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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Goodness me, what is happening?! We are a peer! With me, James Lyons and


David Ho, and we are gone to race through the papers, because we


haven't got long, half the normal length of time. We start with the


Daily Telegraph, no preferential treatment, shaming cancer GPs, risk


to NHS, the idea that GPs who failed to refer patients for cancer


treatment in a timely manner are going to be named and shamed. The


article says it will have a bad impact on the NHS. Yeah, totally,


part of Jeremy Hunt's attempt to get cancer referrals lifted up in the


NHS, and so he has issued these new rules which the doctors are very


concerned about, saying, look, it will overwhelm surgeries. They'll


say that if you punish doctors for using their judgments not to refer


cases, when they do have cancer later, you will have doctors


referring all cases straightaway, which will make it much worse. The


article makes the point that the Department of Health says too many


cases are diagnosed in A when you go about something else. Yes, and


there are issues about the resources available in the NHS, and it is good


to see the David Caro graph `` Daily Telegraph rowing in behind public


sector workers! I am sure you will be backing the teachers and public


sector workers on strike later this week. We will be reporting it,


certainly, but this is important for readers, rather than a personal


political preference. We haven't got time for this level of joshing! The


SNP retribution threat to pro`UK firms, if business leaders speak out


against independence, there will be some comeuppance, I don't know what


sort, do you? Well, they have not spelt it out, but this is the nasty


side of the Nationalists, and it comes back to something we have seen


in various guises. I am sure there are excellent Scottish Nationalists


who campaign solely on issues, but there is an awful lot of personal


abuse as well. I know a colleague who wrote about the worries that


business had about Scotland breaking away, he receives, you know, a lot


of vilification, and some of the SNP supporters were involved. And we saw


JK Rowling being attacked on Twitter when she said she wanted Britain to


stay together. It is more serious than that, although they were very


upsetting comments, this is threatening contracts and people's


livelihoods and jobs. Ian McKellen runs CBI Scotland, and he has been


saying he is not in favour of independence on behalf of the CBI,


and they say it is a threat to livelihoods. The Metro, GPs put on


alert over the Ebola virus, there has been an outbreak in West


Africa, and obviously people coming back to carry the virus and not


realise they have it. It says the risk is actually very small, very


slight. The virus is only found in certain parts of Africa, West


Africa, Sierra Leone and in particular. You have to have been


there to be at risk. A brave attempt to get in the fact that the


Commonwealth Games is going to be held in Glasgow, suggesting it might


be spreading it across Britain! I think we can sleep easy in our beds


this evening. The Public Health England people think so too. The


Guardian, ministers push for law to track phone use, this keeps cropping


up, the snoopers' charter. Any excuse, Theresa May says we must


monitor everything that happens anywhere in Britain, and we see the


Lib Dems pop up and say, not on our watch. I think there will be a


report from the committee in parliament, which the Tories will


use as another attempt to shoehorn this through. Nick Clegg will be


delighted, it gives them a chance to disagree with David Cameron. The


suggestion is that it would be a log of phone calls, texts, internet


usage. Every click, if you are playing a computer game, they will


be monitoring it, the companies will have to store what you have done.


The envelope, not the letter, where you are contacting, not the content


of the message. Do they call it mattered a day? They might do, it is


a big word. `` metadata. It is only an eighth letter word! So this is


never going to happen? The Lib Dems will not allow it. It is the phoney


war head of next May. Should we allow it to happen? If we want to be


protected, going on, and he says there is a


dangerous complacency in Britain, coming up to the anniversary of the


7/7 attacks, and since then there has been no widespread bombing


attacks, and he says people need to wake up and realise. He has seen the


concerns. Let's look at page five of the Daily Express, white top US film


bosses are fighting for space in our studios, very busy studios in our


country, but this article does not tell me why. That is James on the


right, battling Alex Salmond! This is actually down to George


Osborne's tax breaks, James won't want to talk about that, bringing


more movie`making to the country. It looks like something from George


Osborne, absolutely no figures in it at all! That is a little bit harsh,


I have read the article! Says the studios are expanding. But the


article did not tell me why this is happening, maybe we will do a little


bit deeper! Whistle`stop papers, James and Christopher, it is Sunday,


will be back with us at 11:25 for a look at the stories making the


morning newspapers. A lot of laughing in the gallery, I don't


know why! Join us then, see you later.


Good evening. I think we can keep the weekend weather themes going


through into the first part of the


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