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investigation. Petra Kvitova from the Czech Republic beat the


Canadian, Eugenie Bouchard, in straight sets, to take a second


Wimbledon title. Welcome to our look ahead at what


the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me tonight are two of


our excellent columnists. Thank you both very much for coming in. Let's


have a look at tomorrow's front pages. "Triumph and Pain" is the


Observer's verdict on the Grand Depart first stage of the Tour de


France in Yorkshire. The picture of the peloton making its way across


Grinton Moor dominates the front page. The Sunday Telegraph says the


Home Office has admitted it has lost or destroyed 114 potentially


relevant files connected to the investigation into the handling of a


dossier about child abuse allegations.The Mail on Sunday


claims that an unnamed Labour peer is being investigated by police


following allegations of historical abuse. The Sunday Express has an


exclusive interview with broadcaster Vanessa Feltz, who alleges she was


assaulted on live TV by Rolf Harris. Lets kick off with the Observer,


shall we? You are telling us earlier about your pride in their tour of


Yorkshire. Gods own county. Look how well it has been displayed today.


This is a wonderful photo. It is wonderful. It is Yorkshire at its


best, and the beauty of the county, and equally the complexity of the


county is on display. They started in Leeds and have ended up in the


Downs. Is this a chance for Yorkshire to rebuild its vision for


the world? I think so, this looks like a scene that could have been


imagined by Emily Bronte. I think it is extraordinary level of further


this has generated, stories today about police outriders have been


high`fiving each other, with 2 million people on the roads, and


even more peculiarly there was a graveyard festooned with various


cycling paraphernalia. But when the Tour de France was in the south`east


of the south`east think it generated about 88 million for the regional


economy, and in Yorkshire they are hoping for about ?100 million.


Taking the tour to its most northerly destination seems to have


paid off. It was all going so well, and then three yards from the end,


Mark Cavendish... That is what I have said! It is almost like this


year with British sport, the god of sport has put his finger on


everything. He pushed him off his bike, didn't he? Mark says it was


his fault for falling off, but you couldn't make it up, could you? It


was just a tragedy and a travesty. It would have been ideal if he had


won. It is a England football team, hopeless. Cricket, lost to everyone.


Mark Cavendish pulls off his bike. Andy Murray lost to someone no one


has ever heard of. It hasn't gone well for English sport, other than


this spectacle. Described like that it sounds like a tapestry of misery.


British misery, British sport. Chris Froome can rescue it on the


Champs`Elysees, and we are hoping that tomorrow on the grid in the


British Grand Prix we will have some luck as well. Child abuse files lost


at home office sparking fears of cover`up. A total of 114 documents


missing from official records. This is the dodgy dossier, but a


different type of dodginess. Is it now a conspiracy about a conspiracy?


Has Whitehall have the secret for some time, and only through the


sheer bravery of many of these victims who have kept this in the


public domain, pushing this forward, and having the bravery to


take it to trial, now does Whitehall have to give up its secrets. I


suppose that is the question. What happens next? We are getting to the


stage now of a review into a review, and I guess it is an encouraging


sight. They say they are going to appoint a legal expert, but you hear


the clamour from up to 130 MPs. It is not just a public clamour, it is


discussed. The reaction that if this has been going on in every type of


institution in the country, and are now at Parliament's door, it is more


than just clamour, isn't it? It is that level of discussed, that the


British people have to have that investigated. I am a child law


specialist, and I see cases similar to this. What is unique about this


allegation is that if true, it highlights that people from the


richest homes, from public schools to prep schools, right down to


children's home, for decades, at every level of society, this has


about our society, the protection of about our society, the protection of


our children, the punishment of the people who offend against them, that


we have done nothing? Too complacent about terror threat, that is the


headline. The Sunday Times has a story about Lawrence Dallaglio, who


accuses the NHS of cancer betrayal. Lawrence Dallaglio lost is mother to


cancer in 1998, and he has since become quite a crusader for more


cancer sufferers to have access to the latest up`to`date treatment.


There is talk of radiotherapy machines only be available in


London. At a time when 50 new commissioners are being appointed,


with fresh layers of the rock receipt, this seems outrageous. He


has done a lot of very good work on this. `` bureaucracy. Cancer


obliterates families, not just mothers and daughters, and the whole


idea of the maternal figure being taken out of our families, it is the


idea that there is no strategy with the NHS. There has been a 10%


reduction in the therapy, and Lawrence Dallaglio has been asking


Jeremy Hunt to intervene and reverse the NHS bosses' decisions do not


support these types of cancers, and equally to put forward a strategy,


that we can, as a country, support people with cancer by giving them


the best treatment at the best time. A man of considerable standing


and personal involvement, it has considerable impact when someone


like Lawrence Dallaglio says something like this? He has made


personal visits to the Royal Marsden to see an effective cure for


prostate cancer, and yet nothing has been done in the 18 months since


they saw this being practised. I hope this goes through. Incubi very


much. It is 25 to midnight, and that is your papers for tonight. `` thank


you very much. Who would have thought it at the


beginning of this World


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