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The UK is close to identifying a jihadist believed to have


beheaded American journalist James Foley the British ambassador


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me are Tim Stanley from the Telegraph


The Financial Times leads with a warning from a global watchdog


about the growing danger of cyber attacks on financial markets.


The Telegraph has one of our top stories this evening `


the arrival home of a British aid worker with the ebola virus.


The Foreign Secretary's warning about the possibility


of an attack by IS in the UK , that is on the front page of the


While the Guardian concerntrates on the forces ranged against IS


Finally the Daily Mail has more detail on the transportation


of that British aid worker from Sierra Leone to the UK.


It has been quite an operation. Friend I look at this story, I want


to ask, who is paying for bringing him over? Is it the RAF, is it an


insurance policy, the agency for whom he is working? Goodness me, I


sincerely hope we save him, he is obviously an extremely good person


to have volunteered. But this every time a Briton falls ill


Ebola. Why not? I hope they would do it for me. It is our lot of money


and it makes you wonder, when are so many other things going on in


the world, how is it being financed? It just seems to me a bit excessive.


I am surprised by that I think is so fantastic `` I am surprised by


that, I think it is a fantastic thing. It is heartbreaking that so


many people are left behind. I think it is fantastic, like and `` and and


SAS operation. It is extraordinary to see the setup we have got.


Something rather space age. It makes it clear that if we have more than


ten cases, nobody has got the equipment to deal with it. Again,


that makes me wonder why we are bringing somebody who is carrying


the virus into this country. It's not very easy to get it. I think we


can... They are not going to introduce someone here thinking that


might happen. I'm just asking. But I'm really proud we have done this.


The contrast with all the people in West Africa, the kind of treatment


they are getting, it is woeful. And we cannot stem this. Africa is


improving enormously, but this kind of infrastructure issue, they have


two address it. Let's turn our attention to Boris


Johnson, and a call for the presumption of guilt. Again, I agree


with what he is seeing. He is suggesting that anyone who visits


Iraq or Syria through a third nation, through the back door, they


should automatically have their civilian rights, or their rights to


be a citizen removed. But he does not see what will happen. I agree


that we need to do something. I'm not sure if this is the answer. But


I think it is nice that he is being robust. I just think he says things


better. He does, but they are not always right. I love Boris. But I am


going to disagree with him. His first proposal is that people going


overseas are to be presumed guilty. I know this is a very unique and


difficult situation, but that is a total reversal of the principle of


British justice, you are always presumed in the Saint `` innocent.


And you cannot make somebody stateless under international law.


It is illegal. 500 people are supposedly over the under British


passports, I do not understand why, when they come back to Britain, they


cannot be stopped at the border. I do not think it is necessary to make


this kind of legal change. We are allowed to prosecute them here for


acts in Syria so we can see that they are brought to justice when


they come back. But I understand that need for an intervention, to


stop that happening at all. To say we are so against this that we will


introduce this. What we should do is have a passport for all the Isis


fighters. It does not stop them from going there, it stops them from


returning. Someone who wants to go and fight for Isis, you do not care


if they are stateless or not. I don't understand why he can't be


cold a traitor. You are abandoning your country, so you should be tried


on that pretext. It is a legal minefield which is why I am against


any dramatic prevision. If we had done this with the first lot who


went out to a lack, on whose side we probably were, we would have


supported them. The Guardian are talking about agencies being close


to identify jihadists. The British ambassador to the US has said they


think they have a good sense of who this man is. The man who murdered


James Foley. If we find out who this person is, it is going to make us


ask a lot of questions about what drives people to do things like


that. He is so proud about his actions, he thinks it is a great


honour, so why hide your face? Why do terrorists hide their faces? I do


not understand why anyone hide their faces. It is close to home. It is


just very interesting. That whole area has a definite more religious


tension recently. You think, there are people down the road who hate


enough... It is trying to draw that line. Our small number have been


radicalised to take up the cause. And politicians are having a hard


time with this. That is why it is difficult you do not prosecute


someone for having beliefs that are not socially acceptable. When it


tips over into inciting violence, you are breaking the law, and there


are laws already in place about that. It is about a whole movement,


a of thinking that got you there in the first place. What we are trying


to do is work out where that germ starts, where does it start and in


what way? There is a huge difference between being angry and going to


behead people in the city. Let's turn our attention closer to home.


Alex Salmond targets NHS for the second clash with the Darling. He


just needs to turn up some facts. He thought last time he could turn up


with jokes and it did not work. Alistair Darling just kept asking


about the currency. He is apparently going to attack on the NHS. But what


he is saying to the Scottish people is, if you do not vote for


independence, you could be left with a Tory government for another five


years. That is not an argument for voting for independence. It is so


astonishing how he has moved away from making a romantic nationalists


case for applying independent Scotland which I could understand,


to just simply saying it is all saw the Tories. It is so cheap and


divisive. But presumably he felt the appeal to people's arts is not


enough. I am most curious to know how having a separate NHS in


Scotland changes anything in terms of does make accident and emergency


less crowded, does waiting go down in Scotland? If you leave the


union, and you find you are in debt, which is the money come from


to create this brilliant new NHS? You try and write it off. That is it


from us for this are. We will look back at the life of Richard


Attenborough at 11 o'clock. He has died at the age of 90. Coming up


next, it is time for click. I really should not be telling you


this, All right, what is happening


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