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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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There were more golds for Great Britain in the IPC European


athletics Championships in Swansea. All of the details coming up in 15


minutes on the Next sports day after the papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are the journalist Lucy Cavendish and


Thank you for joining us this evening.


All of the paper 's lead with the murder of a US journalist James


Foley by Islamic State militants. The Independent says Britain and


America can no longer ignore the rise of the caliphate in Syria and


Iraq. The express says the masked man who appears in the Islamic State


video is now the world's most wanted man. The Telegraph leads with David


Cameron asking for patients in tackling British jihadists. The


metro says British Muslims are helping police and security services


to track down extremists in the UK. The Guardian says experts are racing


to identify the militant in the video who spoke with a British


accident. Let's begin with our look and we will start this evening with


the Guardian. As we were saying most of the papers are dominated by this


video and the indications of it. Apart from the obvious tragedy of


this story it didn't break terribly happily for the papers in terms of


the timing. They will be trying to come up with new lines. I think that


is exactly the problem. When I woke up this morning it was all over the


media and this shows you newspapers are behind. Online they are not but


in terms of your newspaper in your hand they have defined a new angle


because everyone has almost read about the story. A horrible and


horrific story. They all have to go on and make a decision about what


photographs and pictures they choose to show and do not choose to show.


The Guardian has gone for a close`up of this man who everybody is trying


to work out who you is. Potentially he is from here. They believe him to


have the first named John. This is apparently it. Lots of lingo stick


experts have obviously been analysing the video, and think that


he is from the London area. That is the big story for the newspapers


that is running. And not just the papers poring over trying to find


out who this man is but the security and intelligence services also. That


gives plenty of background materials for the papers to go at. This has


got to be the angle now, who is this person and who are the people behind


it? The Prime Minister says it looks like it was a Britain. As the


Guardian itself has reported extensively, with intercepts of


mobile phone records and this sort of thing, there is the opportunity


for the security services to check the voice, not only by experts


assessing geographically where they come from but actual recordings they


may have. With these capabilities they may put them into play at the


moment. For the newspapers this will be the story, who is this person?


Not much to go on, the accident and the shape of the head but we cannot


see much. The Guardian has interviewed a former hostage in Iraq


who recognised this individual and said he was one of three who were


involved in a number of hostage situations. So, yes, this will


occupy people for some time to identify this person. The subheading


on the Guardian says experts raced to identify London, but the main


headline, manhunt for a British murderer with hostages' fate in his


hands. That is also the angle effectively being taken slightly


differently now on the Daily Telegraph as well. It has a fuller


picture but with the headline: Another life in British jihadists'


hands. Lucy, that is a big concern because it is estimated there are


several journalists who have been captive in various parts of the


Middle East. It has changed the relationship between journalists and


what is going on. In years gone by, many years ago, there was a white


flag raced over journalists because they were doing a job and reporting.


I think they felt relatively immune from being captured and paraded and


used in the way that is happening now. We were discussing earlier


about why that is and there is some idea there is a rise in social media


and TV that actually gives some weight to capturing journalists and


parading them in this way. The photograph on the front of the Daily


Telegraph is shocking of another journalist. And obviously


journalists have lost their lives over many years, Mary Cole Bill lost


her life. We know it is a frightening thing to do and a brave


thing to do. `` Marie Colvin. And they are trying to expose some of


the issues at stake here. Absolutely. I'm sure it was the same


here in the BBC newsroom and the Reuters newsroom, the topic of


conversation for people who had concerns for colleagues in this


situation. Incredibly dignified statements from the family of Mr


Foley today, making those points. Obviously the talk here was this was


revenge for the attack. The suggestion perhaps that if there are


further attacks other journalists would be at risk. I suspect the US


won't put too much weight on that. It is an immediate reaction to these


events. One could argue that these kind of events are as much targeted


in engaging the US to provoke a reaction as much as they are some


kind of revenge attack. Looking onto the Independent, we often get


headlines that tell us what the next step is, or where we are going. I


wish he would tell me what the next step is. The Independent is asking


that very question, it has a map of where it says IS is present. It


seems quite confusing. Where do we go from here? It's a very open


question. Yes and I hope I will open the Independent tomorrow and find


out what the answer is it is right now I don't think anyone has an


answer. Tom and I were discussing various possibilities, the entire


world going in there to stop it happening which is not possible. I


don't know, I suspect people are sitting there wondering where we are


going from here. President Obama says he will not change his policy.


