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Welcome to our look at what the morning's newspapers will be


bringing. Thank you for joining us. Time for a look at the front pages.


GPs have been sent guidelines on how to deal with suspected cases of the


Ebola virus following and outbreaks in West Africa `` following an


outbreak. Allegations of child abuse linked to Westminster in the 1980s.


The Telegraph has stories about naming and shaming GPs with poor


referral rates. The Express says a heat wave is on the way. The


Guardian says ministers are about to pass emergency laws to allow phone


companies to track phone usage. New fears of a cover`up on the story of


the allegations of child abuse linked to Westminster in the 1980s.


The Independent has more on the child dossier, claiming an extra


copy was passed on to the Director of Public Prosecutions at the time


after it was compiled by the late MP Geoffrey Dickens. We will begin with


the Times and their story on this child`abuse story, which is


appearing in many different forms over the various pages. Home Office


kept quiet on child sex cases. We must be careful with this story,


James, but what is the main point of this article? There was a review


last year and some of the details have come to light about what went


on inside the Home Office. We heard over the weekend that 114 files had


been lost or destroyed in relation to child`abuse and we have now seen


that there were a number of allegations that were contained


within Home Office files that have only just now been passed on to


police. They could have been in the files for up to 35 years. They have


been in there for at least 14 years. And it all comes on the day when


Lord Tebbit makes some incendiary remarks about fears of an


establishment cover`up. This is clearly a story that will run and


run. Theresa May will be answering questions in the House of Commons


tomorrow. After that, the most senior civil servants from the Home


Office will be grilled by the Select Committee chaired by Keith Vaz. This


story will dominate all week. We are now in a situation where we have a


review of a review. Yes. It is complicated. The original review was


by HMRC, published last week, reported somewhere else and we are


now seeing familiar ideas going around in circles in the other


papers as well, lots of facts being brought to the fore. And we will get


more information when Theresa May speaks to MPs. The point is that


HMRC did their review last year and now the QC will announce what


happens next. I think this is the early stages of what we saw with


phone hacking and the allegations about Jimmy Savile. Anger and


concern will build a head of steam. 140 MPs have signed a petition


calling for an overarching inquiry and we are approaching that point


now, I think. Pay more or accept cuts. Patients will have to pay for


the NHS, except higher taxes or seek treatment cutbacks. `` accept. The


idea of introducing charges at point of use undermines the whole point of


the NHS. James also that it does and others will say that it may not. Who


would they be? Some conservatives would say that you cannot make


everything free at point of use. That was the founding principle of


the NHS. Everything free at point of use was the foundation of the NHS.


If you introduce charges, it cannot be at the point of use. Ed Miliband


will make the NHS a vital election issue. That is all he has to go on


with the economy recovering. All he has to go on is a ?30 billion black


hole in the NHS finances. That is all he has to go on? You were


telling me how important health is to be leaders. It is very important.


It will become a political issue going into the next election. One of


the people behind this report abuse to advise the government says we


keep hearing from ministers, that they will make these efficiency


gains within the NHS and that this will fill this gap that is looming,


but he makes the point that it would require a productivity gain more


than that which was achieved during the whole of the Industrial


Revolution to bridge that. Is it unrealistic to expect the NHS to


keep doing what it has always done when there are more treatments that


are more expensive. It is not about doing what it has always done.


People are living longer and getting complicated long`term conditions


like diabetes and things like that that required treatment. There was


an interesting report that came out last week that said if you have one


of those, you will cost the NHS ?1000 per year. If you have two of


them, ?3000 per year. And an increasing number of people have


these conditions, so part of the solution has to be getting people to


lead healthier lives. Isn't it a bottomless pit that it will never be


enough, no matter how much money you throw at it? This is trying to get


to the bottom of how you keep paying. With more immigrants coming


into the country, you cannot really have healthcare for everyone.


