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This is all very exciting, isn't it? We are a little bit early.


This is all very exciting, isn't it? We are a little This is BBC News. We


will be looking at the morning's front pages. Early but perfectly


formed. Britain has the fastest`growing economy of the main


developed countries, according to the IMF. The Queen at the


Commonwealth Games but not an official portrait this time. She is


tapping into the edge of the selfie being taken by two of Australia's


athletes. The Independent has a picture of injured children in


Gaza. And claims that new government figures show that council tax rises


are hitting Britain's for the hardest. Gaza is on the front of the


Metro. A grief stricken father, whose son has died in the recent


shelling. The Guardian says the Health Secretary is demanding


investigation by the Food Standards Agency. This is in relation to a


poultry farm scandal. The IMF raises growth forecast to more than 3%,


leaving other developed countries are standing, by the looks of


things. How real and deep rooted is the economic recovery and who is


benefiting and who will benefit politically? In this article, they


seem to feel that they accept this IMF report, the same IMF that told


us one year ago that the Chancellor was playing with fire with austerity


measures, is now saying that the UK is surging ahead with every other


member of the G7 group of leading nations. They were wrong but George


Osborne was right? That has to be the implication that you would take


from it but they are saying that we have to see where we are in one year


and so on will stop and then further down the article, quite


interestingly, talking about the politics of it, we have Danny


Alexander telling us that this confirms again that "our decision"


to form the coalition has given the UK the strength and stability to


deliver the economic plan, every part of which there is the hallmark


of Liberal Democrat very useful top they all want some credit for this


in the run`up to the general election. `` Liberal Democrat


values. This is very interesting. George Osborne has not jumped on


this story. There are quotes from George Osborne everywhere all over


these stories normally but this is quite canny of him. He knows that an


election is coming up and now is probably not the right moment to


make too much of this. There will be plenty of that further down the line


as we get closer to the general election next year. The other


question is about the credibility of the IMF. We think of it as a gold


standard brand, that is the IMF says something, we should believe it. And


yet, one year to the next, we have a big change in their own reliability


being called into question. One tweet says that some expect the UK


economy to be the biggest in the EU by 2050, which raises serious


questions for an EU referendum because if that is true, the UK


could lead the EU. I don't know where... Inside the EU. It would be


a different proposition. It would be. If the Conservatives win the


next general election and if there is another referendum in 2017, it


will be very interesting to see how this sort of thing plays out. But


why is the economy doing so well? One reason is because we're in the


EU. And because we get the sort of inward investment that other


countries do not have. And the business case against leaving the EU


will be as strong as ever despite this. Moving onto the Guardian.


Chickens. You will be thrilled with this. A story about the destruction


of a school used as a refuge in Gaza. Hundreds of people have been


injured in this missile strike, this shelling. Both sides blame each


other. Here in the Guardian, it does say that the IDF have responded by


targeting the source of the fire, and that in a series of tweets, they


later confirmed the deaths were as a result of the Israeli strike. We


hear all the time that Israel gives warnings to people who are in


targeted areas and that they are pinpoint accurate, but it raises


questions over both of those is, that people were not able to get out


and for some time, no one was able to find out who had fired this


missile. Clearly the UN believes they were not given sufficient time


to evacuate civilians from the area. Whether or not the UN accepts


that there have been missiles inside their own schools and why they have


not done something about it in advance is another question. These


stories at the moment don't get onto this. I find it interesting that it


used to be that something as as this, people like the IDF would put


out a statement. Now they are putting out tweets, which they don't


have to update and change as they go along. You would almost think this


is too serious for Twitter. I was going to say exactly the same


thing. I think that it is really... That any government would use


Twitter... But they know people follow it. They do know. They


absolutely no. And that is the very reason for making sure that you are


right and you are putting out the facts certainly from your point of


view. The other thing is that most of the injured were women and


children. Among the dead was a mother and her one`year`old baby.


