24/09/2014 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - Clive Myrie presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Captain Cook, describing him as the best man to lead the team into the


cricket World Cup. Hello, and welcome to our look


ahead to what the the papers With me are broadcaster Penny Smith


and journalist Let us just have a quick flick


through the front page, this is the Telegraph. The lead is the fact that


nearly all of the papers in fact is the recall of Parliament, to vote on


the British air strikes in Iraq, it marks the death of the Dowager


Duchess of Devonshire, the last of the Mitford sisters. The Metro


quotes President Obama, calling IS the network of death. It features


the news that the radical cleric Abu Qatada has walked free from prison


in Jordan. The Guardian has a picture of a


19`year`old boy from Brighton, it is feared he has become the latest


British Jihadi to die in Syria. Jason orange quits Take That but


they will carry on as a trio and the mail leads with David Cameron's


apology to the Queen after saying she purred down the phone to him


after Scotland decided to stay in the union.


So, as one can imagine, the fast`moving developments at the UN


tonight, feature on most of the front`pages. Let us start with the


Guardian. The headline Obama tells Islamic State get out of the way


while you can. Warnings to Islamic State, but also the message it seems


to be coming from President Obama, and this is clearly strategy, is


this isn't just America, EU countries it is Arab country,


African countries and Muslim countries taking part The question


is still whether Islamic State actually is not just cracking its


knuckles and saying bring it on, we have more to give, because as, you,


guardian and the Telegraph, many of guardian and the Telegraph, many of


the papers any way, you look at what they are doing, we have seen what


they are doing and they going to carry on with that no matter what.


Unless we are going to carpet bomb these areas, you still, you will


still have them moving round and finding somewhere else. It seems to


be like trying to control jelly, they are leaking out in different


directions. If their aim was to goad us into getting involved, to, to go


look what we are doing, they have managed to do it. But today, the


papers, tomorrow they are reflecting President Obama, who if you heard


any of his speech he was brilliant, I thought, as well, and the papers


reflecting that. David Cameron sounding very statesman`like in what


he was say, she backing up what Obama is saying. What do you think


President Obama is... A year ago he was talking to the UN talking about


pulling American troops off Afghanistan. I find him impressive.


I doesn't matter what he says but the way he delivers it. He has a


Ricky. He has done a U`turn on his own policy. David Cameron is blushed


over Syria. So that will be awkward with the recall of Parliament on


Friday. Although it does look like there will be party, cross`party


support for us to issue acres on Iraq. `` air strikes on Iraq. Not


Sirryia. He had `` Syria, he has made it clear that is a different


question And we have to be asked. Because we have been asked in Iraq.


That is another important message that Iraq have invited. That is why


he saying this is legal. If we get involved it will be legal because we


have been invited. Another story does show how complicated Syria is.


It features a picture there of a Jihadi from Brighton, 19`year`old.


Died in the air strikes. It hasn't been confirmed. It is being


investigated by the Foreign Office. He wasn't fighting with Islamic


State militants. He joined three Brighton brothers to fight for an


affiliate group of Al`Qaeda has the has fought against the forces of the


Syrian President, and Islamic State militant n the country's Civil War,


so fought both sides. If you like. Which is why you say it is just


incredibly complicated. Because we have heard this before, we have


heard, that those on the other side are disparate, they are not all


connected and they are fighting among themselves as well.


Absolutely. It is total chaos I mean, the days of wars where we had


bad guys here and good guys there and they shot at each other, this is


complete chaos there are warlords there, criminal gangs there, there


is all sorts of different ideologies going on in Syria, that is creating


this absolute mess. One wonders if they know whost is fighting who. I


don't think they care very much. There will be a lot of little gang


mentality being eked out as well. Things they want to get down. The


thing that depresses me is everybody else who has this going on round


them, the Syrian people, the Iraqi people, who want to get on with


their lives, and they are having these, as David Cameron called them,


barbaric psychopathic murderers. That is in the Daily Telegraph.