Immigration is part of it, just like people getting older. As you are


older, you are more likely to need more health careful top this is a


major issue. They are trying to grapple with it. You might think it


should last forever but it probably cannot. There it is. Declaring the


end of the NHS. I'm not. Should we just accept the fact that we have to


pay more tax to pay for it? I think so. Yes. Who will sell that to us on


the next election? That will be difficult, yes. Maybe we should


spend money less on something else. Like Trident. Business leaders and


speeding up in favour of the union and against independence are finding


life difficult. Isn't that an easy thing to threaten and something very


difficult to follow through? How can you make life difficult for


businesses? They have not said how they will make it difficult. The


problem is that governments can withdraw support or not be as


helpful with contracts. The concern here is that you can set aside the


social media campaign that was against JK Rowling when she


supported the yes campaign. This is about if companies having to have a


political stance, that is not good. But many businesses are speaking out


against staying in the union and speaking out in favour of


independence. It's not like the whole of the business community in


Scotland speaks with one voice. No, but companies feel much more free in


Scotland to speak up for independence. And this place into a


concern that many people have, which is that whatever the outcome of the


referendum, there will be a lot of ill feeling for a long time to


come. You talk to people out on the doorstep and the temperature is


rising in Scotland. The opinion maybe shifting back towards the


status quo but there is a real feeling north of the border and


there are some really nasty emotions coming out. Alex Salmond accuses the


PM of playing roulette with Scotland's future, opening up a new


front here. He says that David Cameron is playing a game of


European roulette with Scotland's future in the EU. The Tory


referendum to put the UK on a fast track out of Europe, which is not


how David Cameron will describe it, I'm sure, would also drive Scotland


to the exit door unless voters backed independence. If Alex Salmond


is confident of getting independence, it would be a concern


because they will have to reapply anyway. It is a strange thing to


say. It is struggling forward to the end of 2017 when there may be a


referendum if the Conservatives win the election. Scotland may see


itself as more European than parts of England have in the past. They


have a connection with France going back centuries. This is an


interesting, new take on a familiar debate. David Cameron and a fast


track out of Europe. He says he will campaign on a reformed Europe.


summit when the Prime Minister lost summit when the Prime Minister lost


triumphantly, I came away from the first time genuinely convinced that


if there is a Tory charity and the referendum, there is a good chance


that the UK will leave. I don't think he knows the forces he is


playing with and I do not think that he can control them. But I want to


know who this is aimed at because we all know that the referendum will be


decided in the Glasgow tenements and I'm not sure many of them read the


Independent. That does not mean that they should not cover it, surely.


Polls say that support for independence rises 10% when the


question of leaving the EU is added. But that won't be on the valid


paper. GPs in this country are being told `` ballot paper. GPs in this


country are being told to look out for the symptoms of the killer Ebola


virus. There will be a number of people coming from West Africa to


Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games but I'm not sure how concerned we


should be. You have to have been to the affected areas and they are


throwing in a Commonwealth Games Hawks, which is a good way to spread


disease in writing, in actual fact. In dollars cause death through


multiple organ failure and internal bleeding and there is still no cure


or vaccine. I don't know if I want to take the risk. Because there is


an incubation of up to 21 days, there is a slight risk that people


could develop it when they arrive here, but cases might turn up in the


UK, but the risk is very low. All is well. The Express. US film bosses


are fighting for space in our studios. We are overwhelmed with


film companies wanting to come and make films in the UK, which is


marvellous news, a big boost to the industry. We have fantastic


facilities, but I'm not sure why they are coming here rather than


staying at home. I'm concerned this may be the beginning of the end


because Harrison Ford had an unfortunate incident with a four and


I'm not sure that will encourage people to come here `` unfortunate


incident with a door. The journalist does say at the end that it is all


because of UK film tax relief brought in by Gordon Brown in 2007


and, no doubt, made better by George Osborne. It does not say that last


part. You might want to add in that last part. Some extraordinary skills


we have in this country. The Express. 86 Fahrenheit. A heatwave


on the way. My favourite part is this will not happen until the end


of the week. That is all right. I have a picnic on Saturday. They say


that the topsy`turvy conditions have sparked warnings of localised


flooding in the north`east. They are covering all of their bases. They


have not mentioned locusts or snowfall or cats falling from the


sky. The issue is that if they look too far ahead, they will not be that


accurate. We know that forecasts beyond five days... Never wrong for


long. I would like it to be true because that is a more cheerful


version of events. Thank you for joining us this evening. They don't


get on, really. Thank you. Stay with us on BBC News because at midnight,


we will have more on those allegations over the cover of


relating to missing abuse files in the 1980s. Coming up next, it is


time for World Cup Sportsday.


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