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England to win their first World. `` qualifier in. We will find out how a


spat led to two writers being disqualified in Spain. That is all


in Sportsday, in 15 minutes, after the papers. Hello and welcome to our


look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are


Beth Rigby, deputy political editor of the Financial Times, and John


Kampfner, director of the Creative Industries Federation. Tomorrow's


front pages, starting with: The Times reports that a leading


economist is warning Scottish voters of financial disaster if they vote


for independence. The front page of the Daily Mail is devoted to the


Royal pregnancy and the referendum with paper saying that Gordon Brown


is leading a desperate fight`back by the no campaign. The Guardian has


Gordon Brown as the saviour of the Union campaign. The Scotsman says


the fight for Scotland's future is now neck and neck. Another royal


baby headline from the Mirror, which focuses on the Duchess of


Cambridge's acute morning sickness. The Metro manages to merge the


referendum and royal story ` the paper asks if the pregnancy news can


save the union. And the Sun tells the story of the royal baby in


inimitable fashion ` it's headline, 'The Bun'. And then Arrow, in case


you are unsure of where that might be. `` an arrow. The battle to save


Britain, Gordon Brown launched a last`ditch attempt to save the


faltering union last night. The problem is a lot of people have


already voted. Absolutely. You know when certain newspapers site with no


irony that Gordon Brown is their saviour, you have both newspapers,


very much wearing their hearts on their sleeves, the Mail in


particular, but others as well being uncritical of Labour politicians in


their sort of patriotic mantle, to save the union. You can be equally


confident that if Scotland does go independent, and the union falls or


whatever you want to describe it, the recriminations will be


absolutely vicious. Yes, I mean I suppose one could say that the no


campaign have just been too complacent, have they? Well, there


was concern in a few months ago that Alistair Darling wasn't the right


person to lead the campaign, that he lacked, as people have talked about


in more recent weeks, the passion. The passion to win over the people


that he had all the head arguments, all the intellectual arguments about


currency, about financial institutions, about jobs etc, but


did he have the heart? Could he win the Scottish hearts from Alex


Salmond? The concern now is that they have left it right to the


wire, that they thought that it was going to be a pretty straight round


to victory for the pro` unionists. And now suddenly everyone has woken


up with this electrifying poll by YouGov over the weekend, which


suggest that for the first time this year the yes campaign had edged into


the lead, and pulls out tonight say it is neck and neck. So we have gone


from it could never happen, to in ten days time, 300 years of union


could be over. What is that mean for England, Scotland, Westminster,


currency, financial institutions, what does it mean for 600,000


Scots? No one seems to know. That is the bizarre thing. It could happen,


it is a possibility. And no one really seems to know what it means


is, fundamentally. I mean the Scottish Daily Mail is saying the ?2


billion tartan panic, if we go to that one, share prices wiped off the


share price today, stocks tumbling, all because of the uncertainty of


something that could very well happen. We were saying earlier,


there is no contingency planning in Whitehall, in the event of a yes


vote. The rapper Kuch and, not just for Scotland but for the rest of the


UK `` repercussions. Every aspect of the future of Westminster, what


happens to the Scottish seats, what happens to the entire weight the


country is run. At the other part is, at the very most, if the no


campaign does manage to sort of galvanise or frighten people and


they win in the end by 5347, or 52 `48, or whatever, even then things


are going to change. They have already committed to massively more


power. But also the extent to which we have seen it with the rise of


UKIP, the extent of the antipolitics. You have the three


main parties all saying please vote no. These are all the arguments, and


people are sticking their fingers up at them and saying yes. The entire


ranks of Fleet Street are saying please vote no, and everybody is


anti` power. But what is interesting about the way the Scottish Daily


Mail have done the story, the Guardian have got the financial


fallout, and the FT have let on that tonight. Up until this point there


was always, you mustn't leave because this could happen. This


could happen, you could be worse off, you could lose jobs. Business


refused for months and months, and have consistently refused, to


actually come out in favour of the pro` unionist campaign for fear of


upsetting their customers, of getting a backlash from the SNP, and


pro`independence politicians. So everyone has sat on their hands and


left it to Alistair Darling to do the heavy lifting. But what you are


seeing now is 2.5 billion wiped off financial institutions today, the


pound falling to a ten month low. So what you are now seeing, the FT is


reporting that the banks are saying some people are actually moving


their deposit from Scotland to England as of the uncertainty. And


this is the reality of the financial chaos that could happen. And as you


have said, Paul Krugman, the Economist, and Nobel prizewinner,


has warned that Scots could face financial disaster. It is not just


politicians peddling the line now. It is not just politicians peddling


the line now. Exactly, you are beginning to see the reality of what


could happen. And I wonder if that might shift... Well it might do, but


it could equally go the other way. It could equally be the sort of,


well, the point I was making before, if the forces of the power, big


money, big politics, tell me to do X, I'll do why. The Guardian had


Scottish firms, potentially shipping down to London wholesale, because


