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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are the barrister Sophia Cannon, and Oliver Brown,


chief sports feature writer from the Telegraph.


Hello. Let's have a look at the front pages. Starting with... The


Observer. 'Triumph and Pain' is the Observer's


verdict on the Grand Depart first stage


of the Tour de France in Yorkshire. The picture of the peloton making


its way across Grinton Moor The Sunday Telegraph says the


Home Office claims it has 'lost' or destroyed 114 files connected to


the investigation into the handling of a dossier


about child abuse allegations. The Mail on Sunday claims that


an unnamed Labour peer is being investigated by police following


allegations of historical abuse. The Sunday express has an interview


with Vanessa Feltz who claims that she was assaulted on live television


I Rolf Harris. Let's kick off with the Observer newspaper. This is a


very striking picture. We always like a fantastic picture on the


front page of a national newspaper but this is a cracker. I am local.


You can say that with pride. The way to Yorkshire is shining. Other


counties are available. Not at this moment in time. 2 million people


have turned up here all across the country, they have come to see the


Tour de France and it is a big success. Apart from what has


happened to Mark Cavendish. Look how we have presented this beautiful


kente. Let's hope it can come back and becomes a fixture. You never


know. This is pretty spectacular, isn't it? It looks like a scene from


Wuthering Heights. It is at times like this that Britain feels a


little less like an island. This Continental connection we have is


going crazy. It is lovely that this section of the tour was designed to


capture Yorkshire's sense of humour. There were sheep in the fields


hinted yellow and they had polka`dots on them. I think there


was a sheep made out of cheese in Wensleydale. It was a cultural nod


to wear that he had taken place. Everyone is there. Wallace and


Gromit. An inflatable Wallace and Gromit. The hope that boys. You


could say these are Yorkshire cliches. In terms of making


Yorkshire more international, are we taking Yorkshire to the world or is


it the other way around? This is the high`speed, this is how we do it and


that is the best way to be seen. Mark Cavendish. A sad end to that


first stage. It is not what they wanted. There are concerns he had


broken his collar bone but a dislocated shoulder is pretty


serious for a sprinter in a race like this. His assault on the green


jersey will be difficult to say the least. What one may consider more


serious news here, child abuse files lost at the Home Office, fears of a


cover`up. Is Sue is that there has always been a conspiracy about a


conspiracy. `` the issue is that. Surrounding the issue of children


and abuse. And it appears that despite the fact that for years


prominent people have been claiming this has been happening, and


obviously Geoffrey Dickens physically handed a dossier to a


government minister and that has disappeared. The other documents may


have also disappeared. That suggests that there was perhaps a system in


place to ensure that both vulnerable were not being protected. It speaks


to the issue of impunity. From the poorest homes we have had issues of


abuse in children's homes through to prep schools in the most wealthy


homes. This is a problem and we need to wake up to it. And an area who


know very well from your job in the legal profession. Our reopening a


canny hero that is going to proliferate? Will there be vast


amounts of these cases coming out? Yes. We have to open this can. The


way our democracy works, it is at its healthiest when we expose the


truth and we have to have an inquiry and that is what we are good at. If


this was going on at the time and it was being covered up to this extent,


what is the level of criminality involved? We must look at how we


have treated our children. How do we enquire into this? A full`scale


inquiry? I think we need a Royal Commission. It is that serious. It


involves those whose reach extends into the law and we have had issues


as to whether it extends to the House of Lords as well as the house


of parliament. And whether a Levenson style inquiry will work. We


need to have a Royal Commission. This tax into everything we have


heard about Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith. I don't think the public will


tolerate anything less than a full`scale public inquiry. It is


interesting that the newspaper have invoked the Hillsborough precedent


because that is the Hillsborough precedent because that is this date


it has reached. ) looks so long to get to a point where the public


trusted the inquiry. `` Hillsborough took so long. It is about having an


inquiry that public trust. I think clearly the government must realise


the seriousness of what they are on the cusp of. The central notion of


politicians, even the intimation of a cover`up is so damaging. The very


notion they could have harboured a piggy floor in, they will see that


as a long way from an allegation. The sheer gravity of that has to


lead... It is a depth and width gravitas. It has been undertaken in


Canada and Australia, they have had Royal Commission is about how deep


this went. We have to also. It is that question of competence.