There is another journalist on the front page of the Telegraph looking


in a desperate position and we are in a desperate state. I've no idea


what the answer to that is. It seems to be a Catch`22 situation. On the


one hand the obvious answer is to go in and take some kind of military


action. There are so many problems with doing that, not least of them


is the concern that that removes pressure on the Baghdad government,


sorry, Baghdad's new leader to come up with a more inclusive government


than al`Maliki had. This paper captures it, we have to do something


that we don't know what it is. We have to be clear. The atrocities


have been happening before this. This has just brought it into our


Muliaina, this person, we think this John is from the UK. The beheadings


and burying people alive, this has been a terrible state of affairs


over the past few weeks. David Cameron returning from holiday and


many said that he should have returned early and parliament should


have been recalled. The pressure is mounting on the government to do


something. It's easier to say to do something but what? The situation in


Syria has now changed as well. I imagine there will have to be


patience which is what he is what he's calling for. And I can see


continued pressure for trying to get something done on the Prime


Minister. Absolutely. Britain has not been to the fore of this in the


way the US and France and Germany. It is difficult for Germany to get


involved overseas because of their background. Perhaps there will be


pressure and the UK will move forward in those areas like


providing arms. It is a tragic story, but let's move on to a


slightly lighter note, back to the Guardian. It is the second story


with the headline: GCSE changes disadvantage to schools with tough.


It is GCSE results day tomorrow so the clock is ticking down. This


story, Lucy, particularly poignant in so many households. Poignant in


many households, especially ones whose children have taken their


AS`level is and find them downgraded. We will not say who. We


will not name any names. Not just in the Cavendish house but across the


board. I would not be happy about these downgradings and upgrading is


and telling pupils what their A*s are and now they are C grades. It is


incredibly confusing is and they keep changing the system, one minute


they are going back to a levels, the next year getting rid of AS`level


is. It leaves pupils in a difficult position and I imagine there are


lots of people waiting for their results tomorrow thinking, what is


going to happen to me? And they may not get to carry on and do the


things they want to do and that's not great. You cannot keep saying


you were an a grade student at now a C grade student. What is being said


here is the government's decision to effectively take the exams at the


end rather than stagger them will affect some schools much more than


others. Exactly. It is a he says she says kind of story. Some schools


have a preference for staggering them, as you said, and the waiting


macro is currently 60 ` 40 towards coursework and that will be inverted


`` waiting. They say this will not have a negative impact and nobody


will be hurt but it is such high stakes for the individuals. You can


say there has been grade inflation and the Department for Education


should do something about that but at the end of the day individual


children will have their futures at risk. The statistics say boys do


better taking lots of exams at the end rather than girls who work more


steadily over the year. Moving on to the last story we are going to cover


this hour. Back to the Daily Telegraph and a story I know that


you are keen to comment on. I don't know if it was because it was a bad


weekend, but how to keep your barbecue food safe. Do you want to


explore that? As a Reuters journalist I don't usually like to


offer opinions on things but they say we should not barbecue things,


we should cook it in the oven and lightly singe it on the outside. To


give it a horrible barbecue flavour! Not to burn it is too much because


then it would have carcinogenic build`ups. The fun of the barbecue


might be lost by doing that. Have you got a fancy one? He has a gas


one, it is not a barbecue, it is a total fake. You cannot have a gas


barbecue. You are not a fan of barbecues? I'm sick of them, it is


always covered in horrible soot and the chicken is or was pink and


everybody gets sick. I think they should ban barbecues. Strong stuff,


Lucy. Thank you very much for your input this hour. It big thanks to


Lucy and Tom and they will be back with me in about an hour's time for


another look at the stories making the news tomorrow. Stay with us on


BBC News because at 11pm we will have more on the international


outrage after the murder of American journalist James Foley by an


Islamist militant. Next it is time for sports day.


Welcome to sports day. I'm John Akehurst. Celtic grab an away goal


in their Champions League qualifier against MK marabou and draw 1`1 in


the end. Malky Mackay has not had the best of days. He won't be the


new Palace boss and his former


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