they want a bank of last resort, the Bank of England. Going back to the


point you are making a little earlier, about the sort of rubber


hitting the road and this might actually make the Scots


belligerent, all this talk about the economy and dire warnings about at


all, that sort of stuff, after the first debate, Alistair Darling and


Alex Salmond, that Alistair Darling won, all the stuff about not be able


to keep the Sterling, opinion polls showed that the Scottish people or


those in the polls, thought it was a bluff. They did not think that


Westminster would follow through on that and take the Queen's head of


the money they have. The fact is, as you were saying, the evidence is,


that could well happen. `` off. That could change. The reality is that


people could start taking their money out of Scotland. Fear of


capital flight, if I were Scottish, I would be really concerned about


that. Because the financial services sector is huge in Scotland, it is


the driver of the economy in Edinburgh. And they have all these


companies wondering whether they will stay or whether they will come


back. And actually, the head of the, the economic heads of credit


Suisse, one of the big investment banks, says there is a clear risk at


the moment in being part of the capital structure of the Scottish


financial institutions. Investors are factoring that in. That is why


all the share prices have come off so heavily today. He says the issue


will not be keeping Scotland in the pound, but keeping the pound in


Scotland. The front of the Daily Telegraph, the Queen is urged to


intervene. Which she won't. She is not allowed to, apparently. Why then


would the Telegraph put that on its front page? Being urged. Being urged


is one thing. I whom? By the Daily Telegraph? `` by whom. She will be


in Balmoral, as is her usual routine, of the late summer and


early autumn, that is the time the Prime Minister is there, is part of


the standard routine which happens to coincide with the vote. But


putting two and two together, there is nothing she can do. I mean her


job is, and it will be very interesting to see, the other point


is that if Scotland were to vote yes, there is so much details still


to be negotiated. In amongst this predicted chaos, just what would...


I mean, in a way, you've got full independence still to be worked


out. What is the role of the Queen? What is the role of the Sterling?


What is the role of the nuclear deterrent? What is the role of


embassies around the world? Security Council 's? All of that sort of


stuff still to be negotiated. But if it is no, you still have another


negotiation, which you could call independence ` lite. And when you


start giving, they are all saying to Scotland is now what would you


like, we will buy you off, give you whatever powers you like. What is


going to happen to other parts of England as well? You look at the


north`west, you look at the north`east who are discontented with


the concentration of wealth and power in London, you are going to


have further fallout within England itself. Tomorrow they will have this


press conference, where all the leaders of the Scottish, the leaders


of the main Scottish, sorry, the UK parties loop was Scottish leaders


are going to lay out what this kind of timetable for devolution that


Gordon Brown spoke of actually is `` UK parties' Scottish leaders. They


have had a shock over the weekend, they roll out Gordon Brown tonight


and that is the kind of headline to save the union. And tomorrow will be


the detail of the devolutionary proposals and timetable. So there is


some sort of plan. Strategy. They have got to try and get the momentum


of the SNP now, to secure... They only have one full week of


campaigning to go, just ten days. On to the Times. Britain to join the US


led air strikes against ISIS militants next month.


Fascinating that until the weekend story of the Scottish referendum


when it was barely figuring, it was there and thereabouts. The stories


were international ones. Israel, Gaza, Russia, Ukraine. The threat


posed by Islamic State and what America did in terms of drones and


airstrikes in northern Iraq. David Cameron has been hovering. This is


the anniversary around Nel of the decision by the House of Commons to


vote against airstrikes, against Bashar al`Assad who won year ago was


public enemy number one, now he is our enemy's enemy. Over the summer,


a few weeks ago, there were complaints that we couldn't


contemplate it while parliament was back. They might well do some


limited airstrikes. The big question, the equally big question,


is what happens to the many dozens of British citizens who have signed


up as jihadis for the fight? What will they do if and when they come


back? Sorry, we will quickly go to the Daily Mirror. Kate's so sick. To


seek for engagement, with morning sickness. She was hospitalised. She


is being treated. In her last pregnancy... You have got to be


pretty sick. I have had morning sickness and it is unpleasant but to


be hospitalised... I imagine from the reports I have read that she is


probably not at 12 weeks yet. At the time where you would normally tell


people, because you have had your first scan and the baby seems OK.


They have obviously rushed out the news because she is very ill. It


must be tough for them in that most people don't want to tell anyone


about the baby before 12 weeks. They have had to tell the world.


Conspiracy theorist we're winking it to the Scottish independence issue.


That is a conspiracy too far. Many thanks. Stay with us on BBC News


because at midnight we will have more on the timetable set out by


Gordon Brown to increase the power of the Scottish Parliament if voters


reject independence. Coming up now, it is time for Sportsday.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday. I'm Nina Warhurst. A terrific start for


England in their Euro 2016 qualifying campaign in Switzerland.


Marin Cilic has the upper hand against Kay Nishikori in the men's


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