Documents being lost, and that is something that people will query. It


is that Richard Nixon thing, it is either a cover`up or incompetence.


Yes, that is the issue. We have had Operation Yewtree and that has been


criticised widely because it has been a witchhunt, a thorough,


judicial approach. The correct approach, we do not live in a


society where we have witchhunts, we have the rule of law and the issue


is, do we allow our society to be recognised as one that sweep things


under the carpet just because it is a difficult and even a dangerous way


to approach things. It is dangerous because we will have many people


seeing that this did not happen. We heard about Vanessa Feltz seeing


things happen to her live on television. It has been an issue


that people have been saying it has happened for years, women and


children, we need to have a Royal Commission. Probably what happened


with Jimmy Savile has profoundly changed that, we are much more in


claimed as a nation to believe these sorts of allegations. Yes. Jailed


protection is paramount. 130 MPs are supportive of the notion of a public


inquiry. Everything we have heard of Rolf Harris and what Vanessa Feltz


is claiming in the Sunday express speaks to that. `` child protection


is paramount. The Sunday express has covered the same story. The public


says the Sunday Telegraph, too complacent about terror threats in


the UK. Tell us a bit more about this. They are talking about the


technical skill to make explosive devices concealed in tablet


computers. We are approaching the ninth anniversary of seven slash


seven. `` the ninth anniversary of 7/7. Obviously barring the terrible


murder of Lee Rigby. Who on Earth would have thought that civilian


aircraft could have been used as lethal weapons in 9/11? Who would


have thought a soldier could be murdered so sickeningly in broad


daylight? The fact that so much time has elapsed should be no cause to


become pleasant. On the flip side, one person's too complacent is


another person saying, not paranoid. At the start of summer reword gently


mocking eyes is, they were the James Bond bag eyes in Iraq. `` by guys.


`` bad guys. They have got a research and development department


looking into ways of getting around current technology. War on terror is


not going to be about flying planes into buildings or leaving bombs on


trains, it is going to be online, digital, it is going to be on the


microscopic level, small, tablet computers, it is not going to be the


large bombs, it is going to be the devilish way of getting round this


issue. We are going to be saying, war on terror, is there an app for


that? It was said that the mobile phone network was switched off when


Abu Bakr al Baghdadi gave his address in Mosul. Further down the


article you have Al`Qaeda's chief weapons expert, he has linked up


with jihadist in Syria to pass on his skills. Running bomb`making


workshops. Extra one hour at airports is something people will


accept once they hear about that. Let's look at the Mail on Sunday.


Let's go back to a sporting theme. There are not that many famous


Eugenies in the world. She got to the final of Wimbledon. She got


annihilated. Yes. I was on Centre Court this afternoon, she was


obliterated. And Vince is Eugenie actually turned up. `` kept Max. She


said earlier this week it would be amazing to meet the Princess she was


named after. The royal presence did not bring her much luck. `` Princess


Eugenie. It was the shortest Wimbledon final for 31 years. 55


minutes. I know. It is almost as if the god of sport is not listening to


how things should go. It would have been a dream final if she pulled it


out of the bag. And her twin sister is called Beatrice. Her mother must


be a fan of the Royal Family. It was horrific to watch. The Duchess of


Cambridge was at the Tour de France. It is never a bad thing, for oils to


associate with big sporting occasions. They are young and


vibrant and they are the best of British. They are pulling out what


we do best, World Cup, cricket, all of the big tournaments. They seem to


be bad luck, though! The Duke and Duchess turning up for Andy Murray's


quarterfinal exit and then Mark Cavendish's crash. You can probably


draw a parallel about anybody, if they had turned up and Andy Murray


had won in straight sets, you would say it was despite them. Thank you


both very much indeed for a moment. You'll both be back at 11.30


for another look at the stories Coming up next,


it's time for Reporters. Hello and welcome to Reporters. I'm




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