Turkey took in another 100,000 people. One of the many headline


grabs quotes on the front page of the Daily Telegraph. We must deal


with the psychopathic murderer, Britain to join air strikes as


Cameron recalls Parliament tomorrow says the Daily Telegraph. And, of


course, they are not just talking about how to deal with Islamic State


threw through military force, tonight they have been talking to


stop lad like that lad from Brighton going out. It's a war on many


fronts. We both interviewed a woman who has been trying to get women in


Muslim communities to actually, to spot the signs of radicalisation.


And try to do something about it before they go over. Yes, that is


what we have to do. That is what... I thought we had been doing that


since 9/11. They are being called bedroom gee quadies because it is


coming through, even wants to blame the immans and they are not doing


enough in my view and in Sara's view, she believes they are not


doing enough. It is this, you know, the tablets and going through social


media that is creating that. What I find interesting, is the headline in


the papers and the language coming from David Cameron is the Will to


separate Islam from ISIS. They are calling themselves the Islamic


State. You are seeing more and more is the rhetoric is calling them


psychopathic murderer, we are not giving them the glory they want.


They have not Muslims as they they are Monday centres. I think we will


see a change with the papers following on in the language. We


have started to see it. And look at others who are campaigning, saying


not in my name. That is not anything to do with... If Al`Qaeda is turning


away from this group that says something. There are other stories,


politics closer to home, as you expect, some dissection of Ed


Miliband's keynote speech at the Labour Party Conference, the Daily


Telegraph reports on how 250,000 people are being caught by Labour's


mansion tax plans. Who are they? I want to say ops about his speech. He


is trying to blag it. He said oops! The trouble is the speech was


available, wasn't it so you could read what he was going to say. He


didn't read out two rather sillient bits that was about immigration and


finance. Really important. It is interesting with the... Post`It


notes come in handy for off`the`cuff speech. To not mention the deficit


and as a whole, and to go down mentioning almost nitty gritties


with this mansion tax, originally the Liberal Democrat concept, and he


is saying anybody caught in a house worth ?2 million, although who is


going to decide what it is worth we are not sure but the householder has


to pay to have their property valued. If it is over 2 million poup


you could be stuck with a tax bill of 12 grand a year. Some were


talking about 15 grand and there is is a huge backlog of people


evaluating homes in the first place and then of course you go to


arbitration if it was, and if you said, if they said it is 2 million


you would go I think it is worth 1.9. You do think surely there are


easier ways of getting this. I have to say this will not affect me at my


point, but it will affect more people, and pee think this is going


to be rich people. This could easily be an old cup who bought their house


at the bottom of the market in the '60s who are stuck with a house that


is worth 2 million. A lot of people are going boo`ho they can sell it.


It might be a family home and it costs money to move. It is not the


politics of fairness, it is more the politics of envy. What I would like


to see anybody be brave enough to say is let's go after the


corporations that are not paying the tax they should be paying in this


country and they can leave people like this alone.


On the front page of the Daily Mail, forgive me, an apology after


boasting that the Queen purred down the phone at him. That is very


naughty with the Queen, isn't it? She doesn't even have a cat! It is


not very dignified is it? We are going back to the telegraph


because as always, a really good mix of stories on the front page. Going


up a skirt size could increase breast cancer. Women who go up a


size in each decade between their 20s and 60s are more likely to


menopause. It is all to do with the menopause. It is all to do with the


levels of oestrogen. The point is, we all know that many cancers... The


risk factor is if you have put on weight. We all know how to stay


healthy, eat healthily and all the rest of it. The trouble with dress


sizes is that I know that my dress size can go up and down depending on


where I am shopping. And of course I am going to go to the shop where the


size is less. They are not great are they? I am a large in an Italian


shirt. Of course there is a serious element of this but nevertheless,


dress sizes, we know we should try to keep our weight down. Many thanks


for taking us through the papers. You are both back at 11:30pm. Do


join us then and stay with us. The latest reaction to the Prime


Minister's decision to recall Parliament to discuss what role the


UK should play in air strikes. Sports day coming up next.


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