdog the critics say he could face a conflict


of interests because he a chain of academies. Statins could be used to


prevent breast cancer. The Times says the Prime Minister has secretly


agreed to transfer more policing powers to the TEU. Andy Coulson is


pictured on the Guardian. He was sentenced 18 months in jail for


conspiracy to hack phones. Let's begin with a story that has


dominated most of the bulletins today, the sentencing of Rolf


Harris, the disgraced entertainer. On the front pages of quite a few


papers. The Daily Mail. Smoking is a final insult to his victims. A judge


savages him as he shows no remorse. As we look back at what went on in


court, singing songs and describing his career, it seems extraordinary.


It does. What really stands out for me, if he was smirking in court, is


the voice of the victims. I don't want to paraphrase it. One said it


made me feel dirty, grubby and disgusting and another said he stole


her innocence. That's what we've got to remember. Lives have been


damaged. I know we will talk about the sentencing because I think a lot


of people were quite shocked at that. We will talk about that in a


moment. What has come out when some of them speak, some of them have so


wanted to have their story told and believed. The sentence didn't really


matter to them, it was being believed publicly and having their


day in court. Absolutely. This season that seems to be going on of


these trials from the past, if anything good has come out of that


it's been the absolute recognition that the victims are not the ones


who are the bearers of shame and guilt in anyway. The vast majority


of people who've suffered abuse have been ` would not have been abused by


household names. Hopefully this could encourage more people to step


forward and throw away the last scintilla of stigma. Even though a


long time has passed it doesn't mean that it's impossible to secure a


conviction. That's what I've been encouraged by. If you commit a crime


justice will find you. We will come after you. That's another thing that


has stuck with me. Hopefully it is a deterrent as well as providing


justice. We've talked about this a lot over many trials. Time seemed to


have changed. This is probably leading as nicely into the headline


for the Daily Mail. Five years in jail but could he be jailed for


longer. A sickening stash of child porn is revealed. Images of child


abuse, he will be prosecuted because it's not in the public interest.


Because this is an historical set of crimes the law as it stood in those


days is what applied. It's not the law that stands today which might


account for the sentence. I suppose it shows that people say the world


is getting worse, but thanks goodness standards have changed in


this case. It says something about the times we were living in. You


think about that sentence, five years and nine months. One year plus


a month each victim. If he gets out in three years it's less than a


year. It's quite shocking and the Attorney General should look at this


sentence. It's being referred already. Let's move on to the


Independent. It's one of the few papers that does not have Rolf


Harris on its front page. It has the hacking corporate. This is the


sentencing. Andy Coulson got 18 months. That's their main picture


story. The main story on the Independent is an outcry as a Tory


donor is put in charge of Ofsted. David Ross has made a lot of money


through his carphone warehouse business. Donating money to the


Conservatives. He might be up for the job, we don't know for certain.


It is very interesting. One of the rationales is that they were the can


for somebody with great business experience. It shows what an


inspector would be looking for. Michael Gove seems to be producing


no end of sensations and discussions wherever he goes. It's a shocker of


a story. We're talking about standards in our children's


education. Who do you have chairing it, and entrepreneur. What is their


experience level? There's a clear conflict of interest if he gets this


job because he has helped fund 25 academies. What happens when Ofsted


goes into one his academies. Do they get an outstanding straightaway?


Timmy lowers the role of Ofsted. It's not a political football. ` to


me it lowers. Impartiality. This is a statement in one of the newspaper


articles. The recruitment process for the new chair of Ofsted is


ongoing. And in the Linacre independent panel will decide who


was short listed. They will recommend to ministers a list of


suitable candidates. There are quite a few hurdles and articles like this


may make them think twice. Absolutely. This article points out


that there is the possibility of more coalition rapture and is. `


ruptures. You do wonder. If this gentleman has a passion for the


role. Passion is not enough. We need the right person. I remember the


last time I was on here we were talking about children's reading


levels. We are on a real trajectory. We need the right


person. I wonder why a multimillionaire would choose to


jump into this massive stew of hot potatoes. A move to tighten terror


laws in light of the Lee Rigby killing. Civil liberties groups are


concerned over a report that next week might be used to press for


emergency anti`terrorist legislation. The article suggests


that it could take emergency legislation to prevent potential


extremists from travelling to Syria and surely this is about the


surveillance of people when they are back here in a country rather than


stopping them from going to Syria in the first place. It's not clear what


they it was a terrible murder. They might be using that to think about


putting in emergency legislation. I don't think it's the right thing to


do. There's a lot more grassroots work that can be done. Once you


start where do you stop? We always talk about UK Muslims. We are


talking about a huge range of people from a huge range of cultural


backgrounds and national backgrounds. We need to be careful.


It has to be done sensitively. Following the murder of Lee would


there were concerns that the security services had lost sight of


the two men. That is mentioned here. Is it a failure of surveillance and


they weren't able to do that or is it because they weren't able to keep


track of people? Will we bring in restrictions on Civil Liberties to


deal with a bureaucratic mess up? How many people do you keep track


of? You have to keep track of so many people. I've been to Syria.


Would I have come back... With people have been watching me. You


may be under surveillance. Perhaps you wouldn't know it. Whether you


stop? I don't mind being under surveillance if it is to eliminate


me from a list. I think it's a dangerous road to go down. If they


do go down it a lot of thought needs to go into at. No emergency powers?


The level of debate within Islam at the moment compares to Reformation


Europe, dozens of groups, nations, that will not be tackled simply by


an attack. Let's look at the Daily Mirror. They are saying that statins


could invent breast cancer. Women with high cholesterol are at


greatest risk of the disease. Here they are on the front of the Mirror.


We don't know we huge amount about the study. It seems that statins can


do so many wonderful things. They can. But I am a person who will go


for natural options myself, rather than take drugs. I would worry about


side effects. Sometimes there might be side effects and they are still


not quite sure what the results would be, in terms of helping women


with breast cancer. Sure, it can help with cholesterol levels, but


what does that mean? More research needs to be done. Often, we jump on


these things and it is years from a cure. It is. It is fascinating to


see health on the front pages. On a crowded news agenda, a story like


this cuts through to relatives and family and you think... Very


quickly, we will look at the Daily Telegraph. There is a commentator


speaking to the camera. Judging by their tiny waistlines, it


could not be any of them. That visit for the Papers this hour. We will be


back at 25 past 11. Stay with us on BBC News. At 11pm, disgraced


entertainer Rolf Harris is beginning his sentence. Coming up next, sports


day. Hello and welcome to Sportsday ` I'm


James Pearce. Will the party continued? Can Brazil


hold off for a place in the semifinals? Germany beat France. The


old guard


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