And UN staff, of course, as well. Some of them lost their lives in


this. Food agency forced to carry out an investigation on chicken


factories. The Guardian has been plugging away at this, talking about


the standards of hygiene or lack thereof in chicken processing


factories. This seems like a resurrection of a story we have been


hearing of quite a few times. This talks about how many chickens have


this bacteria that none of us particularly want to come into


contact with. It looks as if they have almost been


pushed into it by the Health Secretary, into doing an enquiry.


They do not think it is necessary. I think this could be the beginning of


lots and lots of stories about the way in which food is produced. We


turn a blind eye to a lot of it. We do turn a blind eye and in other


countries they turn both of their eyes in that way. Our standards, I


still believe, and the farming lobby believes very strongly, are as high


as just about any country in the world. Also interesting, the


government has separately been considering proposals to reduce the


contamination of fresh chicken. But stories like this do bring matters


to a head. Jeremy Hunt's intervention shows. I had chicken


for dinner tonight. I will eat chicken again tomorrow. If 66% of


the content got this and it has not made me fall and over, why does it


matter? `` of chicken. This is Russia under pressure after what has


happened in eastern Ukraine, with the plane coming down last week.


Retaliation with the threat of greater sanctions. This is the


question. How would Russia actually react to David Cameron's threats of


significant sanctions? This is a story which addresses that issue.


And the Russians do not want to get into a tit for tat reaction. The


Russians have their own economic robins. `` problems. The solution


for Russia is not very optimistic, put it in its mildly. `` putting it.


There was a story we were talking about which shows a downgrading of


growth prospects for the Russian economy. This is an idle threat from


Russia. Vladimir Putin likes to throw his weight around, but he is


the head of a very weak and fragile state. An economy that could not


sustain this. He does have a lot of people in parts of Ukraine who are


looking to him to look after them. Absolutely. As he has a


responsibility to his own people and to the world. I think the Russians


are comforted by the situation of the reliance on the Germans and that


relationship. How Angela Merkel and the Germans handle this situation


going forward is very interesting. Staying with the daily Telegraph.


Scotland's gold rush is under way. Medals in the judo. We have been


looking at the English edition of the Telegraph. This is the Scottish


version. A different selection of photographs. Again, a tussle for


prominence on the front pages. The Scottish women were not given a look


in on the English edition. I do not think the English are given a


built`in on the Scottish version. `` look in. I was always the person


accused of making sure that England never played Scotland unless we


absolutely had to. There is some truth in that allegation, I have two


say. For me, yes, our coaches always wanted to play the game. It `` but


recently, the rivalry was so intense. I still remember an England


team going to Hamdan, not a happy experience, even though we won. We


have got the referendum only a few weeks away on the future of


Scotland. This cartoon brings sport and politics together. Glasgow 2014.


Two people tangled up in each other in judo. Is this judo, or a


discussion about keeping the pound? This is such a ripe subject for all


of these puns and rivalry. Absolutely. We often debate the way


in which sport gets entangled in politics. And apparently sports


people hate that. They want sport to be pure and just about the game. But


of course it get involved in politics. I remember the days in


which people said, sport and politics must never mix mingle.


There was a prime minister, didn't he have a competition with Kevin


King? We have seen the Prime Minister on the tennis court. That


also caused controversy. Do not mess with the red arrows. This would have


been an outrage. The Ministry of Defence have told us that the red


arrows are ambassadors for the UK. So it was appropriate that red,


white and blue smoke was used. Apparently it was never a formal


request. It is a bit of a nonstory. It seems that somebody who was


involved in the promotion of the games thought there might have been


some suggestion that perhaps the Redwood have been taken out of the


red arrows. `` red would. There is also a line in the story. The BBC


understands the production company only became aware of the possibility


of the change in colour the day before the opening ceremony. This


may have gone a little bit further than some are suggesting. One quick


look at the Queen. She is at the Commonwealth Games. She has photo


bombed a selfies. There she is looking extremely happy. It reminded


me of that day. Do not do it again, your Majesty. Thank you for being


with us. It is time for Commonwealth Games Sportsday.


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