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and Ashley Cole has signed for Roma. The defender has signed a two`year


deal. That is coming up in 15 minutes.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are Beth Rigby, Deputy Political Editor of the Financial


Times and John Kampfner, Director of the Creative Industries Federation.


Let us look. The Guardian is leading with the story that the Home


Secretary has announced two different enquiries into historic


child abuse. Relating to the same story, the Daily Mail claims at the


Home Office gave money to groups linked to paedophiles. The Daily


Telegraph is leading with the airport security story. You will not


fly if your phone is flat. It also has a picture from the tour France


and finished in London. And the daily express describes a major


breakthrough in the fight on Alzheimer 's with a simple blood


test. The Guardian, the child abuse enquiry will take on the


establishment. Ever since the lid was lifted on what Jimmy Savile was


getting up to, so many more people have come forward and the whole of


British society seems to have been roped into this and the government


is acting? As you say, there are two different enquiries announced, the


first is a powerful public enquiry into how complaints of sexual abuse


were treated in all public buddies over several decades. The genie is


out of the bottle and you cannot put it back. This will run and run.


There is a second specific enquiry about the Home Office reviewing


allegations of child abuse between 1979 and 1999 but the first one has


the potential to be an extremely long`running story. They have


decided to begin to cover this. It is hard to imagine what else they


will find but as we have seen, in terms of people and personalities in


the media, these stories, they just run because people come forward and


when there is any accountability like this, people who have been


victims and have been silent for decades, they feel that they can


come out and their voice will be heard. There was a very interesting


story that the BBC uncovered, there was that documentary where that


one`time wet from the Tory party was interviewed and he said that they


would cover it up all sorts of scandals, talking about the 1970s,


and he said it might be dead or a scandal involving small boys, any


sign of scandal, we would store up Ronnie points and if we could get


someone out of trouble, we would. They called it the dirt book. And


this was broadcast in 1985? There was no Ferrari about the reference


to little boys. `` fraud. Just the existence of this dirt book, and it


is quite amazing to cast your mind back to the 1980s and 1990s and


think about what society was like, and we really live in a society


where alleged child abuse was accepted? My prediction for what it


is worth, and based on a hunch, but I think we're going to see a very


broad swathe of public life, former MPs and members of the Lords,


judges, who knows, an entire swathe of the British establishment in the


1970s and 1980s and the early 1990s, and a lot of people, if still alive,


sleeping on comfortably and thinking, what could come up? 1995,


that is when I started working as a political journalist in the House of


Commons, I had spent my previous decade as a young journalist


abroad. Did you know about the dirt book? I did not. I had no


information about what anybody was often but there was something rather


tawdry about Westminster and the building and the strange habits and


the rituals and there was an atmosphere of portly, middle aged


men with red faces drinking too much. And to a very large degree at


Westminster, it has cleaned itself up. But it still feels like a very


antiquated establishment but I got the sense then of people getting


away with what they could with and that culture of indulgence. Going


back to this idea of what society was like, the sex register was only


set up in the mid`19 90s. And I think something like this, talking


about Westminster, the establishment was much more powerful 30 years ago


than it is today, power has been disseminated from white privileged


men to more and more people. And I think that has changed the balance


and it has enabled people to bring these things forward and challenge


authorities and say, what you are doing is not right. The Daily Mail,


the Home Office gave money to groups linked to paedophiles. This is a


paedophile exchange. This is in the headlines again. Yes, and the


interesting thing when looking at the use of the word historic, that


is one that is much used now, when it comes to individual cases that


have gone through the courts, whether people have been convicted


or acquitted, the curiosity is that while all of these actions and


activities, alleged or otherwise, where illegal, even then, as we have


been saying, blind eyes were turned and there was that sense of


indulgence. You have the sense of a much less... Much less tolerance.


And what condemnation of all of this, judging a generation that


thought they could get away with it. And that is why that use of the word


historic is quite important, this is a different era. That is the thing.


This story, the Home Office gave nearly ?500,000 to groups linked to


campaigners sex with children. The phrase is, the past is another


country. Clearly, thousands of miles away, if this is what alleged `` is


alleged. The Daily Mail have had a very big campaign about this because


they have find links between organisations and Harriet Harman


worked in when she was an activist and this particular group, so they


have a particular drum to bank. What I would say, there is this case


about whether or not someone from this group actually had access to


the Home Office. Where these documents alleging sex abuse of


children have disappeared. There is this connection but I think... It is


shocking that this was a different time but the bigger issue is going


to be the first enquiry, the soul`searching national enquiry and


this is a specific thing. A particular element? In line with the


campaign they have been running. The Telegraph, you will not fly if your


telephone is flat. And if you are heading to the United States, you


must prove that your phone is charged and can switch on and it is


not a bomb. Inside America, this has been the rule for a very long time.


They were not throw you off the flight but they would interrogate


you, why is your phone not charged? They would take it away. One


slightly mischievous but I had, apparently you will not be able to


buy new phones or other electronic gadgets at the airport. You can buy


something completely new, if it is not charged... ? I'm thinking about


all of the electronic firms in those terminals, they make loads of money


selling goods... If it is shrink`wrapped? No, apparently, you


must take it out of the packaging. I do not know what they will do. This


happened after September 11. Can you remember the chaos? Bottles of


water? Taking equipment and by phone card, and that has fallen away until


now. This is a different regime but it does seem to me... I would say,


can the airport authorities not be more intelligent about how they can


apply these rules? And apply some common`sense? It will not be


everybody, it is who they decide is potentially... The old profiling


question? But when people are travelling, it yields you another


set of problems and worries that you will have. I haven't charged my


phone, I will have two which it. `` I will have two throw it away. When


the story broke one week ago about the enhanced checks and increased


fears from Syria and Iraq, and all of that, do they not also say in


that we brought from the US intelligence that the concerns were


that people were concealing explosives inside their body? We


haven't seen anything on that? Aspirate and you can put on


clothing, that was something they are working on. `` a body spray.


Will those scanners make full scanners for everybody? Will not be


compulsory? How many hours will it take to get through the airport?


Staying with The Daily Telegraph... Vernon puts allies back into the


cold? Really interesting, going back to the Edward Snowden revelations,


the National Security Agency was listening to the phone of Angela


Merkel and the Americans were surveying their allies and not just


former Cold War enemies or particular states in the Middle


East. The revelation of somebody working for the German services


being unmasked as a double agent last week. The Germans are


pushing... The quote that I like is from a spokesman for Angela


Merkel's party, we must focus strongly on our so`called allies.


The Germans are fed up with being spied on by her American friends.


The revelation have phone was being tapped by the Americans went down so


badly. Barack Obama had to apologise publicly for it. Without actually


revealing what other world leaders phones they were listening to. They


get over that and now it turns out they are using some


get over that and now it turns out they are using kind of double agent.


And David Cameron needs Angela Merkel. He needs to keep in with


her. One of the allies, that is true. This is a country where the


eastern half during the Cold War, they did not think that spying on


each other. It is a very raw nerve for the German people. Absolutely.


The far greater emphasis on Reeva Sea issues on data protection


issues, the Germans and the French and others in continental Europe as


being cavalier in terms of both allowing states to survey and to


tap, but also being cavalier about our own approach when it comes to


commercial companies as well. This will really throw this open. OK, you


will be back in about 15 minutes. Slightly shorter than usual.


State Withers on BBC News. On the top of the hour we will have more on


the Home Secretary's announcement there will be two new enquiries on


historic child abuse allegations. But now it is time for sports day.


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